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Blu-ray Reviews (DVD Below)


• Tootsie BD

• Immoral Tales BD

• Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) BD

• Ida (Music Box added) BD

• Blanche BD

• The Long Hair of Death BD

• Tesis BD

• Buffalo Bill and the Indians BD

• The Missouri Breaks BD

• Slaughter Hotel BD

• Les Miserables BD

• The Quatermass Xperiment BD

• The Beast BD

• Cinerama: Search For Paradise BD

• Breaking the Waves (AE added!) BD

• The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears BD

• Vincent Price - Six Gothic Tales BD

• What the Peeper Saw BD

• Trancers BD

• The Killers (Arrow added) BD

• Time Bandits BD

• The Girl Hunters BD

• Mr. Smith Goes to Washington BD

• The Picture of Dorian Gray BD

• Twilight Samurai BD

• The Girl Who Knew Too Much BD

• Shock Waves BD

• Pete Kelly's Blues BD

• Judgment at Nuremberg BD

• Witness to Murder BD

• The Long Goodbye BD

• The Night Porter BD

• Thieves Like Us BD

• Bunny Lake is Missing BD

• The Conformist BD

• Safe BD

• Diary of a Lost Girl BD

• Spione BD

• Les Blank: Always For Pleasure BD

• Cinerama: Seven Wonders of the World BD

• Intolerance BD


SD-DVD Reviews


• Chase a Crooked Shadow

• The Little Bedroom

• French Affairs

• The Girl on the Bridge

• A Life in Dirty Pictures

• To Kill a Man

• Apaches

• Secret of the Blue Room

• Supernatural (1933)

• Mystery of Edwin Drood

• In Bloom

• The Killjoy Collection

• The Lusty Men

• Inspector Nardone




• Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) BD

• Ida (Music Box added) BD

• Tesis BD

• Chase a Crooked Shadow

• Slaughter Hotel BD

• Les Miserables BD

• The Quatermass Xperiment BD

• The Beast BD

• Breaking the Waves (AE added!) BD

• The Killers (Arrow added) BD

• Time Bandits BD

• The Picture of Dorian Gray BD

• Twilight Samurai BD

• The Girl Who Knew Too Much BD

• Shock Waves BD

• Pete Kelly's Blues BD

Stations of the Cross [Blu-ray] (Dietrich Brόggemann, 2014) RB UK Arrow Films

Lust for Life [Blu-ray] (Vincente Minnelli, 1956) Warner Home Video

Nightcrawler [Blu-ray] (Dan Gilroy, 2014) Universal Studios

Stray Dogs [Blu-ray] (Ming-liang Tsai, 2013) Cinema Guild

The Band Wagon [Blu-ray] (Vincente Minnelli, 1953) Warner Home Video

Force Majeure [Blu-ray] (Ruben Φstlund, 2014) Magnolia

Kill the Messenger [Blu-ray] (Michael Cuesta, 2014) Universal Studios

Rosewater [Blu-ray] (Jon Stewart, 2014) Universal Studios

The Drop [Blu-ray] (Michaλl R. Roskam, 2014) 20th Century Fox

The Beyond [Blu-ray] (Lucio Fulci, 1981) Grindhouse Releasing

Eat Drink Man Woman [Blu-ray] (Ang Lee, 1994) Olive Films

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby [Blu-ray] (Ned Benson, 2013-2014) Anchor Bay

4 Musicals Collection [Blu-ray] (The Band Wagon, Calamity Jane, Kiss Me Kate, Sing'in in the Rain) Warner Home Video

The Dario Argento Collection [Blu-ray] (Cat O'Nine Tails, Deep Red, Inferno) Blue Underground

The Lucio Fulci Collection [Blu-ray] (City of the Living Dead, The House by the Cemetery, The New York Ripper) Blue Underground

A Hole in the Head [Blu-ray] (Frank Capra, 1959) Olive Films

Detroit Rock City [Blu-ray] (Adam Rifkin, 1999) New Line

Pork Chop Hill [Blu-ray] (Lewis Milestone, 1959) Olive Films

Man, Pride and Vengeance [Blu-ray] (Luigi Bazzoni, 1967) Entertainment One

Kiss Me Kate 3-D [Blu-ray] (George Sidney, 1953) Warner Home Video

Aguirre, the Wrath of God [Blu-ray] (Werner Herzog, 1972) Shout! Factory

Fury [Blu-ray] (David Ayer, 2014) Sony Pictures

Empire Records [Blu-ray] (Allan Moyle, 1995) Warner

Sharky's Machine [Blu-ray] (Burt Reynolds, 1981) Warner

Calamity Jane [Blu-ray] (David Butler, 1953) Warner Home Video

The Replacements [Blu-ray] (Howard Deutch, 2000) Warner

Diner [Blu-ray] (Barry Levinson, 1982) Warner Home Video

John Wick [Blu-ray] (Chad Stahelski, David Leitch, 2014) Lionsgate

Dangerously Close [Blu-ray] (Albert Pyun, 1986) Olive Films

The Night They Raided Minsky's [Blu-ray] (William Friedkin, 1968) Olive Films

Wild Orchid [Blu-ray] (Zalman King, 1989) Olive Films

Blacula / Scream Blacula Scream [Blu-ray] - Shout! Factory

The Last of Robin Hood [Blu-ray] (Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland, 2013) Universal Studios

Don't Go in the Woods [Blu-ray] (James Bryan, 1981) Vinegar Syndrome

Cell Count [Blu-ray] (Todd E. Freeman, 2012) Parade Deck Films

From A Whisper To A Scream [Blu-ray] (Jeff Burr, 1987) Shout! Factory

After the Sunset [Blu-ray] (Brett Ratner, 2004) Warner Home Video

The Corruptor [Blu-ray] (James Foley, 1999) New Line

Hooper [Blu-ray] (Hal Needham, 1978) Warner

Singles [Blu-ray] (Cameron Crowe, 1992) Warner

The Equalizer [Blu-ray] (Antoine Fuqua, 2014) Sony Pictures

Ride the Pink Horse [Blu-ray] (Robert Montgomery, 1947) Criterion

Gates of Heaven/Vernon, Florida [Blu-ray] (Errol Morris, 1978/1984) Criterion

The Soft Skin [Blu-ray] (Franηois Truffaut, 1964) Criterion

The Thin Blue Line [Blu-ray] (Errol Morris, 1988) Criterion

Cries and Whispers [Blu-ray] (Ingmar Bergman, 1972) Criterion

Hoop Dreams [Blu-ray] (Steve James, 1994) Criterion

Metropolis [Ultimate Collector's SteelBook] [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1927) RB UK Masters of Cinema

The Killing + Killer's Kiss [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kubrick, 1955 -1956) RB UK Arrow Academy

December 22nd, 2014




Appointment with Danger [Blu-ray] (Lewis Allen, 1951) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Dark City [Blu-ray] (William Dieterle, 1950) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Rope of Sand [Blu-ray] (William Dieterle, 1949) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Skidoo [Blu-ray] (Otto Preminger, 1968) Olive Films

Union Station [Blu-ray] (Rudolph Matι, 1950) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)


December 29th, 2014



Banshee: Season 2 [Blu-ray] - HBO Studios

The Equalizer [Blu-ray] (Antoine Fuqua, 2014) Sony Pictures

The Judge [Blu-ray] (David Dobkin, 2014) DE Warner Home Video

Vampires [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1998) De RB Studio Canal

January 5th, 2015



Charlie Wilson's War [Blu-ray] (Mike Nichols, 2007) Universal Studios

The Good Shepherd [Blu-ray] (Robert De Niro, 2006) Universal Studios

The Sword of Doom [Blu-ray] (Kihachi Okamoto, 1966) Criterion Collection


January 12th, 2015



At the Earth's Core [Blu-ray] (Kevin Connor, 1976) Kino Lorber

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant [Blu-ray] (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1972) Criterion Collection

Capricorn One [Blu-ray] (Peter Hyams, 1977) Shout! Factory

Dead Man [Blu-ray] (Jim Jarmusch, 1995) LionsGate

The Falcon and the Snowman [Blu-ray] (John Schlesinger, 1985) Kino Lorber

Fascination [Blu-ray] (Miles Mander, 1931) RB UK Network

Finding Fela! [Blu-ray] (Alex Gibney, 2014) Kino Lorber

Fitzcarraldo [Blu-ray] (Werner Herzog, 1982) Shout! Factory

Foxes [Blu-ray] (Adrian Lyne, 1980) Kino Lorber

God's Pocket [Blu-ray] (John Slattery, 2014) RB UK Arrow

Lift To The Scaffold [Blu-ray] (Louis Malle, 1958) RB UK Artificial Eye

My Left Foot [Blu-ray] (Jim Sheridan, 1989) LionsGate

River's Edge [Blu-ray] (Tim Hunter, 1986) Kino Lorber

The Skin [Blu-ray] (Liliana Cavani, 1981) Cohen Media

Supernova [Blu-ray] (Walter Hill, 2000) Shout! Factory

A Walk Among the Tombstones [Blu-ray] (Scott Frank, 2014) Universal Studios


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