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      THIS WEEK'S (July 8th, 2024) NEWSLETTER      Blu-ray and 4K UHD of the Year 2023


UPDATES to Calendar



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Blu-ray Reviews 


• When Eight Bells Toll BD

• Never Open That Door (No abras nunca esa puerta) BD

• Crocodile (Chorakhe) BD

• Perfect Days 4K UHD

• Black God, White Devil BD

• Sex Apocalypse BD

• The Hairdresser's Husband BD

• The Rose Tattoo BD

• The Country Girl BD

• Invasion of the Body Snatchers 4K UHD

• Le samouraο 4K UHD

• Castle of Blood / Danza Macabra 4K UHD

• Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 4K UHD

• The Queen of Spades BD

• The Man Who Haunted Himself BD

• Danza Macabra Volume Three: The Spanish Gothic Collection BD

• Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema XIX BD

• Fata Morgana (aka "Left-Handed Fate") BD

• Catacombs BD

• Floating Clouds BD

• Fist of Legend 4K UHD

• Woman Who Came Back BD

• Arthur Dong's "Asian American Stories" BD

• The Music Lovers BD

• The Underground Railroad BD

• American Gigolo 4K UHD

• Black Moon (1934) BD

• The Unseen BD

• The Uninvited BD

• Glengarry Glen Ross BD

• The Chase BD

• The Hour Before the Dawn BD

• Saigon BD

• The Long Wait 4K UHD

• Pursued BD

• The Night Has Eyes BD

• Prison Walls: Abashiri Prison I-III BD

• The Valiant Red Peony - Red Peony Gambler 1-3 BD

• The Flesh and Blood Show - The Horror Films of Pete Walker BD

• Death and the Maiden BD

• Bound 4K UHD

• Tomorrow We Live BD

• The Whole Truth BD

• The Shop at Sly Corner BD

• Obsession (aka "The Hidden Room") BD

• Querelle BD

• Man of Violence / The Big Switch BD

• The Valiant Ones 4K UHD

• Mute Witness 4K UHD

• Sympathy for the Underdog BD

• Victims of Sin BD

• Trenque Lauquen BD

• Girlfight BD

• Anatomy of a Fall BD

• Republic Pictures Horror Collection BD

• Sci-fi- Chillers BD

• Columbia Noir #6 The Whistler Series BD

• Bettie Page Double Feature BD

• The Lawyer BD

• Bushman BD

• The Body Stealers BD

• Narc 4K UHD

• Philo Vance Collection BD

• Back From the Dead BD

• Peeping Tom 4K UHD

• Touch BD

• Coffy BD

• Submarine Command BD

• Thunder in the East BD

• Strange Invaders BD

• Dr. Terror's House of Horrors 4K UHD

• A Story of Floating Weeds (1934) / Floating Weeds (1959) Two Films by Yasujiro Ozu BD

• Night Falls on Manhattan BD

• Secret Beyond the Door BD

• Bluebeard (Ulmer) BD

• Hot Spur BD

• L'Amour Fou BD

• Planet of the Vampires BD

• High Noon 4K UHD

• Chocolat BD

• Dogfight BD

• Suzhou River BD

• Picnic at Hanging Rock 4K UHD

• I Am Cuba 4K UHD

• The Road to Ruin BD

• The Demoniacs 4K UHD

• The Nude Vampire 4K UHD

• Nostalghia 4K UHD

• I, the Executioner BD

• Robotrix BD

• Black Mask BD

• Werckmeister Harmonies 4K UHD

• Misunderstood BD

• The Cat and the Canary BD

• The Beauty of Beauties BD

• Erotic Ghost Story BD

• The Tin Star BD

• Goin' South 4K UHD

• The Shape of Night BD

• The Looters BD

• La Haine 4K UHD

• All Ladies Do It 4K UHD

• The Scarface Mob BD

• Tormented BD

• Bluebeard BD

• Old Henry 4K UHD

• Monster from Green Hell BD

• The President's Analyst BD

• To Die For 4K UHD

• Snapshot 4K UHD

• Spanish Blood Bath BD

• Saint Omer BD

• 5 Card Stud BD

• The Panther Women (Las mujeres panteras) BD

• The Batwoman (La mujer murcielago) BD

• Santo vs. the Riders of Terror BD

• The Playgirls and the Vampire BD

• Phase IV 4K UHD

• Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema XVIII BD

• Burial Ground 4K UHD

• A Man in Love BD

• The Swordsman of All Swordsmen BD

• Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein BD

• Lynch/Oz BD

• Children of Heaven BD

• The Shootist BD

• Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema XVII BD

• Dark Water 4K UHD

• The Whip and the Body BD

• Fear and Desire 4K UHD

• The Runner BD

• A Story Written with Water BD




• Black God, White Devil BD

• The Rose Tattoo BD

• The Queen of Spades BD

• The Man Who Haunted Himself BD

• The Uninvited BD

• The Night Has Eyes BD

• Death and the Maiden BD

• Picnic at Hanging Rock 4K UHD

• Tormented BD

• Party Girl BD

• The Village Detective: A Song Cycle BD

• The Shaolin Plot BD

• eXistenZ 4K UHD

• The Horrible Dr. Hichcock 4K UHD

• He Walked By Night BD

• Red Rock West BD

• The Frightened Woman BD

• Murphy's War BD

• Love Me Tonight BD

• Desire BD

• Made in Hong Kong BD

• Goodbye, Dragon Inn BD

• Murder Obsession BD

• The Day of the Locust BD

• The Edge of the World BD

• Messiah of Evil BD

• Targets (BFI) BD

• The Window BD

• The Force of Evil BD

• Jet Pilot BD

• The Song of Songs BD

The Lady from Shanghai [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Orson Welles, 1947) Kino (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

Last Year at Marienbad [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Alain Resnais, 1961) Kino (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

Happiness [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Todd Solondz, 1998) Criterion

Happiness [Blu-ray] (Todd Solondz, 1998) Criterion

Bob le flambeur [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1956) Kino (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

All of Us Strangers [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Andrew Haigh, 2023) Criterion

All of Us Strangers [Blu-ray] (Andrew Haigh, 2023) Criterion

Alphaville [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 1965) Kino

Louis Feuillade: the Complete Crime Serials (1913-1918) [Blu-ray] Ten-disc - Masters of Cinema

Shawscope: Volume Three [Blu-ray] (The One-Armed Swordsman trilogy, Lady Hermit, Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan, The Magic Blade, Clans of Intrigue, Jade Tiger, The Sentimental Swordsman, The Avenging Eagle, Boxer’s Omen, Buddha’s Palm and Bastard Swordsman) Arrow

Le Doulos [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1962) Kino (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

The Last Emperor [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1987) Criterion (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

The Long Good Friday [4K UHD Blu-ray] (John Mackenzie, 1980) Criterion (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

Gregg Araki’s Teen Apocalypse Trilogy [4K UHD Blu-ray] [Totally F***ed Up/The Doom Generation/Nowhere] Criterion

Gregg Araki’s Teen Apocalypse Trilogy [Blu-ray] [Totally F***ed Up/The Doom Generation/Nowhere] Criterion

Happiness [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Todd Solondz, 1998) Criterion UK

Happiness [Blu-ray] (Todd Solondz, 1998) Criterion UK

Tattooed Life [Blu-ray] (Seijun Suzuki, 1965) Radiance US (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Tattooed Life [Blu-ray] (Seijun Suzuki, 1965) Radiance UK (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Michael Powell: Early Works [Blu-ray] (Rynox - 1932, Hotel Splendide - 1932, The Night of the Party - 1934, Her Last Affaire - 1936, Behind the Mask (aka The Man Behind the Mask) -1936) RB UK BFI

Double Indemnity [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Billy Wilder, 1944) Criterion UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Mildred Pierce [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Michael Curtiz, 1945) Criterion UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Ikiru [Blu-ray] (Akira Kurosawa, 1952) BFI UK (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Pandora's Box [Blu-ray] (Georg Wilhelm Pabst, 1929) Masters of Cinema UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Threat [Blu-ray] (Kinji Fukasaku, 1966) Arrow

The Mexico Trilogy [4K UHD Blu-ray] (El Mariachi, Desperado & Once Upon A Time In Mexico) Arrow US

Marcel Pagnol: My Father's Glory, My Mother's Castle [Blu-ray] - Film Movement Classics

Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema XX [Blu-ray] (Captain Carey USA / Appointment with Danger / Make Haste to Live) - Kino

Torso [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Sergio Martino, 1973) Arrow US (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

The Apartment [Blu-ray] (Gilles Mimouni, 1996) Kino (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

The Complete Confessions, 1974–1977 [Blu-ray] (Confessions of a Window Cleaner (Val Guest, 1974) -Confessions of a Pop Performer (Norman Cohen, 1975) - Confessions of a Driving Instructor (Norman Cohen, 1976) - Confessions From a Holiday Camp (Norman Cohen, 1977) Indicator UK

The Lady is Willing [Blu-ray] (Mitchell Leisen, 1942) Indicator

You'll Never Get Rich [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lanfield, 1941) Indicator UK

You and Me [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1938) Indicator UK (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

When Tomorrow Comes [Blu-ray] (John M. Stahl, 1939) Indicator

Eye of the Cat [Blu-ray] (David Lowell Rich, 1969) Indicator UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Guest House Paradiso [Blu-ray] (Adrian Edmondson, 1999) Indicator UK

La Llorona [Blu-ray] (Ramσn Peσn, 1933) Indicator US (BEAVER REVIEW)

Immaculate Conception [Blu-ray] (Jamil Dehlavi, 1992) Indicator (BEAVER REVIEW)

R.P.M. [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kramer, 1970) Indicator UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Frogs [Blu-ray] (George McCowan, 1972) Kino Cult (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Tales Of Adventure – Collection 4 (1949 – 1953) [Blu-ray] (King of The Rocket Men, Flying Disc Man from Mars, The Invisible Monster, Radar Men From The Moon, Zombies of the Stratosphere, Mysterious Doctor Satan and Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe) Imprint

Voyage of the Damned [Blu-ray] (Stuart Rosenberg, 1976) Imprint

The Food of the Gods [Blu-ray] (Bert I. Gordon, 1976) Kino Cult (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Empire of the Ants [Blu-ray] (Bert I. Gordon, 1977) Kino Cult (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Kingdom of the Spiders [Blu-ray] (John "Bud" Cardos, 1977) Kino Cult (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Orca: The Killer Whale [Blu-ray] (Michael Anderson, 1977) RB UK Studiocanal Cult

Capricorn One [Blu-ray] (Peter Hyams, 1978) Imprint (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Prime Cut [Blu-ray] (Michael Ritchie, 1972) Kino (BEAVER REVIEW)

Orphans [Blu-ray] (Peter Mullan, 1998) Indicator UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Brute [Blu-ray] (Gerry O'Hara, 1977) Indicator (BEAVER REVIEW)

Perfect Days [4K UHD Blu-ray]  (Wim Wenders, 2023) MUBI UK

99 River Street [Blu-ray] (Phil Karlson, 1953) Kino (BEAVER REVIEW)

Bad Company [Blu-ray] (Robert Benton, 1972) Fun City Editions

Erotic Ghost Story [1-3 collection] [Blu-ray] - 88 Films UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Stingray: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] RB UK Spirit Entertainment (BEAVER REVIEW)

Run Lola Run [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Tom Tykwer, 1988) Sony (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

No Trees in the Street [Blu-ray] (J. Lee Thompson, 1959) RB UK Studiocanal

The Weak and the Wicked [Blu-ray] (J. Lee Thompson, 1954) RB UK Studiocanal

Nothing but the Best [Blu-ray] (Clive Donner, 1964) RB UK Studiocanal

Santa Sangre [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1989) Severin Films UK

A Quiet Place in the Country [Blu-ray] (Elio Petri, 1968) Radiance UK (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Six in Paris [Blu-ray] ("Saint Germain des Prιs", "Gare du Nord", "Rue Saint Denis", "Place de l'Ιtoile" by Ιric Rohmer, "Montparnasse et Levallois" by Jean-Luc Godard and "La Muette" by Claude Chabrol) Icarus Films

Gaira's Guts Trilogy [1-3 collection] [Blu-ray] (Guts of a Beauty, Guts of a Virgin, Rusted Body) 88 Films UK

Invasion of the Body Snatchers [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Don Siegel, 1956) Kino (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

World Noir Vol 2 [Blu-ray] (Black Gravel, Symphony for a Massacre and Cruel Gun Story) Radiance UK

Mother [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Albert Brooks, 1996) Criterion

Mother [Blu-ray] (Albert Brooks, 1996) Criterion

Real Life [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Albert Brooks, 1979) Criterion

Real Life [Blu-ray] (Albert Brooks, 1979) Criterion

Tokijiro: The Lonely Yakuza [Blu-ray] (Tai Katō, 1966) Radiance US

Tokijiro: The Lonely Yakuza [Blu-ray] (Tai Katō, 1966) Radiance UK

Wolves, Pigs and Men [Blu-ray] (Kinji Fukasaku, 1964) RB UK Masters of Cinema

July 8th, 2024




An Elephant Sitting Still [Blu-ray] (Bo Hu, 2018) KimStim

Anthropoph-agous [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Joe D'Amato, 1980) 88 Films UK (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)
Anthropoph-agous [
Blu-ray] (Joe D'Amato, 1980) 88 Films UK (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Carmen [Blu-ray] (Ernst Lubitsch, 1918) Kino

Civil War [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Alex Garland, 2024) Lionsgate
Come Back, Little Sheba [
Blu-ray] (Daniel Mann, 1952) Kino

The Country Girl [Blu-ray] (George Seaton, 1954) Kino (BEAVER REVIEW)

Crocodile [Blu-ray] (Sompote Sands, 1979) Synapse Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Fata Morgana [Blu-ray] (Vicente Aranda, 1965) Mondo Macabro (BEAVER REVIEW)
Gueule d'amour [
Blu-ray] (Jean Grιmillon, 1937) Grasshopper Films
The Hairdresser's Husband [
Blu-ray] (Patrice Leconte, 1990) Kino (BEAVER REVIEW)
The Inspector Wears Skirts III [
Blu-ray] (Wellson Chin, 1990) 88 Films US
The Inspector Wears Skirts IV [
Blu-ray] (Wellson Chin, 1992) 88 Films US
Journey from the Fall [
Blu-ray] (Ham Tran, 2006) Whole Grain Pictures
Off Balance [
Blu-ray] (Ruggero Deodato, 1987) Cauldron Films

Riddle of Fire [Blu-ray] (Weston Razooli, 2023) Riddle UK
The Rose Tattoo [
Blu-ray] (Daniel Mann, 1955) Kino (BEAVER REVIEW)
Le Samouraο [4K UHD
Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1967) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sex Apocalypse [Blu-ray] (Carlos Aured, Sergio Bergonzelli, 1982) Mondo Macabro (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sting [Blu-ray] (Kiah Roache-Turner, 2024) Well Go USA
Storytelling [
Blu-ray] (Todd Solondz, 2001) Shout! Factory
Street Scene [4K UHD
Blu-ray] (King Vidor, 1931) VCI Entertainment
True Detective: Night Country: Season 4 [
Blu-ray] - SDS

Turbulence [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Robert Butler, 1997) Kino
Turbulence [
Blu-ray] (Robert Butler, 1997) Kino

Twister [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Jan de Bont, 1996) SDS
The Whale God [DVD] SRS Cinema

The World of Kanako [Blu-ray] (Tetsuya Nakashima, 2014) Drafthouse

July 15th, 2024












Absurd [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Joe D'Amato, 1981) 88 Films UK (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

An Autumn's Tale [Blu-ray] (Mabel Cheung, 1987) RB UK 88 Films

Black God, White Devil [Blu-ray] (Glauber Rocha, 1964) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Brokeback Mountain [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Ang Lee, 2005) Kino (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)
Brokeback Mountain [
Blu-ray] (Ang Lee, 2005) Kino (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

Cannibal Apocalypse [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Cannibals in the Streets / Invasion of the Flesh Hunters) Kino Cult #8

Columbo: The Return [Blu-ray] (final 24 episodes) Kino

The Conversation [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974) UK Studiocanal

Immortal Story [Blu-ray] (Yonfan, 1986) RB UK 88 Films

Invasion of the Body Snatchers [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Don Siegel, 1956) Kino (BEAVER REVIEW)

Island of Fire [Blu-ray] (Yen-Ping Chu, 1990) 88 Films UK

Monk: The Complete Eighth Season [Blu-ray] - Kino
Nightmare Beach [4K UHD
Blu-ray] (Umberto Lenzi, 1989) Kino Cult #9 (BEAVER Blu-ray REVIEW)

Paternity [Blu-ray] (David Steinberg, 1981) Kino

Perfect Days [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Wim Wenders, 2023) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)
Perfect Days [
Blu-ray] (Wim Wenders, 2023) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Peter Strickland Collection [Blu-ray] - Katalin Varga (2009), Berberian Sound Studio (2012), The Duke of Burgundy (2014), In Fabric (2018) and Flux Gourmet (2022) RB UK Curzon Film
Phantoms [4K UHD
Blu-ray] (Joe Chappelle, 1998) Shout! Factory
Remembrance [
Blu-ray] (Colin Gregg, 1982) BFI Flipside

Rocky Balboa [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Sylvester Stallone, 2006) SDS
Rocky 6-Film Collection [4K UHD
Blu-ray] - SDS
Le Samouraο [4K UHD
Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1967) Criterion UK (BEAVER REVIEW)
Soldier Blue [4K UHD
Blu-ray] (Ralph Nelson, 1970) UK Studiocanal
Soldier Blue [
Blu-ray] (Ralph Nelson, 1970) UK Studiocanal (ALT-BEAVER REVIEW)

When Eight Bells Toll [Blu-ray] (Ιtienne Pιrier, 1971) Kino (BEAVER REVIEW)

Yvonne's Perfume [Blu-ray] (Patrice Leconte, 1994) Kino

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