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S E A R C H    D V D B e a v e r


For over a decade, Gregory and I have maintained, updated and altered the DVDBeaver complete list of generically labeled film noir titles with over 1000 entries (located HERE.) Over time we watched and reviewed hundreds, read many books on the 'dark cinema' and had group email discussions with our friend and noir aficionado Irina... plus many others that we consider experts who we've encountered over the years. So while there is no universally accepted definition of the term 'Film Noir' - nor the titles that deserve to be punctuated by that powerful descriptive classification - we were able to establish a criteria consensus of our very own. We maintain that the cycle is deeply based in American-made films, from the 1940s through to the late 50s, and we don't deviate from that in our selections (the UK produced The Third Man may be a notable exception.) This 'Essential List' is located HERE, and has thumbnail links to large posters and 8X10 star glossies plus purchase and review links.

Further parsed from that are the Essential Film Noir that are available on Blu-ray listed below in alphabetical order (click review buttons to also see comparisons where applicable):


Latest Additions

Beware, My Lovely Dark City No Man of Her Own The Unseen The Long Wait (4K UHD) The Whistler Series Secret Beyond the Door City of Shadows Crashout Finger Man Black Tuesday Nightmare




Film Noir on Blu-ray (and 4K UHD)


99 River Street 711 Ocean Drive Abandoned The Accused Ace in the Hole Affair in Trinidad Alias Nick Beal The Amazing Mr. X Among the Living Angel Face


Another Man's Poison Appointment with a Shadow Appointment With Danger Asphalt Jungle Between Midnight and Dawn Beware, My Lovely Beyond a Reasonable Doubt The Big Clock The Big Combo The Big Heat The Big Knife


The Big Sleep Black Angel The Black Book Black Tuesday Blast of Silence Blonde Ice The Blue Dahlia Body and Soul Boomerang Border Incident The  Breaking Point


The Brothers Rico Brute Force The Burglar Caged Calcutta Call Northside 777 Cape Fear The Captive City Caught Cause For Alarm! Champion


The Chase Chicago Deadline City of Fear City of Shadows City That Never Sleeps Clash by Night Convicted Crashout Crime of Passion The Crimson Kimono Criss Cross


The Crooked Way The Crooked Web Crossfire Cry Danger Cry of the City Cry Vengeance The Damned Don't Cry Dark City The Dark Mirror Dark Passage The Dark Past


Dead Reckoning Desert Fury The Desperate Hours Detective Story Detour Double Indemnity

(4K UHD)

Don't Bother to Knock A Double Life Drive a Crooked Road The Enforcer


Escape in the Fog Fallen Angel The File on Thelma Jordan Finger Man Flamingo Road Force of Evil Framed Fury The Garment Jungle Gaslight (1944) Gilda


The Glass Key The Guilty Gun Crazy Hangover Square The Harder They Fall He Ran All the Way He Walked By Night Hell's Half Acre Hell on Frisco Bay High Sierra High Tide


Highway Dragnet The Hitch-Hiker Hollywood Story Hoodlum Empire House by the River House of Bamboo The House on 92 Street Human Desire I Confess

I, the Jury

(4K UHD)


I Wake Up Screaming I Walk Alone I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes In A Lonely Place Johnny O'Clock Johnny Stool Pigeon Kansas City Confidential Key Largo The Killer is Loose The Killer That Stalked New York


The Killers Killer's Kiss

(4K UHD)

The Killing

(4K UHD)

A Kiss Before Dying Kiss Me Deadly Kiss of Death Kiss the Blood Off My Hands Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Knock on Any Door The Lady From Shanghai Larceny


Laura Leave Her To Heaven The Letter A Life at Stake The Lineup The Lodger The Long Wait (4K UHD) The Lost Weekend Lured M (1951)


The Maltese Falcon

(4K UHD)

Man in the Dark The Man Who Cheated Himself  Mildred Pierce (4K UHD) Ministry of Fear Moonrise Mr. Arkadin Murder by Contract Murder My Sweet My Name is Julia Ross


Naked Alibi The Naked City The Naked Kiss Niagara Night and the City Night Has a Thousand Eyes The Night Holds Terror The Night of the Hunter (4K UHD) The Night Runner Nightfall



Nightmare Nightmare Alley No Man of Her Own No Way Out Notorious Odds Against Tomorrow On Dangerous Ground One Way Street Out of the Past Outside the Wall Panic on the Streets


Party Girl Phantom Lady Pickup on South Street Pitfall Plunder Road Possessed The Postman Always Rings Twice The Price of Fear Private Hell 36 The Prowler


Pushover The Raging Tide Raw Deal Repeat Performance The Reckless Moment The Red House Ride the Pink Horse Road House Ruthless The Scandal Sheet


The Scar The Scarlet Hour Scarlet Street Secret Beyond the Door The Set-up Shadow of a Doubt (4K UHD) The Shadow on the Window Shakedown Shield For Murder Shockproof


Sleep My Love The Sleeping City The Sniper So Dark the Night So Evil My Love Somewhere in the Night Sorry, Wrong Number Spellbound

The Spiral


Step Down to Terror


Stage Fright Storm Fear Storm Warning The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry The Strange Love of Martha Ivers The Stranger Strangers on a Train Street of Chance Sudden Fear Suddenly


Sunset Boulevard The Suspect Suspicion Sweet Smell of Success T-Men The Tattered Dress They Live By Night They Won't Believe Me Thieves Highway The Third Man


This Gun For Hire Tight Spot Too Late For Tears Touch of Evil (4K UHD) Trapped Try and Get Me! The Turning Point The Undercover Man Undertow Underworld U.S.A.


Union Station The Unseen The Web Where the Sidewalk Ends While the City Sleeps Whirlpool The Whistler Series White Heat The Window Witness To Murder Woman in Hiding


Woman in the Window Woman on the Run World For Ransom The Wrong Man You Only Live Once



















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