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DVDBeavers LOVE Neo-Noir. Gregory and I have compiled a listing of the OUR  FAVORITE Neo-Noirs... available on Blu-ray. First, we independently created a list of 100 each. We found that 70 of those were duplicated on both our separate lists. Now we are choosing more to fill this catalog. There are purchase, review and comparisons links, as well as a Ten Recommended Neo-Noirs presently on DVD list, Neo-Noir TV series, and Recommended Neo-Noir Reading.


Our Neo-Noir selection is, obviously, far more mainstream, and broad, than our Essential Noir on Blu-ray choices. In the context of this webpage, 'Neo-noir' (English: New-black; from the Greek neo, 'new', and the French noir, interpreted as 'black') is a cinematic form of modern movies that prominently utilize elements and plot devices found in the cycle of films recognized as film noir. Some of these include career criminals and/or recent ex-convict characters (Reindeer Games, The Crossing Guard), flash-back (remembered) narratives (Memento), seductive femme fatale (Basic Instinct) lovers and mistresses (Fatal Attraction, Body Heat), unrequited love interests defused by money, desire or power (Against All Odds, Bound), there can be guilt (The Conversation, The Machinist, Insomnia), pathos (Gone Baby, Gone), and complete or partial redemption (A History of Violence) - as a foci of the plots. The Neo-noir will have updated themes, content, period and visual elements that were absent in the film noir style of the 1940s and 1950s. These narratives can even include science-fiction (Blade Runner, Dark City), humor (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid), the occult (Angel Heart), western (Blood Simple, No Country for Old Men), super-hero (the Nolan Batman films) or other genres that often contain sympathetic or amoral protagonists involved in criminal activity (Heat, Thief), or forced, coerced or seduced by circumstance into illegal behavior (Death Wish, The Lookout, Prisoners, Shallow Grave). Their, and our, often ambiguous, moral response (Nightcrawler) becomes the impactful underlying device evoking noirs that were made over a 1/2 century ago.


NOTE: These are the OUR FAVORITE Neo-noirs on Blu-ray listed in Alphabetical order! This page will be maintained and updated as necessary.

-Gary Tooze




The Grifters

Dark Blue

Match Point John Wick





The Drowning Pool (1975)

Harper (1966)



 The List


25th Hour

Against All Odds

Albino Alligator

The American

Angel Heart

Basic Instinct

Black Widow


Blade Runner

Blood Simple Blow Out

Blue Velvet

Body Heat




Cape Fear (1991) Carlito's Way Charley Varrick

China Moon (1994)



The Conversation


The Crossing Guard

Dark Blue

Dark City

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid



Death Wish

The Deep End

Devil in a Blue Dress

Dressed to Kill



The Driver (1978)

The Drowning Pool (1975)


Farewell My Lovely (1975)

Fatal Attraction


The Friends of Eddie Coyle


The Game

The Ghost Writer

Gone Baby Gone

Gone Girl

The Grifters




Harper (1966)




Hell or High Water

Hickey & Boggs

A History of Violence

In the Electric Mist

The Indian Runner

Inside Man



Jackie Brown

Jagged Edge

John Wick The Killing of a Chinese Bookie L. A. Confidential The Last Seduction The Long Goodbye


The Lookout Looper Lost Highway The Machinist Malice The Man Who Wasn't There Manhunter


Match Point Memento Miami Blues Mulholland Drive Mystic River Night Moves Nightcrawler No Country for Old Men


No Way Out Play Misty for Me Point Blank The Postman Always Rings Twice Pretty Poison Prisoners The Professional aka Léon Pulp Fiction


Red Rock West Reindeer Games Reservoir Dogs Ronin Sea of Love Serpico Seven aka Se7en


Sexy Beast Shallow Grave Shutter Island Side Effects A Simple Plan Sin City Suture



The Talented Mr. Ripley Taxi Driver Thief To Live and Die In L.A True Romance U-Turn The Usual Suspects


White of the Eye Winter's Bone Witness Zodiac

Recommended Neo Noir on DVD (that would be nice to have on Blu-ray):

After Hours Eye of the Beholder House of Games



The Limey The Spanish Prisoner Straight Time All the Jesse Stone films


'Neo-Noir' TV Series on Blu-ray (in chronological order):

Coronet Blue The Rockford Files Miami Vice Twin Peaks X-Files


The Sopranos The Wire Dexter Breaking Bad

Recommended Reading for Neo-Noir fans (CLICK COVERS or TITLES for more information)




TV Noir



International Noir


East Asian Film Noir: Transnational Encounters and Intercultural Dialogue (Tauris World Cinema Series)
by Chi-Yun Shin and Mark Gallagher
Euro Noir: The Pocket Essential Guide to European Crime Fiction, Film and TV (Pocket Essential series)
by Barry Forshaw

European Film Noir
by Andrew Spicer

Hong Kong Neo-Noir (Edinburgh Studies in East Asian Film) 1st Edition
by Esther Yau and Tony Williams


International Noir (Traditions in World Cinema EUP) Reprint Edition
by Homer B. Pettey and R. Barton Palmer

Nordic Noir: The Pocket Essential Guide to Scandinavian Crime Fiction, Film & TV
by Barry Forshaw 

The Worldwide Film Noir Tradition: The Complete Reference to Classic Dark Cinema from America, Britain, France and Other Countries Across the Globe
by Spencer Selby

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