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directed by David Greene, Sam Wanamaker, Paul Bogart, Lamont Johnson, David Pressman and Robert Stevens
USA 1967


Coronet Blue The Complete Series! From creator and cult great Larry Cohen (Q: The Winged Serpent, It's Alive) comes this thrilling and suspenseful espionage actioner starring Frank Converse (TV's Movin On and N.Y.P.D.) as Michael Alden, an amnesiac double agent in search of his true identity, while assassins of a mysterious syndicate are trying to locate and kill him. The key to his past might be a meaningless phrase Coronet Blue that for some reason Alden remembers. Co-starring Joe Silver (Shivers, Rabid). ---- Guest stars in the 13 episodes include: Alan Alda, Candice Bergen, David Carradine, Dick Clark, Denholm Elliott, Vincent Gardenia, Signe Hasso, Hal Holbrook, Sally Kellerman, Janet Margolin, Chester Morris, Juliet Mills, Patrick O'Neal, Mitchell Ryan, Roy Scheider, Daniel J. Travanti, Brenda Vaccaro, John Vernon, Jon Voight and Billy Dee Williams.

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Television Premiere: May 28th, 1967

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Kino - Region 1 - NTSC

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Region 1 - NTSC

Runtime 650 minutes

1.33:1 Original Aspect Ratio
Average Bitrate: 4.57 mb/s
NTSC 720x480 29.97 f/s

NOTE: The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second. The Horizontal is the time in minutes.



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Audio Dolby Digital Mono
Subtitles None
Features Release Information:
Studio: Kino

Aspect Ratio:
Fullscreen - 1.33:1

Edition Details:
• Interview with Show Creator Larry Cohen (12:08)

DVD Release Date: July 18th, 2017
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Chapters 5 X 13




Coronet Blue is comprised of 13, 50-minute, episodes. They are:

S1, Ep1
29 May 1967 A Time to Be Born
A young man is beaten and thrown from a liner into New York Harbor by a bunch of crooks he was in with. Though left for dead, he survives with memory loss. A rich girl takes a love interest in him, but his ex-comrades still try to kill him.

S1, Ep2
12 Jun. 1967 The Assassins
Mike learns through a classified ad that his parents are looking for him, he goes to meet them and his fiancée. They warmly take him back, but something is not quite right about them, and soon he realizes he's being set up.

S1, Ep3
19 Jun. 1967 The Rebels
At a New York College , Alden is the focus of experiments to overcome amnesia, but he must share a dorm room with students and earn his keep by working shifts at campus security, but this puts him in conflict with protesting students.

S1, Ep4
3 Jul. 1967 A Dozen Demons
After being shot, Alden finds himself at a monastery, where a monk befriends him. Noticing a stained glass window of St. Anthony resembles him closely, they set out to find the artist who did it.

S1, Ep5
10 Jul. 1967 Faces
A mysterious photograph of a funeral reception for a murdered girl shows Alden present. Though a young man was convicted, and Alden has no memory of the event, he suspects he might be the actual killer.

S1, Ep6
17 Jul. 1967 Man Running
A marked man, a refugee from a South American revolution, needs Alden's help, to hide out in his apartment and find his daughter at an American university.

S1, Ep7
24 Jul. 1967 A Charade for Murder
Anthony is lured to a strange apartment by a naval officer, where he finds a girl in a harem costume. Later he's accused of murdering the officer by the police when his body is found in a room where his finger prints are found.

S1, Ep8
31 Jul. 1967 Saturday
Alden makes arrangements to pay a man $2000 for his true identity, but both are pursued by ruthless hit men. A troubled boy joins him hiding out in Central Park, unable to face home responsibilities after his father dies.

S1, Ep9
7 Aug. 1967 The Presence of Evil
A reluctant girl is used as a medium in a magic act, and a blue coronet is part of her costume. This intrigues Mike and Tony, who find the magician a strange and probably psychotic devil worshiper who won't let the girl go.

S1, Ep10
14 Aug. 1967 Six Months to Mars
Feds want to exploit Alden's amnesia for simulating a mission to Mars. Brainwashed, he and a partner are placed into a drug-induced simulator. His partner's breakdown aborts the mission, just as Michael begins to remember parts of his past.

S1, Ep11
4 Sep. 1967 The Flip Side of Timmy Devon
Alden hears a pop tune on the radio, supposedly from a dead singer, yet never released until that moment-but he somehow knows the lyrics already, and surmises that he had to have been present at the recording session. Tony joins him as they pressure the dead star's producer for information.

S1, Ep12
1967 Where You from and What You Done?
In North Carolina, Alden is befriended by a cheery, ditzy blonde aspiring folk singer. Her imaginative fabrications gradually become strange and sinister, and he's forced to find out who she is.

S1, Ep13
1967 Tomoyo
Michael spies an Asian girl whom he believes he met with in his forgotten past. Following her leads to brutes, discovering he knows karate, a dojo instructor who mentors him, confused memories, cleared memories and a martial arts finish.

 - From IMDb HERE

Kino has released the complete series on 4 dual-layered DVDs (4 episodes on the first disc, and three on the subsequent discs.). It is in the, original, 1.33:1 aspect ratio, interlaced but looks strong with consistent detail, bright colors and pleasing visuals. It was shot on 35mm and transfers very well to SD.

The series has music credited to Laurence Rosenthal, but most notable may be the theme sung by, the great, Lenny Welch! It's lossy Dolby but is as adept as the video transfer - clear, consistent dialogue and a few effects sprinkled throughout. There are no subtitles offered on the region 1, NTSC, DVD discs.

Coronet Blue was created by Larry Cohen (Special Effects, The Stuff, Maniac Cop), the writer, director, producer associated with plenty of 80's schlock and much more. He gives a frank, 12-minute, interview as the, only, package's supplement.

Coronet Blue is not only remarkable as an excellent mystery, thriller TV series but for all the early stars that made guest appearances in the show's 1967, only, season. I easily identified many below including Hal Holbrook, Denholm Elliott, Brenda Vaccaro, Candice Bergen, Jack Cassidy, Jon Voight, David Carradine, Lynda Day George, Juliet Mills, Roy Scheider, Patrick O'Neal, Sally Kellerman, Alan Alda, Billy Dee Williams, and Keye Luke. Wow... As a Noir lover, I appreciated the 'amnesia' convention sued and it had the feel of the iconic 1963-1967's The Fugitive series.

This is still a very welcome release. I loved watching it - for the narrative as well as the 'star-spotting'. This is very cool stuff.  Recommended to any classic television and thriller drama fan. I was surprised how much I loved this!

 - Gary Tooze




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Region 1 - NTSC



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