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Firstly, thank you very, very much to our Patreon contributors. We are always looking to show our appreciation for your generous support.

These monthly Silent Auctions have a secondary purpose and that is to encourage more patrons - we are looking for about three times as many as we have now since implementing the Patreon donation program initiated January, 2019.

We are talking about a minimum of $0.10 - $0.15 a day, perhaps a quarter (or more) to those who won't miss it from their budget. It equates to buying DVDBeaver a coffee once, twice or a few times a month. Then we would be pleased to welcome you to partake of these Silent Auctions hopefully allowing you to obtain some, often out-of-print, hard to obtain or large-package titles.

The current Silent Auction will expire on Sunday March 1st, 2019 (midnight EST). All current Patreon contributors are welcome to send in a bid (please make it the best price you'd be willing to pay and include a nominal amount for shipping). Email your HIGHEST bid (one per Patron) to: patron@DVDBeaver.com or HERE.

Any new contributors going forward are also welcome to participate in the Silent Auction. Thank you!

We will adjust the latest email bids when we have time - i.e. hopefully within 24-hours of email bid:



ENDS: Sunday March 1st, 2019 (midnight EST).

Current Bid ($US):

Naruse Volume One  Eureka DVD (OOP)


The Far Country Arrow Region FREE Blu-ray (sealed)


Maborosi (Bandai) Region FREE Blu-ray (with English subtitles)


Late Mizoguchi - Eight Films 1951-1956 [Masters of Cinema] [DVD] (sealed OOP)


The Great McGinty (Kino Lorber - Blu-ray)


Great Day in the Morning (Warner Archive - Blu-ray)


She Wore a Yellow Ribbon - (IVC - Japan - Blu-ray) 


The Quiet Man - (Masters of Cinema - Region 'B' - Blu-ray - Sealed ) 


Hard Times (Twilight Time Blu-ray - Sealed - OOP - Region FREE)


Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation (Twilight Time Blu-ray - Region FREE)


The Valachi Papers (Twilight Time Blu-ray - Region FREE)


All About My Mother (Criterion - Region 'A' - Blu-ray - Sealed) 


The Fanny Trilogy (Marius/Fanny/Cesar) - Kino DVD (used - OOP)




Current Bid ($US):

Chunking Express Blu-ray Criterion (sealed + OOP)


Wings (1927) (Masters of Cinema) Region 'B' Blu-ray (Region 'B') (sealed)


Hard Times (Twilight Time) Region FREE Blu-ray (sealed + OOP)


Miss Sadie Thompson 3-D (Twilight Time) Region FREE Blu-ray (used)


Rollerball (Twilight Time - standard BD) Region FREE Blu-ray (sealed + OOP)


Shoah The Four Sisters (Masters of Cinema) Region 'B' Blu-ray (sealed)


Diary of a Chambermaid - Criterion DVD - Region 1 - NTSC (used - OOP)  


Vagabond - Criterion DVD - Region 1 - NTSC (used - OOP)  


The Last Waltz (Masters of Cinema) Region 'B' Blu-ray (sealed)


Bresson's Four Nights of a Dreamer - Imagica - Region 'A' - Blu-ray (used - OOP)




Current Bid ($US):

Merrily We Live Blu-ray


The Passion of Joan of Arc (Masters of Cinema) Region 'B' Blu-ray (sealed)


Down Three Dark Streets Region 'A' Blu-ray


Destiny aka "Der müde Tod" (Masters of Cinema) Region 'B' Blu-ray (sealed)


The Defiant Ones (Eureka Classics) Region 'B' Blu-ray (sealed)


Lubitsch in Berlin (Masters of Cinema) Region 'B' Blu-ray (sealed)


Home From the Hill - Warner Archive - Region FREE - Blu-ray


The Naked and the Dead - Warner Archive - Region FREE - Blu-ray


From Hell it Came - Warner Archive - Region FREE - Blu-ray


Hell on Frisco Bay - Warner Archive - Region FREE - Blu-ray


Jezebel - Warner Archive - Region FREE - Blu-ray


The Vampire Bat - Film Detective - Region FREE - Blu-ray


Tales of Hoffmann Studio Canal - Region 'B' - Blu-ray


Major Dundee - Twilight Time - Region FREE - Blu-ray (sealed)


Désirée - Twilight Time - Region FREE - Blu-ray (sealed)




Army of Shadows (Criterion) Blu-ray (OOP)


The Kid Brother (Criterion) Region 'A' Blu-ray (sealed)


The Cloud-Capped Star (Criterion) Region 'A' Blu-ray (sealed)


A Blonde in Love (Second Run) - Region FREE - Blu-ray


The Bloodstained Butterfly - Camera Obscura - Region 'B' - Blu-ray


The Big Clock (Arrow) - Region FREE - Blu-ray (sealed)


The Vanishing Shadow - VCI - Region FREE - Blu-ray (sealed)


Lilith - Indicator - Region FREE - Blu-ray (sealed)


The Apartment (Arrow - Limited Edition) - Region FREE - Blu-ray (sealed)



AUCTION OVER Winning Bid ($US):

True Stories (Criterion) Blu-ray (sealed)


Le Cercle Rouge (Criterion) Blu-ray (OOP)


Leave Her to Heaven (Twilight Time) Blu-ray (sealed + OOP)


The Reckless Moment - Indicator - Region FREE - Blu-ray (sealed)


Psycho (Blu-ray steelbook) (OOP)


Rollerball (Twilight Time) - Region FREE - Blu-ray (sealed + OOP)


Major Dundee (Twilight Time) - Region FREE - Blu-ray (sealed + OOP)






Director Budd Boetticher's western satchel-style bag




Item (most are still sealed): FINAL Bids ($US):
Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers


Buster Keaton: 3 Films $100.00
Five Tall Tales: Budd Boetticher & Randolph Scott $55.00
Edvard Munch $25.00
In Like Flint $40.00
Our Man Flint $67.00
Psycho: The Legacy Collection $130.00
Early Murnau $29.00
Andrei Rublev $30.00
The Magnificent Ambersons $30.00
The Passion of Joan of Arc $30.00
All the Colors of Giallo $40.00
The Horse Thief $300.00
Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia $15.00
The Third Man (Criterion 1999 DVD) $25.00
Dietrich and von Sternberg $60.00
Cure $35.00
Do The Right Thing $20.00















We have started a Patreon page with the hopes that some of our followers would be willing to donate to keep DVDBeaver alive. We are a small niche, so your generosity is vital to our existence.

To those that are unfamiliar, Patreon is a secure/verified third-party service where users can agree to a monthly donation via credit card or PayPal by clicking the button below.

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