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Néih hóu! In 17-years of running DVDBeaver THIS is our biggest week with Blu-ray reviews of packages by Criterion, Indicator (Powerhouse), Arrow, Twilight Time, Eureka, Sony, Touchstone, Imagica, Vinegar Syndrome, Classicflix, Screenbound of films by Robert Bresson, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Ermanno Olmi, Woody Allen, M. Night Shyamalan, John Sturges, Raoul Walsh, Olivier Assayas, Jean-Luc Godard, Richard Fleischer, Arthur Penn, Sion Sono, Michael Winner, Nathan Juran, Sergio Martino, Pete Walker and others!. Our Calendar has NEW updates of films-to-Blu-ray, including December Criterions of works by Jacques Rivette, Fritz Lang, F.W. Murnau, Alexander Payne, Barbet Schroeder, D. A. Pennebaker, Anthony Mann, Bob Clark and more. We have another new listing page and our Feature Blu-ray and DVD is posted for SEPTEMBER plus a new CONTEST with another CRITERION Blu-ray prize. Enjoy!!


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Celine and Julie Go Boating [Blu-ray] (Jacques Rivette, 1974) RB BFI

Fritz Lang: The Silent Films (The Spiders, Harakiri (SD), The Wandering Shadow (SD), Four Around a Woman, Destiny, Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, Die Nibelungen, Metropolis, Spies, Woman in the Moon, The Plague in Florence) [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1919-1929) Kino
The Last Laugh [
Blu-ray] (F.W. Murnau, 1924) Kino

The Complete Monterey Pop Festival [Blu-ray] - Criterion

Election [Blu-ray] (Alexander Payne, 1999) Criterion

General Idi Amin Dada: A Self-Portrait [Blu-ray] (Barbet Schroeder, 1974) Criterion

Monterey Pop [Blu-ray] (D. A. Pennebaker, 1968) Criterion

He Walked By Night [Blu-ray] (Alfred L. Werker, Anthony Mann, 1948) ClassicFlix

D.O.A.: A Rite of Passage [Blu-ray] (Lech Kowalski, 1980) MVD Rewind Collection

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes [Blu-ray] (John De Bello, 1978) MVD Rewind Collection

The Burning Bed [Blu-ray] (Robert Greenwald, 1984) Kino Lorber

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Bill Melendez, 1966) Warner
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving [4K UHD
Blu-ray] (Bill Melendez, Phil Roman, 1973) Warner
A Charlie Brown Christmas [4K UHD
Blu-ray] (Bill Melendez, 1965) Warner

The Devil's Rain [Blu-ray] (Robert Fuest, 1975) Severin

Julian Schnabel: Private Portrait [Blu-ray] (Pappi Corsicato, 2017) Cohen Media Group

The Crown - Season 1 [Blu-ray] (Stephen Daldry, et al, 2016) Sony

Ingrid Goes West [Blu-ray] (Matt Spicer, 2017) Universal

Deathdream aka Dead of Night [Blu-ray] (Bob Clark, 1974) Blue Underground

Hangover Square [Blu-ray] (John Brahm, 1945) Kino Lorber

The Man Who Died Twice [Blu-ray] (Joseph Kane, 1958) Kino Lorber

Cease Fire! [Blu-ray 3D] (Owen Crump, 1953) Kino Lorber
Driftwood [
Blu-ray] (Allan Dwan, 1947) Kino Lorber

Cop-Out (aka Stranger in the House) [Blu-ray] (Pierre Rouve, 1967) Kino Lorber
The High Commissioner (aka Nobody Runs Forever) [
Blu-ray] (Ralph Thomas, 1968) Kino Lorber

The Woman in Red [Blu-ray] (Gene Wilder, 1984) Kino Lorber

Since You Went Away [Blu-ray] (John Cromwell, 1944) Kino Lorber
Death Rides a Horse [Blu-ray] (Giulio Petroni, 1967) Kino Lorber

The Hot Touch [
Blu-ray] (Roger Vadim, 1981) Code Red / Kino Lorber
The Mercenary [
Blu-ray] (Sergio Corbucci, 1968) Kino Lorber    
China Moon [Blu-ray] (John Bailey, 1994) Kino Lorber
Nightkill [
Blu-ray] (Ted Post, 1980) Kino Lorber

The Wonderful Worlds Of Ray Harryhausen, Volume 2: 1961-1964  [Blu-ray] (Mysterious Island, Jason and the Argonauts, First Men in the Moon) Indicator UK

Eyes of Laura Mars [Blu-ray] (Irvin Kershner, 1978) Indicator UK

Deadfall [Blu-ray] (Bryan Forbes, 1968) RB UK Signal One Entertainment

Manina, The Lighthouse-Keeper's Daughter [Blu-ray] (Willy Rozier, 1952) RB UK Eureka

Hammer 7-Film Boxset [Blu-ray] - The Horror of Frankenstein, Scars of Dracula, Blood from the Mummy's Tomb, Demons of the Mind, Straight on Till Morning, Fear in the Night, Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde RB DE Studiocanal

Wolf [Blu-ray] (Mike Nichols, 1994) Indicator UK

Tag [Blu-ray] (Sion Sono, 2015) RB UK Eureka

Sculpting Time - The Andrei Tarkovsky Collection [Blu-ray] - Ivan's Childhood 1962, Andrei Rublev 1966, Solaris 1972, Mirror 1973, Stalker 1979, Nostalgia 1983, The Sacrifice 1986 - RB UK Artificial Eye

Damnation Alley [Blu-ray] (Jack Smight, 1977) RB UK Signal One Entertainment

Black Christmas [Blu-ray] (Bob Clark, 1974) RB UK 101 Films

The Brave Archer [Blu-ray] (Cheh Chang, 1977) RB UK 88 Films

Conduct Unbecoming [Blu-ray] (Michael Anderson, 1975) RB UK 101 Films

The Far Country [Blu-ray] (Anthony Mann, 1954) RB DE Koch Media

Baby Driver [Blu-ray] (Edgar Wright, 2017) Sony Pictures

Titanic [Blu-ray] (Herbert Selpin, Werner Klingler, 1943) Kino

Suspiria [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1977) RB IT Videa

Scars of Dracula [Blu-ray] (Roy Ward Baker, 1970) RB UK StudioCanal



ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): With 28 Blu-rays and 3 DVDs covered this week - I'm going to shorten this summation. Olivier Assayas' Personal Shopper on Criterion Blu-ray may be my favorite release this week. Don't miss it. I was also very moved by Ermanno Olmi's The Legend of the Holy Drinker on Region FREE Arrow Blu-ray - what a fabulous film to own in 1080P. Kubrick's Barry Lyndon - 4K restored - what an incredible Criterion Blu-ray package. I LOVE all the sci-fi fantasy films reviewed from Journey to the Center of the Earth on Eureka Blu-ray to Indicator's Region FREE Harryhausen's 20 Million Miles to Earth, It Came From Beneath the Sea, and The 3 Worlds of Gulliver Blu-rays. How can we resist? Let's throw a distant cousin, M. Night Shyamalan's Signs, in there as it has the same imaginative spirit. While we're at it kudos to Indicator's The Chase and See No Evil - both definitive Blu-ray packages for those two strong films. Westerns, this newsletter? Lawman, Hour of the Gun, Gun Fury (in 3D) - all good pardner. The only reason Robert Bresson's Four Nights of a Dreamer isn't the number one Blu-ray this week - is because it is not English-friendly. Enjoyable apocalypse chamber-piece Retreat slipped under the radar - the Blu-ray is a keeper. Blu-ray Comedy of the week? too easy; A Fish Called Wanda. Giallo Blu-ray of the week Sergio Martino's Suspicious Death of a Minor on Arrow's Region FREE Blu-ray Best 'Susan George as a Go-Go Dancer' film this week? - Pete Walker's Die Screaming, Marianne with the option of two Blu-ray editions. The best Rocky Horror-esue musical on Blu-ray? Shock Treatment. Best bizarre Japanese film about teenage girls? Sion Sono's Tag, Best David Lynch; Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Best Essential Noir on Blu-ray (reviewed this week); Crime of Passion. Best Godard; Tout Va Bien, Best war film; Guns at Batasi, Best Grindhouse Trip With the Teacher, Best Technicolor: Beneath the 12-Mile Reef Best 80's comedy/horror; Psychos in Love. And on DVD, The Case of the Bloody Iris is superior Giallo and begs for a Blu-ray release. Skyjacked is a '70s disaster films with Charlton Heston and a host of stars - fairly entertaining on Warner Archive DVD. The same can't be said for Ants! - you know you're in trouble when they spell one of the top billed stars names incorrectly on the DVD cover - bad film / bad disc.

“If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway...”.

See you next week!!


Shock Treatment BD - This screwy sequel to original midnight movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) doesn’t quite hit all the marks or is as compulsively watchable as its predecessor, but it’s an oddly fun enough time. Newlyweds Brad and Janet Majors (De Young, Harper) find themselves tagged to be the contestants on Marriage Maze, a game show hosted by blind Viennese nutcase Bert Schnick (Humphries) after they sit in on an episode’s filming. Blu-ray Release date: September 11th, 2017

Signs BD - In Signs, another paranormal outing for the writer-director, Shyamalan explores the eerie implications of a 500-foot crop circle that mysteriously appears on the Bucks County, PA farm of reverend Graham Hess (Mel Gibson). As Hess and his family (Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin, Abigail Breslin) try to take stock of what the sign means, and how its message incorporates into their faith, they start to get the feeling they are not alone in the fields behind their house. Blu-ray Release date: June 3rd, 2008

Tag BD - Mitsuko (Reina Triendl) is the sole survivor of a bizarre paranormal incident that kills all of her classmates. Running for her life, Mitsuko seemingly slips into an alternate reality, but death and chaos seems to follow her everywhere. As Mitsuko finds herself in increasingly surreal and violent situations, the true horror behind her nightmare is revealed. Blu-ray Release date: November 20th, 2017

September BD - Mia Farrow, Sam Waterston and Elaine Stritch star in this drama written and directed by Woody Allen. The film follows Lane (Farrow), who is staying at her childhood home in Vermont as she recovers from a nervous breakdown. She has been having an affair with Peter (Waterston), a writer who lives nearby, but now relations between them seem to have inexplicably cooled. When Lane's mother Diane (Stritch) arrives with unexpected news, and the fate of her relationship with Peter becomes clear, Lane's emotional world is thrown into turmoil once again. Blu-ray Release date: September, 2017

Lawman BD - Burt Lancaster as the by-the-books title character doggedly hunting down Lee J. Cobb and his six ranchhands after the group accidentally killed an old man during a drunken spree. Robert Ryan, in an impeccable performance, plays a local sheriff - weak and corrupt - who like the rest of the town thinks Lancaster is too inflexible and arrogant in his single-minded pursuit. Twilight Time Blu-ray Release date: September, 2017

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef BD - One of the earliest CinemaScope pictures, Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (1953) takes us deep into the crystal-clear, perilous waters off the Florida coast, where two rival sponge-diving families produce a boy (Robert Wagner) and a girl (Terry Moore) who of course fall for each other, hard. Stunning widescreen underwater cinematography by Oscar nominee Edward Cronjager and a staggeringly atmospheric score from the one and only Bernard Herrmann are added attractions. Blu-ray Release date: September, 2017

Personal Shopper BD - This evocative character study tells the story of a young American fashion assistant and spiritual medium who is living in Paris and searching for signs of an afterlife following the sudden death of her twin brother. A stirring depiction of grief in the form of a psychological thriller, Personal Shopper which won Assayas the best director award at Cannes is a chilling meditation on modern modes of communication and the way we mourn those we love. Blu-ray Release date: October 24th, 2017

Four Nights of a Dreamer BD - In the secular turn Bresson reveals an unexpected sense of humor and worldly irony. The transformation of Paris at night into a dream landscape pulsing with electric mystery is reminiscent of Minnelli, although the economy of expression is clearly Bresson's. A very beautiful and essential film. Blu-ray Release date: February 11th, 2013

Retreat BD - Director Carl Tibbetts razor eye behind the lens went on to really make the most of the striking settings at hand (the majestic ocean, the run down shack, the lonely island) capturing all of its beautiful while channeling its uneasiness; one that echoed the troubled mindset of our main characters and the twisted tale that would eventually unfold. Speaking of the tale, I really grooved to Gary Sinyor and David Frost’s screenplay here, which in my useless opinion, did it pretty much all right. Blu-ray Release date: October 17th, 2011

Gun Fury BD - Originally filmed and released in 3-D, Gun Fury (1953) is one of the better Westerns produced in that format and works just as well in a flat version as it does with all its gimmickry intact and various objects being hurled at the viewer. The story takes place in the post-Civil War years and opens with Jennifer Ballard (Donna Reed) traveling by stagecoach to meet her fiancé, Ben Warren (Rock Hudson). Blu-ray Release date: September, 2017


Hour of the Gun BD - Garner turns in one of his best performances. Sturges must have tamed him. He doesn't shout or swagger; he's quiet and squint-eyed, and in 20 more years when he works up some wrinkles he'll make a good indestructible cowboy. Robert Ryan, who has worked up the wrinkles, doesn't have much of a role -- but he handles it, as always, with authority. The memory of the Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster performances in "Gunfight" haunts the sequel like a ghost, but "Hour of the Gun" pretty much manages to stand on its own. Blu-ray Release date: September, 2017

A Fish Called Wanda BD - A perfectly old-fashioned romantic comedy, big on caper, generous on Ealing, and heavy on the twisted stereotypes. Cleese scripts and stars as London barrister Archie Leach, hired to defend a gem thief, and earning a much-vaunted 'sex symbol' tag with the affections of gangster's moll Wanda Gershwitz (Curtis). It's a plot too jagged to document in full - Where are the gems? Who has the safe-deposit key? Who's betraying whom? Is the London Underground really a political movement? - but the interest lies less in outcome than in character: Palin as a madly stuttering, animal-loving dog-murderer, Kline as a maybe-CIA cruel paranoid pseudo who's intermittently Wanda's lover/gay brother, and Cleese and Curtis as the most unlikely rug-tearers since Miller and Monroe. There's nothing deep, nothing ground-breaking, but it's a never-dull, tightly scripted yarn with some very funny gags. Blu-ray Release date: September 18th + October 3rd, 2017

Guns at Batasi BD - The East African nation of Batasi is tearing apart at the seams, and a group of British soldiers are caught in the middle. As fighting breaks out between two rival factions in the former British colony, by-the-books Regimental Sgt. Maj. Lauderdale (Richard Attenborough) attempts to preserve peace and order. But his rigid style of command becomes increasingly ill-suited to a volatile political situation in which the stability of the old era has been replaced by violent conflict. Blu-ray Release date: July 31st, 2017

Trip With the Teacher BD - Ms. Tenney (Brenda Fogarty) and a group of summer school students are on a camping trip in the desert to study ancient native cultures and to hike through the Grand Canyon. But when their bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a trio of bikers, led by the demented Al (Zalman King) finds them and tricks them into heading out to an abandoned farmhouse. Fearing for their lives, the girls and their teacher try to survive the night and the short tempered, psycho biker Al. Blu-ray Release date: September 26th, 2017

Suspicious Death of a Minor BD - The final of Martino s six gialli, The Suspicious Death of a Minor combines conventional giallo trappings with elements of the then flourishing poliziotteschi crime thrillers. Claudio Cassinelli (What Have They Done to Your Daughters?) stars as undercover cop Paolo Germi, on the trail of a Milanese criminal outfit following the brutal murder of an underage prostitute. But a killer-for-hire is also on the prowl, bumping off witnesses before they have a chance to talk... Blu-ray Release date: September 25th + October 3rd, 2017

20 Million Miles to Earth BD - There's nothing that brings you back to your boyhood dreams like master animator Ray Harryhausen's painstaking, frame-by-frame, stop-motion efforts. You can forgive the flawed scripting and unconvincing performances as the giant Ymir takes his justifiable fear and self-protection instincts out on Rome's Colosseum. Blu-ray Release date: September 29, 2017.

It Came From Beneath the Sea BD - While on a routine mission, Cmdr. Pete Mathews (Kenneth Tobey) runs into trouble when his submarine is nearly sunk by an unknown creature. Back at base in Pearl Harbor, Dr. John Carter (Donald Curtis) and Professor Lesley Joyce (Faith Domergue) identify the beast as a giant octopus from the nether reaches of Mindanao Deep, which has been awakened by nearby nuclear testing. Radioactive and monstrously huge, the rampaging leviathan is heading toward the North American Pacific Coast. Blu-ray Release date: September 29, 2017

The 3 Worlds of Gulliver BD - The phenomenal team of special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen, composer Bernard Herrmann, and director Jack Sher bring their gifts to bear on The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960), a spritely adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s acerbic satire, Gulliver’s Travels. Satire gives way here, however, to the fantastical tale of a doctor (Kerwin Mathews) and his stowaway fiancée (June Thorburn) who adventure first to Lilliput – a land populated by four-inch-tall schemers – and then to Brobdingnag, where giants prove no more politic. Blu-ray Release date: September 29th, 2017

Die Screaming, Marianne BD - Marianne (Susan George, Straw Dogs), following the sudden death of her mother, stands to inherit the family fortune, along with several documents that could incriminate her corrupt judge of a father. Now, her sister and her father both want their hands on Marianne's inheritance and they'll stop at nothing, even murder, to get it! Screenbound Blu-ray Release date: July 3rd, 2017


The Legend of the Holy Drinker BD - Adapted from the novella by Joseph Roth, the film tells the story of Andreas Kartack, a homeless man living under the bridges of Paris. Lent 200 francs by an anonymous stranger, he is determined to pay back his debt but circumstances and his alcoholism forever intervene Blu-ray Release date: September 25th-26th, 2017

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me BD - The television show began famously with the discovery of high-school coed Laura Palmer's (Sheryl Lee) plastic-wrapped body. Fire Walk with Me is the story of how she got that way. It is a necessarily grim story as the promiscuous and increasingly hysterical Laura juggles two teenage boyfriends, bad boy Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) and sensitive James Hurley (James Marshall); S&M playmates Jacques Renault (Walter Olkewicz) and Leo Johnson (Eric DaRe); and the many men she picks up while hooking. Criterion Blu-ray Release date: October 17, 2017

Barry Lyndon BD - For the most sumptuously crafted film of his career, Kubrick recreated the decadent surfaces and intricate social codes of the period, evoking the light and texture of eighteenth-century painting with the help of pioneering cinematographic techniques and lavish costume and production design, all of which earned Academy Awards. The result is a masterpiece—a sardonic, devastating portrait of a vanishing world whose opulence conceals the moral vacancy at its heart. Blu-ray Release date: October 17th, 2017

Psychos in Love BD - Joe (Carmine Capobianco) runs a strip club and Kate (Debi Thibeault) is an attractive young manicurist. After bonding over their mutual dislike of grapes, they discover another commonality: both of them are bloodthirsty serial killers. As they begin to balance their obsession with murder and each other, they meet Herman (Frank Stewart), a cannibal who, upon discovering their bloodlust, attempts to lure them into killing as a means to satisfy his craving for human flesh!: Blu-ray Release Date: September 26th, 2017

The Chase BD - When "Bubber" Reeves (Robert Redford) escapes from prison, it upsets the folks in the nearby town of Tarl, Texas. Sheriff Calder (Marlon Brando) wants to capture Reeves alive, which puts him in opposition to many of the townspeople who have resorted to mob justice. Businessman Val Rogers (E.G. Marshall) wants Calder to apprehend Reeves quickly, through any means, since he fears the criminal will come after Val's son, Jake, who is sleeping with Reeves' wife (Jane Fonda). Indicator Blu-ray Release date: September 25th, 2017

See No Evil BD - Sarah, played by Mia Farrow, is a young English woman who had been struck blind after a horse-riding accident, and has just returned to her country home to rejoin her aunt, uncle and younger cousin. As she learns to cope with her blindness, she reunites with her boyfriend, Steve, even going on a horseback ride into the countryside with him. But when she returns from riding that one day, something isn’t quite right. Unbeknownst to Sarah, the home has been broken into and her family has been murdered by a cold-blooded killer. Indicator Blu-ray Release date: September 25th, 2017

Tout Va Bien BD - In 1967, Jean-Luc Godard capped off nearly a decade of nonstop productivity with the release of Week End, an incendiary piece of filmmaking that easily matched the best of his earlier work. In between the scenes of car crashes, cannibals, and impassioned political monologues, a curious inter-title continued to flash on the screen, trumpeting “the end of cinema.” Blu-ray Release date: August 28th, 2017

Crime of Passion BD - Crime of Passion is an amazingly bold film for its time. Not only does the plot effectively eviscerate the American Dream, but it also laces the drama with two contrasting visions of female relationships. On one hand, there are the wives of the police department--giddy, silly, bitchy vacuous women who seem bred for lives of conspicuous consumption (note the lengthy manicure session Kathy has with Alice Pope), and then there are ‘other’ women Blu-ray Release date: September 5th, 2017

Journey to the Center of the Earth BD - It's one of the very best Hollywood adventure movies, with lots of monsters, underground oceans, sinister villains, and touches which would have delighted Jules Verne himself. James Mason as usual carries his part superbly, and there are plenty of good supporting actors like Napier and Ronson. Some of the special effects are intriguing... Blu-ray Release date: September 18th, 2017


Skyjacked - One of the first of many '70s disaster films, Skyjacked (1972) puts together what would soon become the traditional ensemble cast--former film and TV stars who are subjected to all kinds of horrific situations. In this case, passengers who think they're bound for Minneapolis are actually heading for the Iron Curtain... DVD Release Date: September 13th, 2017

Ants! - Colonies of poisonous black ants panic people (Suzanne Somers, Robert Foxworth, Myrna Loy) at Lake Wood Manor, a summer resort. DVD Release Date: February 9th, 2014

The Case of the Bloody Iris - Director Giuliano Carnimeo avoids allowing the viewer to dwell on the gimmicky nature of the storytelling by maintaining a snappy pace and trotting out a vast array of eye-catching visual devices (zooms, fish-eye lens shots, point-of-view camerawork) to keep the viewer's eye dazzled throughout. DVD Release Date: February 26th, 2008

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47 Meters Down [Blu-ray] (Johannes Roberts, 2017) Lionsgate

After Midnight [Blu-ray] (Jim Wheat, Ken Wheat, 1989) Shout! Factory
A Quiet Place in the Country [Blu-ray] (Elio Petri, 1968) Shout! Factory

All the Sins of Sodom / Vibrations [Blu-ray] (Joseph W. Sarno, 1968) Film Movement Classics
Bride from Hell [
Blu-ray] (Hsu Chiang Chou, 1971) RB UK 88 Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Bride of Re-Animator Steelbook [Blu-ray] (Brian Yuzna, 1989) Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

Brigadoon [Blu-ray] (Vincente Minnelli, 1954) Warner Archive

Cannibal Ferox -Director's Cut 2-disc [Blu-ray] (Umberto Lenzi, 1981) Grindhouse Releasing

Certain Women [Blu-ray] (Kelly Reichardt, 2016) Criterion UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Chase [Blu-ray] (Arthur Penn, 1966) Indicator UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Cyborg 2087 [Blu-ray] (Franklin Adreon, 1966) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

David Lynch: The Art Life [Blu-ray] (Olivia Neergaard-Holm, Rick Barnes and Jon Nguyen, 2016) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Darling [Blu-ray] (Mickey Keating, 2015) RB DE WVG Medien

The Dead Next Door [Blu-ray] (J.R. Bookwalter, 1989) Tempe Digital

The Death of Louis XIV [Blu-ray] (Albert Serra, 2016) Cinema Guild

The Devil's Candy [Blu-ray] (Sean Byrne, 2015) Shout! Factory

Dimension 5 [Blu-ray] (Franklin Adreon, 1966) Kino Lorber
Django, Kill... If You Live, Shoot! [
Blu-ray] (Giulio Questi, 1967) RB UK 88 Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Don't Torture a Duckling [Blu-ray] (Lucio Fulci, 1972) RB UK Arrow Video (BEAVER REVIEW)

Dunkirk [Blu-ray] (Leslie Norman , 1958) RB UK Studiocanal

Eight Hours Don't Make a Day - A Family Series [Blu-ray] (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1972-1973) RB UK Arrow

Flatliners - SteelBook [Blu-ray] (Joel Schumacher, 1990) - Millcreek

Francesca [Blu-ray] (Luciano Onetti, 2015) RB UK Matchbox Films

Gate - Premium [Blu-ray] (Takahiko Ky goku, 2015-2016) Section23 Films

Hype! [Blu-ray] (Doug Pray, 1996) Shout! Factory

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Bill Melendez, 1966) Warner

Ken Loach Collection [Blu-ray] (Riff Raff, Raining Stones, Ladybird Ladybird) RB UK BFI (BEAVER REVIEW)

Killer Barbys [Blu-ray] (Jess Franco, 1996) Redemption / Kino Lorber

The Legend of the Holy Drinker  [Blu-ray] (Ermanno Olmi, 1988) Arrow UK (BEAVER REVIEW)
The Legend of the Holy Drinker  [
Blu-ray] (Ermanno Olmi, 1988) Arrow US (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Long Riders (Special Edition) [Blu-ray] (Walter Hill, 1980) Kino Lorber

Longmire - The Complete 5th Season [Blu-ray] (2016) Warner Archive

Lycan [Blu-ray] (Bev Land, 2017) Mvd Visual
Mountaintop Motel Massacre [
Blu-ray] (Jim McCullough Sr., 1986) RB UK 88 Films

The Mountain of the Cannibal God [Blu-ray] (Sergio Martino, 1978) RB UK 88 Films

OSS 117: Five Film Collection (OSS 117 Is Unleashed / OSS 117: Panic in Bangkok / OSS 117: Mission For a Killer / OSS 117: Mission to Tokyo / OSS 117: Double Agent) [Blu-ray] (various, 1963-1968) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

Orgy of the Dead [Blu-ray] (A.C. Stephen, 1965) Vinegar Syndrome  

The Piano Teacher [Blu-ray] (Michael Haneke, 2001) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Psychos in Love [Blu-ray] (Gorman Bechard, 1987) Vinegar Syndrome (BEAVER REVIEW)

Queen of the Desert [Blu-ray] (Werner Herzog, 2015) Shout! Factory

See No Evil [Blu-ray] (Richard Fleischer, 1971) Indicator UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [Blu-ray] (Michael Schults, 1978) Shout! Factory

SpaceCamp [Blu-ray] (Harry Winer, 1986) Kino Lorber

Strange Days [Blu-ray] (Kathryn Bigelow, 1995) RB UK Mediumrare

The Suspicious Death of a Minor [Blu-ray] (Sergio Martino, 1975) Arrow UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Torso [Blu-ray] (Sergio Martino, 1973) RB UK Shameless

Trip with the Teacher [Blu-ray] (Earl Barton, 1975) Vinegar Syndrome (BEAVER REVIEW)

Una [Blu-ray] (Benedict Andrews, 2016) RB DE Weltkino Filmverleih

Waiting for Guffman [Blu-ray] (Christopher Guest, 1996) Warner Archive

The Wonderful Worlds Of Ray Harryhausen, Volume One: 1955-1960 [Blu-ray] (It Came from Beneath the Sea, 20 Million Miles to Earth and The 3 Worlds of Gulliver) Region FREE Indicator UK (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)


October 2nd, 2017



976-EVIL [Blu-ray] (Robert Englund, 1988) Sony

The Ambassador [Blu-ray] (J. Lee Thompson, 1984) Kino

The Beguiled [Blu-ray] (Sofia Coppola, 2017) Universal Pictures

Belle de Jour 50th Anniversary [Blu-ray] (Luis Buñuel, 1967) RB UK Studiocanal

Bram Stoker's Dracula [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Francis Ford Coppola, 1992) Sony

The Bridge on the River Kwai [4K UHD Blu-ray] (David Lean, 1957) Sony Pictures

Chucky: Complete 7-Movie Collection [Blu-ray] - Universal

City of Industry [Blu-ray] (John Irvin, 1997) Kino

Don't Torture a Duckling [Blu-ray] (Lucio Fulci, 1972) Arrow Video (BEAVER REVIEW)

A Fish Called Wanda [Blu-ray] (Charles Crichton, 1988) Arrow US (BEAVER REVIEW)

A Ghost Story [Blu-ray] (David Lowery, 2017) Lionsgate

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story [Blu-ray] (Daniel Raim, 2015) Zeitgeist Films

House of Cards - Season 05 [Blu-ray] [Region Free] Sony Pictures UK

Human [Blu-ray] (Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 2015) Kino Lorber

Kick-Ass [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Matthew Vaughn, 2010) - Lionsgate

Kill and Kill Again [Blu-ray] (Ivan Hall, 1981) Scorpion Releasing / Kino Lorber

Killing Hasselhoff [Blu-ray] (Darren Grant, 2016) UK Universal

L.A. Confidential [Blu-ray] (Curtis Hanson, 1997) RB UK 20th Century Fox

Lost Horizon [Blu-ray] (Frank Capra, 1937) Sony Pictures

Mary Reilly [Blu-ray] (Stephen Frears, 1996) Mill Creek
Night of the Living Dead (50th Anniversary) [Blu-ray] (George A. Romero, 1968) Mill Creek

Original Gangstas [Blu-ray] (Larry Cohen, 1996) Kino Classics

Popcorn [Blu-ray] (Mark Herrier, Alan Ormsby, 1991) Synapse

Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased): The Complete Series [Blu-ray] RB UK Network

Scarlet Diva [Blu-ray] (Asia Argento, 2000) RB DE Ledick

Stone Cold Dead [Blu-ray] (George Mendeluk, 1979) Kino Classics (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Suspicious Death of a Minor [Blu-ray] (Sergio Martino, 1975) Arrow US (BEAVER REVIEW)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day [4K UHD Blu-ray] (James Cameron, 1991) - Lionsgate

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Endoarm [4K UHD Blu-ray] - Lionsgate
Vampyr [Blu-ray] (Carl Th. Dreyer, 1932) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

A Woman's Life [Blu-ray] (Stéphane Brizé, 2016) Kino Lorber


October 9th, 2017



The Agnès Varda Collection (Cleo from 5 to 7, Jacquot de Nantes, L'une chante, l'autre pas, Le Bonheur, The Gleaners and I, The Beaches of Agnès, Vagabond, La Pointe Courte) [Blu-ray] (Agnès Varda) RB UK Curzon Artificial Eye

Amores perros [Blu-ray] (Alejandro González Iñárritu, 2000) Lionsgate

The Aki Kaurismäki Collection [Blu-ray] - RB UK Artificial Eye

Avanti! [Blu-ray] (Billy Wilder, 1972) Kino Classics

The Babe [Blu-ray] (Arthur Hiller, 1992) Universal Studios

Baby Driver [Blu-ray] (Edgar Wright, 2017) Sony Pictures

Bewitched [Blu-ray] (Chih-Hung Kuei, 1981) RB UK 88 Films

Blood Feast [Blu-ray] (Herschell Gordon Lewis, 1963) Arrow US

Blood Feast [Blu-ray] (Herschell Gordon Lewis, 1963) Arrow UK

Le gai savoir aka Joy of Learning [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 1969) Kino Classics

Garden of Evil [Blu-ray] (Henry Hathaway, 1954) RB DE Koch Media

Down (aka The Shaft) [Blu-ray] (Dick Maas, 2001) Blue Underground

Dudes [Blu-ray] (Penelope Spheeris, 1987) Shout! Factory

The House on Sorority Row [Blu-ray] (Mark Rosman, 1983) RB UK 88 Films

The Howling [Blu-ray] (Joe Dante, 1981) RB UK StudioCanal

Kill, Baby Kill [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1970) Kino

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kramer, 1963) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Lift [Blu-ray] (Dick Maas, 1983) Blue Underground

The Lure [Blu-ray] (Agnieszka Smoczyńska, 2015) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Othello [Blu-ray] (Orson Welles, 1952) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Pigs [Blu-ray] (Marc Lawrence, 1972) RB UK 88 Films  

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1970) Kino

Summer of Fear [Blu-ray] (Wes Craven, 1978) Doppelganger

Suspiria [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1977) RB IT Videa

T-Men [Blu-ray] (Anthony Mann, 1947) ClassicFlix

Take the Money and Run [Blu-ray] (Woody Allen, 1969) Kino (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Untamed [Blu-ray] (Amat Escalante, 2016) RB UK Arrow Academy

Wonder Woman [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Patty Jenkins, 2017) Warner Home Video UK

Young Doctors in Love [Blu-ray] (Garry Marshall, 1982) Kino Classics


October 16th, 2017



Barry Lyndon [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kubrick, 1975) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Buster Keaton: 3 Films [Blu-ray] (Sherlock Jr., The General, Steamboat Bill, Jr.) - RB UK Masters of Cinema

La chinoise [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 1967) Kino

Cold Eyes of Fear [Blu-ray] (Enzo G. Castellari, 1971) RB UK Black House Films

Getting Any? [Blu-ray] (Takeshi Kitano, 1994) RB UK Third Window Films

Hammer Volume One: Fear Warning [Blu-ray] (Maniac, The Gorgon, Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, Fanatic) Indicator UK

Hammer 7-Film Boxset [Blu-ray] - The Horror of Frankenstein, Scars of Dracula, Blood from the Mummy's Tomb, Demons of the Mind, Straight on Till Morning, Fear in the Night, Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde RB DE Studiocanal

How the Grinch Stole Christmas [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Ron Howard, 2000) Universal Studios

Howl's Moving Castle [Blu-ray] (Hayao Miyazaki, 2004) GKids

Kiki's Delivery Service [Blu-ray] (Hayao Miyazaki, 1989) GKids

The Louis Malle Collection (Elevator to the Gallows, Les Amants, Zazie dans le métro, The Fire Within, Murmur of the Heart, Lacombe Lucien, Black Moon, My Dinner with Andre, Au Revoir les Enfants, Milou en Mai) [Blu-ray] (Louis Malle) RB UK Curzon Artificial Eye

The Lure [Blu-ray] (Agnieszka Smoczyńska, 2015) Criterion UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Miracle Mile [Blu-ray] (Steve De Jarnatt, 1988) RB UK Arrow

My Neighbor Totoro [Blu-ray] (Hayao Miyazaki, 1988) GKids

One Million B.C. [Blu-ray] (Hal Roach Jr., Hal Roach, 1940) VCI

Opera [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1987) RB FR Le Chat qui Fume

Apollo 13 [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Ron Howard, 1995) Universal Studios

The Party [Blu-ray] (Blake Edwards, 1968) RB UK Eureka Classics
Ponyo [
Blu-ray] (Hayao Miyazaki, 2008) GKids
Princess Mononoke [
Blu-ray] (Hayao Miyazaki, 1997) GKids

Rawhead Rex [Blu-ray] (George Pavlou, 1986) Kino Classics

Rolling Vengeance [Blu-ray] (Steven Hilliard Stern, 1987) Kino Classics

Serenity [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Joss Whedon, 2005) Universal Studios

Shot Caller [Blu-ray] (Ric Roman Waugh, 2017) Lionsgate

Space: 1999: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] - RB UK Network

Spider-Man: Homecoming [Blu-ray] (Jon Watts, 2017) Sony Pictures
Spirited Away
Blu-ray] (Hayao Miyazaki, 2001) GKids

Three O'Clock High [Blu-ray] (Phil Joanou, 1987) Shout! Factory

Titanic [Blu-ray] (Herbert Selpin, Werner Klingler, 1943) Kino

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me [Blu-ray] (David Lynch, 1992) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Vice Versa [Blu-ray] (Brian Gilbert, 1988) Mill Creek

The Vikings [Blu-ray] (Richard Fleischer, 1958) RB UK Eureka Classics

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