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OF December 10th, 2012

  This Week's Highlights
Wan b'i? - This week we have Sydney Lumet, Mervyn Leroy, Andrew V. McLaglen, Christopher Nolan and Tony Gilroy on Blu-ray and on the upcoming Calendar by Robert Altman, Elia Kazan, Miklós Jancsó, Luis Bunuel, Bertrand Tavernier, Robert Aldrich, Robert Zemeckis! and more. We continue with our CONTEST clips with a brand new Criterion Blu-ray prize as well as the 50% OFF sale of Criterion discs at Amazon - SEE BOTTOM OF THIS NEWSLETTER!

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That Cold Day in the Park [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1969) Olive Films

Argo [Blu-ray] (Ben Affleck, 2012) Warner Home Video

Wild River [Blu-ray] (Elia Kazan, 1960) 20th Century Fox

Gentleman's Agreement [Blu-ray] (Elia Kazan, 1947) 20th Century Fox

Searching for Sugar Man [Blu-ray] (Malik Bendjelloul, 2012) Sony

The Confrontation (Fényes szelek) (Miklós Jancsó, 1969) R2 UK Second Run

That Obscure Object of Desire [Blu-ray] (Luis Bunuel, 1977) LionsGate

Taken 2 [Blu-ray] (Olivier Megaton, 2012) 20th Century Fox

Ripper Street [Blu-ray] (Matthew Macfadyen, 2012) BBC Warner

Futureworld [Blu-ray] (Richard T. Heffron, 1976) Shout! Factory

Death Watch [Blu-ray] (Bertrand Tavernier, 1980) AIS

My Dog Tulip [Blu-ray] (Paul Fierlinger, Sandra Fierlinger, 2009) New Yorker Films

The Blood Beast Terror [Blu-ray] (Vernon Sewell, 1968) AIS

Sling Blade / Monsters Ball [Blu-ray] LionsGate

Seven Psychopaths [Blu-ray] (Martin McDonagh, 2012) Sony Pictures

Die Screaming, Marianne: Remastered Edition [Blu-ray] (Pete Walker, 1971) Redemption

From Beyond [Blu-ray] (Stuart Gordon, 1986) Shout! Factory

Phantasm II [Blu-ray] (Don Coscarelli, 1988) Shout! Factory

Dirty Dozen, The / Green Berets, The [Blu-ray] - Warner

The Devil's in the Details [Blu-ray] (Waymon Boone, 2012) Image Entertainment

The Running Man [Blu-ray] (Paul Michael Glaser, 1987) Olive Films

Flight [Blu-ray] (Robert Zemeckis, 2012) Paramount

Laura [Blu-ray] (Otto Preminger, 1944) 20th Century Fox

The Thief of Bagdad [Blu-ray] (Raoul Walsh, 1924) Image Entertainment

Westworld [Blu-ray] (Michael Crichton, 1973) Warner

Decasia + Light is Calling [Blu-ray] (Bill Morrison, 2002) Icarus Films

Holy Motors [Blu-ray] (Leos Carax , 2012) Indomina

The Nest (BluRay/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray] (Terence H. Winkless, 1988) Shout! Factory

A Man Vanishes (Shôhei Imamura, 1967) Icarus Films

The Hunt [Blu-ray] (Thomas Vinterberg, 2012) RB UK Arrow

The Imposter [Blu-ray] (Bart Layton, 2012) RB UK Revolver Entertainment

Django [Blu-ray] ( Sergio Corbucci, 1966) RB UK Argent Films



ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): I was quite pleased with The Bourne Legacy a super spy flic and a great Blu-ray package. Chris Nolan's Following gets the Criterion treatment and the short film still has immense value. Warner Archive are starting to 'do' Blu-rays and Gypsy looks so impressive with its lush colors and Lumet's Deathtrap is still a wonderful film to curl up with. TCM has also ventured into the 1080P real and have released the rarely seen The Iron Petticoat with Hope and Hepburn - plus the lackluster comedy carries a formidable history. Despite a weak Blu-ray transfer (MPEG-2) The Wild Geese still carries some of that tough-Brit charm with Burton, Harris and Moore. On DVD Eric covered The Dardenne Brothers Collection with six masterworks in one affordable package. He also reviewed Life Just Is - the feature debut by Alex Barrett. Gregory gave us a look at two Film Noir Archive Collection releases; Three Strangers sounds very interesting and Nobody Lives Forever is a similarly strong film with dark cinema tendancies. Yumm. Holidays will be upon us soon!


Gypsy BD - Ringing with the showbiz sass of its Jule Styne/Stephen Sondheim score, the film version of the Broadway hit Gypsy takes you on a grand vaudeville tour. It sweeps you up in the roller-coaster relationship of Louise (Natalie Wood), the wallflower later to blossom into sophisticated stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, and her ambitious mother, Rose (Rosalind Russell who's performance won her a fifth Best Actress Golden Globe Award). Karl Malden scores as Herbie, the salesman who falls for Rose - to his exasperation. Full of terrific tunes (Everything's Coming Up Roses and Small World among them), Gypsy will certainly entertain you and definitely make you smile. Blu-ray Release date: December, 2012

Deathtrap BD - If you were a famed mystery playwright with a devastating string of recent flops, what would you do for a can't-miss thriller script? Beg for it? Pay for it? Or would you kill for it? You would if you were Sidney Bruhl, the leading character in Ira Levin's dazzlingly funny, deliciously scary, Broadway-smash-turned-movie-hit Deathtrap. Michael Caine starts as Bruhl and Christopher Reeve stars as Bruhl's one-time student, who's written a play so flawless "even a gifted director couldn't ruin it" ...and who requests Bruhl's production help. And Dyan Cannon is Bruhl's loving wife, who doesn't want the student helped to an early grave. Sydney Lumet directs Deathtrap's hairpin twists with such drop-dead wit and delightful dread that you'll stop laughing only long enough to gasp in surprise. Blu-ray Release date: December, 2012

The Wild Geese BD - The plot concerns a band of seasoned mercenaries hired by a wealthy British industrialist (Stewart Granger) to execute a mission in Africa. This tiny army, recruited by Mr. Burton, Mr. Harris and Roger Moore, is being sent to kidnap an African leader (Winston Ntshona) who has long been held prisoner and is believed by his followers to be dead. At the time the story starts, it suits Mr. Granger and his copper-mining interests to restore this leader to the public eye. Blu-ray Release date: December 11th, 2012

Life Just Is - Pete, Tom, David, Claire and Jay are a tight-knit group of friends who share neighbouring flats in London after recently graduating from university. As they hang out, throw parties and navigate the new responsibilities of adult life, romantic tensions begin to stir beneath the surface. When Jay begins a relationship with the much older Bobby (played by EastEnders star Paul Nicholls) and Pete goes on a quest to discover the meaning of life, the true meaning of their friendship is put to the test. DVD Release Date: December 10th, 2012

Nobody Lives Forever - Many films from the mid-forties deal with men struggling to readjust to their civilian lives after their wartime service. NOBODY LIVES FOREVER offers a twist: the hero's pre-war career was as a successful con artist. He doesn't have any trouble getting his job back, but does he still want it? World War II is a source of anxiety and moral confusion in many postwar noirs, but this film (set during the war) suggests that a stint with Uncle Sam can straighten out a crooked guy. DVD Release Date: June 19th, 2012

Three Strangers - Fitzgerald has pulled the two men off the street to fulfill a legend about the Chinese goddess Kwan Yin, whose statue has a place of honor in the apartment. Kwan Yin will grant a wish on Chinese New Year, but it must be the wish of three strangers, and it must be the same wish. In the very practical way common to Negulesco, money is immediately chosen as the one life-improving thing they all could wish for. DVD Release Date: June 19th, 2012

The Iron Petticoat BD - Lensed in England, The Iron Petticoat has been out of circulation for so long that it's difficult to determine whether it is a long-lost classic or the unmitigated disaster many have claimed it to be. Essentially a rehash of Ninotchka, the film stars Bob Hope as Chuck Lockwood, an American military officer assigned to "de-Communize" defecting Russian aviator Vinka Kovelonko (Katharine Hepburn). Meanwhile, Vinka tries to win Chuck over to the glories of the People's Republic. The film remains on a fairly subtle comic level until its unnecessarily slapsticky finale, which, in to paraphrase one reviewer, caused many film fans to completely "give up Hope." Those who've seen The Iron Petticoat are astounded at how well Bob Hope and Katharine Hepburn worked together, especially since it has been well documented that the two stars were decidedly not close chums off screen. Blu-ray Release date: November 19th, 2012

Following BD - Before he became a sensation with the twisty revenge story Memento, Christopher Nolan fashioned this low-budget, 16 mm black-and-white neonoir with comparable precision and cunning. Providing irrefutable evidence of Nolan’s directorial bravura, Following is the fragmented tale of an unemployed young writer who trails strangers through London, hoping that they will provide inspiration for his first novel. He gets more than he bargained for when one of his unwitting subjects leads him down a dark criminal path. With gritty aesthetics and a made-on-the-fly vibe (many shots were simply stolen on the streets, unbeknownst to passersby), Following is a mind- bending psychological journey that shows the remarkable beginnings of one of today’s most acclaimed filmmakers. Blu-ray Release date: December 11th, 2012

The Bourne Legacy BD - Just before “The Bourne Legacy” gets its game on, the franchise’s new face, played by Jeremy Renner, comes out of the Alaskan wilderness to take refuge in a cabin. There he meets another of his kind, a superspy with a scowl and enough artillery to invade a small country. By the time they’ve grudgingly warmed up to each other an unmanned drone is blasting everything to bits. It’s an effectively blunt opener for a series that from its start has tracked a different military drone, this one a man fighting to recover first his identity and then his humanity. That you may not remember the name of Mr. Renner’s agent, Aaron Cross, after all the dust finally settles, suggests that the fight goes on. Blu-ray Release date: December 11th, 2012

The Dardenne Brothers Collection - A comprehensive and definitive collection of films by one of the most celebrated and successful filmmaking partnerships in contemporary cinema. Now for the first time ever, all their award-winning, ground-breaking films are available together in one scintillating box set. This set features The Kid with a Bike, The Silence of Lorna, The Child, The Son, Rosetta and La Promesse. DVD Release Date: December 31st, 2012

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December 10th, 2012


Babes in Toyland [Blu-ray] (Jack Donohue, 1961) Walt Disney

Baron Blood [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1972) Kino

Bill Cunningham New York [Blu-ray] (Richard Press, 2010) Zeitgeist Films

The Bourne Legacy [Blu-ray] (Tony Gilroy, 2012) Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection [15-Disc Blu-ray Box Set] Kino

The Colditz Story [Blu-ray] (Guy Hamilton, 1955) RB UK Studio Canal

The Dardenne Brothers Collection - The Kid with a Bike, The Silence of Lorna, The Child, The Son, Rosetta and La Promesse. - R2 UK Artificial Eye (BEAVER REVIEW)

Death Valley [Blu-ray] (Dick Richards, 1982) Shout! Factory

Dick Tracy [Blu-ray] (Warren Beatty, 1990) Touchstone

Following (Christopher Nolan, 1998) Criterion

Following [Blu-ray] (Christopher Nolan, 1998) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Island [Blu-ray] (Michael Ritchie, 1980) Shout! Factory

The Joy Luck Club [Blu-ray] (Wayne Wang, 1993) Hollywood Pictures

Life Just Is (Alex Barrett, 2012) R2 UK Independent (BEAVER REVIEW)

A Man Vanishes (Shôhei Imamura, 1967) Icarus Films

Manufactured Landscapes [Blu-ray] (Jennifer Baichwal, 2006) Zeitgeist Films

The Portrait of a Lady [Blu-ray] (Jane Campion, 1996) Shout! Factory (BEAVER REVIEW)

Rabid Dogs [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1974) Kino

The Qatsi Trilogy - Koyaanisqatsi, 1983 - Powaqqatsi, 1988 - Naqoyqatsi, 2002 - Criterion Collection

The Qatsi Trilogy [Blu-ray] - Koyaanisqatsi, 1983 - Powaqqatsi, 1988 - Naqoyqatsi, 2002 - Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Wild Geese [Blu-ray] (Andrew V. McLaglen, 1978) Severin Films (BEAVER REVIEW)


December 17th, 2012


Death Ship [Blu-ray] (Alvin Rakoff, 1980) Scorpion Records

Futurama: Volume 7 [Blu-ray] - 20th Century Fox

Hans Christian Andersen [Blu-ray] (Charles Vidor, 1952) HBO

SOKUROV: EARLY MASTERWORKS [Blu-ray] (Whispering Pages / Stone / Save and Protect) Cinema Guild

Sometimes a Great Notion [Blu-ray] (Paul Newman, 1970) Shout! Factory

This Dear Month of August [Blu-ray] (Miguel Gomes, 2008) Cinema Guild

Total Recall [Blu-ray] (Len Wiseman, 2012) Sony

Trouble With the Curve [Blu-ray] (Robert Lorenz, 2012) Warner

The Well Digger's Daughter [Blu-ray] (Daniel Auteuil, 2011) Alive Mind


December 31st, 2012


Berberian Sound Studio [Blu-ray] (Peter Strickland, 2012) RB UK Artificial Eye

Cosmopolis [Blu-ray] (David Cronenberg, 2012) Ent. One

The Double [Blu-ray] (Michael Brandt, 2011) RB UK High Fliers Films

The Thompsons [Blu-ray] (Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores, 2012) Anderson Merchandisers

Who Dares Wins [Blu-ray] (Ian Sharp, 1982) RB Arrow Video

The Wild Geese [Blu-ray] (Andrew V. McLaglen, 1978) RB Arrow Video


January 7th, 2013


Driving Miss Daisy [Blu-ray] (Bruce Beresford, 1989) Warner

Forbidden Games [Blu-ray] (René Clément, 1952) RB UK Studio Canal

Game Change [Blu-ray] (Jay Roach, 2012) HBO Studios

Grand Hotel [Blu-ray] (Edmund Goulding, 1932) MGM

Hit & Run [Blu-ray] (David Palmer, 2012) Universal Studios

House at the End of the Street [Blu-ray] (Mark Tonderai, 2012) Relativity Media

The Imposter [Blu-ray] (Bart Layton, 2012) RB UK Revolver Entertainment

The Jazz Singer [Blu-ray] (Alan Crosland, 1927) Warner

Lost Films Of Herschell Gordon Lewis [Blu-ray] - Linda And Abilene (1969), Ecstasies Of Women (1969), and Black Love (1971) - Vinegar Syndrome

Mrs. Miniver [Blu-ray] (William Wyler, 1942) Warner

My Dog Tulip [Blu-ray] (Paul Fierlinger, Sandra Fierlinger, 2009) New Yorker Films

Samsara [Blu-ray] (Pan Nalin, 2001) MPI

Two-Lane Blacktop [Blu-ray] (Monte Hellman, 1971) Criterion Collection

Zulu Dawn [Blu-ray] (Douglas Hickox, 1979) Severin Films



50% OFF Amazon DVD and Blu-ray SALE!


Eclipse Series 17: Nikkatsu Noir 49% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 31: Three Popular Films by Jean-Pierre Gorin 54% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 34: Jean Gremillon During the Occupation 54% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 11: Larisa Shepitko (Wings / The Ascent) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 18: Dusan Makavejev- Free Radical 53% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 9: The Delirious Fictions of William Klein 53% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse 36: Three Wicked Melodramas from Gainsborough Pictures 53% OFF!

Eclipse Series 29: Aki Kaurismaki's Leningrad Cowboys 53% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 4: Raymond Bernard 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 30: Sabu! 53% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 35: Maidstone and Other Films by Norman Mailer 48% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 19: Chantal Akerman in the Seventies 54% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 22: Presenting Sacha Guitry 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 32: Pearls of the Czech New Wave 49% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 28: The Warped World of Koreyoshi Kurahara 49% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 33: Up All Night with Robert Downey Sr. 49% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Val Lewton Horror Collection (Cat People / The Curse of the Cat People / I Walked with a Zombie / The Body Snatcher / Isle of the Dead / Bedlam / The Leopard Man / The Ghost Ship / The Seventh Victim / Shadows in the Dark) 68% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)

Black Narcissus [Blu-ray] (Powell and Pressburger, 1947) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Diabolique [Blu-ray] (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1954) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Shallow Grave [Blu-ray] (Danny Boyle, 1994) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Cronos [Blu-ray] (Guillermo del Toro, 1993) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Darjeeling Limited [Blu-ray] (Wes Anderson, 2007) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Rushmore [Blu-ray] (Wes Anderson, 1998) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Forgiveness of Blood [Blu-ray] (Joshua Marston, 2011) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eating Raoul [Blu-ray] (Paul Bartel, 1982) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

High and Low [Blu-ray] (Akira Kurosawa, 1963) 48% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Summer with Monika [Blu-ray] (Ingmar Bergman, 1953) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Broadcast News [Blu-ray] (James L. Brooks, 1987) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sunday Bloody Sunday [Blu-ray] (John Schlesinger, 1971) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Letter Never Sent [Blu-ray] (Mikhail Kalatozov, 1959) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Carlos [Blu-ray] (Olivier Assayas, 2010) 58% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Last Days of Disco [Blu-ray] (Whit Stillman, 1998) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Last Temptation of Christ [Blu-ray] (Martin Scorsese, 1988) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

A Night to Remember [Blu-ray] (Roy Ward Baker, 1958) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Belle de Jour [Blu-ray] (Luis Bunuel, 1967) 48% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Purple Noon [Blu-ray] (Rene Clement, 1960) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Heaven's Gate [Blu-ray] (Michael Cimino, 1980) 46% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

In the Mood for Love [Blu-ray] (Wong Kar-wai, 2000) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Quadrophenia [Blu-ray] (Philip Davis, 1979) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Brazil [Blu-ray] (Terry Gilliam, 1985) 58% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Being John Malkovich [Blu-ray] (Spike Jonze, 1999) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Harold and Maude [Blu-ray] (Hal Ashby, 1971) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Royal Tenenbaums [Blu-ray] (Wes Anderson, 2001 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Following [Blu-ray] (Christopher Nolan, 1999) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Rosemary's Baby [Blu-ray] (Roman Polanski, 1968) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Game [Blu-ray] (David Fincher, 1997) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Seven Samurai [Blu-ray] (Akira Kurosawa, 1954) - 58% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Island of Lost Souls [Blu-ray] (Erle C. Kenton, 1932) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Videodrome [Blu-ray] (David Cronenberg, 1983) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Anatomy of a Murder [Blu-ray] (Otto Preminger, 1959) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Blow Out [Blu-ray] (Brian de Palma, 1981) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Traffic [Blu-ray] (Steven Soderbergh, 2000) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Days of Heaven [Blu-ray] (Terrence Malick, 1978) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

12 Angry Men [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lumet, 1957) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Great Dictator [Blu-ray] (Charlie Chaplin, 1940) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Red Shoes [Blu-ray] (Michael Powell, 1948) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Phantom Carriage [Blu-ray] (Victor Sjöström, 1921) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Tiny Furniture [Blu-ray] (Lena Dunham 2010) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Weekend [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 1967) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Three Outlaw Samurai [Blu-ray] (Hideo Gosha, 1964) 50% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Samurai Trilogy [Blu-ray] (Hiroshi Inagaki, 1956) 49% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)

The 39 Steps [Blu-ray] (Alfred Hitchcock, 1935) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Lady Vanishes [Blu-ray] (Alfred Hitchcock, 1938) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Rashomon [Blu-ray] (Akira Kurosawa. 1950) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Killing [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kubrick, 1956) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Complete Jean Vigo [Blu-ray] (A propos de Nice / Taris / Zero de conduite / L'atalante) 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Paris, Texas (Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (Wim Wenders, 1984) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Thin Red Line [Blu-ray] (Terrence Malick, 1998) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Kiss Me Deadly [Blu-ray] (Robert Aldrich, 1955) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [Blu-ray] (Terry Gilliam, 1998) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Antichrist [Blu-ray] (Lars von Trier, 2009) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

8 1/2 [Blu-ray] (Federico Fellini, 1963) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Yojimbo & Sanjuro [Blu-ray] (Akira Kurosawa, 1962) 49% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW) (BEAVER REVIEW)

House [Blu-ray] (Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1977) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Beauty and the Beast [Blu-ray] (Jean Cocteau, 1946) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

M [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1931) 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Shock Corridor [Blu-ray] (Samuel Fuller, 1963) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Senso [Blu-ray] (Luchino Visconti, 1954) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Army of Shadows [Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1969) - 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Amarcord [Blu-ray] (Federico Fellini, 1973) - 47% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Broadcast News [Blu-ray] (James L. Brooks , 1987) - 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Kes [Blu-ray] (Ken Loach, 1969) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sweet Smell of Success [Blu-ray] (Alexander Mackendrick, 1957) - 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Au revoir les enfants [Blu-ray] (Louis Malle, 1987) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Yi Yi [Blu-ray] (Edward Yang, 2000) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Still Walking [Blu-ray] (Hirokazu Kore-eda, 2008) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Wings of Desire [Blu-ray] (Wim Wenders, 1987) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Leopard [Blu-ray] (Luchino Visconti, 1963) - 52% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Modern Times [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1936) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

America Lost and Found: The BBS Story (Head / Easy Rider / Five Easy Pieces / Drive, He Said / The Last Picture Show / The King of Marvin Gardens / A Safe Place) [Blu-ray] (1972) - 45% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Double Life of Veronique [Blu-ray] (Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1991) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Topsy-Turvy [Blu-ray] (Mike Leigh, 1999) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

White Material [Blu-ray] (Claire Denis, 2009) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Naked Kiss [Blu-ray] (Samuel Fuller, 1964) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Mikado [Blu-ray] (Victor Schertzinger, 1939) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Breathless [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 1960) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Fish Tank [Blu-ray] (Andrea Arnold, 2009) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Still Walking [Blu-ray] (Hirokazu Kore-eda, 2008) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Solaris [Blu-ray] (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1972) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Harakiri [Blu-ray] (Masaki Kobayashi, 1962) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Tokyo Drifter [Blu-ray] (Seijun Suzuki, 1966) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Branded to Kill [Blu-ray] (Seijun Suzuki, 1967) - 47% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)
Orpheus [Blu-ray] (Jean Cocteau, 1950) - 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Paths of Glory [Blu-ray] Stanley Kubrick - 55% OFF (BEAVER REVIEW)

Dazed and Confused [Blu-ray] (Richard Linklater, 1993) 55% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

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