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***DISC ONE***
*LOCKER SIXTY NINE - After finding the body of his employer lying in a pool of blood, Craig, a private detective, is knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant.
Starring Eddie Byrne, Paul Daneman, Walter Brown and Penelope Horner. Directed by Norman Harrison.

*DEATH TRAP - Fashion model Carol Haisten learns that her sister drew 7,000 from the bank the day before she died from an overdose of sleeping pills. That money is now missing.
Starring Albert Lieven, Barbara Shelley, John Meillon, Kenneth Cope and Barbara Windsor. Directed by John Moxey.

*THE SET UP - A benevolent act on a train leads to something much more sinister for an ex-convict in search of gainful employment. Can the cost of earning 100 too high for Arthur Payne?
Starring Maurice Denham, John Carson, Maria Corvin and Anthony Bate. Directed by Gerard Glaister.

***DISC TWO***
*INCIDENT AT MIDNIGHT - A registered drug addict and ex-surgeon recognises a man named Muller whom he knew as an active Nazi in Vienna before the war.
Starring Anton Diffring, William Sylvester, Justine Lord and Martin Miller. Directed by Norman Harrison.

*THE 20,000 KISS - Count Arnim, his beautiful wife and their English maidservant have formed themselves into a highly efficient organisation for extorting money by blackmail.
Starring Dawn Addams, Michael Goodliffe, Anthony Newlands and Alfred Burke. Directed by John Moxey.

*ON THE RUN - When the mild-mannered Stewart makes a break from Norwich prison with only a month more of his sentence to serve, the Governor is puzzled.
Starring Emrys Jones, Sarah Lawson, Patrick Barr and Kevin Stoney. Directed by Robert Tronson.

*RETURN TO SENDER - Dino Steffano, a handsome, self-made property investment tycoon who has just pulled off a quarter of a million pound swindle, is arrested as he is about to leave the country.
Starring Nigel Davenport, Yvonne Romain, Geoffrey Keen and William Russell. Directed by Gordon Hales.

*SPECIAL FEATURE - HOUSE OF MYSTERY - Setting out to view a small house that is up for sale, a young couple find it in an uncared-for condition. Trying the key, they are surprised when the door is opened by a strange woman...
Starring Jane Hylton, Peter Dyneley, Nanette Newman and Colin Gordon. Directed by Vernon Sewell.




DVD Review: Network (The Edgar Wallace Anthology) - Region 0 - PAL

Big thanks to Gregory Meshman for the Review!

DVD Box Cover



Region 0 - PAL

Runtime (4% PAL speedup)

1.65:1 Original Aspect Ratio

16X9 enhanced
Average Bitrate: 5.54 mb/s
PAL 720x576 25.00 f/s

NOTE: The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second. The Horizontal is the time in minutes.


Audio Dolby Digital Mono (English)
Subtitles None
Features Release Information:
Studio: Network

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen anamorphic - 1.65:1

Edition Details:
• Locker Sixty-Nine (53:50) - 5.59 mb/s; 10 chapters
• Death Trap (54:26) - 5.55 mb/s; 10 chapters
• The Set Up (55:34) - 5.53 mb/s; 11 chapters
• Incident at Midnight (54:22) - 5.58 mb/s; 11 chapters
• The 20,000 Kiss (54:50) - 5.55 mb/s; 10 chapters
• On the Run (56:16) - 5.55 mb/s; 10 chapters
• Return to Sender (58:48) - 7.3 mb/s; 11 chapters
• House of Mystery (53:56) - 7.0 mb/s; 11 chapters
• Image Gallery (2:58)
• pdf files of promotional materials

DVD Release Date: Sep 17th, 2012
3 discs in a keep case

Chapters 10



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Volume 4 of Edgar Wallace Mystery series continues with 7 more films produced by Jack Greenwood and Merton Park Studios and an extra film HOUSE OF MYSTERY produced by Julian Wintle and Leslie Parkyn for Independent Artists on 3 dual-layered discs. LOCKER SIXTY NINE is the usual noir story of a private detective being knocked unconscious after he discovers a body in a pool of blood, and missing that body after he regains consciousness. THE SET UP has a businessman tricking an ex-con to burglarize his own safe, but instead sets him up for a murder. ON THE RUN is another noirish story of a bank robber escaping prison to keep his accomplice from getting his hands on all of the loot.

The StudioCanal logo starts off each film. The films are progressively
transferred in theatrical aspect ratio of 1.65:1. The anamorphic
transfers looks excellent, with strong contrast and very minimal
damage on the prints. Some films suffer from poor soundtrack and this is where the optional English subtitles would have helped. The extras on the third disc include an image gallery, pdf promotional materials and an extra feature - HOUSE OF MYSTERY directed by Vernon Sewell from the French play by Pierre Mills and Celia de Vilyars L'Angoisse. This is the 4th adaptation by Vernon Sewell of this play - short The Medium (1934), Latin Quarter (1945) and Ghost Ship (1952) came before it. A 12-page booklet with notes on each film and insightful essays on the series by Kim Newman rounds off each volume. Discs are labeled as region 2, but are actually region free.

  - Gregory Meshman


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Screen Captures

Locker Sixty-Nine



 Death Trap



 The Set-up



 Incident by Night



 The 25,000 Kiss


 On the Run



  Return to Sender



  House of Mystery


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Region 0 - PAL


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