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Directed by Robert Aldrich
USA 1954


From Robert Aldrich, the outstanding director of Vera Cruz, Attack, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, The Dirty Dozen, The Killing of Sister George and Ulzana’s Raid, comes this action-packed western that pulsates with the power and passion of an Indian war drum. Apache explodes with spectacular battle sequences, breathtaking chases and unbridled suspense. After years of bloody fighting with settlers on the American frontier, Apache Chief Geronimo (Monte Blue, Key Largo) is forced to submit to a humiliating surrender. But his fiercest warrior, Massai (Burt Lancaster, The Train), refuses to accept defeat. With enormous strength and razor-sharp cunning, Massai battles the relentless U.S. Cavalry, struggling to stay one step ahead of the highly trained soldiers who have sworn to track him down. And as his crusade escalates into a final epic showdown, Massai knows that he must persevere, not only for his life, but also for the pride of his entire race. Beautifully shot by Ernest Laszlo (Judgment at Nuremberg) and co-starring Jean Peters (Viva Zapata!), John McIntire (Horizons West), Charles Bronson (The White Buffalo) and John Dehner (The Day of the Dolphin).


Following the surrender of Geronimo, Massai, the last Apache warrior is captured and scheduled for transportation to a Florida reservation. On the way he manages to escape and heads for his homeland to win back his girl and settle down to grow crops. His pursuers have other ideas though.


Theatrical Release: June 30th, 1954

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Review: Kino - Region 'A' - Blu-ray

Box Cover

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Bonus Captures:

Distribution Kino - Region 'A' - Blu-ray
Runtime 1:27:37.460        

1.85:1 1080P Dual-layered Blu-ray

Disc Size: 31,392,614,137 bytes

Feature: 27,289,522,176 bytes

Video Bitrate: 37.92 Mbps

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC Video

NOTE: The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second. The Horizontal is the time in minutes.

Bitrate Blu-ray:


DTS-HD Master Audio English 1554 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 1554 kbps / 16-bit (DTS Core: 2.0 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 16-bit)

Subtitles English, None
Features Release Information:


2.35:1 1080P Dual-layered Blu-ray

Disc Size: 37,471,315,571 bytes

Feature: 30,857,963,520 bytes

Video Bitrate: 31.93 Mbps

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC Video


Edition Details:

• Apache (02:45)
• The Kentuckian (02:18)
• The Devil's Disciple (02:57)
• Valdez is Coming (02:53)
• Ulzana'z Raid (02:51)
• Attack (02:31)
• The Killing of Sister George (03:01)
• Ten Seconds to Hell (02:15)
• The Grissom Gang (02:17)y

Blu-ray Release Date:
December 1st, 2020
Standard Blu-ray Case

Chapters 9




NOTE: The below Blu-ray captures were taken directly from the Blu-ray disc.

ADDITION: Kino Blu-ray (December 2020): Kino Lorber have released Robert Aldrich's "Apache" on an all new dual-layered Blu-ray. The film has an extremely maxed out bitrate. The 1080P transfer is only as good as the source, and certain scenes and shots look quite fuzzy, with a lack of detail, whereas others feature crisp detail and a fine grain. Some darker scenes also show a suspicious darkness that looks a little too light and grey, to my eyes. The color was by Technicolor and this Blu-ray certainly highlights the various reds and yellows of the beautiful vistas and costumes.

NOTE: We have added 12 more large resolution Blu-ray captures (in lossless PNG format) for DVDBeaver Patrons HERE

Kino includes a DTS-HD Master audio track that showcases the film's original mono soundtrack in 16-bit 2.0 mono. While the film was made in the 50's this is a solid track, especially during the bombastic attack sequences or the David Raksin score. There are optional English SDH subtitles on this Region 'A' Blu-ray from Kino Lorber.

The only included extras are the film's trailer, as well as trailers for 8 other films.

While it is hard to get over the casting of Lancaster in the lead role, Aldrich does a pretty fantastic job of handling the tricky action scenes, not to mention the sometimes progressive message for a film from 1954. "Apache" was based on the novel by Paul J. Wellman titled ¨Bronco Apache¨, and this Kino Lorber
Blu-ray is most likely the best transfer out there as of this writing. Recommended to fans of Aldrich/Lancaster.

Colin Zavitz


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Box Cover

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Bonus Captures:

Distribution Kino - Region 'A' - Blu-ray



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