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OF November 11th, 2013

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Konnichi wa! - A decent week, with a few Blu setbacks. We have Criterion, Masters of Cinema, F. W. Murnau, Alexsandr Sokurov, John Carpenter, Christian Petzold, Noah Baumbach, Leo McCarey, Tobe Hooper and more on Blu-ray! Gregory is starting a 'Warner Archive Review of the Day' for the rest of this month, and on our Release Calendar new listings of films by; more Murnau, Norman Jewison, Vincent Gallo, Richard Attenborough and others. The Barnes and Noble sale is back HERE with 50% off all Criterions!. We've chosen our Feature Blu-ray and DVD for the Month of November and there is a new CONTEST posted - bonne chance to all !

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Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman [Blu-ray] (25 Zatoichi films made between 1962 and 1973) 50% OFF!

Frances Ha [Blu-ray] (Noah Baumbach, 2012) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

City Lights [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1931) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Tokyo Story [Blu-ray] (Yasujiro Ozu, 1953) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

La Notte [Blu-ray] (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1961) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Uninvited [Blu-ray] (Lewis Allen, 1944) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

I Married a Witch [Blu-ray] (Rene Clair, 1944) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

3 Films By Roberto Rossellini (Stromboli, Europe 51', Journey to Italy) [Blu-ray] (Roberto Rossellini, 1950, 1952, 1954) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

La Cage Aux Folles [Blu-ray] (Edouard Molinaro, 1942)  50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

To Be Or Not To Be [Blu-ray] (Ernst Lubitsch, 1987) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Charulata [Blu-ray] (Satyajit Ray, 1964) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Big City [Blu-ray] (Satyajit Ray, 1963) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Seconds! [Blu-ray] (John Frankenheimer, 1966) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Devil's Backbone [Blu-ray] (Guillermo del Toro, 2001) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)


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Eclipse Series 39: Early Fassbinder 50% OFF!

Eclipse Series 38: Masaki Kobayashi Against the System 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 37: When Horror Came to Shochiku  50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 34: Jean Gremillon During the Occupation 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 32: Pearls of the Czech New Wave 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)


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Sunrise [Blu-ray] (F.W. Murnau, 1927) 20th Century Fox

In the Heat of the Night [Blu-ray] (Norman Jewison, 1967) MGM

Buffalo '66 [Blu-ray] (Vincent Gallo, 1998) LionsGate

A Chorus Line [Blu-ray] (Richard Attenborough, 1985) MGM

Mother of George [Blu-ray] (Andrew Dosunmu, 2013) Oscilloscope Laboratories

Terraferma [Blu-ray] (Emanuele Crialese, 2011) Cohen Media Group

Nightmare City [Blu-ray] (Umberto Lenzi, 1980) Raro

City of Angels [Blu-ray] (Brad Silberling, 1998) Warner

Afternoon Delight [Blu-ray] (Jill Soloway, 2013) New Video Group

The Spectacular Now [Blu-ray] (James Ponsoldt, 2013) LionsGate

Thief [Blu-ray] (Michael Mann, 1981) Criterion

Rififi [Blu-ray] (Jules Dassin, 1955) Criterion

La vie de bohème [Blu-ray] (Aki Kaurismäki, 1992) Criterion

The Long Day Closes [Blu-ray] (Terence Davies, 1992) Criterion

Eclipse Series 40: Late Ray (The Home and the World, An Enemy of the People, The Stranger) Criterion

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kramer, 1963) Criterion

Throne of Blood [Blu-ray] (Akira Kurosawa, 1957) Criterion

Sullivan's Travels [Blu-ray] (Preston Sturges, 1941) RB UK Arrow

Desk Set [Blu-ray] (Walter Lang, 1957) 20th Century Fox

The Killers [Blu-ray] (Don Siegel, 1964) RB UK Arrow

Phantom of the Paradise [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1974) RB UK Arrow

Pit Stop [Blu-ray] (Jack Hill, 1969) RB UK Arrow

For Ever Mozart [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 1996) Cohen Media

Thirteen Days [Blu-ray] (Roger Donaldson, 2000) New Line Home Video

Hail Mary [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 1985) Cohen Media

Death Wish [Blu-ray] (Michael Winner, 1974) Paramount

Like Father, Like Son [Blu-ray] (Hirokazu Koreeda, 2013) RB UK Arrow

White of the Eye [Blu-ray] (Donald Cammell, 1987) RB UK Arrow

The Blind Woman's Curse [Blu-ray] (Teruo Ishii, 1970) RB UK Arrow

The Wicker Man [Blu-ray] (Robin Hardy, 1973) Lions Gate



ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): An easy choice for number one spot. Of the two Blu-ray packages of Murnau's Nosferatu masterpiece that we've covered - we give the nod to the Masters of Cinema - which offers the superior image and supplements. A must-own. It's hard not to fall in love with Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha and its French New Wave bouquet on Criterion Blu-ray. Sokurov's Russian Ark 1080P looks impressively superior than the past trench of DVDs. Akin to watching the film afresh. Once again Arrow gives heart and soul to a Blu-ray production and the lucky recipient is Tobe Hoopers Lifeforce - 'stacked' being the operative word (Mathilda May.)Hooper also gives a short, along with two by John Carpenter in Body Bags - a triptych of fun horror-genre shorts - available on Blu-ray from Shout! Factory. Unfortunately, it's not all good in the land of Blu-ray this week - Olive's The Bells of St. Mary's is certainly watchable but doesn't scale the heights of the format's capabilities. What makes it a shame how good a film it is. Kino's MPEG-2 and compressed audio is similarly unacceptable for Christian Petzold's Barbara. Another great film. Ditto can be said for two Moustapha Akkad's movies with Anthony Quinn - The Message and Lion of the Desert are both worthy of much better than Anchor Bay's interlaced transfers and bare-bones Blu-ray packages - as sold on both sides of the pond! On DVD this week Monday, and Fall Guy, marks Gregory's first in a daily (for the rest of the Month of November!) Warner Archive of the Day reviews. Stay tuned for more! Eric covered Second Run's The White Dove / Josef Kilian - two more excellent Czech films and As Night Falls - a marginal action-comedy-horror. See you next week!!


Body Bags BD - Two Masters of Horror John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) and Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Lifeforce) come together to create a chilling anthology of terror. Alex Datcher (Passenger 57) stars as a woman working the late shift at The Gas Station while a killer is on the loose. Then, Stacy Keach (Road Games) can’t stand the thought of losing his Hair and he’ll do anything to keep it. And finally, Mark Hamill (Star Wars) portrays a baseball player that submits to an Eye transplant after he loses an eye in a car accident. Featuring guest appearances by Deborah Harry, Sheena Easton, Twiggy, David Naughton (An American Werewolf In London), John Agar (Tarantula), David Warner (Time After Time) and cameos by Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper and Roger Corman, Body Bags delivers a fright-filled night of horror. Blu-ray Release date: November 19th, 2013

Lion of the Desert BD - The year is 1929 and dictator Benito Mussolini is still faced with the 20-year long war waged by Bedouin patriots to combat Italian colonization and the establishment of the "Fourth Shore." Mussolini appoints General Rodolfo Graziani as his sixth Governor to Libya, confident that the eminently accredited soldier can crush the rebellion and restore the dissipated glories of Imperial Rome. Omar Mukhtar - a teacher by profession, guerilla by obligation, fights against his oppressors and commits himself to a war that cannot be won in his lifetime. With Omar Mukhtar as their inspirational leader, the Bedouin troops fight on horseback against the tanks and planes of the Italian Army. As the conflict between the two implacable enemies deepen, the Bedouin suffer crippling losses, but still they fight on. Blu-ray Release date: November 12th, 2013

The Message BD - In 7th century Mecca, powerful leaders are in conflict with Muhammad who attacks the many injustices their way of life produces - slavery, drunkeness and cruelty. Muhammad claims to have seen a vision of the Angel Gabriel and calls to the people of Mecca to worship one God only. After a revelation from God, Muhammad agrees to take up arms against Mecca and leads a group of inexperienced Muslim troops to victory at the wells of Badr. However, in the wake of their subsequent defeat at the Battle of Uhud, Muhammad and his followers accept a ten-year truce, allowing them to continue spreading the word of God. Muhammad is the prophet...The Messenger of God. Blu-ray Release date: November 12th, 2013

Fall Guy - In Reginald Le Borg's Fall Guy, based on Woolrich's story `Cocaine' (though `Ethanol' would be the more apt title), Clifford Penn wakes up in a psych ward. There's blood on his clothes, and the police are barking questions at him. He gives them the slip and heads home where his brother-in-law, police detective Robert Armstrong, tries to straighten him out with black coffee. Armstrong's benders are frequent, to the disgust of Armstrong and Penn's fiancée Teala Loring (her guardian, `family friend' Charles Arnt, is especially sour on Penn's shenanigans). But this time Penn is convinced he killed a woman. DVD Release Date: April 23rd, 2013

NOTE: This is Gregory's first review, as he hopes to cover, one Warner Archive Release every day for the rest of November!

Nosferatu BD - An iconic film of the German expressionist cinema, and one of the most famous of all silent movies, F. W. Murnau’s Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror continues to haunt — and, indeed, terrify — modern audiences with the unshakable power of its images. By teasing a host of occult atmospherics out of dilapidated set-pieces and innocuous real-world locations alike, Murnau captured on celluloid the deeply-rooted elements of a waking nightmare, and launched the signature “Murnau-style” that would change cinema history forever. Blu-ray Release date: November 12th, 2013

Lifeforce BD - Vampires in this in this horror/sci-fi epic with a cult following. The story concerns a joint British-American space probe of Hailey's Comet. Inside the comet, the astronauts, headed by Carlsen (Steve Railsback), find a spaceship that contains the dead bodies of several aliens, along with the naked bodies of three human-like creatures in suspended animation. They bring the aliens aboard the ship for examination, but the specimens are sloppily guarded and soon the trio spread contagion among the population of the ship. Returning to earth, the beautiful space vampire (Mathilda May) escapes into London and begins to feed of the bodies of the unwary Britons, turning the city into a zombie-populated wasteland. It is now left for Carlsen to stop the vampire invaders. Arrow Blu-ray Release date: October 14th, 2013

Russian Ark BD - A visually hypnotizing cinematic feat, Russian Ark is Alexsandr Sokurov's spellbinding ode to St.Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum in Russia. Shot in one fluid 90 minute take using High Definition video cameras, the photography floats and careens through the lavish corridors of the museum, examining its architectural details while following a dreamlike plot. A cast of 867 actors, thousands of extras and three live orchestras supply the action of the film. Through the sheer determination of the director, or possibly a miracle, the first-ever single screen, single-take full-length feature was created. Blu-ray Release Date: November 19th, 2013

Barbara BD - Christian Petzold (‘Yella’) won the Best Director prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival for this subdued mystery about Barbara (Nina Hoss), a woman in 1980s rural East Germany who arrives from the city to work as a doctor, and lives a double life as a political operative. The film’s thriller tendencies are buried beneath a more low-key study of love and loyalties as Barbara is pulled between a chance to escape and her concern for her patients. This is coupled with the allure of a new friendship with André (Ronald Zehrfeld), a fellow doctor who also buries his secrets deeply. Petzold’s portrait of Germany in this period is subtle, and Hoss gives a discreet, thought-provoking performance. Blu-ray Release date: November 12th, 2013

Frances Ha BD - Greta Gerwig is radiant as Frances, a woman in her late twenties in contemporary New York trying to sort out her ambitions, her finances, and, above all, her intimate but shifting bond with her best friend, Sophie (Mickey Sumner). Meticulously directed by Noah Baumbach with a free-and-easy vibe reminiscent of the French New Wave’s most spirited films, and written by Baumbach and Gerwig with an effortless combination of sweetness and wit, Frances Ha gets at both the frustrations and the joys of being young and unsure of where to go next. This wry and sparkling city romance is a testament to the ongoing vitality of independent American cinema. Blu-ray Release date: November 12th, 2013

The Bells of St. Mary's BD - Witty, heartwarming and one of the most beloved classics of all time, The Bells of St. Mary's delivers all the entertainment of its predecessor, the award winning Going My Way. Bing Crosby recreates his Oscar-winning (Best Actor) role as parish priest Father O'Malley. The easy-going O'Malley is sent to revive a financially ailing parochial school and immediately finds himself at odds with no-nonsense Sister Benedict (Ingrid Bergman, Arch of Triumph) on how to educate the children. Beyond their delightful battle of wits lies a bigger problem--the skinflint businessman next door (Henry Travers, It's A Wonderful Life) wants St. Mary's condemned, so he can build a parking lot for his employees. Only a miracle can save St. Mary's now . how a devilish situation finds a heavenly solution remains to be seen in this captivating family classic that was nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. Directed by Leo McCarey (Going My Way, My Son John). Blu-ray Release date: November 19th, 2013

As Night Falls - 10-year-old Amelia's parents think it's time for her to go to sleep permanently, leaving her broken body in a silent, shallow grave. 50 years later, Mommy and Daddy are back from Hell, intent on wreaking the same deadly discipline on anyone not in bed by nightfall. Sisters Holly and Elisabeth are losing their minds, and their friends are losing their heads. Something evil has crashed their party, but no one knows what they are fighting. When the girls' brother Charlie arrives, he completes the family group and the kids start to find out what firm parenting really means. DVD Release Date: November 12, 2013

The White Dove / Josef Kilian - The White Dove is the bold and striking debut feature of master filmmaker Frantisek Vlácil (Marketa Lazarova; The Valley of the Bees). It is a sparse, elegantly composed and stunningly beautiful tale of a wheelchair-bound boy and an artist who inadvertently intercept a homing pigeon and nurse it back to health. Josef Kilián is a dark and absurdly humorous, biting allegory of life under the Communist regime. DVD Release Date: October 28th, 2013

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[Blu-ray] (Federico Fellini, 1963) RB UK Argent Films

The Attack [Blu-ray] (Ziad Doueiri, 2012) Cohen Media

Barbara [Blu-ray] (Christian Petzold, 2012) Kino (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Beach Girls [Blu-ray] (Pat Townsend, 1982) 101 Distribution ADA

Blackfish [Blu-ray] (Gabriela Cowperthwaite, 2013) Magnolia

Blackfish [Blu-ray] (Gabriela Cowperthwaite, 2013) RB UK Dogwoof

Body Bags [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, 1993) Shout! Factory (BEAVER REVIEW)

City Lights [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1931) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Dexter: The Complete Final Season [Blu-ray] - Showtime (BEAVER REVIEW)

Frances Ha [Blu-ray] (Noah Baumbach, 2013) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Gold [Blu-ray] (Peter R. Hunt, 1974) RB UK Odeon Entertainment

Lion of the Desert [Blu-ray] (Moustapha Akkad, 1981) Starz / Anchor Bay (BEAVER REVIEW)

Man of Steel [Blu-ray] (Zack Snyder, 2013) Warner Home Video

The Message [Blu-ray] (Moustapha Akkad, 1977) Starz / Anchor Bay (BEAVER REVIEW)

Nosferatu [Blu-ray] (F.W. Murnau, 1922) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

Prince Avalanche [Blu-ray] (David Gordon Green, 2013) Magnolia

Shoot the Sun Down [Blu-ray] (David Leeds, 1978) Kino Lorber

Thirteen Days [Blu-ray] (Roger Donaldson, 2000) New Line Home Video

Tommy [Blu-ray] (Ken Russell, 1975) RB UK Odeon Entertainment


November 18th, 2013


The Act of Killing [Blu-ray] (Joshua Oppenheimer, 2012) Drafthouse Films

And While We Were Here [Blu-ray] (Kat Coiro, 2012) Well Go USA

Assault On Precinct 13 (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 2005) Shout! Factory (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Bells of St. Mary's [Blu-ray] (Leo McCarey, 1945) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eric Rohmer Blu-ray Collection Boxset [Blu-ray] - RB FR Filmedia

Eve of Destruction [Blu-ray] (Duncan Gibbins, 1991) Shout! Factory

Gaslight [Blu-ray] (Thorold Dickinson, 1940) RB UK BFI

Hannah Arendt [Blu-ray] (Margarethe von Trotta, 2013) Zeitgeist Films

Invasion of the Body Snatchers [Blu-ray] (Philip Kaufman, 1978) RB UK Arrow Video (BEAVER REVIEW)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Steelbook) [Blu-ray] (Philip Kaufman, 1978) RB UK Arrow Video (BEAVER REVIEW)

Lilyhammer: Season 1 [Blu-ray] (Geir Henning Hoplandk, 2011) New Video Group

Maniac Cop 2 [Blu-ray] (William Lustig, 1990) Blue Underground

Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence [Blu-ray] (William Lustig, 1993) Blue Underground

Night of the Comet [Blu-ray] (Thom E. Eberhardt, 1984) Shout! Factory

Nosferatu [Blu-ray] (F.W. Murnau, 1922) - RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)
Nosferatu Ltd. Edition Steelbook [
Blu-ray] (F.W. Murnau, 1922) - RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Phantom of the Opera [Blu-ray] (Rupert Julian, 1925) RB UK BFI

Porco Rosso [Blu-ray] (Hayao Miyazaki, 1992) RB UK Studiocanal

Russian Ark [Blu-ray] (Aleksandr Sokurov, 2002) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

Schalcken the Painter [Blu-ray] (Leslie Megahey, 1979) RB UK BFI (BEAVER REVIEW)

Streets of Fire [Blu-ray] (Walter Hill, 1984) RB UK Second Sight

Tank Girl (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] (Rachel Talalay, 1995) Shout! Factory

Tokyo Story [Blu-ray] (Yasujiro Ozu, 1953) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Tous les Matins du Monde [Blu-ray] (Alain Corneau, 1991) Koch Entertainment

The Vivien Leigh Anniversary Collection [Blu-ray] (Dark Journey, Fire Over England, Sidewalks of London and Storm In a Tea Cup) Cohen Media

The World's End [Blu-ray] (Edgar Wright, 2013) Universal Studios


November 25th, 2013


The Act of Killing [Blu-ray] (Joshua Oppenheimer, 2012) RB UK Dogwoof

Betty Blue [Blu-ray] (Jean-Jacques Beineix, 1986) RB UK Second Sight

Breaking Bad: The Final Season [Blu-ray] (Adam Bernstein, 2013) Sony Pictures

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] - Sony

The Canyons [Blu-ray] (Paul Schrader, 2013) IFC

Cinema Paradiso [Blu-ray] (Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988) RB UK Arrow Video

Curse of the Demon [Blu-ray] (Jacques Tourneur, 1957) RB FR Wild Side Video

Day of the Animals [Blu-ray] (William Girdler, 1977) ADA Corp

Heaven's Gate [Blu-ray] (Michael Cimino, 1980) RB UK Second Sight

Jobs [Blu-ray] (Joshua Michael Stern, 2013) Universal Studios

Tokyo Fist [Blu-ray] (Shin'ya Tsukamoto, 1995) RB UK Third Window Films

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds - The New Generation: Alive On Stage [Blu-ray] [2012] RB UK Universal Pictures UK

Martin Scorsese Presents: World Cinema Foundation: Volume One [Blu-ray] (6 discs) - RB UK Masters of Cinema

Red 2 [Blu-ray] (Dean Parisot, 2013) Summit Entertainment

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman [Blu-ray] (Entire Collection - 27 discs) Criterion Collection


December 2nd, 2013


All the Boys Love Mandy Lane [Blu-ray] (Jonathan Levine, 2006) Anchor Bay

Il Bidone [Blu-ray] (Federico Fellini, 1955) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Big Trouble in Little China [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1986) RB UK Arrow
Big Trouble in Little China Steelbook [
Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1986) RB UK Arrow

The Black Swan [Blu-ray] (Henry King, 1942) Fox Home Entertainment

The Call of the Wild [Blu-ray] (William A. Wellman, 1935) Fox Home Entertainment

Carmen Jones [Blu-ray] (Otto Preminger, 1954) Fox Home Entertainment

Clint Eastwood 20-Film Collection [Blu-ray] - Region FREE UK Warner

Desk Set [Blu-ray] (Walter Lang, 1957) 20th Century Fox

Frenzy [Blu-ray] (Alfred Hitchcock, 1972) Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

Gun Crazy [Blu-ray] (Joseph H. Lewis, 1950) RB Warner France

The Iceman [Blu-ray] (Ariel Vromen, 2012) First Look Pictures

Il Generale della Rovere [Blu-ray] (Roberto Rossellini, 1959) Raro Video

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir [Blu-ray] (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1947) Fox Home Entertainment

Good Ol' Freda [Blu-ray] (Ryan White, 2013) Magnolia

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion [Blu-ray] (Elio Petri, 1970) Criterion Collection

Jack Ryan Collection [Blu-ray] (Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Sum of All Fears) Paramount

Jesse James [Blu-ray] (Henry King, Irving Cummings, 1939) Fox Home Entertainment

The Long Goodbye [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1973) RB UK Arrow

Nashville [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1975) Criterion Collection

North to Alaska [Blu-ray] (Henry Hathaway, 1960) Fox Home Entertainment

The Octagon [Blu-ray] (Eric Karson, 1980) Scorpion Releasing

The Rutles Anthology [Blu-ray] - Video Music, Inc.

Saturn 3 [Blu-ray] (Stanley Donen, John Barry, 1980) Shout! Factory

Serpico [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lumet, 1973) Paramount

Simpsons: Season 16 [Blu-ray] - Fox

Stromboli [Blu-ray] (Roberto Rossellini, 1950) RB UK BFI

Successive Slidings of Pleasure [Blu-ray] (Alain Robbe-Grillet, 1974) - RB UK BFI

Terms of Endearment [Blu-ray] (James L. Brooks, 1983) Paramount

Trans-Europ-Express [Blu-ray] (Alain Robbe-Grillet, 1967) - RB UK BFI

The Undefeated [Blu-ray] (Andrew V. McLaglen, 1969) Fox Home Entertainment

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