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Carole Lombard Collection I Blu-ray


Fast and Loose (1930)       Man of the World (1931)


No Man of Her Own (1932)



This collection includes three 1930s Pre-Code classics starring screen legend Carole Lombard. FAST AND LOOSE (1930) You can buy anything you want… except love! Carole Lombard (Nothing Sacred), Miriam Hopkins (Becky Sharp) and Frank Morgan (The Good Fairy) star in Fast and Loose, a raucous and romantic pre-Code comedy. Marion (Hopkins) and Bertie (Henry Wadsworth, Applause) are the irreverent children of Bronson Lenox (Morgan), one of the wealthiest men on Long Island. When Marion abandons her family’s aristocratic lifestyle for humble car mechanic Henry Morgan (Charles Starrett, Our Betters) and Bertie begins to keep company with chorus girl Alice O’Neil (Lombard), Bronson will do anything to shoot down Cupid’s arrows. Wonderfully directed by Fred C. Newmeyer (Queen High) and co-starring Winifred Harris (Night Must Fall) as the matriarch of the Lenox family. MAN ON THE WORLD (1931) Screen legends and real-life husband and wife William Powell (The Thin Man) and Carole Lombard (My Man Godfrey) light up the screen in the unforgettable pre-Code romance Man of the World. Michael Trevor (Powell) and his partner Irene (Wynne Gibson, City Streets) run a tabloid in Paris and make their living blackmailing rich Americans. When Michael falls for Mary Kendall (Lombard), the niece of one of his targets, he vows to leave behind his selfish ways to be with her. The jealous Irene, however, will stop at nothing to sabotage their plans for a new life together. The on-screen chemistry between Powell and Lombard was real—the couple fell in love and married shortly after the filming of the movie. Man of the World was marvelously directed by Richard Wallace (The Young in Heart) and written by legendary screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Citizen Kane). NO MAN OF HER OWN (1932) Legendary Hollywood couple Clark Gable (Run Silent, Run Deep) and Carole Lombard (Made for Each Other) illuminate the screen in the romantic pre-Code drama No Man of Her Own, their only film together. When New York con man Babe Stewart (Gable) decides to lie low in a small town, he falls for a librarian (Lombard) seeking adventure and a way out of her predictable existence. Gambling on marriage, they head back to the city, where Stewart tries to hide his former life from his new bride. Featuring the scandalous “Lombard on a ladder” scene, which prompted the founding of Hollywood’s League of Decency, No Man of Her Own captures two of the silver screen’s most popular stars at their best. Splendidly directed by Wesley Ruggles (Cimarron) and co-starring Dorothy Mackaill (Kept Husbands).


Theatrical Release: December 15th, 1932

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Review: Kino - Region 'A' - Blu-ray

Box Cover

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Distribution Kino - Region 'A' - Blu-ray

Fast and Loose  - 1:11:12.268

Man of the World - 1:11:02.258

No Man of Her Own - 1:21:36.892


Fast and Loose

1.37:1 1080P Single-layered Blu-ray

Disc Size: 20,584,501,121 bytes

Feature: 19,395,330,048 bytes

Video Bitrate: 32.90 Mbps

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC Video

Man of the World

1.29:1 1080P Single-layered Blu-ray

Disc Size: 22,396,203,486 bytes

Feature: 22,248,161,280 bytes

Video Bitrate: 37.88 Mbps

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC Video

No Man of Her Own

1.37:1 1080P Single-layered Blu-ray

Disc Size: 19,614,024,877 bytes

Feature: 19,456,069,632 bytes

Video Bitrate: 28.33 Mbps

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC Video

NOTE: The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second. The Horizontal is the time in minutes.

Bitrate Fast and Loose  Blu-ray:

Bitrate Man of the World Blu-ray:

Bitrate No Man of Her Own Blu-ray:


DTS-HD Master Audio English 1553 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 1553 kbps / 16-bit (DTS Core: 2.0 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 16-bit)

Dolby Digital Audio English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps

Subtitles English, None
Features Release Information:


Edition Details:

• NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Samm Deighan (Man of the World)
• NEW Audio Commentary by Film Critic Nick Pinkerton (No Man of Her Own)
• Trailers

Blu-ray Release Date:
August 4th, 2020
Standard Blu-ray Case inside slipcase

Chapters 9 / 10 / 10




NOTE: The below Blu-ray captures were taken directly from the Blu-ray disc.

ADDITION: Kino Blu-ray (July 2020): Kino created a Volume 1 of a Carole Lombard Boxset on Blu-ray. It represent three films; Fast and Loose (1930) Man of the World (1931) and No Man of Her Own (1932) on three separate single-layered Blu-rays. They offer high bitrates. The image quality is a factor of the age of the production which improves as the films get 'younger' with No Man of Her Own looking, by far, the best in 1080P highlighted by fine grain and rich black levels. Pre-Code era fans should be pleased with the HD presentations. Light marks exist.

NOTE: I am researching by the Man of the World aspect ratio is slimmer.

On their Blu-ray, Kino use a DTS-HD Master dual-mono track (16-bit) in the original English language. It is factor of the original production limitations and the audio is imperfect but all dialogue audible. The only credited score is on Man of the World by Herman Hand (Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The Song of Songs, A Farewell to Arms), sounding light and supportive. Kino offer optional English subtitles (see samples below) on their Region 'A' Blu-rays.

The Kino Blu-ray package offers new audio commentaries on two of the films - by Samm Deighan on Man of the World and by Nick Pinkerton on No Man of Her Own. I have not indulged in either but these are top commentarists and I look forward to discussions surrounding The Pre-Code era, Lombard, Gable, and Powell (both her former husbands in real life!) There are also trailers but none for the films.

No Man of Her Own is really the star of this volume one collection but we love most all Pre-Codes (the fashion, architecture and risqué inclinations etc.) Carole Lombard is iconic - probably most notable for the screwball comedy genre and her film output is remarkable working with directors Allan Dwan, Wesley Ruggles, Erle C. Kenton, Norman Taurog, Henry Hathaway, Howard Hawks, Mitchell Leisen, Gregory La Cava, William A. Wellman, Mervyn LeRoy, Alfred Hitchcock and Ernst Lubitsch among others. Sadly, her life was cut short when she died at the age of only 33 in a plane crash (taken by flip of a coin.) I look forward to more of this series of Blu-ray boxsets from Kino. Carole Lombard is magnetic:

Gary Tooze


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Box Cover

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Distribution Kino - Region 'A' - Blu-ray



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