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Lachshí tí yavin! - Happy Cyber Monday! This week - Henry King, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Otto Preminger, Mario Bava, Henry Hathaway, William A. Wellman, Andrew V. McLaglen on Blu-ray. DVD has John Ford, Mitchell Leisen, Mervyn LeRoy, Pre-code Collections and more! The Release Calendar has been updated with Masters of Cinema's initial 2014 listings with Federico Fellini, Samuel Fuller, William A. Wellman, Francesco Rosi, Ted Kotcheff and Sidney Lumet! It's the last day for the Barnes and Noble sale HERE with 50% off all Criterions!. We've chosen our Feature Blu-ray and DVD for the Month of DECEMBER and there is a new CONTEST posted - good luck!

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LAST DAY - CYBER MONDAY!: ALL Criterion Blu-rays are 50% OFF HERE at Barnes and Noble!

including these latest (+upcoming):

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman [Blu-ray] (25 Zatoichi films made between 1962 and 1973) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Frances Ha [Blu-ray] (Noah Baumbach, 2012) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

City Lights [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1931) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Tokyo Story [Blu-ray] (Yasujiro Ozu, 1953) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

La Notte [Blu-ray] (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1961) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Uninvited [Blu-ray] (Lewis Allen, 1944) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

I Married a Witch [Blu-ray] (Rene Clair, 1944) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

3 Films By Roberto Rossellini (Stromboli, Europe 51', Journey to Italy) [Blu-ray] (Roberto Rossellini, 1950, 1952, 1954) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

La Cage Aux Folles [Blu-ray] (Edouard Molinaro, 1942)  50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

To Be Or Not To Be [Blu-ray] (Ernst Lubitsch, 1987) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Charulata [Blu-ray] (Satyajit Ray, 1964) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Big City [Blu-ray] (Satyajit Ray, 1963) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Seconds! [Blu-ray] (John Frankenheimer, 1966) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Devil's Backbone [Blu-ray] (Guillermo del Toro, 2001) 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)


Plus all Eclipse Series Collection including:

Eclipse Series 39: Early Fassbinder 50% OFF!

Eclipse Series 38: Masaki Kobayashi Against the System 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 37: When Horror Came to Shochiku  50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 34: Jean Gremillon During the Occupation 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 32: Pearls of the Czech New Wave 50% OFF! (BEAVER REVIEW)


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Wings [Blu-ray] (William A. Wellman, 1927) RB UK Masters of Cinema

White Dog [Blu-ray] (Samuel Fuller, 1982) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Fellini's Roma [Blu-ray] (Federico Fellini, 1972) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Hands Over the City [Blu-ray] (Francesco Rosi, 1963) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Wake in Fright [Blu-ray] (Ted Kotcheff, 1971) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Serpico [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lumet, 1973) RB UK Masters of Cinema
Serpico [Steelbook] [
Blu-ray] (Sidney Lumet, 1973) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Foreign Correspondent [Blu-ray] (Alfred Hitchcock, 1940) Criterion Collection

Blue Is the Warmest Color [Blu-ray] (Abdellatif Kechiche, 2013) Criterion Collection

Breathless [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 1960) Criterion Collection

King of the Hill [Blu-ray] (Steven Soderbergh, 1993) Criterion Collection)

Tess [Blu-ray] (Roman Polanski, 1979) Criterion Collection

Fantastic Mr. Fox [Blu-ray] (Wes Anderson, 2009) Criterion Collection

Jules and Jim [Blu-ray] (François Truffaut, 1962) Criterion Collection

Computer Chess [Blu-ray] (Andrew Bujalski, 2013) RB UK Masters of Cinema

The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (50th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray] (Jacques Demy, 1964) RB UK Studiocanal

El Dorado [Blu-ray] (Howard Hawks, 1966) Paramount

The Jacques Tati Collection [Blu-ray] - RB UK Studiocanal

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral [Blu-ray] (John Sturges, 1957) Paramount

The Piano [Blu-ray] (Jane Campion, 1993) - RB UK Studiocanal

Classe Tous Risques [Blu-ray] (Claude Sautet, 1960) RB UK BFI

Dead of Night [Blu-ray] (Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer, 1945) - RB UK Studiocanal

Blue Is the Warmest Color [Blu-ray] (Abdellatif Kechiche, 2013) RB UK Artificial Eye

The Selfish Giant [Blu-ray] (Clio Barnard, 2013) RB UK Artificial Eye

Fill the Void [Blu-ray] (Rama Burshtein, 2012) RB UK Artificial Eye

Ms. 45 [Blu-ray] (Abel Ferrara, 1981) New Line Video

Many Wars Ago [Blu-ray] (Francesco Rosi, 1970) Kino

Sunrise [Blu-ray] (F.W. Murnau, 1927) 20th Century Fox

In the Heat of the Night [Blu-ray] (Norman Jewison, 1967) MGM

Buffalo '66 [Blu-ray] (Vincent Gallo, 1998) LionsGate

A Chorus Line [Blu-ray] (Richard Attenborough, 1985) MGM

Mother of George [Blu-ray] (Andrew Dosunmu, 2013) Oscilloscope Laboratories

Terraferma [Blu-ray] (Emanuele Crialese, 2011) Cohen Media Group

Nightmare City [Blu-ray] (Umberto Lenzi, 1980) Raro

City of Angels [Blu-ray] (Brad Silberling, 1998) Warner

Afternoon Delight [Blu-ray] (Jill Soloway, 2013) New Video Group



ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): A couple of the 20th Century Fox Blu-rays stood out for me this week Joseph L. Mankiewicz' The Ghost of Mrs. Muir and Otto Preminger's Carmen Jones both look exceptionally advanced over the past DVDs... and are wonderful films. Our Blu-ray Audio of the week blew me away - and I already owned all the tracks on SACD; Ella and Louis / Ella and Louis Again is magnificent. Nu'ff said. The Black Swan is the type of sweeping pirate epic from an era gone by, that we don't see anymore. Desk Set is a load of fun supported by the charismatic Tracy/Hepburn magic and now available in 1080P. Mario Bava fans will appreciate Kino's new The Whip and the Body Blu-ray - a significant upgrade from SD. Henry King's Jesse James has Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda shot in rich Technicolor photography. Dollman is a fun, small-budget, yarn-type 'B' film about an intergalactic adventurer's trials on earth. A modest but appealing Blu-ray. Call of the Wild is an appealing vintage film with Gable and Loretta Young. Two John Wayne flic round out our Blu-rays this week; North to Alaska about a couple of lucky miners in the Alaska Territory during the '98 gold rush, and The Undefeated co-starring Rock Hudson - an action-packed Western set in the aftermath of the Civil War. I especially enjoyed the latter, although both were entertaining. On DVD we isolated the differences between the old and newly restored Remember the Night - a masterful, heartwarming, holiday classic. Gregory continued his Warner Archive reviews with two more Pre-code set; Forbidden Hollywood Vol. 6 and Forbidden Hollywood 7 described as audacious, controversial and shockingly frank about loose women. unscrupulous heels. adulterous husbands. Sold! From 1947 we get a John Ford film; The Fugitive with Henry Fonda playing a priest. Home Before Dark with Jean Simmons as a woman battling for sanity after she walks out of a mental institution. Brilliant. My Forbidden Past has Mitchum / Gardner in a historical drama set in 1800's Naw'lins. Holiday time is approaching!


Ella and Louis / Ella and Louis Again BD Audio - Two of the most influential and popular voices in modern music, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong form a jazz dream team on Ella and Louis. A once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece, their distinctive vocals meld seamlessly together along with Armstrong's exceptional trumpet playing and the first-rate accompaniment of pianist Oscar Peterson, guitarist Herb Ellis, bassist Ray Brown and drummer Buddy Rich. This recording has become the touchstone and template for jazz vocal duets. Blu-ray Audio Release date: October 13th, 2013

Home Before Dark - Charlotte Bronn (Jean Simmons), the wife of a college professor (Dan O'Herlihy), has been released from a State Mental Hospital only to return to the same environment that led to her breakdown. Adapted by Robert and Eileen Bassing from Eileen's novel of the same name and nominated for a Golden Globe in three categories, Mervyn LeRoy's 1958 masterpiece Home Before Dark is a devastating yet remarkably liberating exploration of a woman's struggle to achieve mental health. I first saw this film many years ago and I never forgot the towering performance of Jean Simmons or the film's shattering emotional truth -- that some people are simply incapable of showing compassion to those who are vulnerable. On a bootleg copy taped from television, I was able to revisit it again this week and it flooded my mind with memories of those days of turmoil. DVD Release Date: January 25th, 2011

The Whip and the Body BD - Marred by controversy at the time of its release, this horror fantasy from Italy's legendary horror director Mario Bava centers on the twisted desires of a nobleman's son (Christopher Lee). Lee is ostracized by his father for his dalliances with a servant girl (who later commits suicide), but is allowed to return to the fold by his brother, whose lovely wife (Dahlia Lavi) immediately becomes the object of Lee's mad lust. Lee is later found murdered, along with several other victims from the surrounding village, leading superstitious locals to believe that Lee's evil spirit has returned to destroy them; the twist ending reveals the real evil at work. Uncut, Unrated European Version! Blu-ray Release Date: December 17th, 2013

Carmen Jones BD - Unique Preminger offering with a super wide 2.55:1 aspect ratio. Songs from the Bizet opera with modernized lyrics and an all-black cast. Sweet Cindy Lou (Olga James) and soon-to-be pilot Joe (Harry Belafonte) plan to wed, but sexy and wanton Carmen Jones (Dorothy Dandridge) has her sights set on him. Everyone wants her... and she wants Joe. Wonderful use of the familiar Bizet music, this could be considered a classic in its own right. Preminger uses long takes with a sweeping camera and tons of choreographed staging. Blu-ray Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

The Undefeated BD - John Wayne and Rock Hudson co-star in this action-packed Western set in the aftermath of the Civil War. To explore uncharted territories and begin new lives, Union cavalry officer John Henry Thomas (Wayne) leads his men west while southerner James Langdon (Hudson) takes his soldiers to Mexico. When the two forces find themselves caught between Mexican rebels and the Emperor's army, they must fight side by side to survive. Blu-ray Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

Call of the Wild BD Hollywood legend Clark Gable stars in this soaring adaptation of the celebrated Jack London novel. Jack Thornton (Gable) is a prospector who travels the Yukon in search of gold. When Jack buys Buck, a strong and loyal sled dog with part-wolf ancestry, their thrilling adventure through the Alaskan wilderness begins. Blu-ray Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

Forbidden Hollywood 7 - Loose women. Unscrupulous heels. Adulterous husbands. Unfaithful wives. Pre-Code Hollywood had them all, with most sins going unpunished. Starring Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, Loretta Young and quintessential screen scoundrel Warren William in two of his best, Forbidden Hollywood: Volume Seven shines the spotlight on four of the era’s most scandalous sizzlers. The Hatchet Man (1932): A Tong executioner (Robinson) allows his wife (Young) to run off with a gangster only to learn she’s been sold into prostitution. Skyscraper Souls (1932): A financier (William) stops at nothing to gain control of a 100-story office building and a "naïve" Maureen O’Sullivan. Employees’ Entrance (1933): A tyrannical department store manager (William) chases after profits and Loretta Young. Ex-Lady (1933): An artist (Davis) who doesn’t believe in marriage reluctantly weds her lover (Gene Raymond) only to discover he’s seeing another woman. DVD Release Date: April 30th, 2013

Dollman BD - Brick Bardo (Tim Thomerson - TRANCERS) is a traveller from outer space who is forced to land on Earth. Though regular sized on his home planet, he is doll-sized here on Earth, as are the enemy forces who have landed as well. While Brick enlists the help of an impoverished girl and her son, the bad guys enlist the help of a local gang. When word leaks out as to his location all hell breaks loose. Brick is besieged by an onslaught of curious kids, angry gang members, and his own doll-sized enemies. Now he must protect the family who has helped him and get off the planet alive. Blu-ray Release date: November 25th, 2013

North to Alaska BD - John Wayne and Stewart Granger strike it rich in this rousing comedy-adventure set in the heyday of the Alaskan gold rush. When prospectors Sam McCord (Wayne) and George Pratt (Granger) hit the mother lode, George asks Sam to go to Seattle and fetch his sweetheart, Jennie, but she has already married someone else. Determined to bring George a new love, Sam invites a saloon dancer (Capucine) back to Nome as Jennie's replacement. Blu-ray Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

Desk Set BD - This classic romantic comedy stars Hollywood legends Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Bunny Watson (Hepburn) heads up the research department at a TV network. Richard Sumner (Tracy) arrives to introduce computers into the department. When electricity sparks between Bunny and Richard, Bunny's boyfriend Mike is not happy. As the tension mounts in the office, so do the laughs. Blu-ray Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

The Black Swan BD - A sweeping pirate epic with Power as an aide to notorious buccaneer Henry Morgan (Cregar), the film opens with Morgan pardoned from the gallows and sent to Jamaica as its new governor. Trying to prevent his former associates from continuing their villainous activities, Morgan encounters resistance from two renegades (Sanders and Quinn). Power, meanwhile, falls for the daughter (O'Hara) of the former governor, but she spurns his brazen advances. Although kidnapping her and taking her along on his warship doesn't initially help matters, things change when Sanders and Quinn overpower his ship, forcing Power to fight for the woman he loves. Blu-ray Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

Forbidden Hollywood Vol. 6 - Audacious, controversial and shockingly frank, Forbidden Hollywood: Volume Six turns the spotlight on adultery, alcoholism, prostitution and racism, issues the Production Code would soon ban from the screen. Starring the pre-Code era’s biggest stars, including John Gilbert, Richard Barthelmess, Myrna Loy, Kay Francis and Ann Dvorak, these four rarely seen gems are a provocative reflection of American mores in a not-so-innocent time. The Wet Parade (1932): Demon whiskey brings ruin to two families in this all-star adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s impassioned novel. Downstairs (1932): A philandering chauffeur (Gilbert) creates havoc in an upper-class household. Mandalay (1934): A Russian refugee (Francis) seeks revenge upon the ex-lover (Ricardo Cortez) who sold her into lavery. Massacre (1934): A college-educated Sioux (Barthelmess) wreaks vengeance upon the white officials who abused his family and cheated his people. DVD Release Date: April 2nd, 2013

My Forbidden Past - Romantic melodrama hung with Spanish moss, My Forbidden Past is so much gaudy claptrap. Taking several actors who made their names in the hot crucible of film noir and plunking them into a tired, costumed period-piece showed perverse ingenuity. The plot involves duplicitous machinations within a love...trapezoid? New Orleans at some vague juncture between the Surrender at Appomatox and the Guns of August, 1914. Both Robert Mitchum and Ava Gardner, as the "good" lovers, flail around like fish out of water; the best performances come from the skunks: Melvyn Douglas, Lucile Watson and, especially, Janis Carter, as Gardner's rival (and in the same league of tough cookies; she has been called, from her relative few appearances, the "poor man's Barbara Stanwyck"). DVD Release Date: November 27th, 2013

Remember the Night - Screen legends Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray star in the heartwarming holiday classic Remember the Night (1940). Lee Leander (Stanwyck) is a petty shoplifter on trial for swiping an expensive bracelet from a local jewelry store. When her trial is postponed until after New Year's, sympathetic Assistant District Attorney John Sargent (MacMurray) bails her out of jail. Together, they find themselves falling in love when he invites her to his family's home for the holidays where she discovers the warmth and love she's never had but always wanted. Featuring a wonderful supporting cast (Beulah Bondi, Sterling Holloway and Elizabeth Patterson), stylish costumes by Edith Head, a charming script by Preston Sturges, and superb direction by Mitchell Leisen, Remember the Night (1940) is a timeless holiday favorite that can be enjoyed every season. DVD Release Date: October 18th, 2010

The Ghost of Mrs. Muir BD - Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison co-star in one of the most romantic ghost stories of all time. Newly widowed Lucy Muir (Tierney) moves with her daughter (Natalie Wood) into a seaside cottage haunted by the handsome Captain Gregg (Harrison). Lucy eventually captures the captain's heart, but their spirited love affair is challenged by a flesh-and-blood suitor. Blu-ray Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

Jesse James BD - The first film on the notorious James brothers that attempted historical authenticity led to dozens more on the subject. It sets out, in a rather sprawling manner, to prove that the outlaws were wronged. (Jesse's granddaughter is given a research credit.) According to this version, they were defenders of a rural Southern Arcadia against Northern capitalism, represented by banks and railways, becoming outlaws only after killing the man trying to force their mother off their land. There is some splendid Technicolor photography, and Power's and Fonda's performances as Jesse and Frank, and Scott as the sheriff, are superb. Blu-ray Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

The Fugitive (1947) - When director John Ford and actor Henry Fonda collaborate, audiences know they are in for a powerful screen experience. To such films as The Grapes of Wrath, My Darling Clementine and Fort Apache add this brave, unsparing, magnificently lensed (by Mexico's Gabriel Figueroa) work. Based on Graham Greene's novel The Power and the Glory, the story follows a priest (Fonda) in Latin America pursued by a ruthless police lieutenant carrying out the dictates of an oppressive, anti-clerical government. There's another fugitive as well: an American killer on the run - and the paths of the two hunted men cross with fateful consequences. A haunting paean to the resilience of faith, The Fugitive remains a filmmaking triumph. DVD Release Date: January 17th, 2013

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All the Boys Love Mandy Lane [Blu-ray] (Jonathan Levine, 2006) Anchor Bay

The Black Swan [Blu-ray] (Henry King, 1942) Fox (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Call of the Wild [Blu-ray] (William A. Wellman, 1935) Fox (BEAVER REVIEW)

Carmen Jones [Blu-ray] (Otto Preminger, 1954) Fox (BEAVER REVIEW)

Clint Eastwood 20-Film Collection [Blu-ray] - Region FREE UK Warner

Desk Set [Blu-ray] (Walter Lang, 1957) 20th Century Fox (BEAVER REVIEW)

Frenzy [Blu-ray] (Alfred Hitchcock, 1972) Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

Gun Crazy [Blu-ray] (Joseph H. Lewis, 1950) RB Warner France

The Iceman [Blu-ray] (Ariel Vromen, 2012) First Look Pictures (BEAVER REVIEW)

Il Generale della Rovere [Blu-ray] (Roberto Rossellini, 1959) Raro Video

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir [Blu-ray] (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1947) Fox (BEAVER REVIEW)

Good Ol' Freda [Blu-ray] (Ryan White, 2013) Magnolia

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion [Blu-ray] (Elio Petri, 1970) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Jack Ryan Collection [Blu-ray] (Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Sum of All Fears) Paramount

Jesse James [Blu-ray] (Henry King, Irving Cummings, 1939) Fox (BEAVER REVIEW)

Nashville [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1975) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

North to Alaska [Blu-ray] (Henry Hathaway, 1960) Fox (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Octagon [Blu-ray] (Eric Karson, 1980) Scorpion Releasing

The Rutles Anthology [Blu-ray] - Video Music, Inc.

Saturn 3 [Blu-ray] (Stanley Donen, John Barry, 1980) Shout! Factory (BEAVER REVIEW)

Serpico [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lumet, 1973) Paramount (BEAVER REVIEW)

Simpsons: Season 16 [Blu-ray] - Fox

Terms of Endearment [Blu-ray] (James L. Brooks, 1983) Paramount

The Undefeated [Blu-ray] (Andrew V. McLaglen, 1969) Fox (BEAVER REVIEW)


December 9th, 2013


The Big Gundown [Blu-ray] (Sergio Sollima, 1966) Grindhouse Releasing

Grey Gardens [Blu-ray] (Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer, 1976) - Criterion Collection

The Hunt [Blu-ray] (Thomas Vinterberg, 2012) Magnolia

Inferno [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1980) RB UK Arrow Video (BEAVER REVIEW)

Jayne Mansfield's Car [Blu-ray] (Billy Bob Thornton, 2012) Anchor Bay

Leviathan [Blu-ray] (Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Verena Paravel, 2012) RB UK Dogwoof (BEAVER REVIEW)

Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project [Blu-ray] (9-disc Boxset) (Touki bouki - 1973, Redes - 1936, A River Called Titas - 1973, Dry Summer - 1964, Trances - 1981, The Housemaid - 1960) - Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Mary Poppins: 50th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] (Robert Stevenson, 1964) Disney

Museum Hours [Blu-ray] (Jem Cohen, 2012) Cinema Guild

Three Colours Blue [Blu-ray] (Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1993) RB UK Artificial Eye
Three Colours White [
Blu-ray] (Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1994) RB UK Artificial Eye
Three Colours Red [
Blu-ray] (Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1994) RB UK Artificial Eye



December 16th, 2013


The Beast Within [Blu-ray] (Philippe Mora, 1982) Shout! Factory

Big Trouble in Little China [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1986) RB UK Arrow
Big Trouble in Little China Steelbook [
Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1986) RB UK Arrow

The Blue Angel [Blu-ray] (Josef von Sternberg, 1930) Kino

Cinema Paradiso [Blu-ray] (Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988) RB UK Arrow Video

Crawlspace [Blu-ray] (David Schmoeller, 1986) Shout! Factory

Elysium [Blu-ray] (Neill Blomkamp, 2013) Sony

The Family [Blu-ray] (Luc Besson, 2013) 20th Century Fox

The Lone Ranger [Blu-ray] (Gore Verbinski, 2013) Disney

The Long Goodbye [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1973) RB UK Arrow

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters [Blu-ray] (Thor Freudenthal, 2013) 20th Century Fox

The Whip and the Body [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1963) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)


December 24th, 2013


More Than Honey [Blu-ray] (Markus Imhoof, 2012) Kino Lorber

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