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OF July 3rd, 2017

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Gwe’!! A, modest, Summer week with Blu-ray reviews of packages by Arrow, Twilight Time, Indicator, Kino Lorber, Candle Media of films by Samuel Fuller, Joseph H. Lewis, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Terence Young, Enzo G. Castellari, Sang-soo Im, Nathan Juran, John Guillermin and others films!. Our Calendar has new updates of films-to-Blu-ray by Ridley Scott, Marco Ferreri, Charles Crichton, Fritz Kiersch, Guy Ritchie, Vasili Mass and more. We have another new listings page and check-out a few incredible sale items below. Our Feature Blu-ray and DVD is posted for JULY and a CONTEST with another BRAND NEW CRITERION Blu-ray prize. Enjoy!!


Midnight in Paris [Blu-ray] Sony (59% OFF! HERE)

Colombiana [Blu-ray] Sony (50% OFF! HERE)

A Streetcar Named Desire (DigiBook) [Blu-ray] Warner (61% OFF! HERE)

Game of Thrones: First & Second Season [Blu-ray] HBO (63% OFF! HERE)

Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection [Blu-ray] Universal (50% OFF! HERE)

Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series [Blu-ray] Warner (68% OFF! HERE)

Stalker (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (40% OFF! HERE)

L'argent (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (40% OFF! HERE)

Blow-Up (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (51% OFF! HERE)

Buena Vista Social Club (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (53% OFF! HERE)

Woman of the Year (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (55% OFF! HERE)

Three Outlaw Samurai (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (48% OFF! HERE)

The Uninvited (Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (46% OFF! HERE)

Ministry of Fear (Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (46% OFF! HERE)

Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (53% OFF! HERE)

Bitter Rice (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (48% OFF! HERE)

World Without End (1956) (Warner Archive) [Blu-ray] (53% OFF! HERE)

The Valley of Gwangi (Warner Archive) [Blu-ray] (53% OFF! HERE)

Possessed (Warner Archive) [Blu-ray] (45% OFF! HERE)

The Vanishing (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (48% OFF! HERE)

Gate of Hell (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (48% OFF! HERE)

The Ballad of Narayama (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] (46% OFF! HERE)


The 100 BEST Neo-Noirs (on Blu-ray!)

The GREATEST 100 Westerns (on Blu-ray!)

Giallo on Blu-ray!


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LATEST ARTICLE: The Beauties of Star Trek (TOS)

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Feature Blu-ray and DVD chosen for the Month of JULY!

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Prometheus [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Ridley Scott, 2012) Twentieth Century Fox

The Flesh [Blu-ray] (Marco Ferreri, 1991) Cult Epics

A Fish Called Wanda [Blu-ray] (Charles Crichton, 1988) Arrow US

Children of the Corn [Blu-ray] (Fritz Kiersch, 1984) Arrow US

The Exception [Blu-ray] (David Leveaux, 2016) Lionsgate

Amsterdamned [Blu-ray] (Dick Maas, 1988) Blue Underground

The Poseidon Adventure (2005) The Complete Miniseries [Blu-ray] - Mill Creek Entertainment

Obit. [Blu-ray] (Vanessa Gould, 2016) Kino Lorber

The White Princess [Blu-ray] (TV Mini-Series, 2017) Lionsgate

Broken Mile [Blu-ray] (Justin McConnell, 2016) Gravitas Ventures

The Dinner [Blu-ray] (Oren Moverman, 2017) Lionsgate

The Circle [Blu-ray] (James Ponsoldt, 2017) Lionsgate

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword [Blu-ray] (Guy Ritchie, 2016) Warner

Spider [Blu-ray] (Vasili Mass, 1991) Mondo Macabro

The Reagan Show [Blu-ray] (Sierra Pettengill, Pacho Velez, 2017) Gravitas Ventures

The Sea Chase [Blu-ray] (John Farrow, 1955) Warner Archive
Blood Alley [
Blu-ray] (William A. Wellman, 1955) Warner Archive
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm [
Blu-ray] (Eric Radomski, Bruce W. Timm, 1993) Warner Archive

Phenomena [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1985) Synapse
Jean-Luc Godard + Jean-Pierre Gorin: Five Films  [
Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin, 1968-1971) Arrow UK
Jean-Luc Godard + Jean-Pierre Gorin: Five Films  [
Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin, 1968-1971) Arrow US
The Legend of the Holy Drinker  [
Blu-ray] (Ermanno Olmi, 1988) Arrow UK
The Legend of the Holy Drinker  [
Blu-ray] (Ermanno Olmi, 1988) Arrow US
Bag Boy Lover Boy [Blu-ray] (Andres Torres, 2014) Severin
Beyond the Darkness [
Blu-ray] (Joe D'Amato, 1979) Severin 
My Chauffeur [Blu-ray] (David Beaird, 1986) Vinegar Syndrome

The Orchard End Murder [Blu-ray] (Christian Marnham, 1980) RB UK BFI
Colossal [Blu-ray] (Nacho Vigalondo, 2016) Universal
Tenement: Game of Survival [Blu-ray] (Roberta Findlay, 1985) Shriek Show
After the Storm [Blu-ray] (Kore-eda  Hirokazu, 2016) Film Movement  
Barton Fink [Blu-ray] (Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, 1991) Kino Lorber
Shakes the Clown [
Blu-ray] (Bobcat Goldthwait, 1991) Mill Creek Entertainment 
The Indian Runner [Blu-ray] (Sean Penn, 1991) Kino Lorber
 Wes Craven's Summer of Fear [Blu-ray] (Wes Craven, 1978) Doppelganger Releasing / MPI 
The Creep Behind The Camera / The Creeping Terror [Blu-ray] (Pete Schuermann, Vic Savage) Synapse

The Savage Innocents [Blu-ray] (Nicholas Ray, 1960) Olive Films

The Strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh [Blu-ray] (Sergio Martino, 1971) RB UK Shameless

The Saga of Anatahan [Blu-ray] (Josef von Sternberg, 1953) RB UK Masters of Cinema

The Mourning Forest [Blu-ray] (Naomi Kawase, 2007) RB UK Masters of Cinema

The Deadly Affair [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lumet, 1966) UK Indicator

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg [Blu-ray] (Peter Medak, 1972) UK Indicator

Kill, Baby... Kill! [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1966) Arrow UK

The Big Knife [Blu-ray] (Robert Aldrich, 1955) Arrow US

The Love of a Woman [Blu-ray] (Jean Grémillon, 1953) Arrow US

Panic [Blu-ray] (Sean Spencer, 2014) Gravitas Ventures

The Big Knife [Blu-ray] (Robert Aldrich, 1955) RB UK Arrow

The Day of the Jackal [Blu-ray] (Fred Zinnemann, 1973) Arrow UK

The Suspicious Death of a Minor [Blu-ray] (Segio Martino, 1975) Arrow UK

The Love of a Woman [Blu-ray] (Jean Grémillon, 1953) RB UK Arrow

The National Health [Blu-ray] (Jack Gold, 1973) UK Indicator

The Tree of Wooden Clogs [Blu-ray] (Ermanno Olmi, 1978) RB UK Arrow

Clash [Blu-ray] (Mohamed Diab, 2016) RB UK Arrow

The Endless Summer [Blu-ray] (Bruce Brown, 1966) RB UK Second Sight Films

Lola [Blu-ray] (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1981) RB UK StudioCanal

The Reckoning [Blu-ray] (Jack Gold, 1970) UK Indicator

Deja Vu [Blu-ray] (Anthony B. Richmond, 1985) Olive Films

Victims! [Blu-ray] (Jeff Hathcock, 1985) Olive Films

Money from Home [Blu-ray] (George Marshall, 1953) Olive Films

Shag: The Movie [Blu-ray] (Zelda Barron, 1989) Olive Films

A Dark Song [Blu-ray] (Liam Gavin, 2016) Shout! Factory

Before the Sun Explodes [Blu-ray] (Debra Eisenstadt, 2016) Gravitas Ventures

Wakefield [Blu-ray] (Robin Swicord, 2016) Shout! Factory

Going in Style [Blu-ray] (Zach Braff, 2017) Warner Home Video

Bluebeard [Blu-ray] (Soo-youn Lee, 2017) Well Go USA

Baby Steps [Blu-ray] (Barney Cheng, 2015) Gravitas Ventures

11:55 [Blu-ray] (Ari Issler, Ben Snyder, 2016) Gravitas Ventures



ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): Although I only have the screener of The 7th Voyage of Sinbad available in Arrow's Blu-ray Sinbad Trilogy set, the film remains one of my most rewatched for both nostalgia and it's another marvelous Harryhausen fantasy-adventure. Number one this week. Part of our 100 Greatest Westerns on Blu-ray Joseph E. Lewis' Terror in a Texas Town, with Sterling Hayden hefting a whaling harpoon, gets the, region free, Blu-ray treatment from Arrow - with appreciated extras. A must-own, IMO. Sam Fuller? Submarine war film? Richard Widmark? - Hell and High Water is now on Blu-ray from Twilight Time looking sweet. Enzo G. Castellari's Cold Eyes of Fear is bona-fide Giallo as evidenced by its inclusion on our Blu-ray listing HERE. It's plenty of style over substance - but has immense appeal. Nab it if you can! While I wasn't crazy about the Blu-ray transfer, I was very impressed with The Housemaid (2010); an erotic psycho-thriller updated from Kim Ki Young's 1960 classic, reversing a key power-struggle within the story. Strongly recommended film. Terence Young's The Valachi Papers with Charles Bronson and Lino Ventura, as part of the Genovese crime family... with an informant, goes Blu-ray with thanks to Twilight Time who also bring to Blu-ray, the strong war flic The Bridge at Remagen starring George Segal, Ben Gazzara, and Robert Vaughn plus Joseph L. Mankiewicz's, cerebral, The Quiet American adapted from the Graham Greene novel. Great stuff. On DVD, I covered Clark Gable and Loretta Young star in the amusing Key to the City plus more sex-filled South Korean dramas with A Good Lawyers Wife and the ultra-hot period piece Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong.

“I look at the world and I see absurdity all around me. People do strange things constantly, to the point that, for the most part, we manage not to see it..”. - David Lynch

Success in the pursuit of truth this week!


The Housemaid (2010) BD - Kim Ki Young's 1960 classic The Housemaid is widely regarded as one of the best Korean films ever made. Fifty years later, acclaimed filmmaker Im Sang Soo brings the thriller to screen again with a highly anticipated remake that has garnered both critical acclaim and huge box office. Invited to the Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals, the 2010 retelling of The Housemaid magnifies the lust, manipulation, and domestic power struggle of the original into a full-blown erotic psycho-thriller. While Kim Ki Young's Housemaid saw the unraveling of a middle-class family in the hands of a femme fatale maid, Im reverses and subverts the story by sending an innocent housemaid into the lion's lair and witnessing her abuse and transformation amid the cold and cavernous beauty of the palatial mansion. Blu-ray Release date: November 18th, 2011

Terror in a Texas Town BD - I don't know that there is a better way to start a film, western or not, than Joseph E. Lewis' Terror in a Texas Town (the director's last feature production). The noble music informs us of an impending conflict and we see a tall blonde man (soon recognized as Sterling Hayden) marching down the center of an old west main street. Behind him an interested mob follows at a safe distance. Wait - the blonde man is caring something on his shoulder - a rifle? - no - too large. Strange - it looks like... a whaling harpoon?! His unseen nemesis is now facing him - his back to us... taunting, and his gun and holster are easily accessible on his hip. Blu-ray Release Date: July 10th-11th, 2017

Hell and High Water BD - Known for his uninhibited camera movements, Fuller was the obvious person for Fox to ask to make a CinemaScope movie in an enclosed space in order to prove to doubting executives that the walls of the cinema would not appear to rotate during tracking shots or pans. The result was Hell and High Water, which is mostly set aboard a submarine, and tells the story of a group of patriots and mercenaries who stop the Chinese from dropping an atomic bomb from an 'American' plane at the time of the Korean war. A deeply pessimistic film, it questions the roots of loyalty and identity by examining the stated motives of its characters at every stage of the film. Widmark is at his ambiguous best. Blu-ray Release Date: June, 2017

The Bridge at Remagen BD - The Bridge at Remagen (1969) stars George Segal, Ben Gazzara, and Robert Vaughn in this tale of a desperate battle in the waning days of World War II. Segal is a war-weary combat team leader charged with taking a bridge over the Rhine during the Allies’ final push into Germany; Vaughn is his German opposite number, who’d rather blow up the bridge than have the Americans capture it. John Guillermin (The Towering Inferno) directs; the film was shot by the masterful veteran Stanley Cortez and features a score by the one and only Elmer Bernstein. Blu-ray Release Date: June, 2017

The Valachi Papers BD - Adapted from Peter Maas’ best-seller, The Valachi Papers (1972) tells the true story of Mafia informant Joseph Valachi, superbly incarnated here by Charles Bronson. A low-level gangster associated with the Genovese crime family, Valachi moves from punk to full-fledged gangster over the course of the brutal narrative, handsomely directed by Terence Young. Also starring the great Lino Ventura, Jill Ireland, and Joseph Wiseman, and featuring an effective score from Riz Ortolani. Blu-ray Release Date: June, 2017

The Quiet American BD - A love triangle brews amidst a growing political tempest in this "brilliantly intellectual" (Los Angeles Times) film in which nothing is quite as it seems. Adapted from the acclaimed novel by Graham Greene, Academy Award®-winning* writer-director Joseph L. Mankiewicz's screenplay "delivers dialogue that not only sparkles but bites deep with the irony of truth" (Citizen-News). In 1952, Saigon is caught between the corrupt colonial powers and the Communist uprising. An idealistic young American (Audie Murphy) champions a shadowy Third Force, but cynical British journalist Thomas Fowler (Michael Redgrave) is concerned only with the American's interest in his mistress. When jealousy forces Fowler to take sides at last, the personal and political consequences are devastating. Blu-ray Release Date: June, 2017

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad BD - For The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, key members of the cast and crew, including Kerwin Matthews (still considered the most dashing of all the screen 'Sinbads') were flown to Spain where some of the most difficult sequences were filmed. Among these are the encounter with the giant Cyclops who likes to roast men on a spit over a fire and the skeleton swordfight. The latter scene required Matthews to train with Olympic fencing master, Enzo Musomeci-Greco, choreographing the sword parries and thrusts which he memorized and repeated on film with the appropriate reactions to his non-existent foe. Months later, the animated skeleton warrior would be inserted into this sequence by Harryhausen, matching Matthews blow for blow with it's sword. Indicator Blu-ray Release Date: June 26th, 2016

Cold Eyes of Fear BD - Italian filmmaker Enzo G. Castellari is perhaps best known for a series of violent spaghetti Westerns and post-nuclear action films, so this cleverly crafted giallo-thriller may come as something of a surprise to cult audiences and genre followers. Appropriating some of the form's penchant for cool production design and bizarre cinematography (one scene is shot through ice cubes in a glass), Castellari's film tells the tale of Judge Horatio Badell (Fernando Rey, also in the director's La Polizia Incrimina: la Legge Assolve), whose son, Peter (Gianni Garko), is abducted while trysting with a hooker (Giovanna Ralli). It's all the handiwork of Arthur Welt (Frank Wolff), an ex-convict who wants revenge on the judge for his prison sentence and another, deeper betrayal. Blu-ray Release date: March 21st, 2017

A Good Lawyers Wife - Interesting Korean drama involving the dysfunctional relationship of a married couple who seem temporarily willing to live with their affectionless deficiencies. He has an adulterous affair on the side while she (played by So-ri Moon who you may remember as Venice Film Fest. Best actress winner as the quadriplegic in 'Oasis". She also had a lesser role in another Chang-dong Lee film - "Peppermint Candy") rebels by awkwardly seducing the young, moody boy next door. Multiple family tragedies both attract and eventually repel their marital bonds. DVD Release Date: July 10th, 2009

Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong - One of the most well-known female figures of Joseon times, Eo Woo Dong was a woman of noble birth renowned for her beauty, intellect, assertiveness and talents in music, writing and dancing. However, her marriage was not a happy one and ended over charges of adultery. Eo Woo Dong's life has inspired many works including director Lee Jang Ho's 1985 film Eoudong, one of the most famous erotic dramas of Korean cinema. Continuing his repertoire of erotic films, director Lee Su Seong (House with a Good View) brings Eo Woo Dong back to the silver screen in 2015 with Lost Flower: Eo Woo-dong (a.k.a. Uhwudong Ownerless Flower). DVD Release Date: April 17th, 2017

Key to the City - Opposites attract in this slapstick comedy romance starring Clark Gable and Loretta Young in their first and final pairing since The Call of the Wild (1935). When stevedore-turned-mayor Steve Fisk (Gable) arrives at San Francisco’s national mayors convention, he naturally mistakes Clarissa Standish (Young) for his date, a shapely bubble dancer. Informed she’s actually the no-nonsense mayor of Wenonah, Maine, he invites her to dine at a rowdy nightclub, which lands them both in the clink. So when their arrests make the morning papers and Clarissa finds herself falling for Steve, she’s forced to choose between love and duty when the scandal threatens both of their careers. DVD Release Date: March 12th, 2013

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July 3rd, 2017




An American Tail: Fievel Goes West [Blu-ray] (Phil Nibbelink, Simon Wells, 1991) Universal
Balto [Blu-ray] (Simon Wells, 1995) Universal
A Brighter Summer Day [Blu-ray] (Edward Yang, 1991) RB Criterion UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Contamination [Blu-ray] (Luigi Cozzi, 1980) Region FREE Arrow UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Die Screaming Marianne [Blu-ray] (Pete Walker, 1971) RB UK Screenbound Pictures

Doberman Cop [Blu-ray] (Kinji Fukasaku, 1977) Arrow US

Don't Take Me Home [Blu-ray] (Jonny Owen, 2017) RB UK Spirit Entertainment

The Fabulous Baron Munchausen [Blu-ray] (Karel Zeman, 1962) RB UK Second Run

Heal the Living [Blu-ray] (Katell Quillévéré, 2016) RB UK Curzon Artificial Eye

Homeland Season 6 [Blu-ray] RB UK 20th Century Fox

The Lemon Drop Kid [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lanfield, 1951) Kino Lorber

Lola [Blu-ray] (Rainer Werner Fassbinder , 1981) RB UK Studiocanal

My Favorite Brunette [Blu-ray] (Elliott Nugent, 1947) Kino Lorber

Nekromantik 2 [Blu-ray] (Jörg Buttgereit, 1991) RB UK Arrow

Road to Bali [Blu-ray] (Hal Walker, 1952) Kino Lorber

Road to Rio [Blu-ray] (Norman Z. McLeod, 1947) Kino Lorber

A Royal Affair [Blu-ray] (Nikolaj Arcel, 2012) RB UK Curzon Artificial Eye

A Shock to the System [Blu-ray] (Jan Egleson, 1990) Shout! Factory

The Sinbad Trilogy (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger) [Blu-ray] (1958-1977) US (BEAVER REVIEW)

Son of Paleface [Blu-ray] (Frank Tashlin, 1952) Kino Lorber

Song to Song [Blu-ray] (Terrence Malick, 2017) Broad Green Pictures

The Taisho Trilogy (Limited Edition) (Zigeunerweisen, Kageroza, Yumeji) [Blu-ray] (Seijun Suzuki, 1980-1991) Arrow US

Windows [Blu-ray] (Gordon Willis, 1980) Shout! Factory


July 10th, 2017




The Age of Shadows [Blu-ray] (Kim Jee-woon, 2016) RB UK Soda Pictures

L'argent [Blu-ray] (Robert Bresson, 1983) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Black Room [Blu-ray] (Rolfe Kanefsky, 2016) Cleopatra Entertainment

Contemporary Color [Blu-ray] (Bill Ross IV, Turner Ross, 2016) Oscilloscope Laboratories

Creepozoids [Blu-ray] (David DeCoteau, 1987) RB UK 88 Films

Devil's Domain [Blu-ray] (Jared Cohn, 2016) Cleopatra Entertainment

The Fifth Element (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) (Luc Besson, 1997) Sony Pictures

Frantz [Blu-ray] (François Ozon, 2016) RB UK Curzon Artificial Eye

Hide and Go Shriek [Blu-ray] (Skip Schoolnik, 1988) RB UK 88 Films

The Hunting Party [Blu-ray] (Don Medford, 1971) Kino Lorber
I Drink Your Blood [Blu-ray] (David E. Durston, 1970) RB UK 88 Films

King Kong - Ultimate Edition (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) (Peter Jackson, 2005) Universal

Last Day of School [Blu-ray] (Michael Mahal, Sonny Mahal, 2016) Troma

Lifeforce [Blu-ray] (Tobe Hooper, 1985) RB UK Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Lost City of Z [Blu-ray] (James Gray, 2016) Broad Green Pictures
The Lost City of Z [
Blu-ray + DVD] (James Gray, 2016) Broad Green Pictures

The Man from Planet X [Blu-ray] (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1951) Shout! Factory

Marriage Italian Style [Blu-ray] (Vittorio De Sica, 1964) RB UK Cult Films

The Mole People [Blu-ray] (Virgil W. Vogel, 1956) RB UK 101 Films
[Blu-ray] (Pablo Larraín, 2016) RB UK Network

Pulse [Blu-ray] (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2001) Arrow Video US

A Quiet Passion [Blu-ray] (Terence Davies, 2016) Music Box Films

Roberto Rossellini’s War Trilogy [Blu-ray] ( Rome Open City, Paisan, and Germany Year Zero) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sex Doll [Blu-ray] (Sylvie Verheyde, 2016) Shout! Factory

Shalako [Blu-ray] (Edward Dmytryk, 1968) Kino Lorber

Smokey and the Bandit - 40th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] (Hal Needham, 1977) Universal

Species [Blu-ray] (Roger Donaldson, 1995) Shout! Factory

Star Crystal [Blu-ray] (Lance Lindsay, 1986) Kino Lorber

Star Slammer (aka Prison Ship) [Blu-ray] (Fred Olen Ray, 1986) Kino Lorber

Stormy Monday [Blu-ray] (Mike Figgis, 1988) Arrow

The Strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh [Blu-ray] (Sergio Martino, 1971) RB UK Shameless
Terror in a Texas Town [Blu-ray] (Joseph H. Lewis, 1958) RB UK Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

Terror in a Texas Town [Blu-ray] (Joseph H. Lewis, 1958) Arrow US (BEAVER REVIEW)

Violet [Blu-ray] (Bas Devos, 2014) Altered Innocence


July 17th, 2017



Aquarius [Blu-ray] (Kleber Mendonça Filho, 2016) RB UK Arrow

The Bat People [Blu-ray] (Jerry Jameson, 1974) Shout! Factory

Coronet Blue - The Complete Series (1967) Kino Lorber

Destiny [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1921) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Edward and Caroline [Blu-ray] (Jacques Becker , 1951) RB UK Studiocanal

Free Fire [Blu-ray] (Ben Wheatley, 2016) Lionsgate

Freeway [Blu-ray] (Francis Delia, 1988) Kino Lorber

Kong: Skull Island [Blu-ray] (Jordan Vogt-Roberts, 2017) Warner Home Video
The Land Unknown
[Blu-ray] (Virgil W. Vogel, 1957) RB UK 101 Films

The Last of the Finest [Blu-ray] (Peter Werner, 1990) Kino Lorber

The Levelling [Blu-ray] (Hope Dickson Leach, 2016) RB UK Saffron Hill

Man with a Movie Camera (and other works by Dziga Vertov) (1929) [Blu-ray] - RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

New Battles Without Honor and Humanity - The Complete Trilogy [Blu-ray] (Kinji Fukasaku, 1974-1976) Arrow

No Man's Land [Blu-ray] (John Boorman, 1987) Kino Lorber

The Promise [Blu-ray] (Terry George, 2016) Universal Studios

Saturday Night Fever - Director's Cut [Blu-ray] (John Badham, 1977) Paramount UK

Seduction (aka La Seduzione) [Blu-ray] (Fernando Di Leo, 1973) Raro Video / Kino Lorber

Shivers [Blu-ray] (David Cronenberg, 1975) RB UK Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

Stalker [Blu-ray] (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Taisho Trilogy (Limited Edition) (Zigeunerweisen, Kageroza, Yumeji) [Blu-ray] (Seijun Suzuki, 1980-1991) RB UK Arrow

Tout va bien [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin, 1972) RB UK Arrow


July 24th, 2017




The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T [Blu-ray] (Roy Rowland, 1953) Region FREE Indicator UK

Bag Boy Lover Boy [Blu-ray] (Andres Torres, 2014) Severin
Beyond the Darkness [Blu-ray] (Joe D'Amato, 1979) Severin 

Castle Keep [Blu-ray] (Sydney Pollack, 1969) Region FREE Indicator UK
Cold-Blooded Beast
(aka Slaughter Hotel) [Blu-ray] (Fernando Di Leo, 1971) RB UK 88 Films
The Complete Billy Jack Collection
[Blu-ray] (Tom Laughlin, 1967-1977)  Shout! Factory

Eight Hours Don't Make a Day - A Family Series [Blu-ray] (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1972-1973) RB UK Arrow

Electric Dreams [Blu-ray] (Steve Barron, 1984) RB UK Second Sight

Emerald City: Season One [Blu-ray] (Tarsem Singh, 2016) Universal

Get Out [Blu-ray] (Jordan Peele, 2017) RB UK Universal

The Graduate (50th Anniversary) [Blu-ray] (Mike Nichols, 1967) RB UK Studiocanal

J'accuse [Blu-ray] (Abel Gance, 1938) RB UK BFI
Just Before Dawn
[Blu-ray] (Jeff Lieberman, 1981) RB UK 88 Films
The Long Hair of Death [Blu-ray] (Antonio Margheriti, 1964) RB UK 88 Films

The Lost City of Z [Blu-ray] (James Gray, 2016) RB UK Studio Canal

Lost in America [Blu-ray] (Albert Brooks, 1985) Criterion

Mickey One [Blu-ray] (Arthur Penn, 1965) Region FREE Indicator UK

My Chauffeur [Blu-ray] (David Beaird, 1986) Vinegar Syndrome

Night People [Blu-ray] (Nunnally Johnson, 1954) Kino Lorber 

The Night Shift [Blu-ray] (Massimiliano Cerchi, 2016) SGL Entertainment

The Oily Maniac [Blu-ray] (Meng Hua Ho, 1976) RB UK 88 Films

The Orchard End Murder [Blu-ray] (Christian Marnham, 1980) RB UK BFI

The Other Side of Hope [Blu-ray] (Aki Kaurismäki, 2017) RB UK Curzon Artificial Eye

Peppermint Soda [Blu-ray] (Diane Kurys, 1977) RB UK BFI

Prizzi's Honor [Blu-ray] (John Huston, 1985) Kino Lorber
A Quiet Passion
[Blu-ray] (Terence Davies, 2016) RB UK Soda Pictures

Re-Animator (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray] (Stuart Gordon, 1985) Arrow
 [Blu-ray] (Howard Avedis, 1976) Shout! Factory

Silkwood [Blu-ray] (Mike Nichols, 1983) Kino Lorber
Slither [Blu-ray] (James Gunn, 2006) Shout! Factory

Stalker [Blu-ray] (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979) RB Criterion UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Stendhal Syndrome [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1996) Blue Underground

Tenebrae [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1982) RB UK Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Wages of Fear [Blu-ray] (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1953) RB UK BFI

Warlock Collection [Blu-ray] (Steve Miner, Anthony Hickox, Eric Freiser, 1989-1999) Lionsgate

Westfront 1918 / Kameradschaft [Blu-ray] (G.W Pabst, 1930-1931) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Who's Crazy? [Blu-ray] (Thomas White, Allan Zion, 1966) Kino Lorber

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow [Blu-ray] (Vittorio De Sica, 1963) RB UK Cult Films
The Zodiac Killer
[Blu-ray] (Tom Hanson, 1971) Something Weird Video / AGFA

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