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Mboté yaku! Stacked week with 14 Blu-ray reviews and 8 DVD reviews. Masters of Cinema, Silent Era Serial, fabulous TV - both new and vintage, Federico Fellini, Eric Rohmer, Tony Richardson, Tim Burton, Nunnally Johnson, Pete Walker, Robert Culp and more. Our Release Calendar includes last week's updates of films-to-Blu-ray and DVD with work by Damián Szifrón, Seth Fisher, William Friedkin, Peter Yates, Harold Becker, Robert Altman, Umberto Lenzi, The Wachowski Brothers, Tobe Hooper, Andrew Niccol, Luciano Ercoli, Jesús Franco and more. We have a CONTEST posted with a wonderful new DVD prize! Enjoy!

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Wild Tales [Blu-ray] (Damián Szifrón, 2014) Sony Pictures

3-D Rarities [Blu-ray] - Flicker Alley

Blumenthal [Blu-ray] (Seth Fisher, 2013) Olive Films

The Boys in the Band [Blu-ray] (William Friedkin, 1970) Kl Studio Classics

Robbery [Blu-ray] (Peter Yates, 1967) RB UK Network

Malice [Blu-ray] (Harold Becker, 1993) Kl Studio Classics

The Onion Field [Blu-ray] (Harold Becker, 1979) Kl Studio Classics

Cemetery Without Crosses [Blu-ray] (Robert Hossein, 1969) RB UK Arrow

3 Women [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1977) RB UK Arrow

F/X [Blu-ray] (Robert Mandel, 1986) Kl Studio Classics

Spasmo [Blu-ray] (Umberto Lenzi, 1974) RB UK Arrow

Horror Hospital [Blu-ray] (Antony Balch, 1973) RB UK Odeon Entertainment

Deadlier Than the Male [Blu-ray] (Ralph Thomas, 1967) RB UK Network

The Land That Time Forgot [Blu-ray] (Kevin Connor, 1975) Kino Video

The Stray Cat Rock Collection [Blu-ray] Delinquent Girl Boss (1971) - Wild Jumbo (1970) - Sex Hunter (1970) - Machine Animal (1970) - Beat '71 (1971) - Arrow Video USA

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension [Blu-ray] (W.D. Richter, 1984) RB UK Arrow

Jupiter Ascending [Blu-ray] (The Wachowskis, 2015) Warner Home Video

Harry in Your Pocket [Blu-ray] (Bruce Geller, 1973) Kl Studio Classics

Eaten Alive [Blu-ray] (Tobe Hooper, 1977) Arrow Video UK

Eaten Alive [Blu-ray] (Tobe Hooper, 1977) Arrow Video USA

The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus [Blu-ray] (Jesús Franco, 1962) Redemption

Sugar Hill [Blu-ray] (Paul Maslansky, 1974) Kino Video

Breath of Life [Blu-ray] (Susan Kucera, 2014) Vision Video

The Voices [Blu-ray] (Marjane Satrapi, 2014) RB UK Arrow

Good Kill [Blu-ray] (Andrew Niccol, 2014) RB UK Arrow

Killer Cop [Blu-ray] (Luciano Ercoli, 1975) Raro USA

Bank Shot [Blu-ray] (Gower Champion, 1974) Kl Studio Classics

Cops and Robbers [Blu-ray] (Aram Avakian, 1973) Kl Studio Classics

The Cell [Blu-ray] (Tarsem Singh, 2000) New Line Home Video

The Island of Dr. Moreau [Blu-ray] (Don Taylor, 1977) Kl Studio Classics

Needful Things [Blu-ray] (Fraser Clarke Heston, 1993) Kl Studio Classics

Girlhood [Blu-ray] (Céline Sciamma, 2014) Strand Releasing

Hellmouth [Blu-ray] (John Geddes, 2014) Foresight Features

Vampyros Lesbos [Blu-ray] (Jesús Franco, 1971) Severin

Cymbeline [Blu-ray] (Michael Almereyda, 2014) Lions Gate

The Captive Heart [Blu-ray] (Basil Dearden, 1946) RB UK Studiocanal

The Maggie [Blu-ray] (Alexander Mackendrick, 1954) RB UK Studiocanal

Hue and Cry [Blu-ray] (Charles Crichton, 1947) RB UK Studiocanal

The Remains Of The Day [Blu-ray] (James Ivory, 1993) Twilight Time

Richard III [Blu-ray] (Richard Loncraine, 1995) Twilight Time

The Story of Adèle H. [Blu-ray] (François Truffaut, 1975) Twilight Time

Zardoz [Blu-ray] (John Boorman, 1974) Twilight Time

Timbuktu [Blu-ray] (Abderrahmane Sissako, 2014) Cohen Media

The Cat Returns [Blu-ray] (Hiroyuki Morita, 2002) Walt Disney Studios

The Way Things Go [Blu-ray] (Peter Fischli, David Weiss, 1988) Icarus

Sergio Leone Anthology [Blu-ray] (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Duck, You Sucker) MGM

Spirited Away [Blu-ray] (Hayao Miyazaki, 2001) Walt Disney Studios

Drowning by Numbers [Blu-ray] (Peter Greenaway, 1988) RB UK MediumRare

Get Shorty [Blu-ray] (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1995) MGM

Mortdecai [Blu-ray] (David Koepp, 2015) Lions Gate

April Love [Blu-ray] (Henry Levin, 1957) Twilight Time

The Fantastkicks [Blu-ray] (Michael Ritchie, 1995) Twilight Time

Village of the Damned [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1995) RB UK Fabulous Films

Orgazmo [Blu-ray] (Trey Parker, 1997) Universal Studios

Fifty Shades of Grey [Blu-ray] (Sam Taylor-Johnson, 2015) Universal Studios

Road House [Blu-ray] (Rowdy Herrington, 1989) MGM

Story of My Death (Albert Serra, 2013) R2 UK Second Run

Little Big Shot (Jack Raymond, 1952) R2 UK Network

Mr. Denning Drives North (Anthony Kimmins, 1952) R2 UK Network



ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): While I was so impressed with the 6.5 hour TV-mini-series The Missing, now on Blu-ray from Anchor Bay (great value - our highest recommendation!), we must give accolades to The Masters of Cinema group for their 1080P transfer of Federico Fellini’s Satyricon, with its brilliant, max'ed out, video transfer and inclusion of the English-language track, omitted by Criterion on their Blu-ray. Bravo! Notable for its value is Redemption's The Pete Walker Collection Vol. 2 on Blu-ray, for those keen on the director's diverse work. Our review includes the comparison on Man of Violence. Midnight Run is always worth a spin and Second Sight, in the UK, have transferred this late 80's gem to Blu-ray. I think Colin Eggleston's 1988, Australian, Long Weekend is a film that has more under the surface than one might expect and the Synapse Films' Blu-ray is an excellent way to watch the film in your home theatre. Eric Rohmer's work should be a part of any Blu-ray collection and this includes A Tale of Winter - part of his 'Four Seasons' series. Tim Burton's bio-pic Big Eyes tells a fascinating story very unlike the director's previous efforts. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Hickey and Boggs with, and directed by Robert Culp starring with his I Spy partner Bill Cosby. The Blu-ray is far in advance of the old MoD DVD. 1975's Cooley High pleases its fan-base by reaching Blu-ray via Olive Films. Blue Sky with Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Lange has many positives even beyond the actresses' Oscar-winning performance. Late For Dinner is a light romantic tale that tugs the heart-strings. The Italian-produced 1976 Werewolf Woman was selected by Quentin Tarantino for the first Quentin Tarantino Film Fest in Austin, Texas, 1996 and it is now available on Region FREE Blu-ray from Raro. While I enjoyed the 1/2 hour of The Way Things Go, I failed to see the value that others do in the 'chain-reaction' film now on Blu-ray. On DVD we covered Flicker Alley's impressive 3-disc silent serial The House of Mystery (and it's our Contest clip prize of the week). It is filled with entertainment and looks fantastic in SD. With the 35mm no longer in existence, the Sherlock Holmes (1964-65 BBC Series) is still watchable in a 16mm transfer to DVD and fans of the detective won't want to miss out. Gregory treats us to 2 comparisons - a widescreen version of Nunnally Johnson's Night People and a different SD rendering of the 1940 comedy Angels Over Broadway. Eric reviewed the hospital drama The Shift, the Arabic film Salvation Army, the science-fiction Harlock Space Pirate and the animated Wolfy The Incredible Secret. "You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." -Wayne Gretzky


The Missing BD - And for all of its almost scientific attention to the granular details of shifting emotion and point of view, The Missing also has an eye for beauty. Every few minutes, there’ll be a shot or series of shots that are lovely in and of themselves, or that seem to express a profound love or sorrow that’s beyond words and perhaps beyond narrative: a car stalled at a crossroads, a father and his son floating in the deep blue water of a swimming pool, a woman’s finger dragging along a polished tabletop. This is one of the year’s very best TV programs, hard as it sometimes is to endure. Blu-ray Release date: April 14th, 2015

Satyricon BD - Federico Fellini’s career achieved new levels of eccentricity and brilliance with this remarkable, controversial, extremely loose adaptation of Petronius’s classical Roman satire, written during the reign of Nero. An episodic barrage of sexual licentiousness, godless violence, and eye-catching grotesquerie, Fellini Satyricon follows the exploits of two pansexual young men—the handsome scholar Encolpius and his vulgar, insatiably lusty friend Ascyltus—as they move through a landscape of free-form pagan excess. Creating apparent chaos with exquisite control, Fellini constructs a weird old world that feels like science fiction. Masters of Cinema Blu-ray Release Date: April 27th, 2015

Midnight Run BD - Bounty hunter Jack Walsh has got a new assignment, one that could set him up for retirement. He's just got to get bail-jumping accountant Jonathan 'The Duke' Mardukas back to L.A. by midnight on Friday. But he's not the only one on his trail. The Duke's just embezzled $15 million from the mob who want him dead, trying to get him first are the FBI who want him to testify, five minutes in his company and Jack just wants him to shut up. It's going to be a long journey from New York to L.A.! With a razor-sharp script and performances to match, Martin Brest's cult road movie sees De Niro give one of his greatest comic performances, equally matched by his co-star Grodin. Blu-ray Release date: April 20th, 2015

Blue Sky BD - Blue Sky was the last film directed by Tony Richardson (Tom Jones) before his death in 1991 and one of the last releases from once-thriving Orion Films, whose bankruptcy kept the picture on the shelf for several years. It also features two career-high performances by Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Lange, who won the Best Actress Oscar for this role, as Hank and Carly Marshall, a military couple whose marriage unravels under the pressure of his job and her mental instability. Hank is an Army captain at odds with his superiors over the wisdom of nuclear testing. Carly is a free spirit spiralling into a dangerous depression after the family's move from Hawaii to a nowhere base in Alabama alarms the couple's older daughter (Amy Locane) and sends Carly into an affair with the base commander (Powers Boothe.) Blu-ray Release date: April 21st, 2015

Cooley High BD - An enormous box-office hit in the States, Cooley High - a kind of black American Graffiti or Lords of Flatbush about a group of high school kids in the '60s (hence Motown soundtrack) - is streets ahead of the average blaxploitation effort, yet is still something of a disappointment. Partly the fault lies with the script, and partly with a certain commercial gloss; one or two of the characters nevertheless do come over with some distinctiveness, thanks to OK performances. Blu-ray Release date: April 21st, 2015

The Way Things Go BD - This supremely demented documentary by two German artists presents a continuous chain reaction than runs for the length of the film. Old tires, ladders, shoes, flames and explosions trigger the next piece of precariously balanced junk. This art-piece is greatly appreciated by nerds for the amazing chemistry and physics required to keep self-generated chaos on track. Science teachers play the video for lessons in equilibrium and causation, while artists roll the film at parties for an irresistible and mesmerizing spectacle. I like it for the illustration of the never-ending chain reaction that seems to take over the world. A Mr. Wizard science demonstration that takes on its own life. Blu-ray Release date: April 14th, 2015

Big Eyes BD - From the Academy Award® winning team that brought you Ed Wood, Big Eyes focuses on the artistic coupling of Margaret (Amy Adams) and Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz). Walter Keane became a worldwide celebrity and talk show fixture in the 1950s after he pioneered the mass production of prints of big-eyed kids, and used his marketing savvy to sell them cheaply in hardware stores and gas stations across the country. Unfortunately, he claimed to be the artist. That role was played by Margaret, his shy wife. She generated the paintings from their basement and Walter’s contribution was adding his signature to the bottom. The ruse broke up their marriage and led to a divorce and a dramatic courtroom battle to prove authorship of the paintings. Blu-ray Release date: April 14th, 2015

Hickey and Boggs BD - Hickey and Boggs are given $500 to track down a missing woman. They think their problems are solved, but they’re only beginning. When they visit their first lead, they find a corpse and several thousand dollars that are traced back to a $400,000 unsolved bank robbery, but not the woman they want. It doesn’t take long for bullets to start flying and corpses to start piling up, and with the gangsters as eager as the cops to get Hickey and Boggs off the case, its only a matter of time before the duo winds up in prison or in the morgue. Forever losers, Hickey and Boggs are destined to always be behind the eight ball. Blu-ray Release Date: December 2nd, 2014

Late For Dinner BD - W.D. Richter directed this comedy-drama in the spirit of Back to the Future and Peggy Sue Got Married. The film opens in Santa Fe in 1962, where Willie (Brian Wimmer) and Joy Husband (Marcia Gay Harden) are a cute couple living in familial bliss with their five-year-old daughter. When evil land-developer Bob Freeman (Peter Gallagher) tries to turn their bliss into blight, a gun goes off and Willie flees to Los Angeles with his dim-witted brother-in-law Frank (Peter Berg), convinced he has committed murder. They run into crazed scientist Dr. Chilblains (Bo Brundin), who cryogenically freezes the fugitives. Twenty-nine years later they are defrosted, and Willie, who has only aged a day, goes back to Santa Fe with Frank to seek out his wife and daughter, discovering they have aged and gone on with their lives without him. Blu-ray Release date: April 14th, 2015

The Pete Walker Collection Vol. 2 BD - This second anthology of films by Pete Walker reels the provocative director at his most diabolical. Whether skewering highbrow drama (The Flesh and Blood Show), established religion (House of Mortal Sin), or legal hypocrisy (Home Before Midnight) Walker laces his films with a wicked sense of humor and healthy dollops of sex and violence. One perfect example is the legendary shocker Frightmare, which stars aging British actress Sheila Keith as a fortune-teller-slash-cannibal in the English countryside. Also featured in this collection are two of Walker's early works: Man of Violence (aka Moon) and The Big Switch, which clearly foreshadow the taste for the perverse (and the flair for cynical humor) that would later become his hallmarks. Blu-ray release date: April 21st, 2015

Man of Violence BD - In a world of gangs and villains, one man - Moon - will stop at nothing to get the girl and take the spoils. Pete Walker's affectionate low-budget homage to the gangster thriller is packed with sights and sounds from a Britain about to swing out of the Sixties and into a somewhat less optimistic decade. It offers not only rare glimpses of a world gone by, but also some unexpected twists on generic convention. The cast includes Hammer girls Luan Peters (Lust for a Vampire, Twins of Evil) and Virginia Wetherell (Doctor Jekyll & Sister Hyde, Demons of the Mind). Redemption Blu-ray release date: April 21st, 2015

Long Weekend BD - Attempting to resurrect their failing marriage, Peter (John Hargreaves, THE ODD ANGRY SHOT) and Marcia (Briony Behets) set out on a camping trip to a deserted stretch of the Australian coastline hoping a long weekend in the sunshine will help them patch their differences. They are a careless couple, littering the countryside with garbage, shooting guns and even driving away after wounding a kangaroo with their automobile. Their callous disregard for the environment soon becomes apparent when the animals start to seek vengeance. Marcia and Peter have proven themselves to be destroyers of nature. Will the animals allow them to leave or will they too be destroyed? Blu-ray Release date: April 14th, 2015

A Tale of Winter BD - Eric Rohmer was unsurpassed at creating intelligent romantic comedies and intelligent female characters. A Tale of Winter, one of his most genial and audacious films, is a superb example of both facets. Félicie is one of the most fascinating in Rohmer's distinguished line of heroines: impulsive, independent, thoughtlessly frank, disarmingly sincere, at once exasperating and enchanting. Blu-ray Release Date: November 19th, 2013

Werewolf Woman BD - Daniela, a woman troubled from a childhood trauma, begins to have delusions that she is a werewolf. She spends her nights seducing and killing men, until she meets a kind man named Luca, who she falls in love with. Her happiness is short-lived when she is raped and Luca is killed, reverting her back to her werewolf delusions. Daniela gets her revenge by killing her rapists and Luca's killers. Blu-ray Release Date: October 26th, 2014

The House of Mystery (1923) - The involved plot of La Maison du mystère centers around Julien Villandrit (Ivan Mosjoukine) and his star-crossed courtship to Régine de Bettigny (Hélène Darly), that inspires bitterness and jealousy in Henri Corradin (Charles Vanel), Julien's long-time associate and secret rival in love. For Mosjoukine, who contracted typhoid fever during the course of production, it remains one of the ultimate consecrations to his multifarious talents as actor, writer, and even make-up artist. But the film also opened doors for Vanel (Les Misérables, The Wages of Fear, Diabolique) who gives the "Curses! Foiled again!" school of melodramatic villainy a new lease on life), and the astonishing Nicolas Koline. DVD Release Date: April 7th, 2015

Salvation Army - In a working class neighborhood in Casablanca, Abdellah, a homosexual teen, tries to build his own life within his big family, caught between an authoritarian mother and an older brother, who he adores. DVD Release Date: March 31st, 2015

The Shift - In one 12-hour hospital shift in the ER a veteran male nurse, struggling with the haunting guilt of his brother s drowning, is forced to train a new nurse. The two are at odds throughout the story, because, while they both struggle with the spiritual turmoil of right and wrong, they both come to very different philosophies. One plays life-saving nurse. The other plays God and allows patients to die or even helps them to die. DVD Release Date: February 24th, 2015

Harlock Space Pirate - In the distant future, space travel technology made it possible for the the Earth to colonize the galaxy, leading to a population explosion that exhausted resources that resulted in a severe decline in birthrate. A movement arose to return to the replenished Mother Earth, but the planet could not withstand such an epic repatriation, sparking the "Homecoming Wars." The governing body called The Gaia Communion was formed and declared the Earth an eternal sanctuary to be worshiped only from afar as humankind awaited its eventual demise on other planets. Immortal space pirate Captain Harlock has been roaming the galaxy in the ghost ship Arcadia salvaging resources from the dying planets and raiding supply ships. DVD Release Date: March 31st, 2015

Wolfy The Incredible Secret - Based on the "Loulou" books of Grégoire Solotareff (who co-wrote the screenplay with 365 Penguins Jean-Luc Fromental), WOLFY: THE INCREDIBLE SECRET's stylized animation may seem too naive for American children (and the violence is certain un-Disney), but the rather routine story is livened up by a wry script and art direction rich in references (such as a likeness of Goya's painting of Saturn devouring his own children). DVD Release Date: March 17th, 2015

Sherlock Holmes (1964-65 BBC Series) - Regarded by many to be the best incarnation of the Baker Street sleuth, Douglas Wilmer gives a career-defining performance in this celebrated BBC series. Intelligent, quick on his heels, and bearing a striking resemblance to the original Sidney Paget illustrations, Wilmer's portrayal is possibly the closest to Conan Doyle's original vision that there has ever been. In 2012, his status as legend within the Sherlock pantheon was cemented when he was asked to make a cameo appearance in Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch. DVD Release Date: March 30th, 2015

Angels Over Broadway - 1940's "Angels Over Broadway" is actually a little play on words, since the name of one of the main characters is Engle, which in German means Angel (actually spelled Engel). Written by Ben Hecht, the film stars Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Rita Hayworth, Thomas Mitchell and John Qualen. It's an interesting and sweet film with very good performances, but you would swear it's based on a play because it is extremely heavy on dialogue. Mill Creek DVD Release Date: January 28th, 2014

Night People - A lively bit of undercover skullduggery between the Russians and an American counterespionage officer in Berlin is recounted with great glee and excitement on the expanse of the CinemaScope screen in Twentieth Century-Fox' "Night People," which hit the Roxy yesterday. Written, produced and directed by Nunnally Johnson, with Gregory Peck as his star, it is first-rate commercial melodrama—big, noisy, colorful and good. PAL DVD Release Date: August 6th, 2012

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April 13th, 2015


April Love [Blu-ray] (Henry Levin, 1957) Twilight Time

The Babadook [Blu-ray] (Jennifer Kent, 2014) Shout! Factory

Big Eyes [Blu-ray] (Tim Burton, 2014) Anchor Bay (BEAVER REVIEW)

Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell [Blu-ray] (Melvin Frank, 1968) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

Blood and Black Lace [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1964) RB UK Arrow

Blood and Black Lace [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1964) Arrow US

Blood and Black Lace Limited Edition Steelbook [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1964) Arrow US

Candlestick [Blu-ray] (Christopher Presswell, 2014) Workbus

Class of 1984 [Blu-ray] (Mark L. Lester, 1982) Shout! Factory

Enter the Dangerous Mind [Blu-ray] (Youssef Delara, Victor Teran, 2013) Well Go USA

The Fantastkicks [Blu-ray] (Michael Ritchie, 1995) Twilight Time

Fruit of Paradise (Ovoce strom rajských jíme) (Vera Chytilová, 1970) R0 UK Second Run

Goodbye to Language 3D [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 2014) Kino Lorber

I Am Steve McQueen [Blu-ray] (Jeff Renfroe, 2014) Shout! Factory

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken [Blu-ray] (Daniel Alfredson, 2015) Alchemy

Late for Dinner [Blu-ray] (W.D. Richter, 1991) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

Long Weekend [Blu-ray] (Colin Eggleston, 1978) Synapse (BEAVER REVIEW)

That Man from Rio / Up to His Ears [Blu-ray] (Philippe de Broca, 1964/1965) Cohen Media

Maps to the Stars [Blu-ray] (David Cronenberg, 2014) Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Missing [Blu-ray] (Tom Shankland , 2014 TV Mini-Series) Starz / Anchor Bay (BEAVER REVIEW)

Odd Man Out [Blu-ray] (Carol Reed, 1947) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Percy's Progress [Blu-ray] (Ralph Thomas, 1974) RB UK Network

The Remains Of The Day [Blu-ray] (James Ivory, 1993) Twilight Time

Richard III [Blu-ray] (Richard Loncraine, 1995) Twilight Time

The Story of Adèle H. [Blu-ray] (François Truffaut, 1975) Twilight Time

Sullivan's Travels [Blu-ray] (Preston Sturges, 1941) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Tales of Terror [Blu-ray] (Roger Corman, 1962) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Way Things Go [Blu-ray] (Peter Fischli, David Weiss, 1988) Icarus (BEAVER REVIEW)

Woman of Straw [Blu-ray] (Basil Dearden, 1964) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

Zardoz [Blu-ray] (John Boorman, 1974) Twilight Time


April 20th, 2015


Bill Morrison: Selected Films 1996-2014 [Blu-ray] - RB UK BFI

Blue Sky [Blu-ray] (Tony Richardson, 1994) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Carl Theodor Dreyer Collection [Blu-ray] (Limited Edition Blu-ray box set) - Day of Wrath (1943), Ordet (1955), Gertrud (1964), Master of the House (1925) 7 Dreyer's short films - RB UK BFI

Cell Count [Blu-ray] (Todd E. Freeman, 2012) Parade Deck Films

Coffy [Blu-ray] (Jack Hill, 1973) RB UK Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

Cooley High [Blu-ray] (Michael Schultz, 1975) Olive (BEAVER REVIEW)

Dance with Me, Henry [Blu-ray] (Charles Barton, 1956) Olive Films

D.O.A. (Rudolph Maté, 1950) R2 DE Koch Media

Escape From New York (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1981) Shout! Factory

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night [Blu-ray] (Ana Lily Amirpour, 2014) Kino Lorber

The Ghoul [Blu-ray] (T. Hayes Hunter, 1933) RB UK Network

Midnight Run [Blu-ray] (Martin Brest, 1988) RB UK Second Sight (BEAVER REVIEW)

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (John Farrow, 1948) R2 DE Koch Media

The Offence [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lumet, 1972) RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Pete Walker Collection II [Blu-ray] (The Flesh and Blood Show, Frightmare, House of Mortal Sin, Home Before Midnight, Man of Violence/The Big Switch) Redemption (BEAVER REVIEW)

The River [Blu-ray] (Jean Renoir, 1951) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse series 42: Silent Ozu - Three Crime Dramas (Walk Cheerfully, That Night's Wife, Dragnet Girl) Criterion

Taken 3 [Blu-ray] (Olivier Megaton, 2014) 20th Century Fox

Three Stooges Collection - Volume One - Triple Feature [Blu-ray] (Time Out for Rhythm, Rockin' in the Rockies and Have Rocket, Will Travel) - Mill Creek Entertainment

Three Stooges Collection - Volume Two - Triple Feature - [Blu-ray] (The Three Stooges Meet Hercules, Three Stooges Go Around The World In A Daze and The Outlaws Is Coming) Mill Creek Entertainment
The Wicked Lady [
Blu-ray] (Michael Winner, 1983) Kino Lorber


April 27th, 2015


The Barber [Blu-ray] (Basel Owies, 2014) Arc Entertainment

Barquero [Blu-ray] (Gordon Douglas, 1970) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Boy Next Door [Blu-ray] (Rob Cohen, 2015) Universal Studios

Convoy [Blu-ray] (Sam Peckinpah, 1978) Kino Lorber

Deadlier Than the Male [Blu-ray] (Ralph Thomas, 1967) RB UK Network

The Duke of Burgundy [Blu-ray] (Peter Strickland, 2014) RB UK Artificial Eye

Fierce Creatures [Blu-ray] (Fred Schepisi, Robert Young, 1997) RB UK Fabulous Films

The Friends of Eddie Coyle [Blu-ray] (Peter Yates, 1973) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

From A Whisper To A Scream [Blu-ray] (Jeff Burr, 1987) Shout! Factory

Harry & Son [Blu-ray] (Paul Newman, 1984) Olive Films

Inherent Vice [Blu-ray] (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2014) Warner Home Video

Little Man Tate [Blu-ray] (Jodie Foster, 1991) Olive Films

Lord of the Flies [Blu-ray] (Harry Hook, 1990) Olive Films

Man, Pride and Vengeance [Blu-ray] (Luigi Bazzoni, 1967) Entertainment One

Miami Blues [Blu-ray] (George Armitage, 1990) Shout! Factory

Model for Murder (Terry Bishop, 1959) R2 UK Network

Satyricon [Blu-ray] (Federico Fellini, 1969) RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

Le Silence de la Mer [Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1949) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Village of the Damned [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1995) RB UK Fabulous Films

The White Buffalo [Blu-ray] (J. Lee Thompson, 1977) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)


May 4th, 2015


1941 [Blu-ray] (Steven Spielberg, 1979) Universal Studios

Always [Blu-ray] (Steven Spielberg, 1989) Universal Studios

Anchors Aweigh [Blu-ray] (George Sidney, 1945) Warner Archive

The Blob [Blu-ray] (Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr., 1958) RB UK Fabulous Films

Clint Eastwood: The Universal Pictures 7-Movie Collection [Blu-ray] (Two Mules for Sister Sara, Joe Kidd, High Plains Drifter, Coogan’s Bluff, The Beguiled, Play Misty For Me and The Eiger Sanction) Universal Studios

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys [Blu-ray] (Charles Band, 1993) Full Moon Features

Duel [Blu-ray] (Steven Spielberg, 1971) Universal Studios (BEAVER REVIEW)

Fifty Shades of Grey [Blu-ray] (Sam Taylor-Johnson, 2015) Universal Studios

The Frank Sinatra Collection [Blu-ray] (Anchors Aweigh, On the Town, Guys and Dolls, Ocean's 11, Robin and the 7 Hoods) Warner

Get Shorty [Blu-ray] (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1995) MGM

Hue and Cry [Blu-ray] (Charles Crichton, 1947) RB UK Studiocanal

The Long Good Friday Steelbook [Blu-ray] (John Mackenzie, 1980) RB UK Arrow Video

The Long Good Friday / Mona Lisa [Blu-ray] (John Mackenzie, Neil Jordan) RB UK Arrow Video

The Maggie [Blu-ray] (Alexander Mackendrick, 1954) RB UK Studiocanal

A Most Violent Year [Blu-ray] (J.C. Chandor, 2014) RB FR Studiocanal

Mr. Turner [Blu-ray] (Mike Leigh, 2014) Sony (BEAVER REVIEW)

Munich [Blu-ray] (Steven Spielberg, 2005) Universal Studios

On the Town [Blu-ray] (Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly, 1949) Warner

Road House [Blu-ray] (Rowdy Herrington, 1989) MGM

Robin and the 7 Hoods [Blu-ray] (Gordon Douglas, 1964) Warner

The Secret Invasion [Blu-ray] (Roger Corman, 1964) Kino Lorber

Selma [Blu-ray] (Ava DuVernay, 2014) Paramount

Sergio Leone Anthology [Blu-ray] (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Duck, You Sucker) MGM

The Stranger [Blu-ray] (Orson Welles, 1946) RB UK Network

The Sugarland Express [Blu-ray] (Steven Spielberg, 1974) Universal Studios

The Terminator [Blu-ray] (James Cameron, 1984) MGM

Unbroken [Blu-ray] (Angelina Jolie, 2014) Universal Pictures UK

Vanilla Sky [Blu-ray] (Cameron Crowe, 2001) Paramount

Winter Sleep [Blu-ray] (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2014) Adopt Films

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