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Midnight Frolics (1949)      Everybody's Girl (1950)       French Follies (1951)

"B" Girl Rhapsody (1952)        The A-B-C'S of Love (1953)         A Night in Hollywood (1953)


NOTE: "B" Girl Rhapsody is reviewed on Blu-ray HERE





Gorgeous, Glamorous, Good Ol' Girlesk in Six - Count 'em! - SIX Big-Time Burlesque Movies!


MIDNIGHT FROLICS (1949, Unrated, B/W, 68 mins.): Direct from L.A.'s Belasco Theatre comes a Galaxy of Gorgeous Girls including Sunny Knight (The Golden Girl of the Golden West), Mickey "Ginger" Jones, Aleene, Boo LaVon, Shirley Heart, Annette Warren and "Sonney's Sunkist Beauties"! Wowie!


EVERYBODY'S GIRL (1950, Unrated, B/W, 83 mins.): Gorgeous Gay Dawn heads a "Whirly-Girly Cast of 40" including Mary Andes, Sylvia, Levalon, Leonora, Alberta, Charmaine, and Diana (The Glamour Girl of Burlesque)! If you don't have high blood pressure already, you will after ogling this humdinger!


FRENCH FOLLIES (1951, Unrated, B/W, 68 mins.): The Strip Parade continues with Mary Andes, Jennie Lee (The Sexiest Girl in Burlesque), Joanne Bridges (The Platinum Dream Girl), Ruby Lee, headliner Val de Val (The H Bomb of Burlesque), and the classic "Crazy House" comedy routine! "Say no more, Joe, say no more!"


"B" GIRL RHAPSODY (1952, Unrated, B/W, 77 mins.): To be or double-D is the question, and here to answer it is Amber Dawn, Frenchy La Von, Ruby Lee (The Wham-Wham Girl), Nona Carver (The Blonde Venus), smoking (literally) Joan Bridges, red hot Chili Pepper (The South American Cyclone) and headliner Lily! Woo-Hoo!


THE A-B-C'S OF LOVE (1953, Unrated, B/W, 74 mins.): Get ready for more wiggles, jiggles, and giggles featuring Blaza Glory, Mae Blondell (The Blonde Temptress), Bebe Hughes, Helen Lewis, and headliner Gilda (The Golden Girl) who's actually former Little Rascals child-star Shirley Jean Rickert turned Striptease Queen! Zowie!


A NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD (1953, Unrated, B/W & Color, 62 mins.): Misty Ayers, Jeanne Saunders, Rea Walker, and Mae Blondell set the stage on fire before the tempestuous Tempest Storm, The Girl with the Fabulous Front, turns this black-and-white film into gorgeous color for a dazzling bra-busting climax! Yahoo!

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Theatrical Releases: Various from 1949 - 1953

  DVD Reviews

DVD Review: Image Entertainment - Region 1 - NTSC

DVD Box Cover

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Distribution Image Entertainment - Region 1 - NTSC
Time: 1:07:44, 1:22:48, 1:07:34, 1:16:18, 1:04:22 and 1:01:22
Bitrate: Disc 1
Bitrate: Disc 2
Audio English (original mono)
Subtitles None

Release Information:
Studio: Image Entertainment

Aspect Ratio:
All Original Aspect Ratios - 1.33 

Edition Details:


DVD Release Date: May 1st, 2012

Standard keep cases (2 disc holders)



NOTE: "B" Girl Rhapsody is reviewed on Blu-ray HERE

This was a new DVD experience for me. These are comparative burlesque offerings complete with plenty of skits, amateurish sketches, harem dances, bumps & grinds, scantily clad cartwheels and handstands while chock-full of full of bawdy jokes. The features are basically film-ization of shows offered at seedy Los Angeles theatres. This is its own genre that was the pre-cursor to some of the 70's sexploitation and grindhouse flics - attempting to appeal to the more baser instincts.

Technical specifications of the discs: the six 'features' are housed, 3 each, on 2 dual-layered discs coded for regions 1 in the NTSC standard. All all six discs are interlaced transferred. Each have original English audio and quality is limited but certainly watchable. All are black and white but the latter half of A Night in Hollywood (1953) has been, ineffectively, colorized.  

Image: Fairly consistent with a positive-ness considering the condition, the content and age. Bitrates are very low at around 4.2 Mbps. Speckles and light scratches are minimal - the bulk of the presentation seems acceptable for CRT. There are no surprises - artifacts surface more in the very last film. Most of it is quite flat and video-like but there are a few segments that look superior.

Audio - All original (monaural) and weak. It's just like someone filmed the live show (which is the case) and the musical numbers have no fidelity. You can hear the skit jokes but dialogue is scattered with little interference from crowd noises. No subtitles are offered. 

Extras - Nothing at all - perhaps some burlesque art or a documentary would have been of value to include. 

Overall impression: My complaint was that while I had a spark of interest in the uniqueness of the first disc - it seemed to drift when we got to the last 2 features where any classiness was eroded beyond repair. In researching this there is a whole 'cult' following on some of these gals - Mary Andes, Sunny Knight, Gilda and the tempestuous Tempest Storm! So while I had a level of amusement - I just don't have any idea who I could show these to - they are a little too bawdy for mixed company but not racy enough for, says, a Stag night. Some of the gals and humor are kinda cute - and the price isn't gouging for anyone keen on the, almost, 7 hours of late 40s and early 50s Burlesque entertainment.         

Gary W. Tooze

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Midnight Frolics (1949)


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Everybody's Girl (1950)


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French Follies (1951)


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"B" Girl Rhapsody (1952)


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NOTE: "B" Girl Rhapsody is reviewed on Blu-ray HERE


The A-B-C'S of Love (1953)


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A Night in Hollywood (1953)


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DVD Box Cover

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Distribution Image Entertainment - Region 1 - NTSC


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