(aka 'Leonardo DiCaprio Presents The 11th Hour')

Directed by Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Petersen
USA 1997


One of the most important steps in maturity is accepting that, in certain areas, we are totally ignorant and must rely on, and believe in, external data. Dismissing your usually excellent instincts and coming to grips with facts that don't run away and hide is not boring - it's just smart. In my teens I knew better. No matter how much the evidence showed I was wrong, I could overcome it. I was confident, in fact, sometimes overconfident and looking for an un-winnable battle just because I could... but now I'm older and realize that there is no advantage in bucking the odds.


I get a lot of DVDs sent to me - often as much as 20 per week. I can't watch them all and its very rare that I'll re-watch any specific one 3 times consequently. But I did with The 11th Hour and it was the third viewing that affected me the most. Now, I may not be very bright - but I know when I'm the dumbest person in the room. That is how I felt when watching expert after expert detailing, pretty much, the same information over and over in varying forms. Comparisons to Gore's An Inconvenient Truth will certainly arise and after viewing that and lending it to many friends - I was genuinely surprised at their indifference to the importance of 'Global Warming'. One described his high level of skepticism, and also admitted sleeping through much of it. In fact I am fascinated as to how people are moved and swayed in certain political and sociological directions. I think, there has to be some sort of 'selling' process to convince many. I have no idea about marketing so I wouldn't know how to go about it. But there must be some reason why individuals resist the overwhelming evidence. As one speaker in this documentary describes - 'Some scientists are amazed that in the media and in front of congress - we hear about people who say 'I believe in' or 'I don't believe' in global warming as if this were some object of religion, as opposed to based in evidence.'

The best thing about The 11th Hour, briefly touched on by An Inconvenient Truth, is how it approaches what circumstances are blocking people from making changes to help slow our destruction of this planet. A phenomenal number of experts are detailing that we are in a lot of trouble here folks. After record hurricanes, droughts and floods, what will be the next global catastrophe? How many will it take before we start convert to hybrid cars, slow our consumption of beef, install triple pane windows in our homes, limit the lengthy morning commute and essentially depreciate our dependency on oil? It's time to start - it's essential. Only YOU can alter our political and corporate structure that consistently ignores the scientific evidence - simply based on greed. This DVD may be one of the most important you'll ever see - and it's almost free at less than $5.


It's important to remain positive and as Deepak Chopra says 'People are really doing the best they can given their level of awareness.' I suggest it is time to get further aware. I can't find a viable reason not to buy this DVD for yourself or disbelieving friends. Only you can make the changes that the future residents of this planet require.

Gary Tooze

Theatrical Release: May 19th, 2007 - Cannes Film Festival

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5-part featurette (playable consecutively - running 1:29:42)

• "Nature's Operating Instructions and Solutions"
• "Solutions We have Right Now"
• "Wonder of the World"
• "Our Reactions in the Face of Environmental Collapse"
• "Religious Perspectives"

DVD Release Date: April 8th, 200
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The speakers of the films are all very compelling. It is wonderfully presented and DiCaprio's involvement - he serves as producer, co-writer, and narrator (along with the two directors - the three previously worked on the short films Global Warming and Water Planet) - hopefully gives credence and exposure to those that actually need to see it. The DVD is dual-layered, progressive and anamorphic. It is subtitled if necessary and the 5.1 channel audio is wasted but clear and clean for the valuable dialogue.

Supplements include another 1 1/2 hour documentary discussing solutions. It is divided into 5 sections- "Nature's Operating Instructions and Solutions", "Solutions We have Right Now", "Wonder of the World", "Our Reactions in the Face of Environmental Collapse" and "Religious Perspectives" - and has the same speakers giving details on the route we need to go to solve this catastrophic dilemma.

I'll be buying a dozen of these $5 DVDs to pass onto friends and relatives. I suppose that gesture alone indicates how important I think the subject matter is... and how convenient and affordable Warner and the Producers (including DiCaprio) are making this information available. Our highest recommendation. 

Gary W. Tooze


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