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OF August 30th, 2010

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Moreme!  - Another incredibly mixed bag - Milos Forman, Lars von Trier, Robert Altman, Satyajit Ray, Dario Argento, Kon Ichikawa, Sidney Lumet, Abbas Kiarostami, Ronald Neame and many more... calendar updates, additions to our essential Noir webpage HERE and another new contest with a sealed DVD package as the prize... Enjoy!

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Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 [Blu-ray] (James Algar, Samuel Armstrong etc.1940/2000) Walt Disney

Lost in Translation [Blu-ray] (Sofia Coppola, 2003) Universal Studios

The Complete Metropolis [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1927) Kino

Fantasia [Blu-ray] (James Algar, Samuel Armstrong etc.1940) RB UK Walt Disney

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [Blu-ray] (Ken Hughes, 1968) - 20th Century Fox

South of the Border [Blu-ray] (Oliver Stone, 2009) Cinema Libre

Los Olvidados (Luis Buñuel, 1950) - R2 UK inD/3DD

The Extra Man [Blu-ray] (Shari Springer Berman, 2010) Magnolia

The Rita Hayworth Film Collection (Cover Girl, 1944 - Tonight and Every Night, 1945 - Gilda, 1946 - Salome, 1953, Miss Sadie Thompson, 1953) - Sony Pictures

The Exploding Girl (Brad Rust Grey, 2009) - Oscilloscope

Locked Down [Blu-ray] (Daniel Zirilli, 2010) Lions Gate

Altitude [Blu-ray] (Kaare Andrews, 2010) Starz / Anchor Bay

The Night of the Hunter (Charles Laughton, 1955) Criterion

The Night of the Hunter [Blu-ray] (Charles Laughton, 1955) Criterion

Modern Times (Charles Chaplin, 1936) Criterion

Modern Times [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1936) Criterion

America Lost & Found-BBS Story Collection (Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, The Last Picture Show, The King of Marvin Gardens, Head; Drive, He Said; A Safe Place) Criterion

America Lost & Found-BBS Story Collection [Blu-ray] (Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, The Last Picture Show, The King of Marvin Gardens, Head; Drive, He Said; A Safe Place) Criterion

Antichrist (Lars von Trier, 2009) Criterion

Antichrist [Blu-ray] (Lars von Trier, 2009) Criterion

Peeping Tom Special Edition [Blu-ray] (Michael Powell, 1960) RB UK Optimum

City Lights [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1931) RB UK Park Circus

The Circus [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1928) RB UK Park Circus

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ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): I really enjoyed seeing Serpico, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and especially The Burmese Harp on Blu-ray this past week. On DVD - a second look at Shirin seemed to 'put me in my place' when I felt a bit high-handed about cinema and I found A Call Girl interesting although depth is... subtle. Personally, I'd pass on Eden Lake. I'll be indulging in the Noir The Locket - which is much more up my alley and thanks to Gregory for his coverage on this title as well as The Kim Novak Collection which includes Middle of the Night. Eric has covered the upcoming Argento DVD with his Inferno comparison. Leonard has obtained new captures for The Queen - and it is a title that has eluded me but I am intrigued enough to finally indulge. But it is Brian who has covered the lion's share of discs this week with three later films by the director in The Satyajit Ray Collection Vol. 3 , the lauded Birdwatchers, and some Criterion titles that I just haven't found the time to see - including Neame's Hopscotch, Altman's Secret Honor and the weird and wonderful The Honeymoon Killers!


The Satyajit Ray Collection Vol. 3 - Satyajit Ray is internationally acknowledged as one of the great masters of world cinema. This new collection features three more accomplished works. The Public Enemy (1990) An adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's 'An Enemy of the People' The Home and the World (1984) A Journey of a woman who recalls the events that moulded her perspective on the world. Deliverance (1981) An interesting look at the differences in the Indian caste system. DVD Release Date: August 23rd, 2010

The Locket - There are certainly any number of labyrinthianly complicated noirs, but nothing can quite prepare the viewer for the experience of watching John Brahm’s The Locket (1946), famous for its “flashback within a flashback within a flashback” structure, perhaps the most convoluted narrative in the history of noir. The plot itself is relatively simple: Nancy (Laraine Day) is a kleptomaniac, driven to steal anything that strikes her fancy (the original title of the film was “What Nancy Wanted”). DVD Release Date: August 3rd, 2010

Lou Reed's Berlin BD - Staging Berlin has been discussed for over 30 years and in December of 2006 it became a reality. Berlin was said to be one of the most depressing albums ever made and as it was brought to life it was far from dismal. Using the divided city of Berlin as its backdrop the story of Caroline and her lovers is told through the emotive and provocative words of Lou Reed. With performers like Fernando Saunders, Antony, Steve Hunter, Rob Wassermann, Rupert Christie and Sharon Jones, a seven piece orchestra and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus all working to create a captivating and enveloping world, Lou Reed is able to take the audience with him as he bares witness to Caroline's self-destruction. Blu-ray Release date: October 27th, 2008

Birdwatchers - It takes a director who has worked with Jorge Luis Borges to appreciate and depict the absurdities of life for indigenous people in the Amazon basin. Marco Bechis’ unsentimental and fiercely intelligent feature BirdWatchers reflects not only his own political expulsion from Argentina in the 1970s but also Chip, the film he planned with the great Argentine writer. BirdWatchers, set in Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, may not recall the radical mode of Third Cinema, but its tonal complexity, compelling performances and precise evocations of the spirit world are a far cry from the liberal campaigning film a viewer might expect on hearing that it is produced by Survival International. DVD Release Date: January 25th, 2010

The Burmese Harp BD - At the close of World War II, a Japanese army regiment in Burma surrenders to the British. Private Mizushima is sent on a lone mission to persuade a trapped Japanese battalion to surrender also. When the outcome is a failure, he disguises himself in the robes of a Buddhist monk in hope of temporary anonymity as he journeys across the landscape – but he underestimates the power of his assumed role. A visually extraordinary and deeply moving vision of horror, necessity, and redemption in the aftermath of war, Ichikawa’s breakthrough film is one of the great humanitarian affirmations of the cinema. Nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar and honoured at the Venice Film Festival... Blu-ray Release Date: August 30th, 2010

Anti Christ BD - Lars von Trier's controversial exploration of depression, guilt and sexuality stars Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a couple grieving the death of their young son. The mother is initially admitted to hospital following the incident, but her husband - a therapist - insists on taking her to their remote forest cabin, 'Eden', and looking after her himself. Presented in four chapters with a prologue and epilogue, the film charts the often violent and disturbing course of the couple's anguish as they immerse themselves in nature and act out their deep suffering in a sequence of increasingly bizarre and brutal rituals. Artificial Eye Blu-ray Release date: January 11th, 2010

Inferno - In New York, poetess Rose (Irene Miracle, THE NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS) discovers the alchemist-authored tome THE THREE MOTHERS in a nearby antique shop and learns that her apartment building is one of the houses of the damned belonging to Mater Tenebrarum (the mother of darkness) one of a trio of witches (the other two houses being in Frieberg, Germany - the setting of Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA - and the other being in Rome). An underwater subterranean lair complete with floating rotting corpses suggests to Rose that the book is a work of fact and she writes to her brother Mark (Leigh McCloskey), a music student in Rome. The appearance of Mater Lachrymarum (Ania Pieroni of Argento's TENEBRE) in his music class distracts Mark from reading his sister's letter which is discovered by classmate Sara (Eleonora Giorgi, THE STORY OF A CLOISTERED NUN) who seeks out the book and is herself menaced by a supernatural slasher. After Rose disappears, Mark goes to New York and learns more about her sister's interest in The Three Mothers from neighbor Elise (Daria Nicolodi, Argento's OPERA) and bookseller Kazanian (Sacha Pitoeff, LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD) who also mysteriously disappear while Mark follows clues that lead him to an eventual encounter with The Mother of Darkness. Alida Valli (SUSPIRIA) and Feodor Chaliapan (THE CHURCH) also star. DVD Release Date: September 13th, 2010

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves BD - Prepare to be dazzled as all the wonder, excitement, triumph, and treachery of the Arabian Nights come vibrantly to life in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves! Orphaned as a young child and adopted by a band of notorious thieves, now-grown Ali Baba (Jon Hall) sets out to avenge his father’s murder, reclaim the royal throne, and rescue his beloved Amara (Maria Montez) from the iron fist of his treacherous enemy. Lushly shot in glorious Technicolor® and featuring a cast of thousands, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is a cinematic feast for the senses to be enjoyed time and again. Blu-ray Release Date: August 30th, 2010

A Call Girl - Having grown up in small-town Slovenia, 23-year-old Alexandra embraces the excitement and anonymity of big city life when she moves to the capital. She styles herself as a call girl, planning to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. But her isolated existence English studies and mortgage payments by day, call girl lifestyle by night is shattered when one of her clients, a visiting politician, dies of a heart attack on her watch. Alexandra must suddenly confront fear, guilt, and desperation as she finds herself pursued by a band of local pimps, as well as the cops, hot on her trail. The old village life she had escaped from might now become her only refuge. DVD Release Date: September 7th, 2010

Serpico BD - Serpico was one of those fortunate circumstances in filmmaking where a compelling true story hit home with the mood of the country and the times. It all came together with an enthusiastic producer seeking to make his mark in the industry, an emerging young actor at the height of his talents backed by a strong supporting cast, and an experienced director with a feel for authentic locations and a sure hand at guiding performers to their best performance. Blu-ray Release Date: May 11th, 2010

Shirin - What Shirin shows us - and indeed all it shows us - is an audience of more than 100 women who are deeply absorbed in watching a film we never see. We observe instead how the drama plays out on the faces of the audience, seen in close up, mostly one at a time - a mesmerising series of portraits of women, young and old, their expressions variously wistful, quizzical, amused, enraptured and distraught. DVD Release Date: August 24h, 2010

The Kim Novak Collection - One of the most beautiful and talented stars to emerge from the studio era in the 1950s, Kim Novak has made an indelible mark on the cinema, and in the hearts of film fans all over the world. On August 3, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) unveils The Kim Novak Collection, featuring five of Novak's best-known films, fully restored and remastered, including two new to DVD. The must-have collection includes Jeanne Eagels with Jeff Chandler and Middle of the Night with Fredric March (each making their DVD debuts), as well as the Novak classics Picnic with William Holden and Rosalind Russell; Pal Joey with Frank Sinatra and Rita Hayworth; and Bell Book and Candle with James Stewart and Jack Lemmon. The Kim Novak Collection also features rare archival photographs of Kim Novak on set and at work on her most popular films as she shares her personal stories in newly recorded intimate conversations with author Stephen Rebello. DVD Release Date: August 3rd, 2010

Don't Look Up - Film director Marcus Reed (Reshad Strik, THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART II [the remake sequel]) is prone to supernatural visions which guided him to make his first horror hit but disastrously pull out of his sophomore effort. Inspired by a production still from an unfinished Hungarian horror film (the director was killed and the cast and crew vanished) based on a gypsy folktale about a gypsy woman who makes a deal with the devil to land a powerful husband in exchange for providing her first-born daughter to give birth to his spawn, Reed pens a script inspired by both the legend and what supposedly happened behind the scenes of the film. Leaving behind his cancer-stricken ex Claire (Alyssa Sutherland), Reed heads to Romania to shoot the film in the abandoned Transylvanian studio where the original film was shot. DVD Release Date: July 27th, 2010

Eden Lake BD - This fierce, thought-provoking ‘survival horror’ movie from ‘My Little Eye’ co-writer James Watkins sounds like a tabloid headline: Lovers’ Lakeside Hoody Horror. The romantic peace of Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender’s remote idyll is shattered by a gang of kids with a loud beat-box and a boisterous Rottweiler. Verbal confrontations escalate into knife-wielding violence, then the couple are hunted and tortured in the surrounding woods. Blu-ray Release date: January 19th, 2009

The Queen BD - One of the better films of 2006, The Queen gives us only a glimpse into the complex private and public lives of the Royal Family (one wisecrack about the estranged Princess Margaret by Elizabeth is about all we get.) Watching this Blu-ray edition in the privacy and sharp focus of my high definition theatre, I found myself appreciating even more the subtleties of the performances by Helen Mirren (who took home the Oscar) as Elizabeth II and Michael Sheen (underrated, I thought, then and now) as Tony Blair, especially with the help of historian Robert Lacey's commentary. Blu-ray Release date: April 24th, 2007

Hearts and Minds - A courageous and startling film, Peter Davis’s landmark documentary Hearts and Minds unflinchingly confronts the United States’ involvement in Vietnam. Using a wealth of sources—from interviews to newsreels to documentary footage of the conflict at home and abroad—Davis constructs a powerfully affecting portrait of the disastrous effects of war. Explosive, persuasive, and shocking, Hearts and Minds is an overwhelming emotional experience and the controversial winner of the 1974 Academy Award for Best Documentary. DVD Release Date: June 25th, 2002

Hopscotch - Miles Kendig knows too much. One of the CIA’s top international operatives, he suddenly finds himself relegated to a desk job in an agency power play. Unwilling to go quietly, Kendig, with the aid of a chic Viennese widow, puts himself back in the game by writing a memoir exposing the innermost secrets of every major intelligence agency in the world. The CIA wants Kendig dead, but he refuses to cooperate—he’s having too much fun. Based on Brian Garfield’s best-selling novel, and starring the inimitable comic team of Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson, Ronald Neame’s Hopscotch is a smart and stylish tale of international intrigue and a cat-and-mouse comedy. DVD Release Date: August 20th, 2002

Secret Honor - Sequestered in his home, a disgraced President Richard Milhous Nixon arms himself with a bottle of scotch and a gun to record memoirs that no one will hear. He is surrounded by the silent portraits of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Kissinger, and his mother, as he resurrects his past in a passionate attempt to defend himself and his political legacy. Based on the original play by Donald Freed and Arnold M. Stone, and starring Philip Baker Hall in a tour de force solo performance, Robert Altman’s Secret Honor is a searing interrogation of the Nixon mystique and an audacious depiction of unchecked paranoia. DVD Release Date: October 19th, 2004

The Firemen's Ball - A milestone of the Czech New Wave, Milos Forman’s first color film The Firemen’s Ball (Horí, má panenko) is both a dazzling comedy and a provocative political satire. A hilarious saga of good intentions confounded, the story chronicles a firemen’s ball where nothing goes right—from a beauty pageant whose reluctant participants embarrass the organizers to a lottery from which nearly all the prizes are pilfered. Presumed to be a commentary on the floundering Czech leadership, the film was “banned forever” in Czechoslovakia following the Russian invasion and prompted Forman’s move to America. DVD Release Date: February 12th, 2002

The Honeymoon Killers - Martha Beck (Shirley Stoler) is sullen, overweight and heartbreakingly alone. Desperate for affection, she joins Aunt Carrie’s Friendship Club and strikes up a correspondence with Ray Fernandez (Tony Lo Bianco), a suave, charismatic smooth talker who could be the man of her dreams—or a wicked con artist bound for trouble. Based on a true story and filmed in documentary-style black and white, The Honeymoon Killers is a stark portrayal of the desperate lengths to which a lonely heart will go to find true love, from brutally immoral killings to a passion that transcends all bounds. DVD Release Date: July 22nd, 2003

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9th Company (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] (Fyodor Bondarchuk, 2005) Well Go USA

A Quiet Little Marriage (Mo Perkins, 2008) MPI

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves [Blu-ray] (Arthur Lubin, 1944) RB UK Eureka (BEAVER REVIEW)

Black Blood Brothers [Blu-ray] (Hiroaki Yoshikawa, 2006) Funimation

The Burmese Harp [Blu-ray] (Kon Ichikawa, 1956) RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

Cinévardaphoto (Agnès Varda, 2004) Cinema Guild

Dick Barton Special Agent (British TV Series) - VCI

The Evil Dead [Blu-ray] (Sam Raimi, 1981) Anchor Bay/Starz

The Final Girl (Todd Verow, 2010) Breaking Glass Pictures

Flesh Eater [Blu-ray] (Chang Cheh, 1973) Shriek Show

Forbidden Dreams (Emanuele Di Cola, 1973) Mya Communication

Four Lions [Blu-ray] (Christopher Morris, 2010) RB UK Elevation Sales

Harry Brown [Blu-ray] (Daniel Barber, 2009) Sony Pictures

Hell Is Sold Out (Michael Anderson, 1951) VCI

Legong - Dance of the Virgins (Henri de la Falaise, 1935) Milestone

Monamour (Tinto Brass, 2005) Cult Epics

The Name of the Rose [Blu-ray] (Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1986) RB DE Kinowelt GmbH

Nanny McPhee [Blu-ray] (Kirk Jones, 2005) Universal Studios

Point of Terror (Alex Nicol, 1971) Scorpion

The Red Riding Trilogy [Blu-ray] (In the Year of Our Lord 1974, 1980, and 1983) Mpi Home Video (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sons of Anarchy: Season Two [Blu-ray] - Twentieth Century Fox

"Thriller" (1960 - 62) - Complete TV series - Image Entertainment

The World [Blu-ray] (Zhang Ke Jia, 2004) RB UK - Masters of Cinema


September 6th, 2010


8 Diagram Pole Fighter (Chia-Liang Liu, 1984) Weinstein

A Call Girl (Damjan Kozole, 2009) Film Movement (BEAVER REVIEW)

After.Life [Blu-ray] (Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo, 2009) RB UK

Bent [Blu-ray] (Sean Mathias, 1997) RB UK Park Circus

The Black Dahlia [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 2006) Universal

Blood Into Wine [Blu-ray] (Ryan Page + Christopher Pomerenke, 2010) Channel Resources

Criminal Minds: Fifth Season - Paramount

La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet [Blu-ray] (Frederick Wiseman, 2009) RB FR Editions Montparnasse

The Eisenstein Collection Vol.2 - Bezhin Meadow (1937); Alexander Nevsky (1938); Ivan The Terrible Part 1 (1944); Ivan The Terrible Part 2: The Boyars Plot (1958) - R2 UK Palisades Tartan

Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010, Banksy) R2 UK Revolver Entertainment

Exit Through the Gift Shop [Blu-ray] (2010, Banksy) R2 UK Revolver Entertainment

The Exploding Girl (Brad Rust Grey, 2009) - Oscilloscope

Forbidden Planet [Blu-ray] (Fred M. Wilcox, 1956) Warner

Four Lions [Blu-ray] (Christopher Morris, 2010) - RB UK Elevation Sales

TCM Greatest Classic Films: Hammer Horror (Dracula Has Risen From the Grave, Frankenstein Must be Destroyed, Horror of Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein) - Warner Home Video

In Cold Blood [Blu-ray] (Richard Brooks, 1967) Sony

Kind Hearts and Coronets [Blu-ray] (Robert Hamer, 1949) RB UK Elevation Sales

The Magnificent Seven [Blu-ray] (John Sturges, 1960) RB UK

Mars Attacks! [Blu-ray] (Tim Burton, 1996) Warner

Peter Greenaway Boxset (8-disc) - The Baby of Mâcon (1993), The Draughtsman's Contract (1982), Drowning by Numbers (1988), 8 ½ Women (1999), Peter Greenaway: A Documentary, The Pillow Book (1996), Prospero's Books (1991) and A Zed & Two Noughts (1985) - R2 Aus Umbrella Entertainment

The Phantom [Blu-ray] (Paolo Barzman, 2009) Rhi Entertainment

The Player [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1992) Turner Home Entertainment

Playing for Time (Daniel Mann, 1980) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Robert Kramer : Millestones - Ice - R2 FR Arcades Video

The Skeleton Key [Blu-ray] (Iain Softley, 2005) Universal

Solitary Man [Blu-ray] (David Levien, Brian Koppelman - 2010) Anchor Bay

Starcrash [Blu-ray] (Luigi Cozzi, 1978) Shout! Factory

That Evening Sun [Blu-ray] (Scott Teems, 2009) Image Entertainment

That Evening Sun (Night Cover) [Blu-ray] (Scott Teems, 2009) Image Entertainment

THX 1138 (The George Lucas Director's Cut) [Blu-ray] (George Lucas,1971) Warner

Tommy [Blu-ray] (Ken Russell, 1975) Sony Pictures

While the City Sleeps (Fritz Lang, 1956) R2 UK Exposure



September 13th, 2010


Afterschool (Antonio Campos, 2008) MPI

Bird With A Crystal Plumage [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1970) RB UK Arrow Video

Bored to Death: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] (2009) HBO

Breathless [Blu-ray] (Jean-Luc Godard, 1960) - Criterion Collection

Bronco Bullfrog [Blu-ray] (Barney Platts-Mills, 1969) RB BFI

Le Cercle Rouge [Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1970) RB UK Optimum (BEAVER REVIEW)

Le Cercle Rouge [Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1970) RB FR Studio Canal (BEAVER REVIEW)

Le Cercle Rouge [Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1970) RB DE Kinowelt (BEAVER REVIEW)

Delicatessen [Blu-ray] (Marc Caro + Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1991) Lionsgate (BEAVER REVIEW)

Delicatessen [Blu-ray] (Marc Caro + Jean-Pierre, 1991) Region FREE UK Optimum (BEAVER REVIEW)

Delicatessen [Blu-ray] (Marc Caro + Jean-Pierre, 1991) Region FREE DE Kinowelt (BEAVER REVIEW)

Delicatessen [Blu-ray] (Marc Caro + Jean-Pierre, 1991) Region FREE FR Studio Canal (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 24: The Actuality Dramas of Allan King - Criterion Collection

The Graduate [Blu-ray] (Mike Nichols, 1967) Region FREE UK Optimum (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Graduate [Blu-ray] (Mike Nichols, 1967) Region FREE FR Studio Canal (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Graduate [Blu-ray] (Mike Nichols, 1967) Region FREE DE Kinowelt (BEAVER REVIEW)

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush [Blu-ray] (Clive Donner, 1968) RB UK BFI Video

Inferno (Dario Argento, 1980) R2 UK - Arrow Video (BEAVER REVIEW)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers [Blu-ray] (Philip Kaufman, 1978) MGM

Ivul (Andrew Kotting, 2009) R2 UK Artificial Eye

Jacob's Ladder [Blu-ray] (Adrian Lyne, 1990) Lions Gate

Mandingo [Blu-ray] (Richard Fleischer, 1975) Legend Films

March of the Wooden Soldiers [Blu-ray] (Gus Meins + Charley Rogers, 1934) Legend Films

Mercury Rising [Blu-ray] (Harold Becker, 1998) Universal

Sword Masters: Mighty Peking Man [Blu-ray] (Meng Hua Ho, 1977) Well Go USA

Mulholland Dr. [Blu-ray] (David Lynch, 2001) RB UK Elevation Sales

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? (Werner Herzog, 2009) First Look

Obsession (Brian De Palma, 1976) R2 UK Arrow Video

Oliver Twist [Blu-ray] (Roman Polanski, 2005) RB DE Universum Film GmbH

The Paolo Sorrentino Collection (Il Divo / The Consequences of Love / The Family Friend / One Man Up) R2 UK Artificial Eye

Los Olvidados (Luis Buñuel, 1950) - R2 UK inD/3DD

The Pianist [Blu-ray] (Roman Polanski, 2002) RB UK Elevation Sales

The Pirates of Penzance (Wilford Leach, 1983) Universal Studios

Return of 5 Deadly Venoms (Chang Cheh, 1978) Weinstein

The Return of the Living Dead [Blu-ray] (Dan O'Bannon, 1985) MGM

Se7en [Blu-ray] (David Fincher, 1995) Warner

Secretary [Blu-ray] (Steven Shainberg, 2002) RB UK Palisades Tartan

Starcrash (Roger Corman Cult Classics) [Blu-ray] (Luigi Cozzi, 1978) Shout! Factory

Sword Masters: All Men Are Brothers [Blu-ray] (Cheh Chang + Ma Wu, 1975) Well Go USA

Terminal Island (Stephanie Rothman, 1973) Code Red

The Third Man [Blu-ray] (Carol Reed, 1949) LionsGate (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Third Man [Blu-ray] (Carol Reed, 1949) RB UK Optimum (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Third Man [Blu-ray] (Carol Reed, 1949) RB DE Kinowelt (BEAVER REVIEW)

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Twilight Zone: Season One [Blu-ray] - Image Entertainment

Unleashed [Blu-ray] (Louis Leterrier, 2005) Universal

Vincere [Blu-ray] (2009, Marco Bellocchio) RB UK Artificial Eye


September 20th, 2010


American Beauty [Blu-ray] (Sam Mendes, 1999) Dreamworks Video

Calvin Marshall [Blu-ray] (Gary Lundgren, 2010) Passion River

Charade [Blu-ray] (Stanley Donen, 1963) - Criterion Collection

Collapse [Blu-ray] (Chris Smith, 2009) Nat'l Geographic

Compulsion (Richard Fleischer, 1959) R2 UK Second Sight

Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl (Manoel de Oliveira, 2009) Cinema Guild

The Experiment [Blu-ray] (Paul Scheuring, 2010) - Sony Pictures

Eyes Wide Open [Blu-ray] (Haim Tabakman, 2009) R'B' UK Peccadillo Pictures

Fantomas: Five Film Collection - Kino

Forbidden Planet [Blu-ray] (Fred M. Wilcox, 1956) Region FREE UK - Warner

The Ghost Writer [Blu-ray] (Roman Polanski, 2010) RB UK Optimum

Guillermo Del Toro Collection [Blu-ray] (The Devil's Backbone, Pan's Labyrinth and Cronos) RB UK Elevation Sales

I Spit On Your Grave [Blu-ray] (Meir Zarchi, 1978) RB UK 101 Films

Kill Zone [Blu-ray] (Wilson Yip, 2005) Dragon Dynasty

Last Night (Don McKellar, 1998) R2 UK Park Circus

Mars Attacks! [Blu-ray] (Tim Burton, 1996) Region FREE UK Warner

"Middletown" (Peter Davis etc, 1982) Icarus Films

Modesty Blaise (Joseph Losey, 1966) R2 UK Second Sight

Mother [Blu-ray] (Joon-Ho Bong, 2009) - RB UK Elevation Sales

Films of Nikita Mikhalkov: Volume 1- A Slave of Love, Without Witness (1983), Five Evenings (1979) and Oblomov (1980) - Kino

Ondine [Blu-ray] (Neil Jordan, 2009) Magnolia

The Peacemaker [Blu-ray] (Mimi Leder, 1997) Dreamworks Video

The Secret in Their Eyes [Blu-ray] (Juan José Campanella, 2009) Sony Pictures Classics

Sons of Cuba (Andrew Lang, 2009) R2 UK Mr Bongo Films

(Untitled) [Blu-ray] (Jonathan Parker, 2009) Screen Media

Vigilante [Blu-ray] (William Lustig, 1983) Blue Underground

The World At War: The Ultimate Restored Edition [Blu-ray] - RB UK Fremantle

The Zookeeper (Ralph Ziman, 2001) Brink


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