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directed by Bavo Defurne
Beligum/Luxembourg/France 2016


No one suspects that pÔtÚ factory worker Liliane (Isabelle Huppert, ELLE) was once the ABBA-esque European Song Contest winner "Laura" who faded into obscurity after divorcing her husband/manager/composer/accountant Tony Jones (Johan Leysen, BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF) except for Jean (KÚvin Aza´s, LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT), a temporary worker who is training as a boxer for the local championship. At first she feigns ignorance about his suspicions but eventually relents, and the monotony of her life starts to become unbearable. Agreeing to a single concert for the boxing society, Liliane makes a favorable impression but the public attention causes her to withdraw again, finding solace only in her newfound romantic relationship with younger Jean. When Jean loses his title fight, he encourages Liliane to make a comeback and becomes her manager. The gigs are rather thankless at first but Jean remains optimistic and encourages her to enter into the next European Song Contest. Seemingly more out of her love for Jean and encouraging him, Liliane secretly seeks help from ex-husband Tony who is also on the judging panel. She is a success during her audition and makes it into the finals, but will her new fame overshadow her relationship with Jean? A saccharine Belgian effort that at first seems to be a waste of time for Huppert - although fans may feel she is entitled to a break after a string of nutcases and control freaks - SOUVENIR ends up being frothy but inoffensive time-waster.

Eric Cotenas


Theatrical Release: 21 December 2016 (France)

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DVD Review: Strand Releasing - Region 1 - NTSC

Big thanks to Eric Cotenas for the Review!

DVD Box Cover

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Strand Releasing

Region 1 - NTSC

Runtime 1:30:42

2.35:1 Original Aspect Ratio

16X9 enhanced
Average Bitrate: 8.43 mb/s
NTSC 720x480 29.97 f/s

NOTE: The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second. The Horizontal is the time in minutes.


Audio French Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles English, none
Features Release Information:
Studio: Strand Releasing

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen anamorphic - 2.35:1

Edition Details:
� Theatrical Trailer (1:53)
� Previews

DVD Release Date: 22 May 2018

Chapters 8



Strand Releasing afford a dual-layer, high bitrate encode to this digitally-photographed production that favors generally naturalistic color correction with certain scenes steeped in a dreamy softness and reds seeming to glow. The Dolby Digital 5.1 track is front-oriented but comes to life during the romantic and musical sequences while optional English subtitles are provided. There are no extras apart from the film's trailer and trailers for other featurings (including the director's earlier NORTH SEA TEXAS).

  - Eric Cotenas


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DVD Box Cover

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Strand Releasing

Region 1 - NTSC


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