(aka 'Nekam Achat Mishtey Eynay' or 'Pour un seul de mes deux yeux')

Directed by Avi Mograbi
France / Israel  2005


The title comes from Samson's famous last prayer asking God to give him the strength one last time to take revenge... 


Shot in the Occupied Territories by Israeli director Avi Mograbi, this controversial documentary parallels the Israeli - Palestinian situation with the myths of Samson and Masada. Mograbi offers a powerful, at times chilling, lament of the continuing cycles of violence rooted in the past and threatening to engulf everyone's future.


Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi’s latest documentary, Avenge But One of My Two Eyes, has an unabashedly provocative thesis. Throughout the film, Mograbi juxtaposes footage of Palestinians being humiliated by Israeli guards with scenes of Jewish tourists being regaled by tales of their ancestors’ historical struggles for freedom. Focusing on the oft-retold stories of Samson (who, after being blinded and humiliated by the Philistines, knocked an entire temple down to crush his oppressors) and Masada (the site where over 900 Jews committed suicide to resist becoming slaves of the conquering Romans), the director highlights the hypocrisy of his fellow countrymen for celebrating these ancient tales as they simultaneously condemn the Palestinians for acting out in a similarly violent manner.

Excerpt from not coming to a theater near you (Beth Gilligan) review located HERE

Theatrical Release: May 2005 - Cannes Film Festival

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• Interview with Director Avi Mograbi

• Liner notes with essay by Mark Cousins

DVD Release Date: November 13th, 2006

Transparent Keep Case
Chapters: 11



Solid image from Second Run on this fine documentary. A progressive transfer from a digital production (bumped to 35mm?) it has a sharp, bright appearance with no glaring artefacts at all. The optional subtitles are very well done.

There is a 15-minute interview with director Avi Mogarbi as an extra and he relates some of the important production hurtles and extended reception of the film. Also included are some liner notes with an essay by Mark Cousins. The film is a good one that will hopefully reach a large audience through this DVD. Worthy viewing! Thanks to Second Run for bringing it to our attention. 

Gary W. Tooze


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Distribution Second Run DVD - Region 0 - PAL



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