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Directed by Alan Peterson
USA 2008


Hillary The Movie uses Hillary Rodham Clinton's own words and deeds to expose her record of cynicism, controversy, and scandal. This new documentary illustrates that the politics of personal destruction is Hillary s favored approach to dealing with anyone who stands in her way. The film includes over 30 in-depth interviews with experts and opinion makers.

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DVD Review: Citizens United Productions - Region 0 - NTSC

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Distribution Citizens United Productions - Region 0 - NTSC

The newer Hillary! Uncensored- The Movie Banned By the Media directed by Neil Cope is a different film altogether - focusing more on the multiple illegalities utilized to win Hillary's seat in the U.S. Senate... and keep it.



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Audio English (Dolby Digital 2.0) 
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Release Information:
Studio: Citizens United Productions

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Original Aspect Ratio 1.78:1

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DVD Release Date: January 15th, 200
Keep Case
Chapters: 8





I try to steer DVDBeaver out of political circles to the best of my ability but as I was exposed to this recently (from a good friend) I felt it may be our miniscule support of the bludgeoning current events that I can't help but be exposed to almost daily.

I'm a Canadian and view US politics from a distance usually admitting I know less than I should with only moderate enthusiasm to improve that state. I don't read any newspapers ('cept the digital NY Times daily or BBC online) and only watch some of the speeches/debates via YouTube. I feel quite ignorant at times - a real nobody. I lean left but tried my darn-dest to watch this without any prejudices despite being flabbergasted why Hillary Clinton is running for the Democratic nomination (and hence, presidency of the United States). If she hadn't simply married Bill Clinton, what real qualifications does she have to even be a senator? - let alone the most powerful person in the country?

Sure, this is a hatchet job - very obviously and I have a pretty good memory and recall many of the incidents discussed here in Hillary The Movie. But others I was less aware of, including how the Clinton pair abused the IRS to attack most of those who stood to hurt their perception(s) - including many of the women William Jefferson philandered with (well, those that dare come forward).

Yes, they are many factual points here and she is, undoubtedly astonishingly corrupt, but granted, she is also a politician, not 'the devil incarnate' - home-schooled by an absolute 'master' in obfuscation. But, most people would have their eyes thrust wide open by matter-of-fact testimony from the likes of Mark Levin, Newt Gingrich, Michael Barone, Dick Morris, Ann Coulter and many others. It's a bit hit-and-miss at times with its points but even as a slap-dash muckraking campaign and burrowing a little incessantly into less relevant circumstances - the points end up being painfully clear.

One amusing segment has Hillary, on Martin Luther King's birthday - in a black Baptist church saying in a speech "...the House of Representatives is run like a plantation... and you all know what I'm talking about." Hmmm.... It makes one wonder just what she would have to do or say to make the media stop giving her a 'pass'. Fascinating stuff.

When asked why Senator Clinton voted 'Yes' on a certain Bill - the response from her camp was "she was moving from 'primary mode' to 'general election' mode." Okay... I guess that's politics in a nutshell - avoid the question, focus on the motives.

Ohhhh yeah, the DVD - single-layered and interlaced. No subtitles - fit only to disseminate, what some might view as, negative propaganda about Hillary Clinton. Others might say it's an expose. 

Winston Churchill once said (paraphrasing) "Americans always make the right decision... just not until they have exhausted all other possibilities." I'm confident that the intelligent citizens of the United States will supersede those who just like how Hillary looks in a pantsuit. Seeing this DVD may make people feel that this woman should be removed from any level of 'power', as opposed to having an almost a zenith level granted her. It represents her as one of the other possibilities that just needs to be exhausted. Some, or most is negative propaganda against the Clintons but there are some salient, more factual, points including the Bill Hays incident. Many Clinton supportors are so very tired of these intensive attacks, but one might ask the question; 'why are there so many?' is all the evidence fabricated? methinks not. Worth seeing if you can separate the obvious from the sincere (ex. Hays in tears).   

Gary W. Tooze


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