(aka "Bad Blood" or "Bad Seed")


directed by Billy Wilder
France 1934


Mauvaise Graine is a picture which was made in France, a picture I made for $100,000, with lots of a automobile chases, because it is about young automobile thieves in Paris. And I had to make all the chases out of a truck, there was no transparency to use. No transparancy for a chase - that's death. Because for a chase you would like a car to go 130 miles an hour, but I had to do it from the back of a truck, driving around Paris. It was done for no money at all. I was not shooting that picture in a studio, I was shooting that picture in a garage.
BW: /.../ But it was a sound film, you know? The dialogue must be terrible, right? How did you see this film?
CC: You can find a bootleg video copy if you root around a little.
BW: Yeah? I never saw the picture after Paris. I never saw the picture after 1934.
CC: Would you like to see a copy?
BW: No.
Conversations with Wilder (Crowe, 1999)

Excerpt from Conversations with Wilder (Crowe, 1999)

Theatrical Release: 1934

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DVD Review: Image Entertainment - Region 1 - NTSC

Big thanks to Daniel Mott for the Review!

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Studio: Image Entertainment

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• Bonus Short

DVD Release Date: November 26, 2002
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The transfer is pictureboxed and there are varying degrees of film damage throughout, but overall it's an acceptable transfer considering the age and relative obscurity of this Wilder film.

The DVD is a bit pricey but I was happy to see this little bagatelle and the animated bonus short was a delight. If you can find it at the right price, I recommend it!

 - Daniel Mott

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Image Entertainment

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