(aka 'Carne y demonio' or 'The Devil and the Flesh')

Mexico 1951


Mexican ambassadors and nationalists called Los Olvidados a crime against the state and while Luis Bu˝uel's friend Georges Sadoul found the director's depiction of police and state officials "too bourgeois," surrealists and intellectuals alike had nothing but praise for the film. Bu˝uel loathed the film's ridiculous French subtitle PitiÚ pour eux (Pity on Them) yet the film's international success meant that Mexico would soon come around. That same year, Bu˝uel would direct Susana (The Devil and the Flesh), possibly the most unspectacular film of his career. Bu˝uel's perfectly routine melodrama (a remake of Alexander Korda's 1929 The Squall) begins evocatively enough inside the Reformatorio del Estado with the titular heroine (Rosita Quintana) staring at the silhouette of a cross reflected on the floor from a nearby windowsill. She prays to God for forgiveness ("Dear God! You made me the way I am!"), begs for a miracle, and receives it in the form of Herculean strength (or possibly blind luck) when the bars of her cell's windowsill miraculously come loose.

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Theatrical Release: April 11th, 1951

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DVD Review: Facets (Cinemateca) - Region 0 - NTSC

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DVD Release Date: November 27th, 2007

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Facets bare-bones, single-layered, interlaced DVD release is about as low as you can go. The image quality is very poor. The only thing it has going for it is the film. The transfer is akin to a VHS to DVD port... it's even worse than I was anticipating. El Bruto, also by the Cinemateca/Facets bandits, looks far cleaner and has superior detail.

I guess the point of my review would be to inform you of what to expect if you, as a loyal Bu˝uelian, decide to purchase. Cited as Cinemateca releases with Facets as the distributor I think these people have some real chutzpa to ask even $16 but all-in-all for the film, and completists, its not as bad as it could have been.  There are lots of visible damage marks - with expectations that some of the frame sides are missing.  There are decent, if smallish, removable English subtitles (see sample) which is good as the audio is as weak as the image. I'd love to see this again in s sparkling restored print but I don't expect that this will be forthcoming by any DVD production house.

I really enjoy the Mexican Bu˝uel efforts even is they are totally dissimilar to much of his later work. This is a lot about sex and femininity and it ranks up there with some of the directors more impacting and accessible melodramatic work - of which there is not a lot as it almost seems contrary to his noted style.

I'll say it again - 'Hey, how about an Eclipse release? - Bu˝uel in Mexico!' 

Gary W. Tooze



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Distribution Facets - Region 0 - NTSC


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