(aka 'Miracle of Marcelino')

Directed by Ladislao Vajda
Spain / Italy 1955


  The Spanish film "Marcelino," (Miracle in Marcelino) which opened at the Fine Arts last night, is one of those lovely little pictures that stand out oddly on the cold commercial screen, for it is, in its theme and essence, a very special religious fantasy. It moves, with a pureness of spirit, in the realm of simple Christian faith and it comes to a supernatural climax that draws entirely on devout credulity.

Admirers of the beautifully pictorial should find it a photographic gem; those sensitive to poetic image-making should be touched by its candid poignancy.

All it tells is the simple story of a little Spanish lad who is raised by the gentle brothers of a poor monastery into whose lives he brings the extraordinary happiness of caring for a healthy, normal child.

Excerpt from the NY Times located HERE


Theatrical Release: February 24th, 1955

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Distribution VCI Entertainment - Region 0 - NTSC
Runtime 1:25:42 
Video 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
Average Bitrate: 5.43 mb/s
NTSC 720x480 29.97 f/s

NOTE: The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second. The Horizontal is the time in minutes.


Audio Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0), DUB: English (Dolby Digital 2.0) 
Subtitles English, None

Release Information:
Studio: VCI Video

Aspect Ratio:
Original Aspect Ratio 1.33:1

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• Sneak Peek at the 92' remake
• 55 Version English trailer
55 Version Spanish trailer
• 92 trailer

DVD Release Date: July 27th, 2004

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Chapters: 12




VCI is not a name synonymous with strong, or even decent, DVD transfers. But this is an exception. This is by no means perfect - it is non-progressive and, we assume judging by the bitrate graph, from an analog source but the contrast is very strong (possible boosted black levels) and detail is excellent. The combing is fine and very limited. There are some digital artifacts and the optional subtitles are in a ghastly yellow, very bold, hard to read, font. I listened to the Spanish audio (there is an English DUB option) and it was consistent and fairly clean if unremarkable. Although there are some issues that we don't like this DVD is certainly watchable.

The film is a hidden gem that I luckily stumbled across totally by accident. It is the type of cinema that you can see many individuals really attaching themselves to - simple, wholesome, exporting strong religious and philosophical values. Yes, we recommend!

Gary W. Tooze


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Distribution VCI Entertainment - Region 0 - NTSC


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