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Natural Born Killers
Universal Dir. Cut Australia RC4
Laserparadise Dir. Cut Deluxe Edition Germany RC2
Best Entertainment Dir. Cut Germany RC2
Neues vom Hexer
Kinowelt Germany RC2
Universum Germany RC2
The NeverEnding Story
Universum European Version Germany RC2
Universum European Version Special Edition Germany RC2
Universum US Version Germany RC2
Universum US Version Special Edition Germany RC2
Night Of The Living Dead
Oracle Home Entertainment UK RC2
M.I.B. Theatrical Cut Germany RC2
M.I.B. Anniversary Edition Germany RC2
Elite Entertainment Millenium Edition US RC1
Night On Earth
Arthaus Germany RC2
Second Sight UK RC2

Gaumont France RC2
Columbia Tristar UK RC2
Columbia Tristar Korea RC3
Nikita (German 1st Editions)
Eurovideo Germany RC2
Cineplus Germany RC2
(Columbia Tristar UK RC2)
Nobody's Fool
Universum Film Germany RC2
Paramount Pictures US RC1
North By Northwest
Warner Bros Germany RC2
Warner Bros Australia RC4
Warner Bros US RC1
British Film Institute UK RC2
Films sans Frontieres France RC2
(= Collection Ciné-club France RC2)
image Entertainment Release 2001 US RC1
Kino on Video US RC1
Eurovideo Germany RC2
PT Video UK RC2
Criterion US RC1
Seil KOR RC0