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Anchor Bay Limited Edition US RC1
Anchor Bay 25th Anniv. Edition US RC1
Marketing-Film Germany RC2
Laser Paradise Germany RC2
Happy Together
Artificial Eye UK RC2
Kino Video Special Edition US RC1
Hard Boiled
Criterion Collection US RC0
Fox Lorber US RC1
Mei Ah Remastered Edition Hong Kong RC3
Tartan Remastered Edition (2004) UK RC2
The Haunting (1999)
Dreamworks Germany RC2
Dreamworks US RC1
Head Above Water
Mediacs Germany RC2
NewLine US RC1
highlight dvd Germany RC2
Edko Films Ltd Hong Kong RC3
Bitwin Ultimate Edition Korea RC3
Elite Group Japan RC2
Der Hexer
(The Mysterious Magician)

Kinowelt Germany RC2
Ufa Germany RC2
Republic Pictures US RC1
Anchor Bay US RC1
Kinowelt Germany RC2
High Noon
Kinowelt Germany RC2
Republic Pictures US RC1
Republic/Artisan Collector's Edition US RC1
High Tension

Mc One Rental DVD Germany RC2
Fox Pathé Édition 2 DVD France RC2
Dreamix Special Edition Kores RC0
Hitchcock's Rebecca
PT Video UK RC2
Criterion Special Edition US RC1
The Hours
highlight dvd Germany RC2
Paramount US RC1
House Of Flying Daggers
EDKO 1st Edition RC3
EDKO Special Edition RC3
How Green Was My Valley
20th Century Fox US RC1
20th Century Fox Studio Classics US RC1
The Hudsucker Proxy
Concorde Video Germany RC2
Warner Bros US RC1