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Back To The Future
Universal Pictures Germany RC2
Universal Pictures US RC1
Back To The Future II
Universal Pictures 1st Edition Germany RC2
Universal Pictures 1st Edition US RC1
Universal Pictures 2nd Edition Germany RC2
Back To The Future III
Universal Pictures 1st Edition Germany RC2
Universal Pictures 1st Edition US RC1
Universal Pictures Zwischenauflage Germany RC2
Universal Pictures 2nd Edition Germany RC2
Bad Taste

Marketing Reissue Germany RC2
Anchor Bay US RC0
Astro Germany RC2
Bagdad Cafe
(aka. Out Of Rosenheim)

Arthaus Germany RC2
Mk2 France RC2
Barton Fink
Universal Germany RC2
20th Century Fox US RC1
Basic Instinct
MAWA/VCL Germany RC2
Kinowelt Special Edition Germany RC2
Artisan Limited Edition US RC1
Battle Royale
Tartan 1st edition UK RC0
M6 France RC2
Tartan NTSC 5.1 UK RC0
Battle Royale Extended Cut
StarMax Korea Extended Cut RC0
Tartan Extended Cut UK RC0
Battle Royale II
Kinowelt Germany Verleih-DVD (RC2)
Universe Laser Hong Kong (RC3)
Beauty And The Beast (1946)
Criterion Collection 1st Edition US RC0
Criterion Collection 2nd Edition US RC0
Bed and Board
Mk2 France RC2
Criterion Collection US RC1
Belle de jour
Miramax US RC1
Studio Canal France RC2
Belleville Rendez-vous
Concorde Germany RC2
Televisions Editions France RC2
Tartan UK RC0
Bend It Like Beckham
highlight video Germany RC2
Redbus Entertainment UK RC2
Icon Home Entertainment Australia RC4
Dawoori Entertainment Korea RC0
Ben Hur
Warner Germany RC2
Warner Edition Collector France RC2
Warner US RC1
Betty Blue - Dir. Cut
Madman Cinema Australia RC0
Film Office France RC2
Bicycle Thieves
(aka. The Bicycle Thief)

Image Entertainment US RC1
Films Sans Frontieres France RC2
Big Trouble in Little China
20th Century Fox Special Edition Germany RC2
20th Century Fox Special Edition US RC1
Björk: All Is Full Of Love
One Little Indian Record UK RC2
WEA/Elektra Entertainment US RC0
Blade II
Warner Germany RC2
Entertainment in Video UK RC2
New Line Platinum US RC1
Blood Simple
Columbia Tristar (FSK 18) Germany RC2
Universal Pictures (Dir Cut) US RC1
The Blue Angel
(Der Blaue Engel)

Ufa Germany RC2
Eureka UK RC2
Collection Ciné-club France RC2
Blue Velvet
MGM Gold Edition Germany RC2
Sanctuary Visual Entertainment UK RC2
MGM Special Edition US RC2
Das Boot
Eurovideo Special Edition Germany RC2
Columbia Tristar Superbit UK RC2
Columbia Tristar Superbit US RC1

Columbia Tristar Uncut Original Version US RC1
Bowling for Columbine
A-Film Netherlands RC2
Momentum Special Edition UK RC2
MGM Special Edition US RC1
Boys Don't Cry
Fox Germany RC2
Fox US RC1
Fox Germany RC2
Criterion US RC0
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Columbia Tristar Germany RC2
TVF-Films 3 Disc Collector's Edition Canada RC1
Studio Canal Édition Collector 3 DVD France RC2
Brother Of Sleep
(aka. Schlafes Bruder)

VCL/MAWA Germany RC2
Kinowelt/Arthaus Germany RC2
Buena Vista Social Club
Eurovideo Germany RC2
Artisan US RC1
A Bug's Life
Disney/Pixar US RC1
Disney/Pixar 1st Edition Germany RC2
Disney/Pixar Deluxe Edition Germany RC2
Bullet in the Head
Kinowelt Germany RC2
Mega Star Hong Kong RC3
Fortune Star John Woo Collection Hong Kong RC3
Hong Kong Legends UK RC2
Bullets Over Broadway
Miramax UK RC2
Miramax US RC1
The Burbs
Universal Germany RC2
Universal US RC1
The Butterfly Effect New Line Home Entertainment DC US RC1
New Line Home Entertainment TC US RC1
Deltamac Hong Kong Dir Cut RC3
Deltamac Hong Kong Theatrical Cut RC3