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e-m-s Premium Edition Schweiz RC2
Legend Home Entertainment Germany RC2
Media Blasters Dir. Cut US RC1
KSS-Films Japan Japan RC2
Vertical Ray Of Sun
(aka At the Height Of Summer)

Artificial Eye UK RC2
Columbia Tristar US RC1
Universal Pictures US RC1
Universal Pictures Germany RC2
Very Bad Things
Splendid Entertainment Uncut Germany RC2
Polygram Video Widescreen US RC1
Polygram Video Fullscreen US RC1
Universal Germany RC2
Universal US RC1
Criterion Collection US RC1
The Virgin Suicides
Mediacs Germany RC2
Capelight Germany RC2
Paramount US RC1
Volcano High (aka Whasango)
e-m-s Germany RC2
Mei Ah Hong Kong RC3
Bitwin/Cinema Services Korea RC3