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Gary Tooze     Nick Wrigley    Bill McAlpine    

Doug Cummings    Darren Hughes   Per-Olof Strandberg    

Jim Bach    Jerome Gerber    Rob Janik    

Francois Tremblay    Kevin Tran    Brook Kennon

Mikkel Svendstrup    Adam Lemke   Matthew McGee

Paul Whitelock    Paul Narvaez    Kevin Parent

Danny Stuyck    Lance Petzoldt    Daniel Stenvall

David Tausik      Mark Nigara   Chris Stults

Trond Trondsen    Gregory Meshman   JT Lindroos

Ted Todorov    Donald Brown      Noel Bjorndahl

Takagi Jonathan    Henrik Sylow    Amy Dermont

Matt Sab   Peter Rees    Frank C

Peter Hourigan    Kees Brienen    Toshi Tomori

Peter Mann    Kyle Armstrong    Eric Portelance

Ross Telford Wilbanks     Zak Forsman    Wob

Tom Mahaffey      Tony Dale     Anthony Clarke

Dennis Calloway     Rak Malick    Alex Barrett

Steven Harrison     Borut Kostrun    Byron Bartlett

Morten Ronningen    Jay Blanchard    Greg Bendersky

Malcolm Campbell    Peter Ax    David Butner

David Fullagar      Ante Kovac    Martin Norefors

     Jan Slemenda    Jarkko Pienimäki     David Alston

Jerry Johnson     Maikel Aarts    Sean Gilman

Sano Cestnik

The Collective DVDBeaver list can be found HERE

Our Collective Choices (as done by Jim Bach!) are listed below , FULL 100 are HERE

1 2001: A Space Odyssey
2 Vertigo
3 Ordet
4 Tokyo monogatari
5 Fa Yeung Nin Wa
6 Sunrise
7 8 1/2
7 Solyaris
9 Dekalog
10 Stalker
11 Zerkalo
12 Persona
13 Passion de Jeanne d'Arc, La
14 Quatre cents coups, Les
15 Trois couleurs: Bleu
16 Andrei Rublyov
16 Shichinin no samurai
18 Atalante, L'
19 Au hasard Balthazar
20 Avventura, L'

 FULL 100 are HERE


I assigned 20 points for each number one vote, down to 1 point for each number 20 vote. For most films I changed their titles to the commonly accepted English language title.




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