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To our DVDBeaver family of physical media aficionados - our site was mentioned last week on The Tonight Show (Jimmy Fallon) by actress Carrie Coon who informs us that she and her husband, Pulitzer-winning playwright and actor Tracy Letts, own 10,000 Blu-rays. Tracy has been a Patron of DVDBeaver for many years. You can see Carrie's comment at 45-seconds in, here:


We are not alone!

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My name is Gary W. Tooze and I am webmaster and owner of this non-commercial website called DVDBeaver. However, the site is far from being "my own". It survives and thrives with the help of numerous like-minded film and DVD aficionados around the world. We essentially share information of both a factual and subjective nature. This site is a resource for that information.

We have come along way since our un-ambitious beginnings of 6 or 7 members of the Movies Section of Home Theater Forum. We would converse in and out of the Forum often relying on the extensive knowledge of Pascal Acquarello for advice on World Cinema. Rich, Brook, Darren, Bill and a few others would converse in a "Reply to All" fashion through e-mail till one day I set-up a Listserv through Yahoo.

Other Film/DVD Forums began to arise and with many of us thirsting for more information, we began to explore them. Criterion had a wonderful Forum where we met Gregory Meshman and Nick Wrigley who in turn brought on people like Trond Trondsen of Eventually as word spread and DVDBeaver evolved, others like writer/director David Tausik and restorer Robert A. Harris joined us to further enhance our information network. We are now over 400 members strong sharing around 700 e-mail messages a month. Our weekly e-newsletter has 1600 subscribers.

Ted Todorov, a member of our ListServ and Home Theater Forum persuaded me to purchase a Multi-Region DVD player, which probably had the biggest effect in the evolution of DVDBeaver (Thanks Ted!).  With the help of people like Ole of DVDBasen and a variety of individuals around the globe we are able to make very detailed comparisons of DVDs of the same film to help determine the definitive version to own. - 1998


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