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OF August 29th, 2011

  This Week's Highlights
Saleum!  - Criterion, more Coen brothers, Pedro Costa, Claude Chabrol, Agnes Varda and more (unofficially adding to the newsletter we have Peckinpah's Straw Dogs and Altman's 3 Women - both on Blu-ray) plus calendar updates including films by D.W. Griffith, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Steven Spielberg, and some important Disney's moving to 3D coming on Blu-ray, plus on DVD; Grigori Kozintsev, Marcel Carné and more. We have a new Clips contest with an MGM Blu-ray prize - and much more! Your future is golden!...

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The Birth of a Nation [Blu-ray] (D.W. Griffith, 1915) Kino

Despair [Blu-ray] (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1978) Olive Films

Way Down East [Blu-ray] (D.W. Griffith, 1920) Kino

Infernal Affairs [Blu-ray] (Wai-keung Lau, 2002) Vivendi


Toy Story 3 in 3D [Blu-ray] (Lee Unkrich, 2010) Walt Disney

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three [Blu-ray] (Joseph Sargent, 1974) MGM

Cars 2 [Blu-ray] (John Lasseter, 2011) Walt Disney

Cars 2 in 3D [Blu-ray] (John Lasseter, 2011) Walt Disney

Toy Story in 3D [Blu-ray] (John Lasseter, 1995) Walt Disney

Chicken Little in 3D [Blu-ray] (Mark Dindal, 2005) Walt Disney

Meet the Robinsons in 3D [Blu-ray] (Stephen J. Anderson, 2007) Walt Disney

Hook [Blu-ray] (Steven Spielberg, 1991) Sony

Out in the Silence [Blu-ray] (Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson, 2009) Garden Thieves Pictures

Hamlet (Grigori Kozintsev, 1964) R2 UK Mr. Bongo

King Lear (Grigori Kozintsev, 1971) R2 UK Mr. Bongo

Drole de Drame (Marcel Carné, 1937) R2 UK Contemporary Films

The Tree of Life [Blu-ray] (Terrence Malick, 2011) RB UK 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Three Colors Trilogy (Krzysztof Kieślowski - Blue, White, Red) - Criterion

Three Colors Trilogy [Blu-ray] (Krzysztof Kieślowski - Blue, White, Red) - Criterion

Eclipse Series 30: Sabu! (Elephant Boy, 1937 - The Drum, 1938 - Jungle Book, 1942) - Criterion

12 Angry Men (Sidney Lumet, 1957) - Criterion

12 Angry Men [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lumet, 1957) - Criterion

Rushmore [Blu-ray] (Wes Anderson, 1998) - Criterion

The Rules of the Game (Jean Renoir, 1939) - Criterion

The Rules of the Game [Blu-ray] (Jean Renoir, 1939) - Criterion

Fanny and Alexander Box Set [Blu-ray] (includes theatrical and televised version) - Criterion

The Tree of Life [Blu-ray] (Terrence Malick, 2011) 20th Century Fox

Blue Velvet [Blu-ray] (David Lynch, 1986) MGM

Captain America: The First Avenger [Blu-ray] (Joe Johnston, 2011) RB FR Paramount

Little Big Man [Blu-ray] (Arthur Penn, 1970) Paramount

French Cancan [Blu-ray] (Jean Renoir, 1954) RB UK BFI


ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): An easy choice for top spot this week as I felt Meek's Cutoff was a... masterpiece - especially viewed through the precise clarity of Blu-ray. It's also hard not to get a kick out of the Coen's Raising Arizona - qhich continues to amuse year-after-year. Suzanne Bier's morally significant In A Better World is a great film experience - perhaps a little flawed but well worth a digital library investment. Chabrol's early work exposes a clever storyteller and Criterion's Blu-ray transfer of Les Cousins is impressive. Miller's Crossing should need no endorsement and the 1080P is the best digital presentation yet .On DVD - Pedro Costa's Ne Change Rien was a 'cool' thrill, and Agnes Varda's Daguerreotypes could soften the hardest of hearts. Fearlessly Me, Too (Yo, Tambien) explores a less-explored topic with pleasing results. Gregory adds another edition to his comparison of the underrated The Red House as well as a review on the essential Noir - Port of New York. Eric made a comparison for the salaciously poster'ed Black Heaven plus some less remembered also-rans Silver Dream Racer, Greaser's Palace and Haunted. Enjoy he week!


Les Cousins BD - In Les cousins, Claude Chabrol crafts a sly moral fable about a provincial boy who comes to live with his sophisticated bohemian cousin in Paris. Through these seeming opposites, Chabrol conjures a darkly comic character study that questions notions of good and evil, love and jealousy, and success in the modern world. A mirror image of Le Beau Serge, Chabrol’s debut, Les cousins recasts that film’s stars, Jean-Claude Brialy and Gérard Blain, in startlingly reversed roles. This dagger-sharp drama won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and was an important early entry in the French New Wave. Blu-ray Release date: September 20th, 2011

Ne Change Rien - One of the most important figures in contemporary cinema, Pedro Costa s celebrated music documentary is a mesmerizing portrait of French actress-turned-singer Jeanne Balibar, a transfixing, cigarette-smoking chanteuse with an intense devotion to her craft. Photographed in shimmering black-and-white and featuring a soundtrack of jazz-inflected pop songs, Ne Change Rien is a luminous exploration of the creative process. DVD Release Date: August 30th, 2011

Me, Too (Yo, Tambien) - Daniel -- a recent university graduate with Down’s Syndrome -- falls in love on his first day at work in the Department... of Social Services. Laura is an outsider who spends her nights in the city's crowded clubs and single's bars, escaping her problems in the arms of total strangers. Yet despite their apparent incompatibility, the two strike up a moving, bittersweet friendship that touches them both and eventually sets them on the road to happiness. DVD Release Date: August 30th, 2011

Daguerreotypes - A classic documentary from Agnes Varda available for the first time in the US, Daguerreotypes is a wonderfully intimate portrait of the small shops and shopkeepers on a short stretch of the Rue Daguerre, a picturesque street that has been the filmmaker's home for more than 50 years. As in her films The Beaches of Agnes and The Gleaners and I, Varda opens up a fantastic world in microcosm; a picture of a city and a way of life that no longer exist. DVD Release Date: August 30th, 2011

Black Heaven - While swimming at the seaside with their friends, Gaspard (Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, LA BELLE PERSONE) and Marion (Pauline Etienne, PRIVATE LESSONS) find a lost mobile phone when it rings in their changing room. Marion answers the phone and is addressed as "Sam" by the caller named "Dragon" who leaves an elliptical message mentioning "Black Hole". Gaspard takes the phone home with him and finds a text on it from Dragon about a pre-arranged meeting at the local chapel on Saturday. He also discovers the meaning of "Black Hole". Gaspard and Marion go to the chapel and see the man they assume to be Dragon (Swann Arlaud, RESTLESS) meet up with a mysterious blond presumed to be Sam (Louise Bourgoin, THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ADELE BLANC-SEC). DVD Release Date: September 5th, 2011

The Red House - On the outskirts of a rural town, an isolated farm hosts a small family with a dark secret. At the heart of the neighboring forest sits the red house, terrorizing trespassers with the sound of horrific screams emanating from within its walls. The solitary family keeps the knowledge of the house closely guarded, but when a stranger comes to the farm to help with chores, the web of secrecy begins to unravel. The violence that scarred the family begins to revisit the land and threatens to destroy them all. Filled with noir-ish motifs and striking lighting, The Red House brings together breathtaking drama and chilling horror. Edward G. Robinson is masterful as the burdened recluse, and Julie London is seductive as a spoiled schoolgirl. Po Flix DVD Release Date: September 8th, 2009

Haunted - Apache woman Abanaki discovers that a French priest and a Union officer are stealing gold and they accuse her of being a witch. She is sent into the desert to die of exposure and the gold is never found. One hundred years later, English actress Jennifer Baines (Ann Michelle, VIRGIN WITCH) is on her way back to Hollywood after a visit home and her car breaks down at the Apacheland Movie Ranch, run by Michelle (Virginia Mayo, WHITE HEAT) - hysterically blind since a supernaturally-induced car accident that killed her husband - her sons Patrick (Jim Negele, FRATERNITY ROW) and Russ (Brad Rearden, SILENT SCREAM), and gruff caretaker Andrew (Aldo Ray, RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP). DVD Release Date: September 20th, 2011

Port of New York - Yul Brynner electrifies the screen in his first starring role as ruthless and silky suave gentleman gangster Paul Vicola. Vicola runs a Yacht Club as a front for the east coast's largest heroin smuggling ring. Treasury Agents discover Vicola's mobsters brazenly sneaking the contraband in through America's front door, New York harbor, and plot a dragnet to bring down his criminal empire. DVD Release Date: December 21st, 2004

Greaser's Palace - Zoot-suited Jesse (Allan Arbus, the guest star visiting psychiatrist on M*A*S*H and husband of photographer Diane Arbus) parachutes out of the sky into a western no-man's land dominated by the violent and sadistic Greaser (Albert Henderson, THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE). Sure Jesse can heal the sick and resurrect the dead (including Greaser's son "Homo" [Michael Sullivan, MADMAN], who Greaser kills three times), but he's more interested with meeting up with his agent "Morris" (Don Calfa, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) in Jerusalem and becoming a star - Jesse walks on water for entertainment value - than in playing messiah. DVD Release Date: November 22nd, 2010

Silver Dream Racer - British motor bike racer Nick (David Essex, STARDUST) lacks a sponsor and a decent pair of wheels; in contrast to American rival Bruce (Beau Bridges, THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS), who also has a hot girl Julia (Christina Raines, THE SENTINEL) at his side. When his brother dies in an accident, his sister-in-law allows him to dispose of his brother's bike parts. In the garage, he discovers a silver motorcycle prototype (actually designed by Barton Engineering head Barry Hart) that his brother had been working on in secret. Nick starts working on the bike with only the help of his mechanic Cider (Clarke Peters, MONA LISA) since his drive estranges him from his girlfriend, sister-in-law, and causes him to lose his job. Julia breaks it off with the arrogant Bruce and helps Nick find investors for his entry into "the big race" in which Nick hopes to beat Bruce, but Nick may not make it out of the race alive as he pushes the already souped-up bike beyond its enhance capabilities. DVD Release Date: November 22nd, 2010

Meek's Cutoff BD - Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine, Shutter Island, Incendiary) stars alongside Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) and Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, I’m Not There, Capote) in a tense, subtle drama set during the earliest days of the Oregon Trail. The year is 1845 and a wagon team of three families is setting off across the sparse terrain of the Oregon desert. They become lost and have to put their faith in a Native American not knowing if he will lead them into an ambush, or water.
Blu-ray Release date: September 13th, 2011

Raising Arizona BD - Sublimely incompetent convenience-store robber Hi McDonnough (Cage, at his best yet) seems doomed to return repeatedly to the same penitentiary until true love hoves in view in the form of prison officer Edwina (Hunter). Spliced in a trice, the frustratedly infertile couple kidnap one (surely he won't be missed?) of the celebrated Arizona quintuplets, heirs to an unpainted-furniture fortune. But happiness being evanescent, complications ensue when a pair of Hi's old cellmates turn up in search of sanctuary; and then there's the problem of a rabbit-shooting biker of hellish hue, hired by Arizona Senior to find his missing brat. What makes this hectic farce so fresh and funny is the sheer fertility of the writing, while the lives and times of Hi, Ed and friends are painted in splendidly seedy colours, turning Arizona into a mythical haven for a memorable gaggle of no-hopers, halfwits and has-beens. Starting from a point of delirious excess, the film leaps into dark and virtually uncharted territory to soar like a comet.
Blu-ray Release date: August 30th, 2011

Miller's Crossing BD - Leo (Albert Finney), a likeable Irish gangster boss, rules an Eastern city along with Tom (Gabriel Byrne), his trusted lieutenant and counsellor. But just as their authority is challenged by an Italian underboss and his ruthless henchmen Leo and Tom also fall for the same woman (Marcia Gay Harden). Tom, caught in the jaws of a gangland power struggle, walks a deadly tightrope as he tries to control and manipulate its violent outcome'.
Blu-ray Release date: August 30th, 2011

In A Better World BD - This year’s Best Foreign Language Oscar winner switches between war-torn Africa and bourgeois Denmark to pose telling questions about violence and responsibility. Medic Anton (Mikael Persbrandt, pictured) saves lives in a refugee camp, but a brutal warlord stymies his efforts. Should he turn the other cheek? That’s his reaction back home when menaced by a local lout, in an impeccable passive resistance lesson for his bullied teenage son Elias (Marcus Rygaard). The latter, though, is far more impressed when his classmate Christian (William Jøhnk Juel Nielsen) takes a seriously kick-ass approach to anyone giving them hassle. What price non-violence when a good thrashing gets results? Ace screenwriter Anders Thomas Jensen lines up the opposing arguments in a crisp, no-nonsense manner, allowing the viewer to feel the moral dilemmas as keenly as the characters do, while director Suzanne Bier marshals the cast without a false note. True, the resolutions on offer seem conventionally pat, yet the tough questions stay with you in an absorbing drama which pushes the viewer’s buttons with effective intelligence.
Blu-ray Release date: August 30th, 2011

 Next 4 weeks on the Calendar

August 29th, 2011


The Atomic City (Jerry Hopper, 1952) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

A Bittersweet Life [Blu-ray] (Director's Cut) (Jee-woon Kim, 2005) Contents Zone
A Bittersweet Life [
Blu-ray] (Director's Cut) (Coffee Book) (Jee-woon Kim, 2005) Contents Zone

Blood Simple [Blu-ray] (Coen bros., 1984) MGM (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom (Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky, 1924) Kino

Coen Brothers Collection [Blu-ray] Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, and Fargo - Fox Home Entertainment

The Color of Pomegranates (Sergei Parajanov, 1968) R2 UK Second Sight

Daguerréotypes (Agnès Varda, 1976) Cinema Guild (BEAVER REVIEW)

Deadgirl [Blu-ray] (Marcel Sarmiento, Gadi Harel, 2008) Dark Sky Films

Face to Face (Ingmar Bergman, 1976) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Gantz [Blu-ray] (Shinsuke Sato, 2011) Viz Media

Good Will Hunting [Blu-ray] (Gus Van Sant, 1997) Lionsgate Miramax (BEAVER REVIEW)

Hanna [Blu-ray] (Joe Wright, 2011) Universal Pictures UK

If.... [Blu-ray] (Lindsay Anderson, 1968) - Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

In a Better World [Blu-ray] (Susanne Bier, 2010) Sony (BEAVER REVIEW)

In The Realm of The Senses [Blu-ray] (Nagisa Ôshima, 1976) RB UK Optimum

The Incredible Shrinking Man (Jack Arnold, 1957) Universal Studios
The Complete Jean Vigo [
Blu-ray] (À propos de Nice, 1930 - Zéro de conduite, 1933 - L’Atalante, 1934) - Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Me Too (Antonio Naharro, Álvaro Pastor, 2009) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Miller's Crossing [Blu-ray] (Coen bros., 1990) Fox Home Entertainment (BEAVER REVIEW)

Ne change rien (Pedro Costa, 2009) Cinema Guild (BEAVER REVIEW)

Orpheus (Jean Cocteau, 1950) - Criterion Collection
Orpheus [
Blu-ray] (Jean Cocteau, 1950) - Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Outside the Law [Blu-ray] (Rachid Bouchareb, 2010) RB UK Optimum

The Perfect Host [Blu-ray] (Nick Tomnay, 2010) Magnolia

Radley Metzger's Erotica Psychedelica [Blu-ray] - Camille 2000, The Lickerish Quartet and Score - Cult Epics

Raising Arizona [Blu-ray] (Coen bros., 1987) Fox Home Entertainment (BEAVER REVIEW)

Strike: Remastered Edition [Blu-ray] (Sergei M. Eisenstein, 1925) Kino

The Twilight Zone: Season 5 [Blu-ray] Image Entertainment

Wrecked [Blu-ray] (Michael Greenspan, 2011) Ifc Independent Film


September 5th, 2011


13 Assassins [Blu-ray] (Takashi Miike, 2010) RB UK Artificial Eye

Being John Malkovich [Blu-ray] (Spike Jonze, 1999) RB UK Cinram Logistics

Ben-Hur (50th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] (William Wyler, 1959) Warner

Ben-Hur Ultimate Collector's Edition [Blu-ray] (William Wyler, 1959) Region FREE UK Warner

The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 - Cult of the Cobra (1955), Dr. Cyclops (1940), The Land Unknown (1957), The Deadly Mantis (1957) and The Leech Woman (1960) - Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Colors of the Mountain (Carlos César Arbeláez, 2010) Film Movement

Criminal Minds: The Sixth Season - Paramount

Dressed to Kill [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma,1980) MGM

Genevieve [Blu-ray] (Henry Cornelius, 1953) VCI

Hanna [Blu-ray] (Joe Wright, 2011) Universal Studios

Hellraiser [Blu-ray] (Clive Barker, 1987) Image Entertainment

The Hills Have Eyes [Blu-ray] (Wes Craven, 1977) Image Entertainment

Kind Hearts and Coronets [Blu-ray] (Robert Hamer, 1949) RB UK Optimum

The Panic in Needle Park (Jerry Schatzberg, 1971) R2 UK Second Sight

Pieces (Juan Piquer Simon, 1982) R2 UK Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

Plein soleil [Blu-ray] (René Clément, 1960) RB UK Optimum

Police Story First Season (Joseph Wambaugh 1973–1977) Shout! Factory

Quatermass and the Pit [Blu-ray] (Roy Ward Baker, 1967) RB UK Optimum

La règle du jeu [Blu-ray] (Jean Renoir, 1939) RB FR Editions Montparnasse

Rounders [Blu-ray] (John Dahl, 1998) RB UK Lions Gate Home (BEAVER REVIEW)

Scarface [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1983) Universal

Scarface [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1983) Universal UK

Scarface Limited Edition Steelbook [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1983) Universal UK

Scream Trilogy [Blu-ray] - Lionsgate Miramax

The Shaft (Chi Zhang, 2008) Global Film Initiative

Straw Dogs (US Release) [Blu-ray] (Sam Peckinpah, 1971) MGM (BEAVER REVIEW)

Straw Dogs - 40th Anniversary [Blu-ray] (Sam Peckinpah, 1971) MGM (BEAVER REVIEW)

They Live [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1988) RB UK Optimum

United 93 [Blu-ray] (Paul Greengrass, 2006) Universal Studios

X-Men: First Class [Blu-ray] (Matthew Vaughn, 2011) 20th Century Fox


September 12th, 2011


3 Women [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1977) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

8 Million Ways to Die (Hal Ashby, 1986) R2 UK Second Sight Films

The 10th Victim [Blu-ray] (Elio Petri, 1965) Blue Underground

Ashes & Diamonds [Blu-ray] (Andrzej Wajda, 1958) RB UK Arrow Academy

Bad Dreams / Visiting Hours [Double Feature] Shout! Factory

Breakfast at Tiffany's [Blu-ray] (Blake Edwards, 1961) RB UK Paramount

Citizen Kane [Blu-ray] (Amazon Exclusive 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition + The Magnificent Ambersons on DVD) - Warner

Citizen Kane [Blu-ray] (70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition) - Warner

City of God [Blu-ray] (Fernando Meirelles, Kátia Lund, 2002) RB UK Optimum

The Count of Monte Cristo [Blu-ray] (Kevin Reynolds, 2002) Touchstone / Disney

The English Patient [Blu-ray] (Anthony Minghella, 1996) RB UK Optimum

The Exterminator [Blu-ray] (James Glickenhaus, 1980) Synapse Films

The Frighteners [Blu-ray] (Peter Jackson, 1996) MCA

Halloween II [Blu-ray] (Rick Rosenthal, 1981) Universal Studios

Heartbeats (Xavier Dolan, 2010) R2 UK Network Releasing

Heavenly Creatures [Blu-ray] (Peter Jackson, 1994) RB UK Peccadillo Pictures

How I Ended This Summer [Blu-ray] (Aleksei Popogrebsky, 2010) RB UK New Wave

Incendies [Blu-ray] (Denis Villeneuve, 2010) Sony

Incendies [Blu-ray] (Denis Villeneuve, 2010) RB UK Trinity Film

Jig (Sue Bourne, 2011) R2 UK Entertainment One/Arrow Films

Julia's Eyes [Blu-ray] (Guillem Morales, 2010) RB UK Optimum

Lourdes [Blu-ray] (Jessica Hausner, 2009) Palisades Tartan (BEAVER REVIEW)

Me and Orson Welles (Richard Linklater, 2008) Warner Home Video

Meek's Cutoff [Blu-ray] (Kelly Reichardt, 2010) Oscilloscope Laboratories (BEAVER REVIEW)

Midnight in Paris [Blu-ray] (Woody Allen, 2011) RB FR TF1

My Life as a Dog [Blu-ray] (Lasse Hallström, 1985) Criterion

Nostalgia for the Light [Blu-ray] (Patricio Guzman, 2010) Icarus Films

O Brother, Where Art Thou? [Blu-ray] (Coens, 2000) Touchstone

The Outsiders [Blu-ray] (Francis Ford Coppola, 1983) RB UK Optimum

Pina [Blu-ray] (Wim Wenders, 2011) Artificial Eye

Le Quattro Volte (Michelangelo Frammartino, 2010) Lorber

Le Quattro Volte [Blu-ray] (Michelangelo Frammartino, 2010) Lorber

The Talented Mr. Ripley [Blu-ray] (Anthony Minghella, 1999) RB UK Optimum

The Tempest [Blu-ray] (Julie Taymor, 2010) Touchstone

Thor [Blu-ray] (Kenneth Branagh, 2011) Paramount

Trainspotting [Blu-ray] (Danny Boyle, 1996) - Lionsgate Miramax

Vidal Sassoon: The Movie [Blu-ray] (Craig Teper, 2010) RB UK Exempt


September 19th, 2011


Bal (Semih Kaplanoglu, 2010) Olive Films

Le beau Serge (Claude Chabrol, 1958) Criterion

Le beau Serge [Blu-ray] (Claude Chabrol, 1958) Criterion

Billy Elliot [Blu-ray] (Stephen Daldry, 2000) Region FREE Universal Pictures UK

Boccaccio '70: Special Edition [Blu-ray] (Vittorio De Sica, Federico Fellini, Mario Monicelli and Luchino Visconti, 1962) - Lorber Films

Breakfast at Tiffany's [Blu-ray] (Blake Edwards, 1961) Paramount

Bridesmaids [Blu-ray] (Paul Feig, 2011) Universal Studios

Casanova '70 [Blu-ray] (Mario Monicelli, 1965) Lorber

The Constant Gardener [Blu-ray] (Fernando Meirelles, 2005) Region FREE Universal Pictures UK

Les cousins (Claude Chabrol, 1959) Criterion

Les cousins [Blu-ray] (Claude Chabrol, 1959) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Dark Star [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1974) RB UK Fabulous Films

The Devil Within Her (aka I Don't Want to be Born) (Peter Sasdy, 1975) Scorpion Entertainment

Dumbo [Blu-ray] (70th Anniversary Edition) (Ben Sharpsteen, 1941) Walt Disney

Great Italian Directors Collection (5-Disc Set) [Boccaccio '70, Casanova '70, Story of a Love Affair] - Lorber

I Want to See (Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige, 2008) Typecast Releasing

The Inspector General (Henry Koster, 1949) Shout! Factory

It Happened Tomorrow (René Clair, 1944) R2 UK Odeon Entertainment

The Kennedys [Blu-ray] (Jon Cassar, 2011) New Video Group

Landmarks of Early Soviet Film (Boris Barnet, Sergei M. Eisenstein) Flicker Alley

Mickey Spillanes Mike Hammer: The Complete Series (1956–1959) A&E Home Video

More [Blu-ray] (Barbet Schroeder, 1969) RB UK BFI Video

My Voyage to Italy (Martin Scorsese, 1999) R2 UK Mr Bongo

The Others [Blu-ray] (Alejandro Amenábar, 2001) Lionsgate (BEAVER REVIEW)

Rolling Thunder [Blu-ray] (John Flynn, 1977) RB UK Optimum

Shanghai Mystery [Blu-ray] Indican

Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) (9-disc Set includes all six films) [Blu-ray] - 20th Century Fox

Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I - III) [Blu-ray] - 20th Century Fox

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (Episodes IV - VI) [Blu-ray] - 20th Century Fox

The Strange Case of Angelica [Blu-ray] (Manoel de Oliveira, 2010) Cinema Guild

The Stuff (Larry Cohen, 1985) Image Entertainment

Sut (Semih Kaplanoglu, 2008) Olive Films

Vamp [Blu-ray] (Richard Wenk, 1986) Image Entertainment

Visions of Eight (Jim Clark, Milos Forman, Kon Ichikawa, Claude Lelouch, Yuri Ozerov, Arthur Penn, Michael Pfleghar, John Schlesinger and Mai Zetterling, 1973) Olive Films

Yumurta (Semih Kaplanoglu, 2007) Olive Films

Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption [Blu-ray] (Ryan Thompson, 2011) Pacific Ent



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