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This Week's Highlights

Kopang'o! - 13 DVDs or  Blu-ray covered this week. Powell and Pressburger, Max Ophuls, Roman Polanski and even Andrzej Zulawski'!  There are some exciting Calendar Updates, new sales and another easy new contest, and more.....
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LATEST ADDITIONS to the Calendar: (PRE-ORDER & save!):

North by Northwest [Blu-ray] (Alfred Hitchcock, 1959) (probably region FREE) UK Warner Home Video

The Wizard of Oz [Blu-ray] (Victor Fleming, 1939) (probably region FREE!) UK Warner Home Video

Cinema Paradiso [Blu-ray] (Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988) R'B' UK - Arrow Films

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-ray] - Walt Disney Home Entertainment

Godzilla [Blu-ray] (Roland Emmerich, 1998) Sony Pictures

Miracle on 34th Street [Blu-ray] (George Seaton, 1947) Twentieth Century Fox

Audition: 2-disc Collector's Edition [Blu-ray] (Takashi Miike, 1999) Shout! Factory

Monsters vs Aliens [Blu-ray] (Rob Letterman + Conrad Vernon, 2009) Paramount

Lies & Illusions (Tibor Takács, 2009) [Blu-ray] Starz / Anchor Bay

The Soloist [Blu-ray] (Joe Wright, 2008) Dreamworks Video

Eagles Over London [Blu-ray] (Enzo G. Castellari, 1970) Severin Films

Easy Rider [Blu-ray] (Dennis Hopper, 1969) R'B' UK Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Angels & Demons [Blu-ray] (Ron Howard, 2009) R'B' Uk Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

The Dam Busters [Blu-ray] (Michael Anderson, 1955) R'B' UK Optimum Home Entertainment

The Red Balloon [Blu-ray] (Albert Lamorisse, 1956) R'B' UK Network

Heat [Blu-ray] (Michael Mann, 1995) - Region FREE UK – Warner

Gone with the Wind [Blu-ray] (Victor Fleming, 1939) (probably Region FREE) UK – Warner

The Green Mile [Blu-ray] (Frank Darabont, 1999) (probably Region FREE) UK – Warner

The Girl Cut in Two (Claude Chabrol, 2007) R2 UK Artificial Eye

Katyn (Andrzej Wajda, 2007) R2 UK Artificial Eye


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ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey):  This week I was probably most impacted by Polanski's essential Repulsion on Blu-ray and while the restoration of Powell and Pressburger's The Red Shoes, also at the impressive 1080P, looks exquisite - we feel confident that Criterion will eventually raise the bar. Speaking of restored editions, Ophuls masterpiece Lola Montes seems inferior in SD-DVD but it's the best it has ever looked for your home theater. There is a ton of distracting fun in Zack Snyder's Watchmen and a healthy dose of Knightley charm in The Edge of Love - considered a 'poor man's Atonement'. The 2009 Grey Gardens should be seen - period. I remain indifferent to Explicit Ills. Eric thankfully gives us the thumbs-up for Mondo Vision's package of Zulawski's The Most Important Thing: Love. Leonard gives u his views on Mel Brooks' Spaceballs and the Korean Drama Time Between Dog and Wolf. Shark Week really only caters to the hardcore 'shark' enthusisast.


Grey Gardens - How could a ravishing young debutante and her life-of-every-party mother -- relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, no less -- become crazy cat ladies, occupying a dilapidated 28-room East Hampton mansion? "Grey Gardens," an HBO movie inspired by the eponymous documentary shot in 1973, doesn't fully answer that question -- indeed, there's a rather sizable hole in the story -- but nevertheless has a fabulous time contemplating it, showcasing marvelous performances by Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. It's a must-see for those fascinated by the lore of the U.S.' modern Camelot, as well as another sure to be lavishly adorned movie for the pay channel. DVD Release Date: July 14th, 2009

Shark Week: The Great Bites Collection
BR - Where in the world can you find the strangest and most deadly sharks? Why do sharks sometimes prey on humans? When are you most likely to be attacked? And what can you do to avoid becoming shark food? If you're hungry for answers, join the experts and some of Discovery Channel's bravest hosts as they go swimming with the ocean's most feared predator to answer all your biting questions. Blu-ray Release date: June 14th, 2009

BR - Separation, scripted and starring Jane Arden, concerns the inner life of a woman during a period of breakdown - marital, and possibly mental. Her past and (possible?) future are revealed through a fragmented but brilliantly achieved and often humorous narrative, in which dreams and desires are as real as the 'swinging' London (complete with Procol Harum music and Mark Boyle light show) of the film's setting. Blu-ray Release date: July 20th, 2009

The Most Important Thing: Love - Sure it comes across as an arthouse melodrama but Zulawski's L'IMPORTANT C'EST D'AIMER is one of the most moving and agonizingly emotional statements of a theme that runs through much of Zulawski's work (up to his most recent LA FIDELITE) that, as the title states, the most important thing is to love. For Zulawski, love is more important than bourgeous concerns of honor and fidelity which is illustrated in the love triangle of actress (Romy Schneider in what she considered her finest performance for which she won a César award) torn between her moral obligation to husband (Jacques Dutronc) and her growing love for a photographer (Fabio Testi). Mondo Vision DVD Release Date: 16 June 2009

BR - Roman Polanski followed up his international breakthrough Knife in the Water with this controversial, chilling tale of psychosis. Catherine Deneuve is Carol, a fragile, frigid young beauty cracking up in her London flat when left alone by her vacationing sister. She is soon haunted by specters real and imagined, and her insanity grows to a violent, hysterical pitch. Thanks to its disturbing detail and Polanski’s adeptness at turning claustrophobic space into an emotional minefield, Repulsion is a surreal, mind-bending odyssey into personal horror, and it remains one of cinema’s most shocking psychological thrillers. Blu-ray and DVD Release Date: July 28th, 2009

Watchmen - Director's Cut
BR - That level of symbolism is coiling away beneath all superheroes. What appeals with Batman is his humanity; despite his skills, he is not supernormal. “Watchmen” brings surprising conviction to these characters as flawed and minor gods, with Dr. Manhattan possessing access to godhead on a plane that detaches him from our daily concerns — indeed, from days themselves. In the film’s most spectacular scene, he is exiled to Mars, and in utter isolation reimagines himself as a human, and conjures (or discovers? I’m not sure) an incredible city seemingly made of crystal and mathematical concepts. This is his equivalent to 40 days in the desert, and he returns as a savior. Blu-ray Release date: July 21st, 2009

The Red Shoes
BR - A glorious Technicolor epic that influenced generations of filmmakers, artists, and aspiring ballerinas, The Red Shoes intricately weaves backstage life with the thrill of performance. A young ballerina (Moira Shearer) is torn between two forces: the composer who loves her (Marius Goring), and the impresario determined to fashion her into a great dancer (Anton Walbrook). Blu-ray Release Date: July 6th, 2009

Lola Montes - Andrew Sarris in 1963 dubbed this film the greatest ever made, and although he's noted for his quirky opinions, he's no fool. A masterpiece, LOLA MONTES is certainly director Max Ophüls' greatest achievement. In flashback, we take a fascinating look at the life of the passionate yet oddly passive title character (Carol, more perfect in the part than she could possibly have fathomed). Introduced by a New Orleans circus master (Ustinov), the aging Lola answers (or has answered for her) personal questions from the audience for a small fee. The ringmaster tells of her many romances throughout Europe, including one with Franz Liszt (Quadflieg) and another with the king of Bavaria (Walbrook). In the last scene, Lola (who throughout has been made to perform various acts like a well-trained seal) stands atop a high platform, preparing for a dangerous jump. Her health is as precarious as her position, yet the ringmaster removes the safety net. The finale is unforgettable. Restored Edition DVD Release Date: July 6th, 2009

The Edge of Love
BR - It all kicks off in the 1940 London Blitz, with bomb shelters in the Underground. Enter Vera (an impressive Keira Knightley) under makeshift stage spotlights. A singer raising morale for those at home. Meeting Dylan for the first time again in years, her heart is flushed. Their eyes shine through the smoke of the room with purity of passion last experienced as teenage lovers. Dylan is no sanctified, sanitised poet. It is as if to be master of his vices he must experience them all fully. He hardly breaks his stride as he introduces his wife - mother of his child and love of his life - before continuing to woo Vera with every word and gesture. Blu-ray Release date: July 14th, 2009

Explicit Ills
BR - For much of its 87 minutes, “Explicit Ills,” an episodic movie about a number of Philadelphians living, working and often struggling in the same neighborhood, appears to move from life to life without particular reason. Its first-time writer and director, Mark Webber, doesn’t immediately reveal the story’s structure or his intentions: he simply places you among some dozen characters — children and young adults of different colors and with differing economic contexts — without introduction. A young boy buys a soda in one scene, an older boy explains the benefits of a vegan diet in another; one man sells pot while another sells colonics. Blu-ray Release date: July 14th, 2009

Lady Cop & Papa Crook
BR - “Chaotic” is a word that crops up in reviews of this film and, while apt in some ways, a little pandemonium is not entirely a bad thing. I found its sense of anarchy not only consistent with the basic premise of the story - who’s in charge here? (a better title, in any case) – and the madness of it star character: Inspector Maureen Szeto Mo Lin, played by the effervescent and sassy Sammi Cheng (Chung Mo Yim, Needing You and My Left Eye Sees Ghosts – all directed by Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai). Maureen has been living with a sculptor who, for some years, has promised he will marry her once he finishes his long-suffering present project – which happens to take up a good portion of their apartment. The artist’s life does leave a certain amount of time to indulge in love-making and Maureen finds herself pregnant at about the same moment that she begins to suspect that her boyfriend may have other romantic interests.

BR - Spaceballs is what I guess people call a guilty pleasure. It's a loosely strung together movie whose very bodaciousness is its charm. All would-be parodies, take note. Mel Brooks can now feel that he has done his worst to the space opera genre, as he has done for the western (Blazing Saddles), horror (Young Frankenstein), costume drama (History of the World, Part 2), Hitchcockian thriller (High Anxiety) and silent movies (Silent Movie.) Brook’s movies are of remarkably variable quality, even considering that many are parodies, for which the bar is lowered accordingly. At his best (The Producers & Young Frankenstein), he imbues warmth into his characters that moves us despite the overt sex jokes and downright silliness. Blu-ray Release date: June 16th, 2009

Time Between Dog and Wolf - Instead of a show built around food, twins separated at birth, or the Joseon Dynasty, Time Between Dog and Wolf is a contemporary crime drama about an police undercover operation that goes deadly awry. It still has some familiar Korean-style elements: a love triangle, amnesia, and childhood friends who reconnect as adults, but the substance of the story and the action shared between Korea and Thailand have a newish feel. Moreover, the performance of its lead actor, Lee Jung Ki, is riveting, and the main reason for checking this out. DVD Release date: May 31, 2009


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Week of July 13th, 2009

12 (Nikita Mikhalkov, 2007) Sony Pictures

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon / Curse of the Golden Flower / House of Flying Daggers Trilogy [Blu-ray] - Sony Pictures

Edge of Love [Blu-ray] (John Maybury, 2008) Image Entertainment

Eldorado (Bouli Lanners, 2008) Film Movement

Explicit Ills - [Blu-ray] (Mark Webber, 2008) Peace Arch Home Entertainment

For All Mankind (Al Reinert, 1989) - Criterion Collection

For All Mankind [Blu-ray] (Al Reinert, 1989) - Criterion Collection

Grey Gardens (Michael Sucsy, 2009) HBO

The Human Condition - 4-disc (Masaki Kobayashi, 1959) - Criterion Collection

Mad Men: Season Two [Blu-ray] - Lions Gate

The Other Side of the Underneath (Jane Arden, 1972) R2 UK BFI Video
The Other Side of the Underneath [
Blu-ray] (Jane Arden, 1972) R'B' UK BFI Video

Separation (Jack Bond, 1968) R2 UK BFI Video
Separation [
Blu-ray] (Jack Bond, 1968) R'B' UK BFI Video

This Is Spinal Tap [Blu-ray] (Rob Reiner, 1984) MGM

The Towering Inferno [Blu-ray] (John Guillermin + Irwin Allen, 1974) 20th Century Fox


Week of July 20th, 2009

2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle) (Jean-Luc Godard, 1967) - Criterion Collection

9 Songs [Blu-ray (Michael Winterbottom, 2004) R'B' - Optimum Home Entertainment

An Empress and the Warriors (Ching Siu Tung, 2008) - Weinstein Company

Anti-Clock (Jane Arden + Jack Bond, 1980) R2 UK BFI Video
Anti-Clock [Blu-ray] (Jane Arden + Jack Bond, 1980) R'B' UK BFI Video

Coraline (Henry Selick, 2009) Universal Studios

Coraline [Blu-ray] (Henry Selick, 2009) Universal Studios

Diary For My Children (Márta Mészáros, 1984) R2 UK Second Run

Echelon Conspiracy (Greg Marcks, 2009) Paramount

Echelon Conspiracy [Blu-ray] (Greg Marcks, 2009) Paramount

The Great Buck Howard [Blu-ray] (Sean McGinly, 2008) Magnolia

Made in U.S.A. (Jean-Luc Godard, 1966) - Criterion Collection

Midnight Express [Blu-ray] (Alan Parker, 1978) Sony Pictures

Prison Break: The Final Break [Blu-ray] - 20th Century Fox

The Unknown Woman (Giuseppe Tornatore, 2006) Image Entertainment

Watchmen (Director's Cut) [Blu-ray] (Amazon Digital Bundle + Digital Copy and BD-Live) (Zack Snyder, 2009) - Warner

Watchmen (Director's Cut) [Blu-ray] (Amazon Exclusive Nite Owl Ship) - ( Zack Snyder, 2009) Warner Home Video

Week of July 27th, 2009

The 10th Victim (Elio Petri, 1965) Blue Underground

A River Runs Through It [Blu-ray] (Robert Redford, 1992) Sony Pictures

Bad Boy Bubby [Blu-ray] (Rolf de Heer, 1993) Blue Underground

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series - Universal Studios

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] - Universal Studios

Becoming Charley Chase - VCI Entertainment

Bill Douglas Trilogy [Blu-ray] (My Childhood, My Ain Folk, My Way Home) R'B' UK BFI

Comrades (Bill Douglas, 1986) R2 UK BFI

Comrades [Blu-ray] (Bill Douglas, 1986) R'B' UK BFI

Devil in the Flesh (Marco Bellocchio, 1986) MYA Communications

Eagles Over London [Blu-ray] (Enzo G. Castellari, 1970) Severin Films

Green Lantern: First Flight (DC Universe) [Blu-ray] (Lauren Montgomery, 2009) Warner

The Hal Hartley Collection (Trust / Henry Fool / The Girl From Monday) R2 UK Artificial Eye

Il Divo (Paolo Sorrentino, 2008) R2 UK Artificial Eye

Inglorious Bastards [Blu-ray] (Enzo G. Castellari, 1978) Severin Films

Monsters, Inc. [Blu-ray] (Pete Docter, 2001) R'B' Walt Disney Studios

Penny Points To Paradise/Let's Go Crazy [Blu-ray] (Anthony Young, 1951) - R'B' BFI

Repulsion (Roman Polanski, 1965) - Criterion Collection

Repulsion [Blu-ray] (Roman Polanski, 1965) - Criterion Collection

Torso (Sergio Martino, 1973) Blue Underground

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