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Stephen Leeb

To be fair to Dr. Stephen Leeb - he has made some excellent calls - ex. in his book The Coming Economic Collapse, published in 2006 - but in recent years he seems to have totally lost touch with the realities of the PM marketplace. Here are some of his most flagrantly poor headline calls, none of which even remotely came true...

December 30, 2011: Stephen Leeb: Expect $5 Gas, $60 Silver & $3,000 Gold in 2012

December 5, 2011: Stephen Leeb - Expect Gold Price to Double in Twelve Months - it dropped by almost 20% the same month he said this

November 22, 2011: Stephen Leeb - Expect QE3, QE4 and 40% to 50% Inflation

November 7, 2011 Stephen Leeb - This Will Drive Silver to $100 Rapidly - not even half right

October 25, 2011 Stephen Leeb - China Will Send Gold & Silver to the Moon

October 20, 2011: Stephen Leeb - World Money Supply Tied to $10,000 Gold Bow

October 14, 2011 Stephen Leeb - We Will Add Another Digit to Gold Price Soon

October 12, 2011 Stephen Leeb - $15,000 Gold as Bull Market Pace Accelerates

September 15, 2011 Stephen Leeb - Gold, Minimal Downside, $12,000 Upside - gold reached $1900 but fell to below $1600 near the end of that month




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