First and foremost - we don't have anything against these guys but there is something very wrong with the current swath of Gold and Silver analysts. They are incorrect so much more frequently than they are correct in predicting the metals prices going back almost 4-years. They almost universally scream 'manipulation!' yet that doesn't stop them from consistently anticipating a rise in the price of gold and silver. Many are compromised by telling gullible investors exactly what they want to hear to utilize their financial services, purchasing coins/bars from them, subscribing to their paid newsletters or accruing hits on their videos. Investors are invariably disheartened and our goal, at this website, is to find one, or more, who's calls have some accuracy or truth. We've focused on these individuals so far - examining their quotes/predictions of the past (click names):


Bo Polny         James Turk         John Embry


John Hathaway        Stephen Leeb        Stewart Thompson


Steve "St. Angelo" SRSRocco     Martin Armstrong


Silver Doctors      Dave Kranzler        Bill Holter


Jim Rickards     David Morgan    Ted Butler


If you'd like us to research specific others - please email us.

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