Updated: Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Two Pictures of our New Chair ( Boxing Day Purchase )

For Picture 1 CLICK HERE , For Picture 2 CLICK HERE

Teresa and Champ at my Mom's CLICK HERE

Nov 10-12th Weekend with Pictures of Dan, Jill, Negar ( her art ) and Ardavan, T-Bone, Andrea, Nathan, Cameron, Rich and Lana, Teresa, her parent, 4th Uncle... CLICK HERE


In September 98', Teresa and I purchased our first home.
3700 sq ft and empty as we have no furniture to fill it.
The good qualities are that it is walking distance to My sister Cathie's,
friends Richard and Lana, Cousin Catherine and a great Italian bakery !
CLICK the Picture for a larger version of our front entrance !

Brunch in the summer with
friends, James and Helen in Bloor West Village !
Probably arguing about the cinema again !
CLICK on the pic for a larger version !

Brent showing off his ribs !
( You know what I mean )
BBQ's at Willies' are always good fun
especially when he does a dry rub on the ribs and slow cooks them.
CLICK on pic to see a close up of Willie's handiwork !
*Note: toothpaste stain on his shirt.

Although we hosted New Years 99'
Lana, Semoi ( I know that spelling is wrong ) and Jane supplied most of the grub
We ate, played TRI-BOND ( Jane was too good ) and drank.
Nice to ring in the New Year casually with no peer pressure !
What is everyone gonna do for 2000 !
Funny, Lana looks like she is glowing for some reason !
CLICK on the pic for a larger version.

Greg Ash picking up what ?
A beer he dropped ?
You would be going with the odds !
Notice though he is always good for cleaning up !
CLICK on pic to see the wankers butt up close.


Well, the trip to NAWLINS' in February 98'
was quite spectacular ! We played in a squash tournament, ate some rich food.
( dining at Antoines ... see pic)
and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. CLICK the pic for more on Nawlins'98'

Myself and some of my squash Buddies
at a tournament in St. Catherines
Click on the picture for more info

WE always have a good time at our friends, Richard and Lana's
Fabulous Food !
Great Wine !
Great Conversation !
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