UPDATED: Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Sean's website is HERE

Kyle's Overnighter in Collingwood! CLICK HERE!

Kyle gets sick CLICK HERE!


September 2004 - Kyle visits Negar's Junction Art Show ! CLICK HERE!

August, 2004 - Walking, Smiling Guy - CLICK HERE

BBQ in July -04, Mom's Surprise Party (Vic, Nig + Ruth!) + tennis ! - CLICK HERE

Kyle with Great Uncle Edward and Great Aunt Sheila, and at Tennis with Negar !... CLICK HERE

News and new pics : Kyle will get a baby brother or sister in December 2004!

Pictures of Kyle on the swing CLICK HERE!

"BEST OF" Kyle Pictures posted CLICK HERE (new and old!)

Three Photos of Kyle snuck into the New Years PHOTOS

Kyle in Dec -03 - Visiting Santa and Birthday #1 !

Kyle at Halloween!

July 26th (BBQ) and 27th (Baptism) Weekend!

June 21st Weekend at the Devlin Cottage!       Alyssa's Birthing Pool

Various Pictures from  April / May 2003 ! 

Kyle has an unsociable night!    Kohen visits the CPCO!                   

Kyle Visits Schneiders

Standing at 14 weeks       Two pictures with Anne HERE and HERE !

 At Almost 3 months - as taken by Auntie Negar and Uncle Ardavan!

  Kyle at 2.5 Months                  Kyle at 5 weeks!

Pictures With Cousin Jeffrey!                Moon Yet - January 17th, 2003!

Click HERE to see me 10 minutes after birth!

Pictures with Mommy and Daddy in the hospital

Holiday Pictures with family + friends   PAGE 1   PAGE 2