Bloor / Kipling Natural Gas Leak Explosion

Gas Leak Explosion at Bloor/Ashbourne - Thursday April 24th, 2003

Here are some photos taken at approximately 15 minutes after the blast.  The

first photo was taken on the day after, looking north on Poplar Ave.

Photos courtesy of Yosh Shinmoto.


IM001108.JPG IM001106.JPG
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IM001109.JPG IM001107.JPG
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Yosh says:

You will note that one victim is being transported on a stretcher.  There were also 2 Toyota Camrys along Bloor Street with damaged windshields and dents from flying debris.  I got to the scene on my bike about 5 minutes after the blast when there were no police and only 1 fire truck.  Since I didn't have my camera at the time, I quickly went home, returned, and started taking photographs approximately 10 minutes after the blast.  The firemen had just connected hoses to the hydrant and water was just being turned on. One victim of the blast, Irene Miyama, who lived on the 2nd floor was a 53-year old Japanese Canadian mother of 3 children who were attending school.  Her husband is an air traffic controller.  There were apparently 4 survivors of the blast -- 2 from the strip mall and the 2 drivers of the Camrys, who were uninjured.

Some More Photos (from The Star) :


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