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OF September 20th, 2010

  This Week's Highlights
Feofoofoa'iga!  - Terrence Malick, Jean Renoir, Roman Polanski, David Lynch, Stanley Donen, Dario Argento, Nagisa Oshima - and that is just in Blu-ray! - throw in Jules Dassin, Manoel de Oliveira, Edward Dmytryk, Ida Lupino etc. on the lesser format - and we have an outstanding newsletter this week.... add some interesting calendar updates, and another new contest with a 3 sealed DVD packages as the prizes... Enjoy!

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Hard-Boiled [Blu-ray] (John Woo, 1992) Shout! Factory

The Expendables [Blu-ray] (Sylvester Stallone, 2010) RB UK Lions Gate

Harsh Times [Blu-ray] (David Ayer, 2005) Weinstein

The Long Kiss Goodnight [Blu-ray] (Renny Harlin, 1996) Turner Home Entertainment

Howl [Blu-ray] (Rob Epstein + Jeffrey Friedman, 2010) Oscilloscope Laboratories

Derailed [Blu-ray] (Mikael Håfström , 2005) Weinstein Company

Meet the Parents [Blu-ray] (Jay Roach, 2000) Universal

The Pillars of the Earth [Blu-ray] (Mimica Gezzan, 2010) Sony

The Bob Hope Collection - The Lemon Drop Kid (1951), Road to Bali (1952), Road to Rio (1947), My Favorite Brunette (1947), The Seven Little Foys (1955) - Shout! Factory

Salt [Blu-ray] (Phillip Noyce, 2010) RB UK Sony Pictures

Merantau [Blu-ray] (Gareth Evans, 2009) Magnolia Pictures

The Matador [Blu-ray] (Richard Shepard, 2005) Weinstein Company

The Special Relationship [Blu-ray] (Richard Loncraine, 2010) RB UK Optimum

The Concert (Radu Mihaileanu, 2009) R2 UK Optimum

A Town Called Panic (Stéphane Aubier + Vincent Patar, 2009) R2 UK Optimum

Small Time (Shane Meadows, 1996) R2 UK BFI

Bonded by Blood (Sacha Bennett, 2010) R2 UK Revolver Entertainment

22 Bullets [Blu-ray] (Richard Berry, 2010) RB UK Anchor Bay

The Loved Ones [Blu-ray] (Sean Byrne, 2009) RB UK Optimum

Shane Meadows [Blu-ray] Triple Feature (Somers Town/Dead Man's Shoes/This Is England) - RB UK Optimum

Dear Mr. Gacy [Blu-ray] (Svetozar Ristovski, 2010) Anchor Bay

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (Christopher Ray, 2010) Asylum

Skirt Day (Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, 2009) Cinema Epoch

Trouble in Mind (Special Edition) (Alan Rudolph, 1985) Shout! Factory

Disciples of the 36th Chamber (Chia-Liang Liu, 1985) Weinstein

The Sorcerer's Apprentice [Blu-ray] (Jon Turteltaub, 2010) Walt Disney

And Soon the Darkness [Blu-ray] (Robert Fuest, 1970) Anchor Bay/Starz

Brotherhood (Nicolo Donato, 2009) Olive Films

I Am Love (Luca Guadagnino, 2009) Magnolia

Wild Grass (Alain Resnais, 2009) Sony

The Seventh Victim (Mark Robson, 1943) R2 UK Odeon Entertainment Ltd

Amores Perros [Blu-ray] (Alejandro González Iñárritu, 2000) RB UK Optimum

White Material [Blu-ray] (Claire Denis, 2009) RB UK Artificial Eye

Certified Copy [Blu-ray] (Abbas Kiarostami, 2010) RB UK Artificial Eye

RoboGeisha [Blu-ray] (Noboru Iguchi, 2009) Funimation Prod

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ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): So much... so much... There are at least nine extremely strong endorsements this week. Wow. Let's start with the impacting masterpiece from Terrence Malick; The Thin Red Line. Criterion gives us a Blu-ray transfer, and package, worthy of the unforgettable film. Studio Canal continue to release some of the most sought-after films in the new format and Lynch's Mulholland Dr. is at the top of many cinephile's 1080P-want lists. Not to be left behind, Warner's pioneering creature-feature, King Kong, showcases excellent grain as if projected onto a thick shag rug. You like the beauty of Technicolor? indulge in Renoir's French Cancan, region FREE Blu-ray from France. As rich as it's premiere. And Criterion's Charade displays similar vibrancy. Goodness, what a time we are living in. Sam Mendes' American Beauty is brilliant and the Blu-ray a/v is a demonstrative leap beyond the DVD. The Secret in Their Eyes is a great mystery and is very worthy of its Best Foreign Language Film of the Year Oscar - available on a solid Blu-ray presentation from Sony. Argento's Inferno, Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" and Nagisa Oshima's Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - are three lauded films that never looked better in digital (we've compared!) - ripe for your home theater entertainment. DVD seems almost anti-climatic but The Portuguese Nun may evoke some past masters, Jules Dassin's The Law will surely entice fans of the director - as will those curious about Manoel de Oliveira's Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl. Lupino style is apparent in Warner Archive's Hard, Fast and Beautiful. My only disappointment this week was National Geographic's Collapse - the faux documentary 'from the future' was actually quite thought-provoking - but the transfer had limitations.


American Beauty BD - Lester Burnham, played with heavenly finesse by Kevin Spacey in his wittiest and most agile screen performance yet, is a buttoned-down 42-year-old who desperately needs to stop and smell the roses. But he won't get much joy from the ones in his suburban yard. These fussed-over specimens are the handiwork of Lester's wife, Carolyn (Annette Bening), whom Lester introduces at the start of ''American Beauty'' with the same devilish acuity that keeps the rest of this satire so scalding. ''See the way the handle on those pruning shears matches her gardening clogs? That's not an accident,'' Lester remarks. Blu-ray Release date: September 21st, 2010

King Kong BD - Well this is it. THE movie for many fans who greet it with just as much amazement and enjoyment as the multitude of initial viewers anticipating the original release way back in 1933. What it must have been like waiting in line over 70 years ago to get into a 'movie house' and watch the greatest spectacle of the sound era. Technically it was regarded as a miraculous achievement even decades later, though the longevity of the film still stems from the narrative and the resilient fable it expresses. The prosaic edict 'Twas Beauty that Killed The Beast' may seem corny by today's standards but it was the perfect ending to a film that essentially drew the masses on its 'large monster' appeal. The aptly crowed Kong will once again reign as King. Blu-ray Release Date: September 28th, 2010

The Pianist BD - The title is an understatement, and so is the film. Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" tells the story of a Polish Jew, a classical musician, who survived the Holocaust through stoicism and good luck. This is not a thriller, and avoids any temptation to crank up suspense or sentiment; it is the pianist's witness to what he saw and what happened to him. That he survived was not a victory when all whom he loved died; Polanski, in talking about his own experiences, has said that the death of his mother in the gas chambers remains so hurtful that only his own death will bring closure. Blu-ray Release Date September 13th, 2010

Mulholland Dr. BD - Originally intended for TV, Mulholland Dr. is much in the mould of Twin Peaks and Lost Highway. Lynch's characteristically bizarre noir focuses (probably too strong a word!) on a young beauty (Harring) who loses her memory after a car accident and hides out in a house where she's found and befriended by the absent owner's helpful niece (Watts), new to LA in the hope of becoming an actress. Meanwhile, a hot young film director (Theroux) is having trouble with the Mob trying to influence his choice of leading lady. Despite too many detours into nonsensical narrative cul-de-sacs, and too many shots that slowly travel towards corners down darkened corridors to the accompaniment of ominous rumbles, this works well enough as unsettlingly nightmarish suspense. That is, until it suddenly and stupidly decides to switch characters' identities, leaving one with a so-what feeling of déjà vu. Blu-ray Release Date: September 13th, 2010

Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl - Portuguese elder statesman Manoel de Oliveira has been making films since 1931. The 101 year old’s delightful latest is a perfectly executed comic miniature on the perils of old-fashioned courtship. Delivered as an irate remembrance from the seat of a train, the story describes the lengths to which pretty boy Marcário (Ricardo Trêpa) goes to woo the sultry maiden (Catarina Wallenstein) who throws him come-hither looks from a window opposite his office. Playing on the idea that our traditional notions of romance are at loggerheads with the modern world, the film’s players struggle to uphold the chivalry and politesse expected during a burgeoning relationship. Sly, understated and ruthlessly focused, the functional yet elegant photography by Sabine Lancelin enhances the film’s ironic kick. DVD Release Date: September 21st, 2010

Where Love Has Gone - Based on Harold Robbins’ dexterously salacious bestselling novel, a young woman, Danny (Joey Heatherton) has murdered a man, who was the latest lover of her mother (Susan Hayward). Danny’s father, Luke Miller (Mike Connors) describes the events that led to the tragedy. Bette Davis plays Danny’s domineering grandmother and Jane Greer plays her sympathetic probation officer. The stellar cast also includes DeForest Kelley (Star Trek), George Macready (Gilda), Anne Seymour and Anthony Caruso. Directed by Edward Dmytryk (The Carpetbaggers), Screenplay by John Michael Hayes (Torch Song, Peyton Place) and Costumes by legendary designer Edith Head. DVD Release Date: September 28th, 2010

Collapse BD - How could a civilization that mastered the planet suddenly Collapse? Inspired by the New York Times best-selling book "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed", NGC time travels 200 years into the future to see what the world would look like after civilization as we know it collapsed. Guided by author Jared Diamond, we'll piece together the remarkable story of what on earth triggered our decline. Blu-ray Release date: September 21st, 2010

The Portuguese Nun - A young French actress in Lisbon to shoot a movie is intrigued by a nun she sees kneeling in the in the chapel where she is filming.
....Yet all these alienation effects, fictive tricks and metacinematic games, right down to the reflexivity of the film-within-a-film, in the end serve less to distance The Portuguese Nun than to ally it to a sort of metaphysical quest – or, as Julie herself puts it: "I'm an actress, I try to show the truth through unreal things." DVD Release Date: September 22nd, 2010

The Secret in Their Eyes BD - The past continually forces its way into the present in “The Secret in Their Eyes,” an attractive, messy drama riddled with violence and edged with comedy that comes with a hint of Grand Guignol, a suggestion of politics and three resonant, deeply appealing performances. Set primarily in contemporary Argentina with intermittent flashbacks to the 1970s when the country was descending into a military dictatorship, the film is by turns a whodunit (and why), a romance and something of a ghost story. A young dead woman lies at the center of the mystery, but she’s scarcely the only thing here haunting the living. Blu-ray Release date: September 21st, 2010

Monamour - Another high-living and uninhibited but dissatisfied bodacious beauty Marta (Anna Jimskaya) meets another one of Tinto Brass' ass-loving aesthetes (Riccardo Marino) and keeps record of all of their adventures in her diary for her publisher husband Dario (Max Parodi, Brass' FRIVOLOUS LOLA) to discover. As usual, being cuckolded proves arousing and true love wins out in the end. A cigar-puffing director Brass turns in another cameo espousing his erotic aesthetic philosophy. Though visually pleasing (featuring attractive cinematography - his first work in HD - and lighting as well as stunning set design) and explicit, this feels more like a place-holder film in between hopefully better projects. DVD Release Date: August 31, 2010

French Cancan BD - Nineteenth-century Paris comes vibrantly alive in Jean Renoir’s exhilarating tale of the opening of the world-renowned Moulin Rouge. Jean Gabin plays the wily impresario Danglard, who makes the cancan all the rage while juggling the love of two beautiful women—an Egyptian belly-dancer and a naive working girl turned cancan star. This celebration of life, art and the City of Light—with a cameo by Edith Piaf—is a Technicolor tour de force by a master of modern cinema. Blu-ray Release Date: August 17th, 2010

Inferno BD - In New York, poetess Rose (Irene Miracle, THE NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS) discovers the alchemist-authored tome THE THREE MOTHERS in a nearby antique shop and learns that her apartment building is one of the houses of the damned belonging to Mater Tenebrarum (the mother of darkness) one of a trio of witches (the other two houses being in Frieberg, Germany - the setting of Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA - and the other being in Rome). An underwater subterranean lair complete with floating rotting corpses suggests to Rose that the book is a work of fact and she writes to her brother Mark (Leigh McCloskey), a music student in Rome. Blu-ray Release Date: September 13th, 2010

Charade BD - Donen's typically slick comedy thriller, ingeniously scripted by Peter Stone, is a mammoth audience teaser, with a small cast of characters, bursting with multiple identities, caught up in a complicated hunt for a fortune in gold coins seemingly secreted by Hepburn's murdered husband. Grant imparts his ineffable charm, Kennedy (with metal hand) provides comic brutality, while Hepburn is elegantly fraught. There are also smart Parisian settings and smart Mancini music. The result has a chic rating of at least 180; and while hardly as sturdy or provoking an entertainment as North by Northwest, say, it remains an entertainment. Blu-ray Release Date: September 21st, 2010

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence BD - In this captivating, skewed World War II drama from Nagisa Oshima, David Bowie regally embodies Celliers, a British officer interned by the Japanese as a POW. Rock star Ryuichi Sakamoto (who also composed this film’s hypnotic score) plays the camp commander, obsessed with the mysterious blond major, while Tom Conti is the British lieutenant colonel Lawrence, who tries to bridge the emotional and language divides between captor and prisoner. Also featuring actor-director Takeshi Kitano in his first dramatic role, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence is a multilayered, brutal, at times erotic tale of culture clash, and one of Oshima’s greatest successes. Blu-ray Release Date: September 28th, 2010

The Law - A Northern Italian engineer (Mastroianni) arrives to stop a malaria outbreak in a small village but is thwarted by Southern inhospitality—and courted by the town beauty, Marietta (Lollobrigida). He’s also taught a local drinking game called “The Law,” in which one man—namely, the region’s top hood (Montand)—assumes absolute power over others. “There are those who are in charge,” the gangster tells a conquest, “and those who submit.” DVD Release Date: September 28th, 2010

Hard, Fast and Beautiful - When most people look at Florence Farley, they see a pretty teenager. But when Milly Farley looks at her daughter she sees something else: a tennis prodigy who could be Milly’s ticket to money and fame. Released in 1951, Hard, Fast and Beautiful foresaw our modern era of big-time women’s sports – and of driven parents who would stop at nothing to “help” their daughters grab the golden ring. Sally Forrest plays Florence, who finds athletic success but not happiness. Claire Trevor seethes with barely concealed malice and greed as Milly. And behind the camera is movie star Ida Lupino, guiding one of a series of low-budget, big-concept films that established her as a rarity in mid-century Hollywood: a successful and stylish female director. DVD Release Date: December 1st, 2009

The Thin Red Line BD - After directing two of the most extraordinary movies of the 1970s, Badlands and Days of Heaven, American artist Terrence Malick disappeared from the film world for twenty years, only to resurface in 1998 with this visionary adaptation of James Jones’s 1962 novel about the World War II battle for Guadalcanal. A big-budget, spectacularly mounted epic, The Thin Red Line is also one of the most deeply philosophical films ever released by a major Hollywood studio, a thought-provoking meditation on man, nature, and violence. Featuring a cast of contemporary cinema’s finest actors—Sean Penn, Jim Caviezel, Nick Nolte, Elias Koteas, and Woody Harrelson among them—The Thin Red Line is a kaleidoscopic evocation of the experience of combat that ranks as one of the greatest war films ever produced. Blu-ray Release Date: September 28th, 2010

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September 20th, 2010


American Beauty [Blu-ray] (Sam Mendes, 1999) Dreamworks (BEAVER REVIEW)

Bored to Death: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] (2009) HBO

Calvin Marshall [Blu-ray] (Gary Lundgren, 2010) Passion River

Certified Copy (Abbas Kiarostami, 2010) R2 FR - TF1

Charade [Blu-ray] (Stanley Donen, 1963) - Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Collapse [Blu-ray] Nat'l Geographic - (BEAVER REVIEW)

Compulsion (Richard Fleischer, 1959) R2 UK Second Sight

Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl (Manoel de Oliveira, 2009) Cinema Guild (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eclipse Series 24: The Actuality Dramas of Allan King - Criterion Collection

The Eisenstein Collection Vol.2 - Bezhin Meadow (1937); Alexander Nevsky (1938); Ivan The Terrible Part 1 (1944); Ivan The Terrible Part 2: The Boyars Plot (1958) - R2 UK Palisades Tartan

The Experiment [Blu-ray] (Paul Scheuring, 2010) - Sony Pictures (BEAVER REVIEW)

Fantomas: Five Film Collection - Kino

Forbidden Planet [Blu-ray] (Fred M. Wilcox, 1956) Region FREE UK - Warner (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Ghost Writer [Blu-ray] (Roman Polanski, 2010) RB UK Optimum (BEAVER REVIEW)

Guillermo Del Toro Collection [Blu-ray] (The Devil's Backbone, Pan's Labyrinth and Cronos) RB UK Elevation Sales

The Horde (Yves Pignot, 2009) R2 UK Momentum Pictures (BEAVER REVIEW)

I Spit On Your Grave [Blu-ray] (Meir Zarchi, 1978) RB UK 101 Films

Kandahar Break (David Whitney, 2009) - Peace Arch Trinity

Last Night (Don McKellar, 1998) R2 UK Park Circus

Mars Attacks! [Blu-ray] (Tim Burton, 1996) Region FREE UK Warner

"Middletown" (Peter Davis etc, 1982) Icarus Films

Modesty Blaise (Joseph Losey, 1966) R2 UK Second Sight

Mother [Blu-ray] (Joon-Ho Bong, 2009) - RB UK Elevation Sales

Films of Nikita Mikhalkov: Volume 1- A Slave of Love, Without Witness (1983), Five Evenings (1979) and Oblomov (1980) - Kino

Ondine [Blu-ray] (Neil Jordan, 2009) Magnolia

The Peacemaker [Blu-ray] (Mimi Leder, 1997) Dreamworks Video

The Portuguese Nun (Eugène Green, 2009) R2 FR Carlotta (BEAVER REVIEW)

Robin Hood [Blu-ray] (Ridley Scott, 2010) Universal Studios

The Secret in Their Eyes [Blu-ray] (Juan José Campanella, 2009) Sony (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sons of Cuba (Andrew Lang, 2009) R2 UK Mr Bongo Films

The Special Relationship [Blu-ray] (Richard Loncraine, 2010) RB UK Optimum

(Untitled) [Blu-ray] (Jonathan Parker, 2009) Screen Media

Vigilante [Blu-ray] (William Lustig, 1983) Blue Underground (BEAVER REVIEW)

The World At War: The Ultimate Restored Edition [Blu-ray] - RB UK Fremantle

The Zookeeper (Ralph Ziman, 2001) Brink



September 27th, 2010


7 Days (Ronit Elkabetz + Shlomi Elkabetz, 2008) MPI

24 City (Jian Zheng Ke, 2008) R2 UK Drakes Avenue

Antonio das Mortes (Glauber Rocha, 1969) Mr Bongo Films

Babies [Blu-ray] (Thomas Balmes, 2010) - Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Brute (Luis Buñuel, 1953) R2 UK - Mr Bongo Films

City of Life & Death [Blu-ray] (Lu Chuan, 2009) RB UK High Fliers

Dark Night Of The Scarecrow (Frank De Felitta, 1981) VCI Entertainment

Demons (Lamberto Bava, 1985) R2 UK Arrow Video

Family Guy: Partial Terms of Endearment - 20th Century Fox

Film Socialisme (Jean-Luc Godard, 2010) R2 FR - Wild Side Video

Frozen [Blu-ray] (Adam Green, 2010) Anchor Bay

Good [Blu-ray] (Vicente Amorim, 2008) - NEM

I'm Gonna Explode (Gerardo Naranjo, 2008) MPI

Infernal Affairs [Blu-ray] (Wai-keung Lau + Alan Mak, 2002) RB UK Palisades Tartan

Iron Man 2 [Blu-ray] (Jon Favreau, 2010) Paramount

Ivul (Andrew Kotting, 2009) R2 UK Artificial Eye

The Kid Chamaco (Miguel Necoechea, 2009) Maya Entertainment

The Killer Inside Me [Blu-ray] (Michael Winterbottom, 2010) MPI

King Kong [Blu-ray] (Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack, 1933) Warner (BEAVER REVIEW)

Knock on Wood (Melvin Frank + Norman Panama, 1954) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Law (La Loi) (Jules Dassin, 1959) Oscilloscope (BEAVER REVIEW)

Mercy (Patrick Hoelck, 2009) MPI

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Nagisa Oshima, 1983) - Criterion Collection
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence [Blu-ray
] (Nagisa Oshima, 1983) - Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Morgiana (Juraj Herz, 1972) R2 UK Second Run DVD

My Favorite Spy (Norman Z. McLeod, 1951) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

My Forbidden Past (Robert Stevenson, 1951) R2 UK Cornerstone Media

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film (Andrew Monument, 2009) Kino

The Oath (Laura Poitras, 2010) Zeitgeist Films

Once Is Not Enough (Guy Green, 1975) - Olive Films

Perrier's Bounty (Ian Fitzgibbon, 2009) MPI

Rock & Rule (25th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray] (Clive A. Smith, 1983) Unearthed Films

Secret Agent Aka Danger Man: The Complete Collection - A + E Home Video

Sons of Cuba (Andrew Lang, 2009) R2 UK Mr Bongo Films

The Sound of Music [Blu-ray] (Robert Wise, 1965) RB FR Fox Pathe Europa

Still Life (Harun Farocki, 1997) Facets

Suck [Blu-ray] (Rob Stefaniuk, 2009) E1 Entertainment

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse [Blu-ray] - Warner

Susana (Luis Buñuel, 1951) R2 UK - Mr Bongo Films

The Thin Red Line (Terrence Malick, 1998) - Criterion Collection
The Thin Red Line [Blu-ray] (Terrence Malick, 1998) - Criterion

THX 1138 [Blu-ray] (George Lucas, 1971) Region FREE UK Warner (BEAVER REVIEW)

Undertow (Javier Fuentes-León, 2009) R2 UK Axiom Films

Wetherby (David Hare, 1985) R2 UK Park Circus

Where Love Has Gone (Edward Dmytryk, 1964) - Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

While the City Sleeps (Fritz Lang, 1956) R2 UK Exposure



October 4th, 2010


Alamar (Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio , 2009) Film Movement

Ave Maria [Blu-ray] (Jacques Richard, 1984) - RB FR Universal Studio Canal Video

Bad Lieutenant [Blu-ray] (Abel Ferrara, 1992) Lionsgate (BEAVER REVIEW)

Beau père [Blu-ray] (Bertrand Blier, 1981) - RB FR Universal Studio Canal Video

Beauty and the Beast [Blu-ray] (Gary Trousdale + Kirk Wise, 1991) Disney

Bend It Like Beckham [Blu-ray] (Gurinder Chadha, 2002) RB UK Elevation Sales

The Blair Witch Project [Blu-ray] (Daniel Myrick, 1999) Lionsgate (BEAVER REVIEW)

Bomber (Paul Cotter, 2009) Film Movement

Le Bossu (Philippe de Broca, 1997) R2 UK Second Sight

Cat O Nine Tails [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1971) RB UK Arrow Video

D'Artagnan's Daughter (Bertrand Tavernier, 1994) R2 UK Second Sight

The Damned (Joseph Losey, 1963) R2 UK Sony Pictures

The Exorcist (Extended Director's Cut & Original Theatrical Edition) [Blu-ray] (William Friedkin, 1973) Warner

Frontier Blues (Babak Jalali, 2009) R2 UK Artificial Eye

Grindhouse (Special Edition) [Blu-ray] (Quentin Tarantino;Robert Rodriguez, 2007) Vivendi Entertainment

Hard Candy [Blu-ray] (David Slade, 2005) Lions Gate

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) [Blu-ray] (Tom Six, 2009) IFC

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) [Blu-ray] (Tom Six, 2009) RB UK Bounty Films

Humphrey Bogart: The Essential Collection (12-disc) - Warner

Journal d'une femme de chambre [Blu-ray] (Luis Buñuel, 1964) RB FR Universal Studio Canal Video

The Karate Kid [Blu-ray] (Harald Zwart, 2010) Sony Pictures

The Last of the Mohicans [Blu-ray] Director's Definitive Cut (Michael Mann, 1992) 20th Century Fox

The Last Rites of Ransom Pride [Blu-ray] (Tiller Russell, 2009) Screen Media

The Loved Ones [Blu-ray] (Sean Byrne, 2009) RB UK Optimum

Mad Max [Blu-ray] (George Miller, 1979) MGM

The Maltese Falcon [Blu-ray] (John Huston, 1941) Warner Home Video

The Mission [Blu-ray] (Roland Joffé, 1986) Warner

Ocean's Eleven (50th Anniversary) [Blu-ray] (Lewis Milestone, 1960) Warner

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva [Blu-ray] (Masakazu Hashimoto, 2009) RB UK Manga Home Entertainment

Robocop Trilogy [Blu-ray] 20th Century Fox

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer [Blu-ray] (Kizo Nagashima + Larry Roemer, 1964) Uni Dist

The Secret of Kells [Blu-ray] (Tomm Moore , 2009) New Video Group

Secretary [Blu-ray] (Steven Shainberg, 2002) Lionsgate (BEAVER REVIEW)

Shane Meadows [Blu-ray] Triple Feature (Somers Town/Dead Man's Shoes/This Is England) - RB UK Optimum

Spirits of the Dead [Blu-ray] (Federico Fellini, Louis Malle + Roger Vadim, 1968) RB UK Arrow Films

Splice [Blu-ray] (Vincenzo Natali, 2009) Warner Home Video

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre [Blu-ray] (John Huston, 1948) Warner Home Video

Villa Amalia (Benoît Jacquot, 2009) R2 UK Peccadillo Pictures

World on a Wire [Blu-ray] (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1973) RB FR Carlotta



October 11th, 2010


All White in Barking / Men of the City: Two Films by Marc Isaacs - R2 UK Second Run

The Andrei Tarkovsky Collection - Ivan's Childhood, Andrei Rublev, Mirror, Solaris, Stalker, Nostalgia and The Sacrifice - R2 UK

Arn: The Knight Templar [Blu-ray] (Peter Flinth, 2007) Koch Entertainment

Best Of British Crime Collection (The Flesh is Weak, They Made Me a Fugitive and A Taste of Excitement) R2 UK Odeon

Black Christmas [Blu-ray] (Bob Clark, 1974) Weinstein Company

Busby Berkeley 9-Film Collection (11-disc) - Warner Home Video

Callas Forever [Blu-ray] (Franco Zeffirelli, 2002) Image Entertainment

Casa de Lava (Pedro Costa, 1994) R2 UK Second Run DVD

The Circus [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1928) RB UK Park Circus

City Lights [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1931) RB UK Park Circus

Cleo from 5 to 7 (Agnès Varda, 1962) R2 UK Artificial Eye

Coffret Chaplin, vol. 1 [Blu-ray] :The Kid, City Lights, The Circus, Modern Times, The Dictator - RB FR Gie Sphe-Tf1

Daniel and Ana (Michel Franco, 2009) Strand Releasing

The Darjeeling Limited (Wes Anderson, 2007) Criterion

The Darjeeling Limited [Blu-ray] (Wes Anderson, 2007) Criterion

The Gates (Antonio Ferrera + Albert Maysles, 2005) Kino

I Am Love (Luca Guadagnino, 2009) Magnolia

I Am Love [Blu-ray] (Luca Guadagnino, 2009) Magnolia Pictures

Leaves of Grass [Blu-ray] (Tim Blake Nelson, 2009) First Look Studios

London River (Rachid Bouchareb, 2009) R2 UK Trinity Films

Magic [Blu-ray] (Richard Attenborough, 1978) Dark Sky Films

The Magician (Ingmar Bergman, 1958) Criterion

The Magician [Blu-ray] (Ingmar Bergman, 1958) Criterion

My Night With Maud (Eric Rohmer, 1969) R2 UK Artificial Eye

The Oxford Murders [Blu-ray] (Álex de la Iglesia, 2008) Magnolia Pictures

The Original Christmas Classics Gift Set [Blu-ray] (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer / Santa Claus is Comin' to Town / Frosty the Snowman / Frosty Returns) Vivendi Ent.

The Proud Valley (Pen Tennyson, 1940) R2 UK Optimum

Red Dragon [Blu-ray] (Brett Ratner, 2002) Universal Studios

S&Man (Sandman) [Blu-ray] (J.T. Petty, 2006) Magnolia

Sex and Lucia [Blu-ray] (Julio Medem, 2001) Palm Pictures

Straw Dogs [Blu-ray] (Sam Peckinpah, 1971) R'B' UK Fremantle

Three Kings [Blu-ray] (David O. Russell, 1999) Warner

The Time That Remains (Elia Suleiman, 2009) R2 UK Drakes Avenue

Wolverine and the X-Men: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] - Lionsgate


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