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OF September 5th, 2011

  This Week's Highlights
Knarero mni'nano?  - More Coen brothers, Altman, Peckinpah, Wes Craven, Clive Barker, Michael Curtiz, John Ford, Brain De Palma and more (coming soon 2 new Criterion on Blu-ray and a triptych of Turkish films via SD) plus calendar updates including Blu-rays of films by Robert Wise, Anthony Mann, Martin Scorsese, George Cukor, Bertrand Blier, Norman Jewison, and more. We have a new Feature DVD and Blu-ray and a Clips contest with an Oscilloscope DVD prize. Your future can be golden... with a silver lining!

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Feature DVD and Blu-ray chosen for September 2011 HERE

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September 5th CONTEST - identify the clip on the CONTEST PAGE to win a DVD of If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.


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West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] (Robert Wise, 1961) MGM

West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition Box Set [Blu-ray] (Robert Wise, 1961) MGM

Man of the West [Blu-ray] (Anthony Mann, 1958) RB DE Koch Media

Cape Fear [Blu-ray] (J. Lee Thompson, 1962 + Martin Scorsese, 1991) Region FREE (most likely) DE Universal

Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis: Special Edition [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1927) Kino

Fantômas Trilogy [Blu-ray] (André Hunebelle, 1964) RB DE Universum Film

My Fair Lady [Blu-ray] (George Cukor, 1964) Paramount

Anastasia (Don Bluth, 1997) [Blu-ray] Fox Home Entertainment

Captain America: The First Avenger [Blu-ray] (Joe Johnston, 2011) Paramount

Bellflower [Blu-ray] (Evan Glodell, 2011) Oscilloscope Laboratories

Green Lantern [Blu-ray] (Martin Campbell, 2011) Warner

Evil Dead II [Blu-ray] (Sam Raimi, 1987) Lions Gate

The Rocketeer [Blu-ray] (Joe Johnston, 1991) Beuna Vista

Going Places [Blu-ray] (Bertrand Blier, 1974) Lorber Films

A Soldier's Story [Blu-ray] (Norman Jewison, 1984) Image Entertainment

Helldriver [Blu-ray] (Yoshihiro Nishimura, 2010) Well Go USA

Adaptation [Blu-ray] (Spike Jonze, 2002) Image Entertainment

Great Directors (Special 2-Disc Set) Lorber Films

Crime of Love (Luigi Comencini, 1974) Raro

Reel Injun (Neil Diamond, 2009) Lorber Films

Gamera - Triple Feature Collector's Edition [Blu-ray] - Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995) - Gamera 2: Attack of Legion - Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (1999) - Mill Creek

Venga a prendere il caffè da noi (Alberto Lattuada, 1970) Raro

Body Puzzle (Lamberto Bava, 1992) Raro

Murder Obsession (Riccardo Freda, 1981) Raro

Nothing in Common [Blu-ray] (Garry Marshall, 1986) Image Entertainment

The Theo Angelopoulos Collection Vol. 1 (5 Discs) - Reconstruction (1970) Days of '36 (1972) The Travelling Players (1975) and The Hunters (1977) - R2 UK Artificial Eye

Come and See (Elem Klimov, 1985) - R2 UK Artificial Eye

Secret Beyond the Door... (Fritz Lang, 1947) R2 UK Exposure Cinema

The Birth of a Nation [Blu-ray] (D.W. Griffith, 1915) Kino

Despair [Blu-ray] (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1978) Olive Films

Way Down East [Blu-ray] (D.W. Griffith, 1920) Kino

Infernal Affairs [Blu-ray] (Wai-keung Lau, 2002) Vivendi


Toy Story 3 in 3D [Blu-ray] (Lee Unkrich, 2010) Walt Disney

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three [Blu-ray] (Joseph Sargent, 1974) MGM

Cars 2 [Blu-ray] (John Lasseter, 2011) Walt Disney

Cars 2 in 3D [Blu-ray] (John Lasseter, 2011) Walt Disney

Toy Story in 3D [Blu-ray] (John Lasseter, 1995) Walt Disney

Chicken Little in 3D [Blu-ray] (Mark Dindal, 2005) Walt Disney

Meet the Robinsons in 3D [Blu-ray] (Stephen J. Anderson, 2007) Walt Disney


ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): To be less predictable I think my pick of the week will be X-Men First Class - an engrossing rehash of the mutant super-hero evolution fable looking and sounding super on Blu-ray. But easily the biggest upgrade from DVD goes to Blue Underground's The 10th Victim - a wonderful advancement on the satirical Sci-fi/Pop extravaganza. Altman's dreamlike masterpiece 3 Women impacts to another level in 1080P - as does Peckinpah's exhaustingly intense Straw Dogs - now available in Blu-ray. De Palma's evocative Dressed to Kill gets the bump and remains an entertaining and steamy thriller. The same director's Scarface has imperfections in the Blu-ray transfer but is still aptly described as a 'poetic exercise in excess'. The Coen's creative juices seemed to be at a zenith in O' Brother Where Art Thou? - a joyful and impressive film that gets the call to hi-def. Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes is iconic for low budget 70's horror flicks and the Blu-ray transfer is rife with grain and texture. Floating between fiction and surrealistic horror is Clive Barker's Hellraiser that gets a lackluster boost to Blu-ray. DVD has MoC's edition of John Ford's mighty The Iron Horse with some valuable new supplements. Gregory has covered The Breaking Point from 1950 - the most faithful adaption of Ernest Hemingway’s To Have and Have Not. Eric has completed a valuable comparison with The Man With the Severed Head as well as two new films of his genre ilk - The Echo Game and Big Foot-ish Savage. I guess the Summer is officially over :(. Have a great week!


O' Brother Where Art Thou? BD - In Joel and Ethan Coen's joyous musical comedy O Brother, Where Art Thou?, the endless parlor game of "Name That Allusion" starts with the title, a reference to Preston Sturges' 1942 classic Sullivan's Travels. In that film, a popular director of escapist Hollywood fare announces his plans to make an earnest American epic, "a true canvas of the suffering of humanity." To research the project, he dresses up like a hobo and tries to blend in with the great unwashed, finding about as much success as yuppie Albert Brooks does "touching Indians" in Lost In America. Blu-ray Release Date: September 13th, 2011

The Hills Have Eyes BD - The Carter family are driving through the desert in a station wagon and Winnebego in search of a silver mine. Fred (John Steadman, FADE TO BLACK), the old-timer that runs the gas station, cryptically tries to warn them off venturing further into the desert, but they proceed and wind up stranded in the middle of nowhere. Their first indication that they might not be alone comes when son Bobby (Robert Houston, 1941) searches for one of their runaway dogs in the hills and finds it mutilated.
Blu-ray Release Date: September 6th, 2011

The Iron Horse - The 1924 blockbuster that launched John Ford into Hollywood's emerging A-list of directors, The Iron Horse is an epic mythification of the American railroad's birth: a rambunctious blend of historical drama and Western actioner, revenge story and saloon comedy, noble biopic and all-bets-off tall tale. Neighbour to the pre-presidential Abe Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois, young Davy Brandon accompanies his father westward to realise the elder's dream of a rail line bridging the ends of the continent. Years after Brandon Sr.'s murder and scalping by a two-fingered Cheyenne half-breed, the adult David (played by George O'Brien, three years before his lead role in Sunrise, here in the first of ten films he made with Ford) joins in the effort now underway to lay track and accommodate "the iron horse". MoC DVD Release Date: September 26th, 2011

Dressed to Kill BD - Fashionable Manhattan therapist Dr. Robert Elliott (Caine) faces the most terrifying moment of his life, when a psychotic killer begins attacking the women (Dickinson and Allen) in his life— with a straight razor stolen from his office. Desperate to find the murderer before anyone else is hurt, Elliott is soon drawn into a dark and disturbing world of chilling desires. And as the doctor edges closer to the terrible truth, he finds himself lost in a provocative and deadly maze of obsession, deviance and deceit— where the most harmless erotic fantasies…can become the most deadly sexual nightmares!
Blu-ray Release date: September 6th, 2011

The 10th Victim BD - It is the 21st Century, and society's lust for violence is satisfied by "The Big Hunt," an international game of legalized murder. But when the sport's two top assassins (Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress) are pitted against each other, they find that love is the most dangerous game of all. As the world watches, the hunt is on. Who will become THE 10TH VICTIM? Blu-ray Release Date: September 13th, 2011

The Man With the Severed Head - Surnett (Paul Naschy, VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES) and his gang are planning to make a big score at a jewelry store with the help of safecracker , but the sticky fingers of Karl (Victor Israel, HORROR EXPRESS) set off the alarm and the group flee by car. They elude a police road block, but Surnett is shot in the head. Surnett's second-in-command Henry (Olivier Mathot, CECILIA) takes charge and drags in alcoholic Dr. Ritter (Carlos Otero, LONG DAYS OF VENGEANCE) to examine Surnett. Ritter does not possess the means or the know-how to save Surnett, but he knows who does. DVD Release Date: October 10th, 2011

Hellraiser BD - Larry Cotton (Andrew Robinson, DIRTY HARRY) and his wife Julia (Claire Higgins, B. MONKEY) move into his childhood home, which has been empty for years since his mother's death. They discover signs that his ne'er-do-well brother Frank (Sean Chapman, EAT THE RICH) has been squatting there recently. Little do they know that Frank has solved a puzzle box that opens up a gateway to the world of the Cenobites, and that he has been torn apart after experiencing their extreme forms of sadomasochism.
Blu-ray Release Date: September 6th, 2011

Scarface BD - Two-bit Cuban hood Tony Montana (Pacino) lies his way into the US, where he and his friend Manny (Stephen Bauer) soon enter the world of crime. They murder a political figure for drug dealer Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia) to get their green cards and are soon on his payroll. Tony's elimination of rival Colombian drug dealers gives him a more prominent role in the organization. His duties include serving as chauffeur to Lopez's beautiful but cocaine-addicted wife, Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer).
Blu-ray Release Date: September 6th, 2011

X-Men First Class BD - X-Men: First Class follows the classic Marvel mythology, charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga. Before Charles... Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto's Brotherhood and Professor X's X-Men.
Blu-ray Release date: September 9th, 2011

The Echo Game - News producer April (Alisha Seaton, THE FOURTH KIND) is shocked to learn that her ex-girlfriend Rachel (Angela Landis, ALIEN ABDUCTION) - who she saw drown in the middle of the ocean years ago - has turned up recently as a murder victim until she then receives a letter written by Rachel before her death about "The Echo Project" and possible danger to April's daughter Sarah (Melissa Lee), who is actually Rachel's biological daughter. Scientist Dr. Ann Cassavettes (Judy Clement, DIMENSION) - apparently a reference to John Cassavettes' villain in Brian DePalma's THE FURY - worked with her late husband on the project, which involved gifted children. DVD Release Date: September 27th, 2011

Savage - When a fire rips through Bear Valley National Park, it displaces the local animal population, including a ferocious creature that might be Big Foot. Sheriff Owen Freemont (Tony Becker, THE HUNTERS) learns that dispatch has lost contact with one of his men after a frantic call about a bear attack. Ranger Hudson (Ron Prather, KISS OF THE TARANTULA) is trying to convince Mayor Reynolds (Don Stalling, RECKLESS KELLY) to redevelop some of the conveniently charred land into "Hunter's Heaven." DVD Release Date: September 20th, 2011

3 Women BD - In a dusty, under-populated California resort town, Pinky Rose (Sissy Spacek), a naïve and impressionable Southern waif begins her life as a nursing home attendant. There, Pinky finds her role model in fellow nurse "Thoroughly Modern" Millie Lammoreaux (Shelley Duvall), a misguided would-be sophisticate and hopeless devotee of Cosmopolitan and Woman's Day magazines. When Millie accepts Pinky into her home at the Purple Sage singles complex, Pinky's hero-worship evolves into something far stranger and more sinister than either could have anticipated. Featuring brilliant performances from Spacek and Duvall, Robert Altman's dreamlike masterpiece, 3 Women, careens from the humorous to the chilling to the surreal, resulting in one of the most unusual and compelling films of the 1970s.
Blu-ray Release Date: September 13th, 2011

Straw Dogs BD - 'A young American mathematician, David Sumner (Dustin Hoffman), and his English wife, Amy (Susan George), move to a Cornish village, seeking the quiet life. But beneath the seemingly peaceful isolation of the pastoral village lies a savagery and violence that threatens to destroy the couple, culminating in a brutal test of Sumner’s manhood and a bloody battle to the death. One of the most controversial films ever made, Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs is a harrowing and masterful investigation of masculinity and the nature of violence.'
Blu-ray Release Date: September 6th, 2011


The Breaking Point - Broke and with a family to support, charter-boat skipper Harry Morgan (John Garfield) makes a desperate gamble. For cash that will save his boat from creditors, he ferries gangsters to safety after a racing-track heist. But when you gamble, sometimes you lose. Tense and sinewy, The Breaking Point is a more faithful adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s To Have and Have Not than the earlier Bogart-Bacall classic. Garfield, one of the screen’s great anti-heroes, makes Morgan his own in a rugged portrayal etched with anguish. Director Michael Curtiz (Casablanca), who guided Garfield to instant stardom in Four Daughters, turns the action scenes into movie dynamite, but the film’s quiet final image is the one that will haunt you. DVD Release Date: June 14th, 2011

 Next 4 weeks on the Calendar

September 5th, 2011


13 Assassins [Blu-ray] (Takashi Miike, 2010) RB UK Artificial Eye

Being John Malkovich [Blu-ray] (Spike Jonze, 1999) RB UK Cinram Logistics

The Caine Mutiny [Blu-ray] (Edward Dmytryk, 1954) RB DE Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 - Cult of the Cobra (1955), Dr. Cyclops (1940), The Land Unknown (1957), The Deadly Mantis (1957) and The Leech Woman (1960) - Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Colors of the Mountain (Carlos César Arbeláez, 2010) Film Movement

Criminal Minds: The Sixth Season - Paramount

Dressed to Kill [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma,1980) MGM (BEAVER REVIEW)

Genevieve [Blu-ray] (Henry Cornelius, 1953) VCI

Hanna [Blu-ray] (Joe Wright, 2011) Universal Studios

Hellraiser [Blu-ray] (Clive Barker, 1987) Image Entertainment (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Hills Have Eyes [Blu-ray] (Wes Craven, 1977) Image Entertainment (BEAVER REVIEW)

Kind Hearts and Coronets [Blu-ray] (Robert Hamer, 1949) RB UK Optimum

The Panic in Needle Park (Jerry Schatzberg, 1971) R2 UK Second Sight

Pieces (Juan Piquer Simon, 1982) R2 UK Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

Plein soleil [Blu-ray] (René Clément, 1960) RB UK Optimum

Police Story First Season (Joseph Wambaugh 1973–1977) Shout! Factory

Quatermass and the Pit [Blu-ray] (Roy Ward Baker, 1967) RB UK Optimum

La règle du jeu [Blu-ray] (Jean Renoir, 1939) RB FR Editions Montparnasse

Rounders [Blu-ray] (John Dahl, 1998) RB UK Lions Gate Home (BEAVER REVIEW)

Scarface [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1983) Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

Scarface [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1983) Universal UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Scarface Limited Edition Steelbook [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1983) Universal UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Scream Trilogy [Blu-ray] - Lionsgate Miramax

The Shaft (Chi Zhang, 2008) Global Film Initiative

Straw Dogs (US Release) [Blu-ray] (Sam Peckinpah, 1971) MGM (BEAVER REVIEW)

Straw Dogs - 40th Anniversary [Blu-ray] (Sam Peckinpah, 1971) MGM (BEAVER REVIEW)

United 93 [Blu-ray] (Paul Greengrass, 2006) Universal Studios

X-Men: First Class [Blu-ray] (Matthew Vaughn, 2011) 20th Century Fox (BEAVER REVIEW)


September 12th, 2011


3 Women [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1977) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

8 Million Ways to Die (Hal Ashby, 1986) R2 UK Second Sight Films

The 10th Victim [Blu-ray] (Elio Petri, 1965) Blue Underground (BEAVER REVIEW)

Ashes & Diamonds [Blu-ray] (Andrzej Wajda, 1958) RB UK Arrow Academy

Bad Dreams / Visiting Hours [Double Feature] Shout! Factory

Breakfast at Tiffany's [Blu-ray] (Blake Edwards, 1961) RB UK Paramount

Citizen Kane [Blu-ray] (Amazon Exclusive 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition + The Magnificent Ambersons on DVD) - Warner

Citizen Kane [Blu-ray] (70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition) - Warner

City of God [Blu-ray] (Fernando Meirelles, Kátia Lund, 2002) RB UK Optimum

The Count of Monte Cristo [Blu-ray] (Kevin Reynolds, 2002) Touchstone / Disney

The English Patient [Blu-ray] (Anthony Minghella, 1996) RB UK Optimum

The Exterminator [Blu-ray] (James Glickenhaus, 1980) Synapse Films

The Frighteners [Blu-ray] (Peter Jackson, 1996) MCA

Halloween II [Blu-ray] (Rick Rosenthal, 1981) Universal Studios

Heartbeats (Xavier Dolan, 2010) R2 UK Network Releasing

Heavenly Creatures [Blu-ray] (Peter Jackson, 1994) RB UK Peccadillo Pictures

How I Ended This Summer [Blu-ray] (Aleksei Popogrebsky, 2010) RB UK New Wave

Incendies [Blu-ray] (Denis Villeneuve, 2010) Sony

Incendies [Blu-ray] (Denis Villeneuve, 2010) RB UK Trinity Film

Jig (Sue Bourne, 2011) R2 UK Entertainment One/Arrow Films

Julia's Eyes [Blu-ray] (Guillem Morales, 2010) RB UK Optimum

Lourdes [Blu-ray] (Jessica Hausner, 2009) Palisades Tartan (BEAVER REVIEW)

Me and Orson Welles (Richard Linklater, 2008) Warner Home Video

Meek's Cutoff [Blu-ray] (Kelly Reichardt, 2010) Oscilloscope Laboratories (BEAVER REVIEW)

Midnight in Paris [Blu-ray] (Woody Allen, 2011) RB FR TF1

My Life as a Dog [Blu-ray] (Lasse Hallström, 1985) Criterion

Nostalgia for the Light [Blu-ray] (Patricio Guzman, 2010) Icarus Films

O Brother, Where Art Thou? [Blu-ray] (Coens, 2000) Touchstone (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Outsiders [Blu-ray] (Francis Ford Coppola, 1983) RB UK Optimum

Pina [Blu-ray] (Wim Wenders, 2011) Artificial Eye

Le Quattro Volte (Michelangelo Frammartino, 2010) Lorber

Le Quattro Volte [Blu-ray] (Michelangelo Frammartino, 2010) Lorber

The Talented Mr. Ripley [Blu-ray] (Anthony Minghella, 1999) RB UK Optimum

The Tempest [Blu-ray] (Julie Taymor, 2010) Touchstone

Thor [Blu-ray] (Kenneth Branagh, 2011) Paramount

Trainspotting [Blu-ray] (Danny Boyle, 1996) - Lionsgate Miramax

Vidal Sassoon: The Movie [Blu-ray] (Craig Teper, 2010) RB UK Exempt


September 19th, 2011


Bal (Semih Kaplanoglu, 2010) Olive Films

Le beau Serge (Claude Chabrol, 1958) Criterion

Le beau Serge [Blu-ray] (Claude Chabrol, 1958) Criterion

Billy Elliot [Blu-ray] (Stephen Daldry, 2000) Region FREE Universal Pictures UK

Boccaccio '70: Special Edition [Blu-ray] (Vittorio De Sica, Federico Fellini, Mario Monicelli and Luchino Visconti, 1962) - Lorber Films

Breakfast at Tiffany's [Blu-ray] (Blake Edwards, 1961) Paramount

Bridesmaids [Blu-ray] (Paul Feig, 2011) Universal Studios

Casanova '70 [Blu-ray] (Mario Monicelli, 1965) Lorber

The Constant Gardener [Blu-ray] (Fernando Meirelles, 2005) Region FREE Universal Pictures UK

Les cousins (Claude Chabrol, 1959) Criterion

Les cousins [Blu-ray] (Claude Chabrol, 1959) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Dark Star [Blu-ray] (John Carpenter, 1974) RB UK Fabulous Films

The Devil Within Her (aka I Don't Want to be Born) (Peter Sasdy, 1975) Scorpion Entertainment

Dumbo [Blu-ray] (70th Anniversary Edition) (Ben Sharpsteen, 1941) Walt Disney

Great Italian Directors Collection (5-Disc Set) [Boccaccio '70, Casanova '70, Story of a Love Affair] - Lorber

I Want to See (Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige, 2008) Typecast Releasing

The Inspector General (Henry Koster, 1949) Shout! Factory

It Happened Tomorrow (René Clair, 1944) R2 UK Odeon Entertainment

The Kennedys [Blu-ray] (Jon Cassar, 2011) New Video Group

Landmarks of Early Soviet Film (Boris Barnet, Sergei M. Eisenstein) Flicker Alley

Mickey Spillanes Mike Hammer: The Complete Series (1956–1959) A&E Home Video

More [Blu-ray] (Barbet Schroeder, 1969) RB UK BFI Video

My Voyage to Italy (Martin Scorsese, 1999) R2 UK Mr Bongo

The Others [Blu-ray] (Alejandro Amenábar, 2001) Lionsgate (BEAVER REVIEW)

Rolling Thunder [Blu-ray] (John Flynn, 1977) RB UK Optimum

Shanghai Mystery [Blu-ray] Indican

Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) (9-disc Set includes all six films) [Blu-ray] - 20th Century Fox

Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I - III) [Blu-ray] - 20th Century Fox

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (Episodes IV - VI) [Blu-ray] - 20th Century Fox

The Strange Case of Angelica [Blu-ray] (Manoel de Oliveira, 2010) Cinema Guild

The Stuff (Larry Cohen, 1985) Image Entertainment

Sut (Semih Kaplanoglu, 2008) Olive Films

Vamp [Blu-ray] (Richard Wenk, 1986) Image Entertainment

Visions of Eight (Jim Clark, Milos Forman, Kon Ichikawa, Claude Lelouch, Yuri Ozerov, Arthur Penn, Michael Pfleghar, John Schlesinger and Mai Zetterling, 1973) Olive Films

Yumurta (Semih Kaplanoglu, 2007) Olive Films

Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption [Blu-ray] (Ryan Thompson, 2011) Pacific Ent


September 26th, 2011


Basket Case [Blu-ray] (Frank Henenlotter, 1982) Image Entertainment

Battling Butler / Go West [Blu-ray] (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition) (Buster Keaton) - Kino

The Beast in the Cellar (James Kelley, 1970) R2 UK Odeon Entertainment

Ben-Hur (50th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] (William Wyler, 1959) Warner

Ben-Hur Ultimate Collector's Edition [Blu-ray] (William Wyler, 1959) Region FREE UK Warner

The Blood Trilogy (Herschell Gordon Lewis) [Blu-ray] - Blood Feast (1963) Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964) Color Me Blood Red (1965) - Image Entertainment

C.H.U.D. (Douglas Cheek, 1984) Image Entertainment

Cannibal Holocaust: Ruggero Deodato's New Edit [Blu-ray] (Ruggero Deodato, 1980) Shameless

Carlos (Olivier Assayas, 2010) Criterion

Carlos [Blu-ray](Olivier Assayas, 2010) Criterion

Cat O Nine Tails [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1971) RB UK Arrow Films

L'Une Chante, L'Autre Pas (Agnes Varda, 1977) R2 UK Artificial Eye (BEAVER REVIEW)

Film Socialisme (Jean-Luc Godard, 2010) R2 UK New Wave Films

Footloose [Blu-ray] (Herbert Ross, 1984) Paramount

Gamera - Triple Feature Collector's Edition [Blu-ray] - Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995) - Gamera 2: Attack of Legion - Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (1999) - Mill Creek

Good Neighbours [Blu-ray] (Jacob Tierney, 2010) Magnolia

Harakiri [Blu-ray] (Masaki Kobayashi, 1962) Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

Horror Express [Blu-ray] (Eugenio Martín, 1972) MPI

House By the Cemetery [Blu-ray] (Lucio Fulci, 1981) Blue Underground

The Housemaid (Im Sang Soo, 2010) R2 UK Axiom Films

I Clowns [Blu-ray] (Federico Fellini, 1970) Raro Video

The Iron Horse (John Ford, 1924) Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Ledge [Blu-ray] (Matthew Chapman, 2011) MPI

Love in a Cold Climate - The Complete Series - Network

Manhunter [Blu-ray] (Michael Mann, 1986) RB UK Optimum

Mimic [Blu-ray] (Guillermo del Toro, 1997) Miramax Lionsgate

Mother's Day [Blu-ray] (Charles Kaufman, 1980) Troma

Nude for Satan (Luigi Batzella, 1974) Raro Video USA Ltd.

One from the Heart (Francis Ford Coppola, 1982) R2 UK Optimum

The Phantom Carriage (Victor Sjöström, 1921) Criterion

The Phantom Carriage [Blu-ray] (Victor Sjöström, 1921) Criterion

Red Psalm (Miklós Jancsó, 1972) R2 UK Second Run

Torso (Uncensored English Version) (Sergio Martino) - Blue Underground

Torso [Blu-ray] (Sergio Martino) - Blue Underground

Vampires, Mummies And Monsters Collection [Roger Corman Cult Classics] (Lady Frankenstein, Time Walker, The Velvet Vampire & Grotesque) Shout! Factory

Viva Riva! [Blu-ray] (Djo Munga, 2010) Music Box Films



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