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OF June 13th, 2016

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Sanibonani! A more modest week with Blu-ray reviews of Masters of Cinema, Kino, Artificial Eye, VCI... of films directed by Peter Watkins, Phil Karlson, Hirokazu Koreeda, László Nemes. Our Calendar has new listings including films by Pedro Almodóvar, Alex Cox, John Schlesinger, Tom Tykwer, Arthur Hiller, Richard Lester, D. A. Pennebaker, Robert Mulligan, Alan Parker and more. Feature Blu-ray and DVD is posted for JUNE. We have a CONTEST posted with a Brand New Criterion Blu-ray prize! Peace!

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Updates to Beauty Lurking in the Shadows - Our Favorite Women of Film Noir (4 new gals added!) and our Desert Island Top 100 and Noir Essentials lists.

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Almodóvar Collection [Blu-ray] (What Have I Done to Deserve This?, Dark Habits, Flower of My Secrets, Kika, Law of Desire, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown) RB UK Studiocanal

Sid & Nancy [Blu-ray] (Alex Cox, 1986) RB UK Studiocanal

A Kind of Loving [Blu-ray] (John Schlesinger, 1962) RB UK Studiocanal

Lee Tracy: RKO 4-Film Collection - Criminal Lawyer, Behind the Headlines, Crashing Hollywood, Fixer Dugan (1937-1939) Warner Archive

Demolition [Blu-ray] (Jean-Marc Vallée, 2015) Lionsgate

The Candy Tangerine Man / Lady Cocoa [Blu-ray] (Matt Cimber, 1975) Vinegar Syndrome

Doctor Butcher M.D. / Zombie Holocaust [Blu-ray] (Marino Girolami, 1980) Severin

Petey Wheatstraw [Blu-ray] (Cliff Roquemore, 1977) Vinegar Syndrome

Blindfold [Blu-ray] (Philip Dunne, 1965) RB DE Explosive Media

Basket Case 2 [Blu-ray] (Frank Henenlotter, 1990) Synapse

Basket Case 3: The Progeny [Blu-ray] (Frank Henenlotter, 1991) Synapse

A Hologram for the King [Blu-ray] (Tom Tykwer, 2016) Lionsgate
Drop Dead Fred [Blu-ray] (Ate de Jong, 1991) RB UK Final Cut
The In-Laws [Blu-ray] (Arthur Hiller, 1979) RB Criterion UK
The Wave [Blu-ray] (Roar Uthaug, 2015) RB UK Studiocanal
Cuba [Blu-ray] (Richard Lester, 1979) RB UK 88 Films
Don't Look Back [Blu-ray] (D. A. Pennebaker, 1967) RB Criterion UK

The Other [Blu-ray] (Robert Mulligan, 1972) RB FR Wild Side Video
Black Magic
[Blu-ray] (Meng Hua Ho, 1975)  RB UK 88 Films

The Commitments [Blu-ray] (Alan Parker, 1991) RB UK RLJ Entertainment

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover [Blu-ray] (Peter Greenaway, 1989) RB UK Fabulous Films

Wise Blood [Blu-ray] (John Huston, 1979) RB UK Screenbound Pictures

Snow White: A Tale of Terror [Blu-ray] (Michael Cohn, 1997) RB UK Fabulous Films 

Wizards [Blu-ray] (Ralph Bakshi, 1977) RB UK Fabulous Films

Everybody Wants Some!! [Blu-ray] (Richard Linklater, 2016) Paramount 

The Lobster [Blu-ray] (Yorgos Lanthimos, 2015) Lionsgate

Tale of Tales [Blu-ray] (Matteo Garrone, 2015) RB UK Curzon Artificial Eye

Patch Adams [Blu-ray] (Tom Shadyac, 1998) Universal

The Devonsville Terror [Blu-ray] (Ulli Lommel, 1983)  RB UK 88 Films

House of Traps [Blu-ray] (Cheh Chang, 1982)  RB UK 88 Films

Satan's Blood [Blu-ray] (Carlos Puerto, 1978) RB UK Screenbound Pictures

Conversation Piece [Blu-ray] (Luchino Visconti, 1974) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Cry of the City [Blu-ray] (Robert Siodmak, 1948) RB UK BFI

Kiss of Death [Blu-ray] (Henry Hathaway, 1947) RB UK Signal One

Destiny [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1921) Kino

They Were Expendable [Blu-ray] (John Ford, 1945) Warner Archive

Belladonna of Sadness [Blu-ray] (Eiichi Yamamoto, 1973) Cinelicious Pics

La Ronde [Blu-ray] (Max Ophüls, 1950) RB UK Screenbound Pictures

The 'Burbs [Blu-ray] (Joe Dante, 1989) Universal

Miles Ahead [Blu-ray] (Don Cheadle, 2015) Sony 

Between Heaven and Hell [Blu-ray] (Richard Fleischer, 1956) RB UK Signal One
[Blu-ray] (Peter Yates, 1981) RB UK Signal One
The Panic in Needle Park
[Blu-ray] (Jerry Schatzberg, 1971) RB UK Signal One
Carmen Jones
[Blu-ray] (Otto Preminger, 1954) RB UK BFI
The Crying Game
[Blu-ray] (Neil Jordan, 1992) RB UK BFI
The Culpepper Cattle Co.
[Blu-ray] (Dick Richards, 1972) RB UK Signal One

The Dream Team [Blu-ray] (Howard Zieff, 1989) Universal

The Great Outdoors [Blu-ray] (Howard Deutch, 1988) Universal

The Money Pit [Blu-ray] (Richard Benjamin, 1986) Universal

Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon [Blu-ray] (Otto Preminger, 1970) Olive Films

The Neon Demon [Blu-ray] (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2016) Broad Green Pictures

Hired Wife (William A. Seiter, 1940) R2 UK Simply Media

Joe Butterfly (Jesse Hibbs, 1957) R2 UK Simply Media

Journey to Shiloh (William Hale, 1968) R2 UK Simply Media

The Lady Gambles (Michael Gordon, 1949) R2 UK Simply Media

The Lady Takes a Flyer (Jack Arnold, 1958) R2 UK Simply Media

The Lupino Collection - No Lady (1931) / Her First Affaire (1932) / Shipmates O' Mine (1936) R2 UK Renown

Cat in the Brain [Blu-ray] (Jim Wynorski, 1990) Grindhouse Releasing

Beethoven [Blu-ray] (Brian Levant, 1992) Universal

Rawhide [Blu-ray] (Henry Hathaway, 1951) RB UK Signal One Entertainment

Hardcore Henry [Blu-ray] (Ilya Naishuller, 2015) Universal

Sherlock Holmes in New York [Blu-ray] (Boris Sagal, 1976) RB UK Signal One 
American Ninja [Blu-ray] (Sam Firstenberg, 1985) Olive Films
American Ninja 2: The Confrontation
[Blu-ray] (Sam Firstenberg, 1987) Olive Films
American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt
[Blu-ray] (Cedric Sundstrom, 1989) Olive Films
American Ninja 4: The Annihilation
[Blu-ray] (Sam Firstenberg, 1990) Olive Films
The Pride and the Passion
[Blu-ray] (Stanley Kramer, 1957) Olive Films
[Blu-ray] (Brian Dannelly, 2004) Olive Films
Wild in the Streets
[Blu-ray] (Barry Shear, 1968) Olive Films
La Ronde
[Blu-ray] (Max Ophüls, 1950) RB UK Screenbound Pictures

The Spiders [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1922) Kino

Sweet Bean [Blu-ray] (Naomi Kawase, 2015) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Nina [Blu-ray] (Cynthia Mort, 2016) Image Entertainment

The Borrowers [Blu-ray] (Peter Hewitt, 1997) RB UK Fabulous Films



ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): Not a stacked week but Laszlo Nemes’ Son of Saul would probably get top selection in a newsletter with double the Blu-ray reviews - a brilliant, remarkable, impacting film. Also from AE/Curzon in the UK Hirokazu Koreeda's Our Little Sister evokes some of the past masters of Japanese social dramas - another special film on Blu-ray. Another essential Noir, Phil Karlson's 99 River Street, comes to Blu-ray and it advances massively over the poor quality DVD. Dark Cinema lovers shouldn't hesitate. Peter Watkins' fabulous historical/bio Edvard Munch gets a delicious release to Blu-ray from the Masters of Cinema - the rich, textured, image will draw you into the story. Certainly a pattern is forming with VCI Entertainment. Their Blu-ray transfers continue to severely underwhelm - this week it's The Brave One - a good film that's a DNR-drenched mess via VCI's Blu-ray transfer. Needless to say - we don't want to encourage this practice with an endorsing purchase. Pass. On DVD Eric covers Second Run's Stuff and Dough - a Romanian drama from Cristi Puiu. Valley of Love sounds very interesting starring Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu and the Second City-esque comedy Going Berserk should tell you all you need to know with its tagline "The Good, The Bad and The Stupid".

Film Quote of the week:

"I didn't recognize you. You should lay off those candy bars." - Tanya (Marlene Dietrich) to Quinlan (Orson Welles) in Touch of Evil

Stay secure! we'll talk again soon - Gary


Son of Saul BD - In Laszlo Nemes’s remarkable Holocaust drama, Son of Saul, there’s a minor character who risks his life secretly taking photographs of the corpses. There’s a passing suggestion from another prisoner that the photographer thinks his images might somehow be passed to an army that would then know to liberate the camp, but the photographs are more likely intended for history. Son of Saul is a film that knows nothing can be rescued from Auschwitz except memory. Watching it is a harrowing experience, and the first 20 minutes or so are particularly difficult. The film is shot from the narrow perspective – and the narrowness is the only thing that makes it bearable – of Saul Auslander, a Hungarian Jew who works in the Sonderkommando that herds new prisoners into the “showers,” collects the victims’ clothing, moves the bodies to the crematorium and scrubs out the gas chamber before the next transport arrives. Blu-ray Release date: July 4th, 2016

Our Little Sister BD - This sweetly tender movie from Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda is superbly unforced and unassuming, finding delicate notes of affirmation and optimism and discreetly celebrating the beauty of nature and family love. It is watercolour cinema with nothing watery about it, in the classic “family drama” vein that you might associate with Yasujirô Ozu, though in conversation at Cannes last year – where I first saw this – the director told me his inspiration was more Mikio Naruse. Our Little Sister is not as challenging and overtly painful as his previous films I Wish or Like Father, Like Son, and there might be some who find it a bit tame or even sentimental; I can only say there is something subtly subversive in the emotional dynamic Kore-eda creates with having three or four women on screen. Blu-ray Release date: June 13th, 2016

The Brave One BD - A film full of warmth and sensitivity, The Brave One is story about the friendship of a boy and a bull. Gitano or Gypsy is the name the boy gives the bull whose life he saves during a storm. The animal follows him around like a puppy until the legal owners spirit the mature Gitano away to do battle with top matador Fermin Rivera in the Plaza de Mexico bullring in Mexico City. The boy protests in vain at the cruelty of the arena and finally secures a "pardon" for his pet signed by the President of Mexico, but he is too late. The bullfight continues. What follows is such a display of courage that the crowd calls for the "undulto" a demand that the bull be allowed to live. Based on a true incident, the film earned a "Best Story" Academy Award® for Robert Rich - who, much to the embarrassment of the Academy, turned out to be blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Blu-ray Release date: June 14th, 2016

99 River Street BD - Ernie Driscoll (John Payne) is an ex-fighter who came within seconds of winning the world championship. He's now forced to eke out a living driving a cab. A basically decent guy, he has lots of people who care about him, including Linda James (Evelyn Keyes), a slightly ditsy actress friend -- but Ernie also has a short fuse, especially where his wife Pauline (Peggie Castle) is concerned. His rage boils over when he spots her kissing another man, but her unfaithfulness turns out to be the least of his worries. The man she's seeing, Vic Rawlins (Brad Dexter), is a career criminal with both the police and his former partners after him, and he sees Ernie as the perfect fall-guy. The law and Rawlins' criminal associates are soon closing in on Ernie, while he tries desperately -- with Linda's help -- to buy the time he needs to unravel this nightmare. Blu-ray Release Date: June 21st, 2016

Edvard Munch BD - Made for Norwegian TV in 1974, this long but fascinating biopic by Peter Watkins mixes dramatic and documentary techniques to profile the man who painted The Scream. A documentary voice-over in English examines Munch in a calm, academic tone, observing trends in the European art world and citing notable world events to give a sense of the context. At the same time, dramatic scenes are played in subtitled Norwegian by nonprofessional actors who often stare mutely at the viewer like figures in the paintings. With fluid free-associative editing, Watkins weaves together moments from Munch's past and present as the young painter crafts his eerie domestic studies, touching on his affair with a married woman and his loss of his mother and sister to tuberculosis. Though haunting, the film is also admirably precise in its documentation of Munch's work process, with a fine tactile sense lacking in most movies about two-dimensional artists. Blu-ray Release Date: June 13th, 2016

Going Berserk - Going Berserk stars the outrageous Emmy-winning SCTV comedy troupe of John Candy, Joe Flaherty and Eugene Levy. Hilarity ensues when a chauffeur (Candy) is brainwashed by a religious aerobics cult to kill his soon-to-be father-in-law, a United States Congressman. This off-the-wall comedy lampoons everything from religious cults to Kung Fu movies to “Father Knows Best” (complete with a cameo by the show’s original “Princess” Elinor Donahue). Featuring such comedy character actors as Paul Dooley, Richard Libertini and Bill (“Ya Doesn’t Has to Call Me Mr. Johnson”) Saluga, Going Berserk recreates the inspired madness of the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges. Simply Media DVD Release Date: June 6th, 2016

Valley of Love - In this mysterious and beautiful examination of a broken family, acclaimed actors, Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu play thinly disguised versions of themselves as a separated couple who journey to Death Valley after receiving a mysterious letter from their dead son in the expectation that he will appear to them at a certain place and time in the desert. DVD Release Date: June 14th, 2016

Stuff and Dough - Seeking a way to finance his own independence Ovidiu agrees to courier a bag of what appear to be pharmaceutical medicines to Bucharest. Taking his friend Vali and his new girlfriend Betty along for the ride, their initial high spirits are shattered when a pursuing red jeep attempts to drive them off the road. They have no idea who's in the jeep or what they want, but a simple trip to Bucharest has suddenly become a life-threatening ordeal... Part crime thriller, part comedy, part chase movie, part familial drama the conscious conflation of genres in this dryly funny, political, but deceptively simple road movie quietly reveals the state of contemporary Romanian life. DVD Release Date: May 27th, 2016

 Next 4 weeks on the Calendar

June 13th, 2016


45 Years [Blu-ray] (Andrew Haigh, 2015) Paramount

Airport - The Complete Collection [Blu-ray] (various, 1970-1979) Universal

Black Dog [Blu-ray] (Kevin Hooks, 1998) Universal

Bodyguards and Assassins [Blu-ray] (Teddy Chan, 2009) Shout! Factory

The Brave One [Blu-ray] (Irving Rapper, 1956) VCI (BEAVER REVIEW)

La Chienne [Blu-ray] (Jean Renoir, 1931) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Conan: The Complete Quest (Conan the Barbarian / Conan the Destroyer) [Blu-ray] - Universal

Crimson (aka The Man With the Severed Head) [Blu-ray] (Juan Fortuny, 1973) Redemption/Kino Lorber

Edvard Munch [Blu-ray] (Peter Watkins, 1974) RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Face of Eve (Robert Lynn, Jeremy Summers, 1968) R2 UK Network

The Films Of Maurice Pialat: Volume 2 [Blu-ray] (Maurice Pialat - Under the Sun of Satan) Cohen Media

Gold [Blu-ray] (Karl Hartl, 1934) Kino Lorber

Heart of a Dog (Laurie Anderson, 2015) R2 UK Dogwoof

Hello, My Name Is Doris [Blu-ray] (Michael Showalter, 2015) Sony

Here Comes Mr. Jordan [Blu-ray] (Alexander Hall, 1941) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Highlander [Blu-ray] (Russell Mulcahy, 1986) RB UK Studiocanal

Jaws 2 [Blu-ray] (Jeannot Szwarc, 1978) Universal
Jaws 3 [
Blu-ray 3D] (Joe Alves, 1983) Universal
Jaws: The Revenge [
Blu-ray] (Joseph Sargent, 1987) Universal

London Has Fallen [Blu-ray] (Babak Najafi, 2016) Universal

The Magnetic Monster [Blu-ray] (Curt Siodmak, 1953) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

Nasty Baby [Blu-ray] (Sebastián Silva, 2015) RB UK Network

Nikkatsu Diamond Guys Vol. 2 [Blu-ray] (Tokyo Mighty Guy, Danger Paws, Murder Unincorporated) Arrow UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Nikkatsu Diamond Guys Vol. 2 [Blu-ray] (Tokyo Mighty Guy, Danger Paws, Murder Unincorporated) Arrow US (BEAVER REVIEW)

Our Little Sister [Blu-ray] (Hirokazu Koreeda, 2015) RB UK Artificial Eye (BEAVER REVIEW)

Rabid Dogs [Blu-ray] (Éric Hannezo, 2015) Shout! Factory

Resurrection (Daniel Petrie, 1980) Universal

Something Big [Blu-ray] (Andrew V. McLaglen, 1971) Kino Lorber

Sorceress [Blu-ray] (Jim Wynorski, 1995) - Synapse (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama [Blu-ray] (David DeCoteau, 1988) RB UK 88 Films

Star Trek XI 2009 - 4K UHD [Blu-ray] (J.J. Abrams, 2009) Paramount

Star Trek Into Darkness - 4K UHD [Blu-ray] (J.J. Abrams, 2013) Paramount

Star Trek: The Original Series: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] - Paramount (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)  (BEAVER REVIEW)

Suspects, Series 1 and 2 (2014) - Acorn Media

Too Late for Tears [Blu-ray] (Byron Haskin, 1949) RB UK Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

Valley of Love (Guillaume Nicloux, 2015) Strand Releasing (BEAVER REVIEW)

Woman on the Run [Blu-ray] (Norman Foster, 1950) RB UK Arrow (BEAVER REVIEW)

The X-Files: Event Series [Blu-ray] Fox

The X-Files: Event Series [Blu-ray] RB UK Fox


June 20th, 2016


99 River Street [Blu-ray] (Phil Karlson, 1953) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy [Blu-ray] (Charles Lamont, 1955) - RB FR Elephant Films

Anesthesia [Blu-ray] (Tim Blake Nelson, 2015) MPI

Appointment with Crime [Blu-ray] (John Harlow, 1946) Olive Films

Blue Eyes - TV Series (2014) R2 UK Arrow Films

The Brothers Grimsby [Blu-ray] (Louis Leterrier, 2016) Sony Pictures

The Borrowers [Blu-ray] (Peter Hewitt, 1997) RB UK Fabulous Films
Cape Fear
Blu-ray] (J. Lee Thompson, 1962) RB UK Fabulous Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Carefree [Blu-ray] (Mark Sandrich, 1938) Region FREE JP IVC

That Cold Day in the Park [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1969) RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

Cornbread, Earl and Me [Blu-ray] (Joseph Manduke, 1975) Olive Films

The Crush [Blu-ray] (Alan Shapiro, 1993) Shout! Factory

Deadpool [Blu-ray] (Tim Miller, 2016) RB FR 20th Century Fox

Doctor Who: The Complete First Series [Blu-ray] - BBC

Embrace of the Serpent [Blu-ray] (Ciro Guerra, 2015) Oscilloscope Laboratories

Enemy Mine [Blu-ray] (Wolfgang Petersen, 1985) RB UK Eureka Video

Fantastic Planet [Blu-ray] (René Laloux, 1973) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Fantomas [Blu-ray] (André Hunebelle, 1964) RB FR Gaumont

Follow the Fleet [Blu-ray] (Mark Sandrich, 1936) Region FREE JP IVC

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Blu-ray BOX [Blu-ray] (The Gay Divorcee, Top Hat, Follow the Fleet, Swing Time, Shall We Dance, Carefree, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle) Region FREE JP IVC

The Gay Divorcee [Blu-ray] (Mark Sandrich, 1934) Region FREE JP IVC

Going Away (Nicole Garcia, 2013) Cohen Media Group

Here Comes Mr. Jordan [Blu-ray] (Alexander Hall, 1941) Criterion UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Heaven Knows What [Blu-ray] (Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie, 2014) RB UK Axiom Films

Hidden Fear [Blu-ray] (André De Toth, 1957) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses [Blu-ray] (Dominic Cooke, 2016) Universal

I am Belfast [Blu-ray] (Mark Cousins, 2015) RB UK BFI (BEAVER REVIEW)

I Wanna Hold Your Hand [Blu-ray] (Robert Zemeckis, 1978) RB UK Fabulous Films

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium [Blu-ray] (Mel Stuart, 1969) Olive Films
I'll Take Sweden [
Blu-ray] (Frederick De Cordova, 1965) Olive Films

Knight of Cups [Blu-ray] (Terrence Malick, 2015) Broadgreen

Lady in White [Blu-ray] (Frank LaLoggia, 1988) Cinedigm

The Lost World [Blu-ray] (Irwin Allen, 1960) RB DE Koch Media

Matinee [Blu-ray] (Joe Dante, 1993) Region FREE JP Makuzamu

Midnight Special [Blu-ray] (Jeff Nichols, 2016) Warner Home Video

A Month in the Country [Blu-ray] (Pat O'Connor, 1987) RB UK BFI

The Mummy's Curse [Blu-ray] (Leslie Goodwins, 1944) - RB FR Elephant Films

The Mummy's Curse (Leslie Goodwins, 1944) R2 FR Elephant Films
The Mummy's Ghost (Reginald Le Borg, 1944) R2 FR Elephant Films

The Mummy's Hand [Blu-ray] (Christy Cabanne, 1940) - RB FR Elephant Films
The Mummy's Hand (Christy Cabanne, 1940) R2 FR Elephant Films
The Mummy's Tomb (Harold Young, 1942) R2 FR Elephant Films

Nighthawks [Blu-ray] (Bruce Malmuth, Gary Nelson, 1981) Shout! Factory

The Panic in Needle Park SE [Blu-ray] (Jerry Schatzberg, 1971) RB FR Carlotta

The Panic in Needle Park [Blu-ray] (Jerry Schatzberg, 1971) RB FR Carlotta

Parenthood [Blu-ray] (Ron Howard, 1989) RB UK Fabulous Films

The Return of a Man Called Horse [Blu-ray] (Irvin Kershner, 1976) Olive Films

Richard III [Blu-ray] (Richard Loncraine, 1995) RB UK BFI

Rollercoaster [Blu-ray] (James Goldstone, 1977) Shout! Factory

Shield for Murder [Blu-ray] (Howard W. Koch, Edmond O'Brien, 1954) Kino Lorber (BEAVER REVIEW)

Stagecoach [Blu-ray] (Ted Post, 1986) Olive Films

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle [Blu-ray] (H.C. Potter, 1939) Region FREE JP IVC

Suture [Blu-ray] (Scott McGehee, David Siegel, 1993) Arrow US

Suture [Blu-ray] (Scott McGehee, David Siegel, 1993) RB UK Arrow

Swing Time [Blu-ray] (George Stevens, 1936) Region FREE JP IVC

That Cold Day in the Park [Blu-ray] (Robert Altman, 1969) RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

Top Hat [Blu-ray] (Mark Sandrich, 1935) Region FREE JP IVC

The Unsinkable Molly Brown [Blu-ray] (Charles Walters, 1964) Warner Archive

The Wave [Blu-ray] (Roar Uthaug, 2015) Magnolia


June 27th, 2016


Aferim! [Blu-ray] (Radu Jude, 2015) Big World Pictures

Alien 2 on Earth [Blu-ray] (Ciro Ippolito, 1980) RB UK 88 Films

Back in the Day [Blu-ray] (Paul Borghese, 2016) Arts Alliance America

Black Orpheus [Blu-ray] (Marcel Camus, 1959) RB UK Screenbound Pictures

Cabin Fever [Blu-ray] (Travis Zariwny, 2016) RB UK Arrow Film

Cemetery of Splendor [Blu-ray] (Apichatpong Weerasethakul. 2015) Strand Releasing

Circus of Fear / Five Golden Dragons [Blu-ray] (John Llewellyn Moxey, Jeremy Summers, 1966-67) Blue Underground

Clouds of Sils Maria [Blu-ray] (Olivier Assayas, 2014) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kubrick, 1964) Criterion (BEAVER REVIEW)

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors [Blu-ray] (Freddie Francis, 1965) RB UK Screenbound Pictures (BEAVER REVIEW)

Eye in the Sky [Blu-ray] (Gavin Hood, 2015) Universal

Francofonia [Blu-ray] (Aleksandr Sokurov, 2015) Music Box Films

Gilda [Blu-ray] (Charles Vidor, 1946) Criterion UK (BEAVER REVIEW)

Iona [Blu-ray] (Scott Graham, 2015) RB UK Verve Picture

Ivan's Childhood [Blu-ray] (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1962) RB UK Artificial Eye

Joshua Oppenheimer: Early Works (Joshua Oppenheimer, 1995-2003) R0 UK Second Run

Lee Tracy: RKO 4-Film Collection - Criminal Lawyer, Behind the Headlines, Crashing Hollywood, Fixer Dugan (1937-1939) Warner Archive

The Lupino Collection - No Lady (1931) / Her First Affaire (1932) / Shipmates O' Mine (1936) R2 UK Renown

Movie Movie [Blu-ray] (Stanley Donen, 1978) - Scorpion Releasing/Kino Lorber

The Night Won't Talk (Daniel Birt, 1952) R2 UK Network

Nostalgia [Blu-ray] (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1983) RB UK Curzons / Artificial Eye

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies [Blu-ray] (Burr Steers, 2016) Lionsgate UK

Private Lessons [Blu-ray] (Alan Myerson, 1981) Cinema Epoch

Prozzie [Blu-ray] (aka Olivia) (Ulli Lommel, 1983) RB UK 88 Films

Rabin, the Last Day [Blu-ray] (Amos Gitai, 2015) Kino Lorber

Rams [Blu-ray] (Grímur Hákonarson, 2015) Cohen Media

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan (Special Edition) [Blu-ray] - Arrow US
Really Weird Tales (John Blanchard, Paul Lynch, Don McBrearty, 1987) Kino

Return of the Killer Tomatoes! [Blu-ray] (John De Bello, 1988) Arrow US

Return of the Killer Tomatoes! [Blu-ray] (John De Bello, 1988) Region FREE UK Arrow

Roland and Rattfink [Blu-ray] (17 Cartoons) Kino

Son of Saul [Blu-ray] (László Nemes, 2015) RB UK Curzon Artificial Eye (BEAVER REVIEW)

Three Films by Paolo & Vittorio Taviani [Blu-ray] [Padre Padrone, The Night of the Shooting Stars, Kaos] - RB UK Arrow Academy

Tijuana Toads [Blu-ray] (17 Cartoons) Kino

Two-Minute Warning [Blu-ray] (Larry Peerce, 1976) Shout! Factory

Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach (Louise Osmond, 2016) R2 UK Dogwoof


July 4th, 2016


Absolution [Blu-ray] (Anthony Page, 1978) Kino Lorber

The Adderall Diaries [Blu-ray] (Pamela Romanowsky, 2015) Lionsgate

All Night Long [Blu-ray] (Basil Dearden, 1962) RB UK Network

Blood and Black Lace [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1964) Arrow US (BEAVER REVIEW)
Blood and Black Lace (Steelbook) [
Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1964) Arrow US (BEAVER REVIEW)

Blue Jean Cop (aka Shakedown) [Blu-ray] (James Glickenhaus, 1988) RB FR Carlotta
Boy & the World [
Blu-ray] (Alę Abreu, 2013) Universal

A Chorus Line - 30th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] (Richard Attenborough, 1985) RB UK Studiocanal

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover [Blu-ray] (Peter Greenaway, 1989) RB UK Fabulous Films

House of Cards - Season 4 [Blu-ray] Sony

House of Cards - Season 4 [Blu-ray] - UK Sony

The In-Laws [Blu-ray] (Arthur Hiller, 1979) Criterion

It Came from Outer Space [Blu-ray] (Jack Arnold, 1953) RB FR Elephant Films

Leaving Las Vegas - 20th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] (Mike Figgis, 1995) RB UK Studiocanal

Mei Ren Yu (The Mermaid) [Blu-ray] (Stephen Chow, 2016) Sony

Only Yesterday [Blu-ray] (Isao Takahata, 1991) Universal

The Ox-Bow Incident [Blu-ray] (William A. Wellman, 1943) RB UK Arrow

The Pack [Blu-ray] (Nick Robertson, 2015) Shout! Factory

Snow White: A Tale of Terror [Blu-ray] (Michael Cohn, 1997) RB UK Fabulous Films

The Swinging Cheerleaders [Blu-ray] (Jack Hill, 1974) UK Arrow

The Swinging Cheerleaders [Blu-ray] (Jack Hill, 1974) US Arrow

Taking of Pelham One Two Three (42nd Anniversary Special Edition) [Blu-ray] (Joseph Sargent, 1974) Kino Lorber

This Island Earth [Blu-ray] (Joseph M. Newman, 1955) RB FR Elephant Films

William Castle Double Feature - 13 Ghosts / 13 Frightened Girls [Blu-ray] (William Castle, 1960-1963) Mill Creek Entertainment
William Castle Double Feature - Homicidal / Mr. Sardonicus [
Blu-ray] (William Castle, 1961) Mill Creek Entertainment

Wizards [Blu-ray] (Ralph Bakshi, 1977) RB UK Fabulous Films

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