As the heading would suggest, specific interviews with Rivette are listed below, sorted by the year they were conducted and/or pulished. The Filmography section can tell you what specific films each interview refers to.

      Interview: Roger Leenhardt with Jacques Rivette
      Louis Marcorelles

        Originally appeared in Sight and Sound Vol. 32 No. 4 (Autumn 1963): p. 168-73.
      Time Overflowing
      Jacques Aumont, Jean-Louis Comolli, Jean Narboni, Sylvie Pierre

        Originally appeared in Cahiers du Cinema 204, 1968. Interview conducted July 27, 1968. Translated by Amy Gateff. Published in this form in Jacques Rivette: Texts and Interviews (British Film Institute, 1977).

      Interview with Jacques Rivette, April 1973
      Bernard Eisenschitz, Jean-Andre Fieschi and Eduardo de Gregorio

        Originally appeared in La Nouvelle Critique No. 63 (244), April 1973. Translated by Tom Milne. Published in this form in Jacques Rivette: Texts and Interviews (British Film Institute, 1977).

      Jacques Rivette
      Carlos Clarens and Edgardo Cozarinsky
        Originally appeared in Sight & Sound Vol. XLIII, No. 4, Autumn 1974; p. 195-8.

      Phantom Interviewers Over Rivette
      Jonathan Rosenbaum, Lauren Sedofsky, Gilbert Adair

        Originally appeared in Film Comment Vol. 10, No. 5, Sept-Oct 1974; p. 18-24.

      The Director as Psychoanalyst: An Interview with Jacques Rivette
      John Hughes
        Originally appeared in Rear Window 1 (Spring 1975). Reproduced from Rouge, edited by Helen Bandis, Adrian Martin and Grant McDonald. Published in Rouge 4 (2004) as "John Hughes On (And With) Jacques Rivette" by Jonathan Rosenbaum. Available online at

      Interview with Jacques Rivette
      Serge Daney and Jean Narboni
        Originally appeared in Cahiers du Cinema 323-324 (May-June 1981): p. 42-9. Translated by Louisa Shea.

      Press Conference: Cannes 91
      Jacques Rivette
        Originally appeared in Cahiers du Cinema 445 (June 1991): p. 34. Translated by David Phelps.

      The Captive Lover
      Frederic Bonnaud
        Originally appeared in Les Inrockuptibles (March 25, 1998). Translated by Kent Jones. This translation originally appeared in Senses of Cinema 16 (Sept-Oct 2001). Available online at

      Comments on Don't Touch the Axe
      Jacques Rivette
        From a press conference at the 2007 Berlinale.

      Excerpts from Jacques Rivette -- L'art secret
      Jean-Marc Lalanne and Jean-Baptiste Morain
        Originally appeared in Les Inrockuptibles, March 30, 2007. Translated by Craig Keller and Joseph Coppola.

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