The Kill
Jacques Rivette
translated by David Phelps

It is not that of criticism, but rather that of hunting that the relentlessness and joy with which our Parisian journalists have chomped to bits (or so believe these unfortunates) the latest film of Carl Dreyer, increases. Question: cinema critics -- are they dogs? Response: Yes yes! (1)

  1. It's actually a total bitch (pun) to translate -- the words are all uncommon, ambiguous, and are mostly (evidently) used for hunting. Not to mention the syntax is deliberately difficult. The end is a really wonderful pun, though: Rivette has implicitly been comparing the critics to dogs in using the hunting metaphor, of course, and in saying "yes yes!" gives the slangy "ouah, ouah!" Ouah means "yes," but "ouah ouah" is also a French otomatapia, the equivalent of "woof-woof!"

Originally appeared in Cahiers du cinema No. 163 (February 1965): p. 74. Translated by David Phelps.