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OF September 3rd, 2012

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Sanoe! - Raoul Walsh, Bela Tarr, George Cukor, Orson Welles, Fritz Lang, Marcel Carné, Robert Siodmak and that is just on Blu-ray, DVD has Bresson, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and more! FEATURE DVD and Blu-ray of the MONTH chosen for SEPTEMBER! New listings on the Upcoming Calendar include Blu-rays of films by Stanley Kubrick, David Lean, Todd Solondz, Robert Hamer and others We continue with our CONTEST clips with another brand new Criterion Blu-ray prize!

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Fear and Desire [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kubrick, 1953) Kino

Lawrence of Arabia [Blu-ray] (50th Anniversary Collector's Edition) (David Lean, 1962) Sony

Dark Horse [Blu-ray] (Todd Solondz, 2011) Arts Alliance

Re-Animator [Blu-ray] (Stuart Gordon, 1985) Image Entertainment

It Always Rains on Sunday [Blu-ray] (Robert Hamer, 1947) RB UK Artificial Eye

We Can't Go Home Again [Blu-ray] (Nicholas Ray, 1976) Oscilloscope Laboratories

Abraham Lincoln [Blu-ray] (D. W. Griffith, 1930) Kino

Film Noir Collection: Vol. 1 [Blu-ray] (Rope of Sand, Appointment With Danger, Union Station, Dark City) - Olive Films

Fritz Lang: The Early Works - Harakiri (aka Madame Butterfly,1919) (The Wandering Shadow, 1920), (Four Around the Woman, 1921) - Kino

Grave of the Fireflies [Blu-ray] (Isao Takahata, 1988) Section 23

Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 2 [Blu-ray] - Disney

Universal 100th Anniversary Collection [Blu-ray] (25 Films + Book) Universal

The Pete Walker Collection [Blu-ray] (House of Whipcord, Die Screaming Marianne, The Comeback, Schizo) - Redemption

Otto Preminger Collection [Blu-ray (Hurry Sundown, Skidoo, Such Good Friends) - Olive

Die Nibelungen [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1924) Kino

Zorro [Blu-ray] (Duccio Tessari, 1975) Somerville

The Selznick Collection [Blu-ray] (Nothing Sacred, A Farewell To Arms, A Star is Born, Bird of Paradise, Little Lord Fauntleroy) - Kino

Sergei Eisenstein: Double Feature [Blu-ray]  (Battleship Potemkin & Strike) - Kino

Brave [Blu-ray] (Three-Disc Collector's Edition: Blu-ray / DVD) (Brenda Chapman, 2012) - Buena Vista

Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) (Collector's Edition) (2012) - HBO

That's Entertainment Trilogy Giftset [Blu-ray] - Warner

The Rolling Stones Charlie is my Darling - Ireland 1965 [Blu-ray] (Super Deluxe Box Set) - ABKCO Films

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie [Blu-ray] (John Cassavetes, 1976) RB UK BFI

Glengarry Glen Ross [Blu-ray] Steelbook (James Foley, 1992) RB UK ITV Studios

Americano [Blu-ray] (Mathieu Demy, 2011) MPI

Jour de fête [Blu-ray] (Jacques Tati, 1949) RB UK BFI

Mon Oncle [Blu-ray] (Jacques Tati, 1958) RB UK BFI

Santa Sangre [Blu-ray] (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1989) RB UK Mr. Bongo

Eclipse Series 37: When Horror Came to Shochiku (The X from Outer Space; Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell; The Living Skeleton; Genocide) - Criterion

Heaven's Gate [Blu-ray] (Michael Cimino, 1980) Criterion
Heaven's Gate (Michael Cimino, 1980) Criterion


ONE VOICE (not Ellsworth Monkton Toohey): Marcel Carné's Children of Paradise is a one-of-a-kind film experience and Criterion's Blu-ray rendering of the 2011 restoration looks significantly different from the last DVD but it is such overpowering cinema that I can only rank it first this week. But there are plenty of discs vying for second place including the western-noir Pursued with Mitchum and Teresa Wright - the rich atmosphere is only benefited by 1080P. Seeing Tarr's The Turin Horse again, this time, via Artificial Eye's new Blu-ray remains a highly rewarding treat. Fritz Lang's Secret Beyond the Door is a bona-fide Noir from one of the masters and it looks wonderful in the higher resolution. We can't leave out Welles' Macbeth - a significantly improved appearance on Blu-ray. How about Siodmak's moody The Dark Mirror? with classically dark aura lurking in the mist. Every time I watch Cukor's A Double Life - it gets better and now the a/v gets significant bump from Olive Films. Re-Animator is a gas and the Blu-ray package is stacked. Elaine May's first feature A New Leaf is a winner - worthy owing it on the new Blu-ray. Hanson is in control with his The Hand That Rocks the Cradle thriller - bare-bones but entertaining and silly Sleepwalkers gets the only definitive Blu-ray pass this week. Olive's interlaced DVD of Bresson's The Devil Probably makes us appreciate the Artificial Eye disc. The Pinochet Case has a very inferior transfer but we still endorse the documentary as one of the better seen this year. If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle is deserved of the accolades including its Silver Bear award. Eric covered the impressive Man of the Story DVD from Second Run as well as marginal efforts like Madness and Coffin of his usual bent. School Days, School Days...


The Hand That Rocks the Cradle BD - Claire (Sciorra), happily married and pregnant, is molested during a visit to her gynecologist. The ensuing investigation results in the doctor's suicide, thus causing his pregnant wife (De Mornay) to miscarry. De Mornay finds solace in an elaborate revenge which involves posing as a nanny and gaining employment with Claire in order to wreak havoc. Screenwriter Amanda Silver gleefully exploits parental fears, and skillfully depicts the shifting loyalties, malevolence and escalating paranoia within Claire's household. Blu-ray Release date: September 4th, 2012

Sleepwalkers BD - Teen hunk Krause and his incestuous mother Krige are the last of a line of creatures who feed on the virtue and suffering of small-town virgins like Amick. So when Amick takes Krause to a graveyard to make out, he transforms into the date-rapist from Hell. The creature and transformation effects are impressive, but undermined by wild swings of tone: here, for example, explicit physical horror gives way to misjudged jokey taunts, until ended by the truly laughable intervention of a fearsome kitty cat. The slide into implausibility gathers pace as the scratched and wounded Krause is nursed by his fading mother in a house surrounded by a growing horde of vengeful pussies. It's never explained why they're afraid of domestic cats, why they're the last of their line, or why they're called Sleepwalkers. Garris is left by Stephen King's typically threadbare script to extract what few frights he can with tricksy camerawork, shock effects, and flesh-ripping gore. Blu-ray Release date: September 4th, 2012

Re-Animator BD - Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) is a brilliant medical student who has perfected a green-glowing serum for regenerating life into dead things -- or even parts of dead things. But a corrupt superior, Dr. Carl Hill (David Gale), assumes control of West's experiments and winds up, by ghastly necessity, using the stuff on his own severed head and body. West and in-over-his-head co-worker Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) struggle to control the now out-of-control effects of the serum, but the bone-saws and zombies complicate their plans. Blu-ray Release date: September 4th, 2012

A New Leaf BD - Writer-director-star Elaine May's first feature (1971). Not all of it works, and the studio nixed her original black ending, but it's an often brilliant and frequently hilarious comedy. Walter Matthau, cast wildly against type, plays a spoiled playboy suddenly deprived of his wealth who plots to marry and murder a wealthy, klutzy, and dysfunctional botanist (May, playing sort of a female Jerry Lewis). May's savage take on her characters irresistibly recalls Stroheim; she's at once tender and corrosive (as well as narcissistic and self-hating). This is painful comedy, to be sure, but there's a lot of soul and spirit behind it. Blu-ray Release date: September 4th, 2012

Pursued BD - A superb Western film noir, with Mitchum pursued through near-epic landscapes of the mind by the indistinct demons of childhood trauma, and the narrative boldly structured around flashback insights which gradually provide both a key to his identity and the inexorable impetus for a violent catharsis. Walsh's intelligent handling of Oedipal themes here and in White Heat gives the definitive lie to his self-cultured image as merely an adventuresome Hollywood primitive, while the film proves that the late '40s noir sensibility spread way beyond the bounds of the urban crime thriller. Blu-ray Release date: September 4th, 2012

The Turin Horse BD - Never a prolific force, the Hungarian director Béla Tarr has declared that ‘The Turin Horse’ will be his last film. He has also suggested that the reason for hanging up his boots is apparent in the film – which makes ‘The Turin Horse’ even more of a glorious, terrifying mystery. It’s an epic portrait of drudging peasantry, set, biblically, over six days – and it is a film that drills into the core of your soul. Blu-ray Release date: September 10th, 2012

The Pinochet Case - In September 1998, the already turbulent history of modern Chile took a surprising turn when the British government successfully detained former-Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet for 16 months, while the House of Lords debated his extradition to Spain to stand trial for crimes against humanity. The action was the result of charges brought by solidarity minded Spanish public prosecutor Carlos Castressana and upheld by Spanish "superjudge" Baltazar Garzon, who ruled that crimes such as torture and genocide fall under universal jurisdiction and, in Pinochet's case, were subject to prosecution outside Chile. Pinochet's dictatorship lasted from Sept. 11, 1973, when his military allies staged a violent coup d'etat that ended in the death of democratically elected Socialist president Salvadore Allende, until 1990, when Pinochet was voted out of office. During his 17-year reign, approximately 3,200 Chileans were killed or disappeared without a trace; countless others were kidnapped and tortured in secret detention camps. DVD Release Date: September 4th 2012

A Double Life BD - The first of Cukor's string of fruitful collaborations with screenwriters Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon, a curious melodrama about a Broadway matinée idol who so loses himself in his role as Othello that he carries it over, murderously, into a backstreet affair with a waitress. The theatre scenes are so brilliantly observed, so rich in the sort of affectionate detail that made The Actress a small masterpiece, that the film seems to grind gears uncomfortably when venturing into the grey and shabby B movie world of the murder. All the more so in that it then returns to its happier idiom for a grand finale of on-stage retribution. Flawed, undoubtedly, but fascinating. Blu-ray Release Date: September 18th, 2012

The Dark Mirror BD - Impressively unusual thriller with typically simplistic Freudian elements as psychiatrist Ayres is called in by the police to help investigate a murder committed by one of two identical twins...but which one? Intriguing cat-and-mouse games and perverse power struggles as both he and we try to fathom which of the sisters is the warped psycho, with de Havilland (in the dual role) and Siodmak managing admirably to counteract the contrived plot. What really makes it work, though, is Siodmak's firm grasp of mood and suspense; the opening scene, in which the camera prowls a darkened room until it finds a corpse, sets the tone perfectly for the sense of uncertainty and chaos that follows. Blu-ray Release Date: September 4th, 2012

Macbeth BD - A borderline horror flick, Welles's expressionist and magical MACBETH (1948), unlike most screen versions of Shakespeare, is pure cinema. It was but three weeks in production at low-budget horse-opera mill Republic studio, stunningly shot by cameraman John L. Russell (who later shot Psycho). Welles is superb as the tragic hero, and in spite of the film's limitations, a good deal of the play's power comes through. One of the director's most personal creations, it's a courageous experiment with a craggy barbaric splendor all its own. Blu-ray Release Date: September 18th, 2012

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle - Adapted from playwright Andreea Valean's popular stage drama, If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle tells the story of Romanian juvenile delinquent Silviu (George Pistereanu), who is serving time in a youth detention center when he learns that his mother plans on moving to Italy with his younger brother, whom he had raised since childhood. With just five days of his sentence left to serve, Silviu grows increasingly desperate to prevent his mother from absconding with his sibling, and finds himself drawn to a pretty social worker named Ana (Ada Condeescu). Eventually, Silviu's desperation grows too powerful to suppress, and he kidnaps Ana in a reckless bid to find his brother before it's too late. DVD Release Date: August 20th, 2012

The Devil Probably - Regarded by many as a masterpiece, Bresson is film tells the story of a young man living in Paris who desires more from life than the glib, superficial truths and material things that are on offer to him. He reaches out to his friends and psychiatrist to provide him with the great answers in life. But his spiritual deliverance remains beyond his grasp until he reaches a bizarre arrangement with a fellow drifter. DVD Release Date: September 18th, 2012

Children of Paradise BD - Children of Paradise explores the concepts of love and art, with intricate juxtapositions that are interwoven with perhaps some of the wittiest dialogue ever written in the history of cinema. It reads much like a Shakespearean drama, as another link to its thespian forbearers. Dominating the tight narrative is the sophistication of Garance, the female lead played by Arletty. Passionately circling her to varying degrees are four men who have come to love her, each in a different way. These characters exude their own individual appeal with vain bravado, sensitivity, animal cunning and pompous wealth. Blu-ray Release Date: September 18th, 2012

Madness - From the writer of Caliber 9 and The Italian Connection comes Madness, starring Joe Dallesandro, a story about how a violent criminal, Joe Brezzi, breaks out of prison and, having stolen a car and killed two people in the process, makes his way to a remote country cottage. Hidden beneath its flooring are the substantial proceeds from a robbery which Joe took part in several years previously, but before he can retrieve the loot the owners of the cabin return, changing Joe's plans from a simple break-in to murder. DVD Release Date: August 28th, 2012

Coffin - A masked stranger (Johnny Alonso) reveals to Jack Samms (Patrick Barnitt) that his estranged wife, Rona (Sunny Doench), and her lover, Sean (Kevin Sorbo), are buried underground in a wooden box and their oxygen will run out in 75 minutes unless he pays a $500,000 ransom. With aid from his friend Garrison (Bruce Davison), Jack must now engage in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the masked stranger in order to save his wife -and himself. DVD Release Date: August 14th, 2012

Man of the Story - From Indian master filmmaker Adoor Gopalakrishnan (whose acclaimed 1981 film Rat Trap Second Run DVD also released) Man of the Story (Kathapurushan) is an intimately-constructed drama traces the consequences of the tumultuous political and social changes that swept through India in the years since pre-Independence 1937. Depicting these through their effect on the life of one man, the film's titular protagonist Kunjunni, Indian master Adoor Gopalakrishnan utilizes a complex blend of traditional and modern storytelling techniques to tell his tale. Drawing upon folklore and recent historical events, the film traces the rational yet difficult course of the growth and development of Kunjunni's consciousness against the backdrop of a society in transition. DVD Release Date: August 20th, 2012

Secret Beyond the Door BD - Bennett is the woman who falls for an architect and promptly marries him, not asking as many questions about his past as she should have done. She soon discovers that he has a few skeletons in his cupboard, maybe even literally. Determined to find out the secret beyond the door of his mansion, she soon believes herself to be in mortal danger. Another of the Freudian thrillers that were so in fashion in the 1940s, director Lang manages to turn on the suspense but is more interested in the art of film-making than what makes his protagonist tick. Blu-ray Release Date: September 4th, 2012

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September 3rd, 2012


Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein [Blu-ray] (Charles Barton, 1948) Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

Anna Karenina (Julien Duvivier, 1948) R2 UK Studio Canal

Child's Play [Blu-ray] (Sidney Lumet, 1972) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Dark Mirror [Blu-ray] (Robert Siodmak, 1946) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle [Blu-ray] (Curtis Hanson, 1992) Walt Disney (BEAVER REVIEW)

Harvey [Blu-ray] (Henry Koster, 1950) Region FREE UK Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Incredible Shrinking Man (Jack Arnold, 1957) Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

Jaws [Blu-ray] (Steven Spielberg, 1975) Limited Edition Steelbook (Blu-ray + UV Digital Copy + Digital Copy) Region FREE UK Universal (BEAVER REVIEW)

Man on a Swing [Blu-ray] (Frank Perry, 1974) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Navigator [Blu-ray] (Donald Crisp, Buster Keaton, 1924) Kino

A New Leaf [Blu-ray] (Elaine May, 1971) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

One Hundred and One Dalmatians [Blu-ray] (Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, 1961) RB UK Walt Disney Studios

The Pinochet Case (Patricio Guzman, 2001) Icarus Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Pursued [Blu-ray] (Raoul Walsh, 1947) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Re-Animator [Blu-ray] (Stuart Gordon, 1985) Image Entertainment (BEAVER REVIEW)

Secret Beyond the Door... [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1947) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sleepwalkers [Blu-ray] (Mick Garris, 1992) Image Entertainment (BEAVER REVIEW)

A Thousand Cuts [Blu-ray] (Charles Evered, 2011) Lorber Films

Umberto D. [Blu-ray] (Vittorio De Sica, 1952) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)



September 10th, 2012


The Crossing Guard (Sean Penn, 1995) / The Human Stain (Robert Benton, 2003) [Blu-ray] - MiraMax

Dracula 2000 [Blu-ray] (Patrick Lussier, 2000) Miramax

Elles [Blu-ray] (Malgorzata Szumowska, 2011) Lorber Films

The Firm [Blu-ray] (Sydney Pollack, 1993) Paramount

Goodbye First Love [Blu-ray] (Mia Hansen-Løve, 2011) RB UK Artificial Eye

Hitler's Children (Edward Dmytryk, 1943) R2 UK Odeon Entertainment

Kite [Blu-ray] (Yasuomi Umetsu, 1998) Media Blasters

Lawrence of Arabia [Blu-ray] (50th Anniversary Collector's Edition) (David Lean, 1962) Sony

Lawrence of Arabia [Blu-ray] (David Lean, 1962) Region FREE UK Sony

Lola Versus [Blu-ray] (Daryl Wein, 2012) 20th Century Fox

That Obscure Object of Desire [Blu-ray] (Luis Buñuel, 1977) RB UK Studio Canal

Psychotica [Blu-ray] (Michael Klawitter, 2010) Shriek Show

Le quai des brumes [Blu-ray] (Marcel Carné, 1938) RB UK Optimum

Titanic [Blu-ray] (James Cameron, 1997) RB UK 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The Trial [Blu-ray] (Orson Welles, 1962) RB UK Studio Canal

The Turin Horse [Blu-ray] (Bela Tarr, 2011) RB UK Artificial Eye (BEAVER REVIEW)

Walkabout [Blu-ray] (Nicolas Roeg, 1971) Universal Pictures UK

Where Danger Lives (John Farrow, 1950) R2 UK Odeon Entertainment


September 17th, 2012


Black Sunday [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1960) Lorber Films

Children of Paradise (Marcel Carné, 1945) Criterion Collection

Children of Paradise [Blu-ray] (Marcel Carné, 1945) Criterion Collection (BEAVER REVIEW)

Cyrano de Bergerac [Blu-ray] (Michael Gordon, 1950) Olive Films

Devil's Advocate [Blu-ray] (Taylor Hackford, 1997) Warner

The Devil, Probably (Robert Bresson, 1977) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon [Blu-ray] (Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, 2012) 20th Century Fox

A Double Life [Blu-ray] (George Cukor, 1947) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Ed Wood [Blu-ray] (Tim Burton, 1994) Touchstone / Disney

Les enfants du paradis [Blu-ray] (Marcel Carné, 1945) RB UK Second Sight Films

Halloween II [Blu-ray] (Rick Rosenthal, 1981) Shout! Factory

Hatchet For The Honeymoon [Blu-ray] (Mario Bava, 1970) Redemption

Lisa and The Devil / The House of Exorcism [Blu-ray] - Lorber Films

Love Exposure [Blu-ray] (Shion Sono, 2008) Olive Films

Macbeth [Blu-ray] (Orson Welles, 1948) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Man-Trap [Blu-ray] (Edmond O'Brien, 1961) Olive Films

Patience (After Sebald) (Grant Gee, 2012) Cinema Guild

Puppetmaster [Blu-ray] (David Schmoeller, 1989) Wizard Full Moon

Shakespeare High (Alex Rotaru, 2011) Cinema Guild

Titanic [Blu-ray] (James Cameron, 1997) (Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / Digital Copy + UltraViolet Digital Copy)Paramount
Titanic [
Blu-ray] (James Cameron, 1997) (Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy + UltraViolet Digital Copy) Paramount

The Uninvited (Lewis Allen, 1944) Special Edition [DVD] R2 UK Exposure Cinema

Les visiteurs du soir (Marcel Carné, 1942) Criterion Collection

Les visiteurs du soir [Blu-ray] (Marcel Carné, 1942) Criterion Collection

A Woman Under the Influence [Blu-ray] (John Cassavetes, 1974) RB UK BFI (BEAVER REVIEW)


September 24th, 2012


The Alexander Sokurov Collection - 3 Disc Set R2 UK Artificial Eye

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection [Blu-ray] - Saboteur (1942) Shadow of a Doubt (1943) Rope (1948) Rear Window (1954) -The Trouble with Harry (1955) The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) Vertigo (1958), North by Northwest (1959) Psycho (1960) The Birds (1963) Marnie (1964) Torn Curtain (1966) Topaz (1969) Frenzy (1972) Family Plot (1976) - Universal

The Angels' Share [Blu-ray] (Ken Loach, 2012) RB UK Entertainment One

Arachnophobia [Blu-ray] (Frank Marshall, 1990) Walt Disney

Au Pair Girls [Blu-ray] (Val Guest, 1972) Redemption

Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection [Blu-ray] (with Limited Edition Hardcover Book) - MGM

Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection [Blu-ray] - UK MGM

Cheeky [Blu-ray] (Tinto Brass, 2000) Cult Epics

Cleopatra [Blu-ray] (Dual Format Edition) (Cecil B. DeMille, 1934) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Cleopatra - Ltd Edition Steelbook [Blu-ray] (Cecil B. DeMille, 1934) RB UK Masters of Cinema

Damsels in Distress [Blu-ray] (Whit Stillman, 2011) Sony Pictures

Don Quixote (Grigori Kozintsev, 1957) R2 UK Mr Bongo

Dovzhenko: War Trilogy (Zvenigora, Arsenal + Earth) R2 UK Mr Bongo

East of Elephant Rock [Blu-ray] (Don Boyd, 1977) RB UK Odeon Entertainment

Eating Raoul (Paul Bartel, 1982) Criterion Collection

Eating Raoul [Blu-ray] (Paul Bartel, 1982) Criterion Collection

Family Guy: Volume Ten - Fox

Free Men [Blu-ray] (Ismaël Ferroukhi, 2011) RB UK Artificial Eye

The Game (David Fincher, 1997) Criterion Collection

The Game [Blu-ray] (David Fincher, 1997) Criterion Collection

Gerhard Richter - Painting [Blu-ray] (Corinna Belz, 2011) Lorber Films

Klown [Blu-ray] (Mikkel Norgaard, 2010) Image Entertainment

Kotoko [Blu-ray] (Shin'ya Tsukamoto, 2011) RB UK Third Window Films

Lady Snowblood / Lady Snowblood 2 [Blu-ray] (Dual Format) - RB UK Arrow Academy

Lady Snowblood / Lady Snowblood 2 [Blu-ray] (Limited Edition Steelbook) - RB UK Arrow Academy

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog [Blu-ray] (Alfred Hitchcock, 1927) UK Network

Lone Wolf & Cub Complete [Blu-ray] - Animeigo

Marvel's The Avengers [Blu-ray] (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging) (Joss Whedon, 2012) Walt Disney Video

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled [Blu-ray] (10-Disc Limited Edition Six-Movie Collector's Set) [Blu-ray] (Joss Whedon, 2012) Walt Disney Video

Night of the Devils [Blu-ray] (Giorgio Ferroni, 1972) Raro

Oedipus Rex [Edipo Re] [Blu-ray] (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1967) RB UK Masters of Cinema (BEAVER REVIEW)

Suddenly [Blu-ray] (Lewis Allen, 1954) HD Cinema Classics

Das Testament Des Dr Mabuse [Blu-ray] (Dual Format) (Fritz Lang, 1933) - RB UK Masters of Cinema

Das Testament Des Dr Mabuse [Blu-ray] (Dual Format SteelBook Edition) (Fritz Lang, 1933) - RB UK Masters of Cinema

Tetsuo: The Iron Man / Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer [Blu-ray] - RB UK Third Window Films

This Is Cinerama [Blu-ray] (60th Anniversary - Merian C. Cooper) Flicker Alley

Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich [Blu-ray] (Bill Colleran, Louis De Rochemont III, 1958) Flicker Alley

Wong Kar-Wai Double Feature: Fallen Angels + Happy Together [Blu-ray] - Kino

Woody Allen: A Documentary [Blu-ray] RB UK Soda Pictures


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