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R2-France - Abbas Kiarostami's "The Wind Will Carry Us" - Fantastic transfer and a whole 2nd disc of valuable extras...Compare image captures to that of the New Yorker R1 version HERE. No contest!
All of Rivette's films made after 1983, un-subtitled, extras include
interviews with the scriptwriters discussing the development of each
film and an interview with Rivette.

L'Amour par terre / Hurlevent / La Bande des quatre / La Belle Noiseuse (2 DVD) / Haut Bas Fragile / Secret défense / Le DVD Bonus

DVD reviewed HERE 

'Breathtaking black and white transfer and the stunning cinematography is even more inspiring. Shown in its original aspect ratio of 1.37:1 this Tartan DVD has pitch-perfect contrast and virtually no dust of scratches.

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The Scent of Green Papaya/Cyclo (R2 - France) - 

Compare Columbia Tri-Star Studios - NTSC Region 1 "The Scent of Green Papaya" vs. ARTE - Region 2 - PAL HERE and the Mega Star (Salon Films) - NTSC - Region 0 "Cyclo" vs. ARTE - Region 2 - PAL HERE.  Some of Tran's short films are included as extras.


Scent of Green Papaya      Cyclo

Rosetta/La Promesse (R2 - UK) - Two simple yet potent films, presented in anamorphic transfers.

Rosetta R2 PAL vs. R0 NTSC

La Promesse R2 vs R1

CLICK BELOW for Film Reviews:


La Promesse

Woman in the Dunes (R2- Japan )

Compare the Image Entertainment Region 1 "Woman in the Dunes" vs. Asmik (Japan) Region 2 HERE

Film reviewed 



Renoir's Rules of the Game

"Every point is perfectly nuanced, every second is both important and yet enjoyable; a complicated, subtle, brilliant film, which has never been bettered in its depiction and dissection of a people and society at a particular moment in time."

Andrei Tarkovsky's Zerkalo (Mirror)

Compare the Kino Region 0 "Mirror" vs. Artificial Eye / RusCiCo PAL Region 0 HERE

Remember to get the optional Mono Soundtrack version!

Film reviewed 


Compare the Artificial Eye - PAL Region 2 "Eureka" vs. Artist Film - Japanese Region 2 - NTSC HERE


Film reviewed 


Honorable Mention


Three Colours (R2 - UK) - Great films, great transfers, great extras. Kieslowski is regarded as one of the best directors of the 90's, best known work was the three colors series "Red", "White, " and "Blue". "Red" brought him an Academy Award nomination for best director in 1995, "Blue" shared the Golden Lion at Venice in 1993, and "White" earned Mr. Kieslowski the best director prize in Berlin, 1994.
NOTE: We have the R1 releases and will be comparing them soon.

Compare Artificial Eye Region 2 "Tri-Color Blue" vs. Paraent Region 0  HERE
Compare Artificial Eye Region 2 "Tri-Color White" vs Paraent

Compare Artificial Eye Region 2 "Tri-Color Blue" vs. Buena Vista Region 1  HERE

Compare Artificial Eye Region 2 "Tri-Color White" vs. Buena Vista Region 1  HERE

Compare Artificial Eye Region 2 "Tri-Color Red" vs. Buena Vista Region 1  HERE

Reviewed HERE:

Trois Couleurs: Bleu  , 


L'Appartement - (R2 - France) -


Compare the BITWIN (Korean) Region 1 "L'appartement" vs. M6 Region 0 - FRANCE vs Artificial Eye Region 2 HERE




In the Mood For Love

Compare the Criterion Collection Region 1 "In the Mood For Love" vs. TF1 French Video Region 2 HERE


In the Mood For Love


The Gospel According to Saint Matthew (R2-UK)

NOTE: Compare the Image Entertainment Region 0 Out of Print DVD to the Tartan Region 2 PAL DVD HERE

DVD Review 



Fanny and Alexander (R2 - UK) - This transfer has been unfairly maligned. This DVD looks just fine, and it's vastly superior to the LD and VHS versions I've seen.  The movie itself is a masterful, bittersweet look at Bergman's childhood, and this extended version allows for a better understanding of all the characters.  The extra attention given to the subplots involving the minor characters is especially appreciated.
Code Unknown 

(R2 - UK) - A fascinating look at the lives of three very different characters whose lives cross during a moment of cruelty.  My favorite Haneke film so far.

Smiles of a Summer Night

(R2 - UK) - Another strong Tartan Bergman film. The DVD is reviewed HERE

An Actor's Revenge (R2 UK)

A deeply artistic film steeped in rich cultural tradition and imagery. The shots fully exercising the full scope of the lens and many memorable and beautiful moments caught with splashed color on dense backgrounds.


• DVD 1 : Coup de torchon
• DVD 2 : L'Horloger de Saint-Paul
• DVD 3 : Le Juge et l'assassin
• DVD 4 : Que la fête commence !
• DVD 5 : La Vie et rien d'autre
• DVD 6 : Les Feux de la rampe (DVD Bonus : Portrait de Philippe Noiret)



The Set can be bought from amazon.co.jp for $276 or so (32,900 Japanese Yen - shipped) As far as I know, this is the only DVD set available anywhere. Gaumont only released a VHS set. The Japanese set is R2 NTSC.

The packaging is a smaller CD-sized black case that houses 4 black cardboard flip cases. Volumes 1A and 1B are actually 2 DVD's - the other volumes share a DVD (5 DVD's total). On the inside of each flip case is a series of small frames from the film. Everything is very tastefully designed... And I do like the smaller profile of the case - I wish all DVD cases were cut down to the CD case size.

The best thing about the Box Set is not even mentioned. The team behind the release researched all of the quotes (be they songs/books/films), and at any given time while watching the movie, you can click on a certain icon.

When you click on the icon, it stops the movie and pulls up a separate screen that shows the source of the quotation, and its possible meaning.

You can also view these screens separately in case you don't want to interrupt the movie.

This is the extra that probably drove up the cost, they must have spent months just doing the research. Some Reviews:







The Sacrifice (R2-UK)

 Artificial Eye release of Andrei Tarkovsky's last film. Much information about the film can be found at Nostalghia.com .

Kagemusha (R2-UK)

When a powerful warlord in medieval Japan dies, a poor thief recruited to impersonate him... Classic Kurosawa

DVD Reviews of the 20th Century Fox Disc can be found HERE

A Time For Drunken Horses (R2 - UK)

Short, but in its sly, roundabout way it is able to touch... sneaking up on you to extract deep emotion. The brutal frankness of the film can leave you almost catatonic.

DVD/Film reviewed 


Beau Travail (R2 - UK) - Another film with gorgeous, haunting images and another look at humans at their finest: jealous and vindictive.  A beautiful and languidly paced film by Clarie Denis.

Compare the New Yorker Region 1- NTSC "Beau Travail" vs. Artificial Eye Region 2 - PAL HERE






Seasons 1 + 2 of 'The Family Guy' - a show too caustic for North American sensibilities, perhaps hitting a little too close to home. Vintage TV. Seasons 1 + 2 of "Futurama" . A Fun sci-fi mocking television comedy series from the makers of The Simpsons. Sardonic and biting.


Francois Truffaut Collection I 
The acclaimed French director is feted with a special collection of six of his best films: 

Jules et Jim / La Peau douce / Les Deux anglaises et le continent / Le Dernier métro / La Femme d'à côté

Francois Truffaut Collection II 
This six-DVD collection of works by Francois Truffaut includes 

Les Aventures d'Antoine Doinel - Les Quatre cents coups / Baisers volés / Domicile conjugal / L'Amour en fuite / + 1 DVD Bonus


Francois Truffaut Collection III 

Les Polars - Vivement dimanche ! / Tirez sur le pianiste


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