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S E A R C H    D V D B e a v e r

(aka "La belle saison" or "Summertime")


directed by Catherine Corsini
France/Belgium 2015


Growing up on her family's farm, Delphine (Izïa Higelin) cannot imagine living anywhere else or doing anything else but being a farmer; that includes not getting married to childhood friend Antoine (Kévin Azaïs, LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT) and having children. When her secret lover is married off, however, Delphine goes to work for a factory in Paris. By chance, she meets Spanish teacher Carole (Cécile De France, HIGH TENSION) and is motivated more by desire than shared values (her own present but unarticulated) to join the women's rights group at the college who are making a splash as provocateurs labeled "bitches" and "exhibitionists" by the male-dominated press. Delphine makes the first move on Carole - who lives with revolutionary boyfriend Manuel (Benjamin Bellecour) - amidst the revelry of springing a gay man committed to an asylum by his parents, throwing the older, more worldly woman for a loop. Confiding her weakness and looking for sympathy from increasingly alienated Manuel, Carole starts seeing Delphine for a string of cover assignations. When Delphine receives word from home that her father (Jean-Henri Compère) has fallen ill, she abruptly returns home to run the farm and prevent her mother (Noémie Lvovsky) from selling it. Carole visits Delphine in the countryside, but there it is Delphine who insists on secrecy lest her mother and the locals find out. When Carole presses Delphine to chose between her and the farm, she must also consider leaving behind her parents and the farm to love without shame and pursue hers and Carole's shared ideals.

Eric Cotenas

Theatrical Release: 19 August 2015 (France)

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DVD Review: Strand Releasing - Region 1 - NTSC

Big thanks to Eric Cotenas for the Review!

DVD Box Cover

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Strand Releasing

Region 1 - NTSC

Runtime 1:45:32

2.35:1 Original Aspect Ratio

16X9 enhanced
Average Bitrate: 8.43 mb/s
NTSC 720x480 29.97 f/s

NOTE: The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second. The Horizontal is the time in minutes.


Audio French Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles English, none
Features Release Information:
Studio: Strand Releasing

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen anamorphic - 2.35:1

Edition Details:
� Theatrical Trailer (16:9;1:39)
� Previews

DVD Release Date: November 15th, 2016

Chapters 8





Strand provides a satisfying high-bitrate, progressive, anamorphic encode of this Arri Alexa-photographed film, with the occasional softness and overall warm tones evoking a sense of nostalgia for the film's historical setting. The optional English subtitles are free of any obvious errors. The only extras are a trailer for the film and some previews.

  - Eric Cotenas


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DVD Box Cover

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Strand Releasing

Region 1 - NTSC


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S E A R C H    D V D B e a v e r


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