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All of London is in an uproar due to recent attacks by a Jack the Ripper-style serial killer known as "The Avenger" who targets blonde women. During this time, a pale, hypersensitive stranger arrives at a family-owned boarding house to take up lodging. He becomes attracted to the proprietor's pretty blonde daughter Daisy, who is already engaged to a policeman. Daisy, in spite of her parents' objections, returns the lodger's overtures. When the trail of the killer leads to the same district in which the boarding house is located, the lodger's strange behavior places him under suspicion by the family.

In his book-length interview with Alfred Hitchcock, Francois Truffaut notoriously stated that there is "a certain incompatibility between the terms 'cinema' and 'Britain.'" The fact that many would be inclined to disagree with that point today is due in no small part to Hitchcock's own contributions to British cinema, starting with his third feature film and his "first true Hitchcock film," The Lodger (1927). Hitchcock, who was an avid moviegoer as a young man, was especially keen on American cinema. In particular, he has acknowledged the influence of D. W. Griffith's epics The Birth of a Nation (1915), Intolerance (1916) and Way Down East (1920). During this time, British screens were dominated by American product; native British productions had a difficult time competing with the more technically polished American films and received hardly any exposure outside their own country. Indeed, when promoting Hitchcock's directorial debut The Pleasure Garden (1925), the film's producer Michael Balcon is said to have boasted of its "American look."

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Theatrical Release: February 14th, 1927

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DVD Review: MGM - Region 1 - NTSC

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Distribution MGM Home Video - Region 1 - NTSC
Runtime 1:39:24 
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Audio 1999 Score (Dolby Digital 5.0) , 1997 score (mono)
Subtitles French, Spanish, None (Intertitles are in English)

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Studio: MGM

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Original Aspect Ratio 1.33:1

Edition Details:

• Audio commentary with Patrick McGilligan
• "The Sound of Silence: The Making of The Lodger" (23:36)
• "Hitchcock 101" (3:22)
• Audio segments from Hitchcock's interviews by Peter Bogdanovich, and Francois Truffaut
• 1940 radio play of the story (audio only)
• Stills gallery
• Restoration comparison

DVD Release Date: February 10th, 2009

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NOTE: This was originally available in MGM's Premiere Collection of Hitchcock films - but extremely poorly packed as described by Lars HERE. MGM still have not made a statement rectifying the faulty packaging and we therefore suggest purchase of this title via a stand alone DVD case as available HERE. This individual DVD seems to be the extract same and we review the lone DVD below.

This MGM DVD starts with the caveat:

But as far as I am concerned it looks exceptionally good. There is some obvious boosting and the contrast flickers but considering the age this looks quite remarkable.  It is tinted for highlighting location effect - a standard practice. While there is some haziness I don't doubt that this is the best rendition of this silent classic (Hitch regarded it his first 'real film!) presently available. It gives a marvelous presentation - along with the audio options discussed below.

We are given choices of two music scores. Ashley Irwin has one composition played in 5.0 channel and there is a newer piece by Paul Zaza in mono. I preferred the latter but have no qualms with either. Quality was quite strong - a super bonus to the viewing.

Extras give us a factual, professional commentary by Peter MgGilligan, a 23 minute historical 'Making of...' with a lot of individual input, audio only segments from Hitchcock interviews by Peter Bogdanovich, and Francois Truffaut - plus Hitchcock's granddaughter, Mary Stone hosts a short Hitchcock 101 piece. Augmenting the DVD supplements are also an audio only 1940 radio play of The Lodger story, a stills gallery and a restoration comparison. These comprise an excellent selection of addition features for this release.

Check out the price on this - $13 - giving it incredible value. For those who didn't get rooked with the Premiere Collection this is an essential DVD for Hitchcock fans, silent era fans and anyone else who loves film. Immensely recommended!    

Gary W. Tooze


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Distribution MGM Home Video - Region 1 - NTSC


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