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Malata DVD-856 Region Free   review by Gary Tooze

This is a new Malata product that we are reviewing. I have used it for about 2 weeks and am extremely impressed. If you are interested in owning one, DVDBeaver are official dealers and I can get it for you at a very reasonable price. It is a far stronger unit than the 393a region-free reviewed HERE. It will also be more expensive at about $130 US + shipping.


The first thing you will probably notice about the new Malata DVD-856 Region Free machine is its slim/sleek design.  Compared to most models it is quite modern in appearance. To give reference as t the size we have included a standard DVD keep case. For the size of the remote see one in my hands (below). The unit is measured at 410mm X 255 mm X 44mm.


It has a number of new interesting features - example - a self-creating chapter menu. If you have a chapter-less DVD (or DVD-R) you can see chapters (with full-motion segments for each divided section) by pressing the 'Browse' button on the remote. Another cool feature is the "Virtual" button that, when you press, you see a remote keyboard on the screen to access with the large button of the remote. I don't really see a purpose to this except if you find the remote too small or you have the lights out and only the light of the TV screen to adjust by. Other examples of features include password access, Karaoke access etc.


Plugged in right out of the box with no set-up it played both PAL and NTSC DVDs without a glitch on a standard NTSC tube. It has all the standard output jacks - Component, S-Video etc. etc., RCA cables are included as are remote batteries and a full manual in English.




My first viewing on this new Malata was the NETWORK Region 2- PAL "Black Narcissus", followed by Region 1 - NTSC DVD and both looked great. Since then I have viewed over 20 other DVDs and many different DVD-R brands without a glitch.


  • Best PAL - NTSC conversion that I have seen...

  • It supports DivX, XviD, and MPEG-4 playback

  • It plays DVD-R discs (all that I tried)

  • LCD display on front panel (determining if it is on or off - unlike the 393a)

  • Memory - retains last position of playing DVD on power-down and re-power up.

  • It has a volume control - with a wide range - on the remote (and a 'mute' button).

  • It has a Power 'off' button on the remote (unlike my Malata 520)

  • It Fast Forwards (or Reverses) up to 32X speed (incremental from 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X etc.)

  • Supports Progressive Scan and interlace through COMS chip

  • The "Display" button on the remote shows an onscreen window with "Time, Chapter" and different from my 520 - "Time Remaining". Sometime it is nice to know how much time is left while watching a film.

  • Many memory features such as Repeat (Chapter or specific memory set scene)

  • It plays VCD and SVCD

  • Easy to hold remote with large main buttons

  • The biggest bonus... the price is very competitive for anything comparable.


  • No incremental zoom - although there is a 'zoom' button on the remote - it only zooms in (.5X, 2X, 3X and 4X) and out (1/2, 1/3, 1/4,) - it does not zoom out in small segments to help prevent overscan, although machines that do are extremely expensive due to the cost of the chip.

  • Unusual humming noise on start-up. It eventually goes away once the disc is fully loaded. Hardly a complaint but rather an observation.

  • Being picky: - the disc tray does not close when you physically nudge it - you must hit the eject button or the play button (on remote or front of panel)

  • LCD player display is quite bright (florescent blue like neon sign). NOTE: I have since determined that this can be shut off in the "Set-up" section, but it does default to being on.

REGION FREE FEATURES ( as stated in the Malata Manual)

  • Plays Regions 1,2,3,4,5,6 discs
  • Region-Free from factory (no hardware or software modification required)
  • Plays DVDR Discs

  • Progressive scan
  • Correct PAL to NTSC conversion
  • Listed as compatible with DVD, CD, VCD, SVCD, MO-3, WMA, JPEG, Picture CD, CD-R, CD-RW
  • DTS-Compatible digital audio output
  • Composite, S-Video, and Component video output
  • Stereo and Coaxial audio outputs
  • NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC converters built into player
  • NTSC and PAL video output
  • Remote Control

  • Audio level: 2Vp-p (10KHz)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz 2.5db
  • Dynamic range: 80dB
  • S/N: >85dB
  • Channel separation: 70 dB
  • Video DAC: 10 bit
  • Video level: 1Vp-p (750hm)
  • Video Resolution: 500 lines
  • Video S/N: 60 dB
  • DG: < 3%
  • DP: < 5 deg
  • Power consumption: 14w
  • Cabinet color: Silver
  • Gross Weight: 2.1kgs
  • Unit dimension 410mm x 255mm x 44mm
         Slim plastic panel
         Multi-language OSD menu, onscreen menu display, VFD or LED display
         Full function remote control
         32 language subtitles and 8 different sound languages
         Memory stopping, Memory play function, A-B play function
         Magnified and mobile picture, high clarity multi-level picture zoom
         8-grade fast or slow motions, multi-angle play
         Adjustable screen aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9)
         FWD/FFD, skip, slow motion and single-step play
         Resume/memory play function
         Program play and repeat play optional
                                                Composite video/S-video/YCbCr/YPbPr output
                                                Optical and Coaxial output
                                                5.1 channel output or 2 channel output
                                                Karaoke output jack
                                                SCART output connector (optional)
         Fully compatible with DVD/VCD/CD/PICTURE-CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW/
         Compatible with MPEG4/DivX 3.11/DivX 4/DivX 5 above/XviD
         Aluminum front panel
         Video horizontal resolution: over 500 lines
         DivX Subtitle support (English, Russian, Korean, German, French, Italy, etc..)
         Multi-language OSD menu ( English, Russian, Korean, German, French, Italy, etc..)
         12bit/108MHz video D/A convert
         24bit/192kHz audio D/A DACS
         Build-in Dolby digital decoder
         Build-in Dolby AC-3 decoder
         Advanced MDDi Progressive scan output
         With Karaoke function
         Automatic screen protection
         Parental lock/Last memory
         NTSC/PAL/AUTO optional
         Universal power supply: AC 100V-240V~50/60Hz


BOTTOM LINE: As I determine more about this machine I will post it here, but as it stands this has my highest hardware recommendation. It comes with a year warranty from Malata. My other two Malata players have lasted 4 and 5 years respectively (and are still going strong) - both being used on a daily basis. This is a brand new model from Malata and I have enough faith in it to sell them as a sideline on the DVDBeaver website.

TO PURCHASE: You may use the PayPal link located at the very bottom of this page, but first email me HERE and I will quote shipping (which I expect to be around $15 US - delivery insured and guaranteed with 2 weeks). We stand behind all purchases and if you are unhappy for any reason we will refund your money with costs (return shipping and PayPal commission). We sold 135 Malata 393a's with only 5 returns.


Our goal is not to make a lot of money from this, but rather open up the doors of region-free capability to many who are presently region-locked. Hopefully, this will expand our community and increase our ability to share information.



Gary Tooze  





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