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General (movies included... some duplicated)

CREATIVE PLANET -the place to be for professional or student filmmakers, but it can be also educational for average Joe's like me. It has affiliated sites for individual arts/crafts like DIRECTORS WORLD, EDITORS NET, CINEMATOGRAPHY WORLD, ANIMATION WORLD NETWORK, GOODSTORY (a site for screenwriters to post their their works), VFX PRO (a site on visual effects, or special effects), and DVD ARTIST. Each site has in-depth articles and interviews on current developments in each respective area.
SOFIA (Study Of Film as Internet Application) -an excellent site that comes closest to Film Course 101 on net.
IMAGES: a journal of film and popular culture -a quarterly journal but new reviews and articles are added every week. Includes in-depth essays on topics like Hitchcock, Western, Italian Horror movies and so on; includes reviews for both art movies and recent blockbusters.
STRICTLY FILM SCHOOL -very comprehensive collection of essays on landmark films arranged by director, genre, themes, and imagery.
24 FRAMES PER SECOND -a forum where critical reviews of mainly recent Hollywood movies are submitted by readers.
BRIGHT LIGHTS FILM JOURNAL -looks at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film from a wide range of vantage points.
CULTUREVULTURE.NET -a film section of Culturevulture.net - mainly recent movies with both mainstream and indie movies well represented.
CHICAGO READER (FILM) -Jonathan Rosenbaum's movie reviews on Chicago Reader. Also includes capsule reviews for 9,000 + titles.

More Miscellaneous

HOME THEATER FORUM -the best moderated forum on home theater, DVD, and movies that you'll find in the internet.
DVDFILE -daily updated news on studio announcements for new DVD release and reviews on nearly all major new releases. Has search engine for DVD reviews of other websites.
IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT -a database for movies on DVD. Updates the new DVD announcements by studios biweekly.
Eric C. Johnson's MOVIE LISTS -If you liked the S&S poll lists, check out this website that includes an array of similar kinds of lists - including 1995 TimeOut poll and annual ten best lists of major critics.

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 www.mhvf.net , www.mondo-digital.com , www.horrordvds.com , www.dvdunleashed.net , www.dvdmaniacs.net , www.dvddrive-in.com , www.dvdtalk.com , www.dvdreview.com , www.dvdfile.com , www.dvdauthority.com , www.digitallyobsessed.com , www.dvdangle.com , www.thecinemalaser.com , www.classicsondvd.com , www.dvdanswerman.com , www.dvdcult.com , www.dvdinsider.com , www.dvdverdict.com , www.dvdmg.com , www.virtualurth.com , www.thebigpicturedvd.com , www.dvdjournal.com , www.dvdmoviecentral.com , DVD Beaver, www.dvdindetail.com , www.dvdtown.com , http://www.dvdtimes.org.uk , www.moviefanonline.com , www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk , www.kfccinema.com , www.loveandbullets.com , dvd.ign.com, www.splatterhouse.net , www.homecinemachoice.com , www.dvdbreakdown.com , www.dvddebate.com , www.bulletsnbabesdvds.com , www.dvdshrine.com , www.dvdmon.com , www.filmsondisc.com , www.currentfilm.com , Laser Tribune, www.dvdspot.net , www.dvdamigos.com , DVD Crypt, Canadian DVD User Group , www.that-movie-site.com , www.audiorevolution.com , www.jaxfilmjournal.com , www.toldyouso.net , www.totaldvd.net , www.bestdvd.co.uk , www.dvdsewer.com , www.50footdvd.com , www.widescreenreview.com , http://www.paradym.co.uk/lgd/ , http://www.dvdblokes.com , http://www.dvdreview.net

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