Studio Websites

A and E Home Video -Catalog includes The Avengers Boxed sets and Monty Python.
Anchor Bay -Some Early Hollywood Hitchcock, and a wide variety of economical titles.
Artificial Eye -World Cinema Distributor for R2 ( UK, Europe, Japan, Middle Eastern ) Films
Artisan Entertainment -TV miniseries such as Alice In Wonderland, 10th Kingdom, Joan Of Arc, The Stand.
Brentwood Home Video -Producers of economy titles, including Bob Hope sets and Lil Rascals.
Buena Vista -Disney's other videos division, including Hollywood Pictures and Touchstone.
Columbia-Tristar -Major DVD studio releasing high quality discs with extras at fair prices.
Criterion DVD -Classic films and foreign films restored. Output is small, prices are high but are of exceptional quality with many great extras.
Disney Home Video -Exclusive family films releasing classic animation titles. Titles are becoming more plentiful, economical, and are including more extras with most newer releases.
Dreamworks -Some of the finest discs and films have come from this studio. Saving Private Ryan, Prince Of Egypt, ANTZ. Discs come with lots of extras and at average prices.
DVD International -Unusual titles; mostly great classical music discs, with beautiful shots of Europe.
Fox Home Video -Another major studio, late in coming on board to DVD but have some outstanding titles, such as Titanic, Wallace and Gromit.
Home Vision - Reliable DVD distributor with many Foreign and Eclectic titles...
Image Entertainment -Major independent distributor of older films including digitally restored Chaplin , Buster Keaton, and music titles. One of the most prolific companies producing DVD's today.
Madacy Entertainment -Releases include public domain titles, and recently many television show box sets such as Bonanza, Andy Griffith Show and The Lone Ranger. Mostly terrible quality, but very cheap.
Marengo Films -Digitally remastered classics economically priced, some with double features.
MGM Home Video -Major studio that has lots of titles with mixed results on quality depending on the title.
Miramax - Foreign films, such as It's A Beautiful Life-Disney is its distributor.
MPI Home Video -High quality releases but few titles. Documentaries and old television shows restored; some music titles.
Music Video Distributors -This DVD music company has a variety titles for contemporary and classic rock fans, and country fans.
New Line Cinema -Discs with many extras-Austin Powers, Lost In Space, Pleasantville-Usually high quality discs. Home of Infinifilms.
New Yorker Films -many of the best DVDs and Videoa in the Art House circle...
PalmPictures -Island Records DVD division-Music titles, original made for video productions.
Paramount -A major studio-Paramount has some of the most popular titles. Rarely put extras on earlier discs. Star Trek series and movies, classics, and newer titles.
Pioneer Home Video -Pokemon, other anime and music video titles.
Seville Pictures -Wonderful Art film label out of Canada - a lot of 16X9
Shanachie Home Video -Digitally remastered rare music videos are a specialty of this label.
Slingshot -Unusual titles, classic movie titles and IMAX movie discs.
Sony Music Video -Some of the finest contemporary artists have released DVD's on this label, including Mariah Carey and Billy Joel.
Tartan Video - R2 DVDs including well done Bergman's works...
Trimark Video -Mixed bag of titles including B action movies, Mini Series, such as The Last Don and Storm of the Century, and The Best Of Saturday Night Live Series.
Universal - Major studio releasing their catalog of outstanding new and classic titles, usually of very high quality with lots of extras.
VCI Entertainment -Releasing classic movie serials such as Flash Gordon and classics. Does a good job with the transfers considering the material they are working with. One of the better old classic labels.
Warner Brothers -DVD advocate and supporter from the beginning. Many, many titles of high quality. Also owns many older MGM titles. New and classic titles. Also music video titles.
WellSpring Media Inc - DVDs of a Foreign Eclectic nature. Improved quality in recent months.
WhirlwindDVD -Double feature Hitchcock oldies, movie serials such as The Phantom Creeps and Radar Men From the Moon.
WinStar -Restored cartoon classics including Popeye, Warner oldies and Fleischer Studios.