Sherwood BDP-5004 Blu-ray Disc Player AVAILABLE HERE is a clone of the Region FREE Momitsu BDP -899 Blu-ray player!


ADDITION May 2010: Bob tells us "The new firmware upgrades for both the Momitsu and Sherwood players reportedly extinguishes the ability to change BD regions. You might mention that fact. In addition, my Sherwood seems to have problems with playing 1080i/50 BDs on the same monitor that the Momitsu can. Although the Momitsu and Sherwood remotes look to be identical except for the logo, the Sherwood remote cannot be used to change the region code on the Momitsu and vice versa, even accounting for the difference between the 799 and 899 codes. A second after the 6th digit is entered with the incorrect remote, a red "no" circle appears in the top right corner of the screen. In all other aspects the remotes are interchangeable." (thanks Bob!)


ADDITION -March 25th, 2010 -"After having downloaded and updated the latest firmware update for the Sherwood DBP-5004 (and subsequently replacing it with the original firmware), I am unable to recommend that purchasers of the BDP-5004 install that new firmware.
This is because the update eliminates the ability of the player to switch from Region A to Region B/C in blu-ray and from the North American region 1 to all other regions for DVD's. (Not surprisingly, it has come to my attention that the same situation has been noted by others for the Momitsu 899 and 799.)
I have informed Sherwood of this situation and requested that they work with their firmware supplier to seek a fix that will allow an upgrade that would retain the multi-region capability (it really sped up the player and introduced some splendid new features), if at all possible

Tom says in email: "I am at last able to confirm that the Sherwood 5004 is a reliable Blu-Ray player.  It performs excellently and exactly as described by Gary in the review of the Momitsu 899.  It appears that the previous player that I received was defective and Jeff Hipps at Sherwood graciously provided me with a replacement when I contacted him.

Unlike Gary's Momitsu (in the review), I have set up my player to take advantage of all BD-Live 2.0 features.  I am pleased to report that the player performs these functions very well indeed.  It loads and plays BD-Live content much faster than does my older Panasonic BDP-35. 

Using the HD Bitstream setting sent through HDMI cables to my Pioneer VSX-91TXH Receiver, I have found Dolby True HD and DTS Master Sound to sound splendid whether the movie/music is encoded at 7.1, 2.0 or 1.0 channels.  Immediately prior to the install of the player, I re-calibrated the room and speakers using Pioneer's built in sound analyzer. 

The upconversion of pictures appears to be of a higher quality than my older Panasonic, however, I am not certain I can state the same thing about the Oppo DV-981 and will need to look a while longer.  At any rate, the Sherwood certainly loads much faster than the Panasonic.  This was examined after I reset the various levels on video display on my Samsung 46" monitor using two separate video programs. 

That said, I heartily recommend the Sherwood, especially given that I have repeatedly switched it from Region A to Region B and back again.  The machine handles each very well.  Should any additional comments suggest themselves to me, I will so advise. (Thanks Tom!)

Andrew L. says in email:

...USING my Sherwood to write about it. LOVE it. Tray on mine sometimes doesn't shut without a nudge, but always opens. Also, why does one always always always have to pause blu-rays, rather than stop and restart? Or am I missing something? Even if you bookmark, the whole thing seems to need to reload afresh, which also means going yet again through those soul-chilling 'miracle-of-blu-ray' start-up adds on the Sonys and others. At least it seems to spin down when on pause. Afraid of damaging discs and wearing out machine. Please advise if you know something I don't.

One BEAUTIFUL thing which I don't think anybody's mentioned is, every single DVD from every single region has played without my having to enter a code of any kind. That's right, pop it in, and it plays, even when there's just been another disc in there (even one from a different region,) or the machine's been on standby or even all the way off. Region B & C blu-rays require the code. But just make that 5th digit a '0', and you're all set.

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Momitsu BDP-799 Region Changing Instructions

You can alter the player's region code at any time using the remote control.
1) Keep no disc loading , and press 8751+0+1 or 2,
0 stand for DVD free zone,
1 or 2 stand for BD A or BD B zone.
can not enter BD free mode or open mode. But it can be changed at anytime

You have 3 codes which you input and enter via the player's remote control:
875101 is Region A plus all 6 DVD regions.
875102 is Region B plus all 6 DVD regions.
875103 is Region C plus all 6 DVD regions
2) Please set the DVD region as "1"
Because some of DVD disc require player to be region 1 in order to play.
It is the disc set up so just match the player with disc region should be fine.
875111 is Region A plus US DVD region1.
875112 is Region B plus US DVD region1.
875113 is Region C plus US DVD region1.



BDP-899 (modified) Region FREE Blu-ray player



Momitsu BDP-899 Region Free   review by Gary Tooze

A REGION-FREE Blu-ray player has been sought after at the very beginning of this new high-definition format. In case you were unaware, the Blu-ray Association allowed for the division of geographic region codes for Blu-ray discs. You can see how the three areas (A, B + C) are divided HERE. The coding denies the consumer the right to purchase Blu-ray discs anywhere in the world for playability on his standard Blu-ray player. Just as with the DVD format though - hardware companies have developed technology to overcome the disc's software coding. This essentially allows individuals the freedom to choose the films (and specific transfers) from anywhere - not solely based the region in which they happen to reside.


Through my ListServ I had heard positive reviews of the Kogan 'region-free' Blu-ray player HERE, which aside from, not surprisingly, being 'Sold Out' was only shippable to consumers in Australia. So I was unable to purchase one. 


Momitsu is a Taiwanese company with an excellent reputation and history of both innovative features and satisfied customers.  I have used their modified (by HKFlix) BDP-899 for over a week now and while I continue testing I am extremely impressed.  It plays everything I have put in it from 'A' + 'B' coded Blu-rays (I don't own a 'C') to DVDs of every region and standard (PAL + NTSC). It also plays my son's DVD-Rs without issue. I will discuss specifics below - that I noted and other functions but should state immediately that while I consider myself very knowledgeable on the technology of DVD and Blu-rays - I am no expert on hardware. Thankfully the Momitsu is a simple machine and it fulfills all my desires as a home theater devotee.


Power on:


As this unit appears to have been a modified player, my review only encompasses the one sold by HKFlix HERE (or clicking the logo to the right).

I suggest to you that it may be modified as the included manual gives no mention or region-free ability of the code to unlock the regions. It also states that it won't play PAL discs (which it does) even though the website states that it can. The 'code' to unlock via the remote is included on a piece pf paper from HKFlix.



Rear panel






What I did first:

  • Take it out of the box - plug it in via HDMI and the power cord. Turn on player and my HD TV (NOTE: It only comes with RCA cables - no HDMI).

  • I used the remote to change the OSD (set-up menu and display language) from default Japanese to English (the bottom choice) via the onscreen menu (this, and all instructions, are in the manual included in the package or HERE).

  • Set TV aspect ratio to 16:9 (may have been default). Choices include 16:9PB, 4:3LB and 4:3PS.

  • I changed Digital Output (audio) - default was PCM Stereo - to Bitstream HD (DD+, TrueHD or DTS-HD) via the onscreen menu.

  • NOTE: TV Type is defaulted to NTSC but can be changed to PAL.

  • With no disc in the tray I set the region code to Blu-ray B (973522) via the remote. It works with the code 9735DB where D = the desired DVD region code and B = the desired Blu-ray code (1=A, 2=B, 3=C)

  • I then watched BFI's Blu-ray of Antonioni's Red Desert.

  • How did it look? Excellent - far better than when I projected for my review (via cheap BenQ) and colors where noticeably brighter.

  • Next, as I had simultaneously set the DVD region coding for 2 - I tried to play Arte (France) DVD of The Scent of Green Papaya. As this DVD is not anamorphic I had adjust via the menu system to 4:3LB. It likewise looked better than I ever recall seeing it before although it was understandably pictureboxed on my HD TV.

  • Next I played Masters of Cinema's Metropolis DVD. I had to change the menu system to 4:3PB. It looked unbelievable. Contrast was intense.

  • I then tested the audio settings. Superman Returns on Blu-ray has a prominent HD track (right in the opening credits) so I tested this and heard the separation I was seeking.

  • I plugged in a USB key-chain device in the front and, after some menu screen fiddling, watched a slideshow of family photos on my HD TV. It has transitions between photos. Cool!

  • Since then I have tested various DVDs and Blu-rays - all looking exceptional. Perhaps because of the 'HDMI Deep Color' feature which some may wish to change their TV setting to tone down a bit.     

  • Although this machine does support BD-LIVE I don't connect any of my players to the Internet to use or test that function.

The Remote (one remote - 2 photos)

(NOTE: I stuck the labels on the back to easily recall (more for my wife) manual region coding adjustment)


Other advertised features:

Upconverts DVD for enhanced picture quality
Your current DVD will look even better than before thanks to video upconversion. Upconversion will increase the resolution of standard definition DVD to high definition up to 1080p over an HDMI connection. The picture will be less jagged and more realistic for a near high-definition experience.

Some BD-video have the PIP (picture-in-picture) function which enables you to display the secondary video in the primary video. You can call up the secondary video by pressing [PIP] whenever the scene contains the secondary video.

Multi file type support
Playback Blu-Ray Disc, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, MP4, HD files and JPEG Picture CD Media formats

USB 2.0
USB2.0 port for external devices such as Card Readers, USB Flash Drives, or USB Hard Disks.



  • Plays every disc I have tried - any region Blu-ray, any region or standard (PAL or NTSC) DVD

  • Supports separated HD audio (PCM Stereo, PCM 5.1 Channel, PCM 7.1 channel, Bitstream HD which can include DD+, TrueHD and DTS-HD) through HDMI

  • It plays DVD-R discs (even dual-layered)

  • I LOVE the USB 2.0 feature of slideshows, video etc.

  • Appears to load noticeably faster than my Sony 300S

  • Simple set-up

  • Price seems reasonable (I paid more for my region-locked, slow-loading Sony than I did for this)

  • This player is Profile 2.0 - 'Future Proof'.


  • Some may dislike the manual region-coding input (6 digits) but as a reviewer I don't mind as I can use it to tell me the code status of the Blu-ray. People are frequently requesting if I know if said Blu-ray disc is region-free or locked - I had no definitive way of knowing until now. I set the player for an alternate region and if it plays it is a region free disc!

  • Cannot change region-coding with a disc in the tray - it must be closed and empty.

  • You must be more pro-active with the remote and onscreen player menu than I have had to utilize with past players.


Dirk tells us in email "I also purchased this player and I put the DVD region code to "0" and it played every region coded DVD I tried (R2s from Germany, England and Japan). This way I only have to change the code for Blu-Rays or if I have one of the old RCE DVDs."


Aaron tells us via Facebook: "Hey Gary, I would like to thank you for reviewing the Momitsu BDP-899, I've had the machine for a few weeks now and I like it a whole lot. The only thing that I really hate about the player is it's inability to display a film's total running time, which is annoying."


David tells us in email "Gary - I've lived with the Momitsu for some time now and, other than that initial bit of contrariness I reported (solved simply by unplugging and replugging), performance has been flawless. To watch a UK Region 2 Blu-Ray of "Gommora", I had only to tap in the appropriate numbers on the remote. Everything has played without a hitch and, I think, with visual and auditory quality the equal of - and maybe better than - my other Blu-Ray players. And, you're correct, it DOES load faster than my Sony's. It has become my primary, go-to machine."


YES - it does play PAL extras on Blu-rays (example Black Narcissus and Man on Wire)


NOTE: It re-sets back to Blu-ray 'A' after being shut-off and turned back-on.




Compatible with BD-R/RE, BD-ROM, DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, VCD, SVCD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, CDI-digital, MP3 ISO, MP4 ISO
NTSC/PAL (or PAL-M for Brazil) TV System selectable.
2 Channels Dolby Digital AC-3 and dts output
10 bit
1920x1080 Progressive
NTSC/PAL 4:3, 16:9 Progressive Scan.
Composite RCA output x1
S-Video x1
HDMI x1, support 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p output
Component (Y/Pb/Pr) x1, support 480p, 720p, 1080i output
Coaxial output x1
Optical digital output x1
Stereo audio RCA output x1
Composite RCA x1
S-Video x1
Component (Y/Pb/Pr) x1
2ch Stereo audio RCA output
1x 10/100M RJ45
Audio Features
Dolby® : Yes, & Dolby® TrueHD bitstream out over HDMI™ (V1.3)"
Dolby® Digital plus Decoding : Yes
Dolby® TrueHD Decoding : Yes
dts® Decoding : Yes
dts® Output : Yes, & /DTS®-HD bitstream out over HDMI™ (V1.3)"
LPCM : Yes (multi-channel decoding): Yes (HDMI™ bitstream out)
Dolby® True HD bitstream output : Yes
dts® HD bitstream output : Yes

Video Features
BD-R/RE Read Compatibility : Yes (BDMV & BDAV format)
BD-ROM : Yes
DVD+R Read Compatibility : Yes
DVD+RW Read Compatibility : Yes
DVD-R Read Compatibility : Yes (Video Mode and VR Mode)
DVD-RW Read Compatibility : Yes (Video Mode and VR Mode)
JPEG Playback : Yes|
Full Remote Control function
AC 100V-240V +- 10% , 50/60 Hz, 20W.
480mm(W) x 345mm(D) x 90mm(H)
430mm(W) x 260mm(D) x 55mm(H)
3.4 Kg
Remote Controller, RCA-RCA Cable, Power Cord, Instruction Manual
5 ~ 40°C
5 ~ 85%

As this unit appears to have been a modified player, my review only encompasses the one sold by HKFlix HERE (or clicking the logo to the right).

I suggest to you that it may be modified as the included manual gives no mention of region-free ability or the code to unlock the regions. It also states that it won't play PAL discs (which it does) even though the website states that it can. The 'code' to unlock via the remote is included on a piece pf paper from HKFlix.



BOTTOM LINE: As I determine more about this machine I will post it here, but as it stands this has a strong recommendation - I LOVE IT! I've been looking for something like this for a while. It does exactly what I want with relative ease.


NOTE: For further recommendations or possible 'negatives' see the points above under "INPUT".



Gary Tooze  


 Sherwood BDP-5004 Blu-ray Disc Player AVAILABLE HERE is a clone of the Region FREE Momitsu BDP -899 Blu-ray player!

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