(Screening of Paris Belongs to Us in North Carolina, USA. 2007.)

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Winter Update
Just as the holiday season is kicking into full gear, a compact update of vintage Cahiers essays and a suitably wintery addendum to Andreas Volkert's expanding photo essay on Le pont du nord, La rose dans le caniveau: Magic in the streets of Paris.

While one could disengenously chalk it up to dumb luck within our editorial pipeline, the pairing of The Essential, The Genius of Howard Hawks, and Mizoguchi Viewed From Here hits on a number of interesting threads running through Rivette's critical and filmic body of work. Before saying anything more, to quote one: "But what is this idea? And why should I be so mysterious about it?"

What's new for Winter:

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Where to Start?
Well, four pieces could be: There are a number of other articles online here that fit the bill, but these specific four cover a range of topics and run the gamut in terms of materials available (retrospective criticism, contemporaneous criticism written about the film at the time of its release, on-set reporting, and interviews, respectively). Additionally, if you are looking for something pertaining to a specific film, the Filmography section cross-references every article on this site to the film or films it deal/s with. Party on!

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